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8. 7. 4.

Let our needs be what they may,
Teach us how and what to pray.
Jesus, deign to bless us thus,
And to glory in thy cross;
Then, though men and devils roar,
We will ever thee adore

Desiring to honour the Lord.—Ps. XXV. 5.
JESUS, mighty God and Saviour,

Lead me forth by thy right hand,
And be it my fix'd endeavour,
To obey thy sweet command;

Let me never
At a trifling distance stand.
2 Guide, O guide me by thy Spirit;

Leave me not to walk alone;
And by faith may I inherit
The eternal Three-in-One;

And with boldness, Make thy matchless wonders known.. 3 May my soul be sweetly filled,

With the treasures of my God;
And my tongue be rightly skilled,
To proclaim thy truth abroad:

And with pleasure,
God's eternal love record.

642. Prayer for the Presence and Blessing of Christ.–Exod xxxii. 15.


Thy earthly courts we tread;

We come to see thy face,

And banquet with our Head:
We long, we faint, we pant for thee:

And hope that with us thou wilt be. 2 Though base and vile we are,

Nor goodness have to bring,
We cannot well despair,

While Jesus is our King;
He welcomes all by sin oppress’d,

Upon his grace to come and feast. 3 With Christ we would be fed;

By faith upon him live;
We wish no other bread,

And thou hast this to give:
Lord, fill us well with this rich food,
And let us drink thy precious blood.



The same.-Ps. xxviii, 9.

AGAIN, dear Lord, we would be fed;
We come to seek for living bread,

And feast on love divine :
Dear Father, let thy presence be
Enjoy'd by all thy family,

And make each face to shine.
2 In thee all blessings richly meet;
Come, then, and give our souls a treat,

And let us feast indeed:
O let us banquet with the King,
And love, and pray, and praise, and sing.
As sons from bondage freed.

« Watch and be sober."- Thess. v, 6.

3 May faith be strong, and pierce the skies, And we with pleasure realize,

The glory now prepared: Commune with Jesus as our Friend; Upon him live; his love commend;

And carnal things discard.
4 If this be granted, we'll adore
The hand that gives, yet keeps in store

A boundless stock of grace;
In every time of need we'll cry,
And thou shalt all our needs supply,
And that with smiling face.

lis. Watch, watch & be sober, ye children of God; Your wonderful Lover has bought you with blood;

[life; Your Husband and Saviour for you gave his Then be your behaviour becoming his wife.

2 Owatch against trusting to your native strength; Behold Peter boasting, but o'ercome at length: Your strength will forsake you & leave you to fall, Unless the Lord make you to trust him for all.

3 Treat all as deceivers that lead not to Christ; As holy believers, rely on your Priest;, Watch ye against sleeping, & stand to your post, Lest you should go weeping, while Canaanites


[boast. By awful temptations attack'd and distress'd, Tho' thousand vexations each moment molest,

Yet watch against falling, & yield not to doubt, On Christ your Lord calling, your foes you

sball rout.



"Watch and pray."-Matt. xxvi. 41.
DANGEROUS is the path we go,
In this wilderness below,
Savage beasts, of every kind,

Aiming to distress the mind.
2 Scarce an hour but pilgrims see

They from danger are not free:
In some unsuspected way,

Something fills them with dismay. 3 Thus beset, they daily feel

They have neither strength nor skill
Rightly to oppose the foe,

Or to guard against the woe.
4 How, then, can they persevere?

Must they of the prize despair?
No; 'tis theirs to watch and pray,

For the Lord will guard the way. 5 Christ the Master, Lord of all,

Bids his children watch and call;
May it be our blessed case,

Both to watch and seek his face.
6 When we watch, then may we pray,

And in prayer watch every day:
And with pleasure ever prove,
All our strength is from above.

C. M.

7 [Thus supported we shall be

More than conquerors, Lord, thro? thee;
And, when every danger's past,
Live and reign with thee at last.]

Hymn for a Fast-day.-Isa. lviii. 9.
GREAT God! whose universal power

Through all the earth is known: Who governs heaven and earth, nor sits

On a precarious throne;
2 No strange commotions on the earth,

No wars have taken place
But what were ever in thy view,

Almighty God of grace.
3 Creatures of every sort and kind,

Are all at thy control,
The God that fills immensity

Must reign from pole to pole. 4 Our wars and tumults all arise,

As the effect of sin;
Sin is the cause of all the woes

The world has felt or seen.
5 Dear Lord, we fall before thy face;

Our guilt and folly own;
And pray thee, for thy mercy's sake,

To make thy goodness known. 6 In mercy put a stop to war;

In mercy send us peace;
Nor let thy vengeance on us fall,
Almighty King of Grace.

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