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8. 8. 6

7 Yet, Lord, whate'er thy will may be,

We pray to be resign'd;
We know thou art too wise to err,
Too good to be unkind.

A Song of Praise to the Holy Three.- Rev, xix. 5
When will the happy moment come
That I shall meet my Lord at home,

And all his glory view?
Where sin no more shall vex my soul,
Nor Satan any more control,

Nor guilt shall me pursue. 2 Christ loved, and chose, and ransom'd me, From sin and Satan set me free,

And wash'd me in his blood;
He clothed me well from top to toe,
Adorn'd me with his glory too,

And brought me home to God. 3 When such a guilty wretch as I, Deserving nought but misery,

Shall in full glory be,
With all the blood-bought throng above,
I'll sing the riches of thy love,

Through vast eternity.
4 I'll tell the Father and the Son,
And the bless'd Spirit, Three-in-One,

I'm saved by grace divine;
And, with a strong, immortal voice,
In this One God will I rejoice,
Nor ever more repine.



Baptism.--Matt. iii, 16.
With wonder and with love,
We at thy courts appear;
Thy ways our hearts approve,

And thy great name revere;
We own the Lamb, our Leader wise,

Nor would we dare his ways despise, 2 [What Jesus doth command,

His children should obey;
He's King in Zion's land,

And doth his sceptre sway:
Let Zion, then, with one accord,

Obey the precepts of her Lord.] 3 Can anything be mean,

That's worthy of my God? ?
The King himself was seen

In Jordan's swelling flood;
And shall the subject scorn to tread

The path the King himself hath made? 4 Come, fill our souls with love,

With faith, and peace, and joy,
Nor let the price of blood

Against her God reply;
Dear Father, draw, and we will run,
In sweet obedience to thy Son.

The same.--Lnke xii. 50.
PRECIOUS Jesus! here we are
Come to witness and declare



We are thine, redeem'd with blood,
Callid and proved the sons of God.
Jesus, ere he gave his blood,
Was immersed in Jordan's flood,
There, and in that way, to show
What he had to undergo.
In the watery grave we see,
Looking through it, Lord, to thee,
Jesus, overwhelm'd in blood,
Sunk in wrath's tremendous flood.
And shall we for whom he died,
Rose, and lives to intercede,
Be too proud to be despised,
And with him to be baptized!
No, dear Saviour, we will go
In the watery grave, to show
We are buried with our King,
And we rise his praise to sing.
Precious Spirit, make us see,
Love immepse, beyond degree;
Now, and when beneath the flood,
Fill us with the love of God.

The same.--Ps. cxix. 32.
Jesus, we thy name adore;
Thine the kingdom is and power;
Thou shalt reign on Zion's hill;
We would gladly do thy will.
Thou hast bought our souls with blood,
And hast brought us home to God;
2 z 3




We would gladly thée obey,

In thy own appointed way. 3 [We, through grace, are dead indeed,

And from our old husband freed,
But are married to the Lord,
And would gladly do his word.]
Thou didst sink in floods of wrath,
Us to save from guilt and death;
And with such a scene in view,

We would thy commandments do. 5 Thou hast claim'd us as thy bride;

Keep us near thy wounded side:
Dead to every lord but thee,
We would fain obedient be,

8. 7. 4.
The same. Rom. vi. 4.
JESUS, our exalted Saviour,

We adore thy matchless grace; Thou hast borne our misbehaviour; Suffer'd in our wretched place;

Wrath and terror
Sunk thy soul in deep disgrace.
2 For us thou hast borne the horrors

Of a sin-avenging God;
Who can understand the sorrows
Of thy soul in wrath's deep flood?

'Tis a mystery, Only fully known to God. 3 [Yet, through grace, we know in measure,

What thy love hath for us borne,

And we hope, through thy good pleasure, To behold thee on thy throne,

And for ever, Sing the victories thou hast won.] 4 As an emblem of thy passion,

We with thee would be baptized:
And to show thy great salvation,
From the liquid grave we rise:

May we never,
Never dare thy ways despise.


S. M.

The same.-Rom. vi. 8.

JESUS, our Lord and King,

Thou art our Hope and Trust;
Thy boundless love and grace we sing,

And of thee will we boast. 2

As sinners saved by grace,

And made alive to God,
Thy righteous laws we would embrace,

And tread the heavenly road. 3 Thy wisdom did ordain

This solemn rite to show, How thou wast plunged in wrath and pain,

To save our souls from woe. 4 We come thy name to own,

And solemnly confess,
Thou art our Life, our Joy, our Crown,
Our Strength, and Righteousness.

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