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And oft a Father's rod

Fills them with deep distress;
Yet in the Lord they firm abide,
United to him as his bride.

[What if their lust rebel,
And threaten to devour;
To plunge their souls to hell,

In some unguarded hour;
Their standing fast is in the Lord,
And they his faithfulness record.]

The Lord will guard them well,
Nor shall they ever be
A prey to death and hell,

For Christ has made them free:
He bought them with his own heart's blood,
And he will bring them home to God..



The Church the Body of Christ.—1 Cor. xii. 27.
The body, the church, ever stood,
In Christ their mysterious Head;
To save them, he shed his own blood,
And they from his fulness are fed:
A body united indeed;
Cemented together by love;
And richly supplied from its Head,
With blessings from heaven above.
2 [Each joint is the care of the Lord,

And he will preserve it from hell;
His aid and his influence afford,
And so supply each member well.

8.8. 6.

The Sabbath.-Heb. iv. 10.

When creatures to time bid adieu,
Each part shall appear in its place,
And live to eternity too,
Where Jesus unveileth his face.]
3 The arm, and the eye, and the breast,

Or members less comely to sight:
Shall ever be honour'd and blest,
In glory's ineffable light:

No schism can ever take place;
'Tis built and supported by God;
A temple of infinite grace;
A mansion of immortal love.

The Sabbath was a day of rest;
The day the Lord Jehovah blest;

A lively type of Christ:
The labouring poor may venture here;
The guilty banish all their fear,

And lean on Jesus' breast. 2 When foes without, and foes within, Wrath, law, and Satan, guilt and sin,

The child of God molest; Fatigued with sin, distress'd with fear, He enters into Christ, and there

He finds a settled rest.
3 Jesus is Zion's only rest,
Thrice happy is the man, and blest,

That into him believes;
His six days' toil is finish'd then;
His slavish fear for ever gone;
By faith in Christ he lives.

4 [A precious resting-place indeed; Whatever weary pilgrims need

Is richly treasured here: Here sinners may commune with God, And drink full draughts of heavenly love,

Nor death nor danger fear.] 5 O may I ever rest in him, And never, never stray again,

Nor after strangers roam: Dear Jesus, fix my roving heart, Nor ever let me from thee start,

Till thou shalt take me home.

C. M.


Christ, the Believer's Rest.-Isa. xi. 10. JESUS, thou art our only rest

From sin, and guilt, and fears; We love to lean upon thy breast,

And on thee cast our cares.
2 With anxious care and painful thought,

We toil'd and toil'd again ;
True holiness was what we sought,

But this we sought in vain.
3 Stripp'd naked, and exposed to shame,

We loud for mercy cried;
The Lord gave faith to eye the Lamb,

And fasten in lis side.
4 The works of nature, bad or good,

Availed nothing here;
Faith view'd the Saviour's precious blood,

And banish'd guilt and fear.

5 [Here's life, and light, and holiness,

And righteousness divine;
A boundless treasure, all of grace,

And faith says, Al is mine.] 6 O what a rest is Christ to me;

How precious and how true;
From guilt and sin he sets me free,

And gives me glory too.
7 I have, I want no rest beside;

Here's all a God can give;
Here would I constantly abide,

And every moment live.

C. M.
No Rest but Christ.—Heb. iv. 9
With sin and guilt poor Zion toils,

And labours hard for peace;
But till the Lord the Saviour smiles,

Her conscience gets no ease. 2 [Her efforts all abortive prove;

Her working makes her worse; Nought but the Saviour's flesh and blood

Can save her from the curse.]
3 The Lord the Saviour is her rest;

On him she casts her cares;
By faith she leans upon his breast,

And banishes her fears.
4 But till the Holy Ghost applies

The Saviour's precious blood, Above her guilt she cannot rise, Nor lean upon her God.




“ Return unto thy rest, O my soul."—P8. cxvi. 7. RETURN to thy rest, my soul, and rejoice;

Let Christ bethy boast, for thou art his choice; And tho sin and Satan, and their hellish guest, Do vex and dishearten, Jehovah's thy rest. 2 A sweet resting-place is Jesus to thee;

A fulness of grace, rich, sovereign, and free: From slavish works cease, then, and rest in the

Lamb, For Christ is thy freedom from wrath, law, and 3 O yield not to fear, rest only in Christ;

His promise is sure; he's Jesus thy Priest; And by one atonement thy sin has condemn’d, Then by himself sworn that he'll love to the end. 4 Return, then, my soul, to Jesus, thy Rest;

By faith on him roll, and lean on his breast; He will not deceive thee; his faithfulness prove; lle never can leave thee, till God is not love. 640.

“Lord, teach us to pray.”—Luke xi. 1.
BLESSED Jesus, Lord of all,
'Teach us on thy name to call;
Help us to be much in prayer,

thee cast our care.
2 Draw us, Lord, by thy sweet power,

In temptation's darkest hour;
Make us cry to thee our Friend,

And upon thy grace depend.
3 At all times, in every case,
Lead us to thy Throne of Grace;


And upon

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