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S. M. “One Lord, one faith, one baptism."-Eph. iv, 5. Of one Lord will we sing,

And spread his fame abroad;
Jehovah Jesus is our King,

And be his name adored. 2 One living, vital faith,

Each Christian will approve;
A faith that triumphs over death,

And sweetly works by love. 3 One baptism we own;

A sacred, solemn sign
Of what the Saviour's undergone,

To wash away our sin.
4 [His overwhelming pain,

And burial we see;
His rising from the grave again,

To set his children free.]
5 Here we by faith may view,

That every Christian's dead To Satan, sin, and Moses too,

Through Christ, our living Head. 6 In rising from the flood,

Saints solemnly proclaim,
Their life is hid with Christ in God,
And they shall with him reign.

The same.-Matt. ii. 15.
We adore the Lord the Lamb,
"And rejoice in his dear name;


He has shed his precious blood,

To redeem our souls to God.
2 Once we lay immersed in sin;

Every part and power unclean;
Enemies to all that's good,

We despised the Saviour's blood. 3 But the Lord, by grace divine,

Brought us to abhor the crime;
And, to make his wonders known,
Gave us faith in Christ, his Son.
Thus redeem'd and saved by blood,
We esteem the ways of God,
And would gladly him obey,

In his own appointed way.
5 'Tis from love to Christ, our Head,

We his footsteps wish to tread;
And when we his unction feel,
We with pleasure do his will.

L. M.

The same.--Isa. Ixiii. 9.

JESUS, the Lord, enthroned on high,
To thee we look, to thee we cry;
We long to view thy lovely face,

And sweetly sing thy matchless grace. 2 Thou hast redeem'd our souls from death,

And bless'd us with a living faith;
And thou wilt safely lead us home,

Where sins and sorrows never come.
8 As children loved and taught of God,

We now descend into the flood;

Nor will we fear nor blush with shame,

To be baptized in thy name.
4 Dear, condescending God, appear,

And bless us with a holy fear:
Give solid joy and sacred love,

And every idle thought remove. 5 Bless with true fellowship with thee, ,

When weltering in Gethsemane:
Thy resurrection's power display,

While we thy sacred rite obey.
6 Then shall we feel a solemn frame,

And magnify thy sovereign name;
And with a holy, reverend awe,
Yield sweet obedience to thy law.

8. 7. 4.
The same.--Heb. i. 9.
PRECIOUS Jesus! we adore thee;

Thou hast conquer'd death and hell:
We in wonder fall before thee;
Thy salvation suits us well:

May we love thee,
And obey thy righteous will.
2 Here we raise our Ebenezer;

Monuments of grace divine;
Thou art all our joy and treasure;
We are wholly, doubly thine;

Loved for ever,
And redeem'd with blood divine.
3 [Give us faith to view thee sighing,

Under our tremendous load;

Agonizing, groaning, dying,
Overwhelm'd in sweat and blood:

Floods of vengeance
Covering our incarnate God.)
4 By thy precious love constrained,

We are come to own thy name; Thou for us all shame disdained; We for thee would do the same:

Saviour, bless us,
With a holy, solemn frame.
5 Then, with a transporting pleasure,

We with Christ will be baptized;
Follow him, our glorious Leader,
Let whoever will despise;

And for ever,
Sing his praise beyond the skies.


The same.- Acts x. 47

TUNED with love divine, we sing,
Glory to our God and King;
Matchless in his grace and power;

We behold, and we adore. 2 Once in floods of wrath, the Lamb

Sunk, and call'd it baptism;
Overwhelm'd was he indeed,

That his chosen might be freed. 3 [But he conquer'd when he fell,

And destroy'd the powers of hell;
He in holy triumph broke
Sin and death's tremendous yoke.]

4 [One with Christ, our living Head,

We were each consider'd dead;
With him, too, we rose again,

And with him must ever reign.] 5 Now with pleasure we attend

To his wise and just command,
And by faith therein we view
What the Lord for us went through.


The same.-Rom. vi. 4.

MIGHTY King, thy power display,
Give us grace to watch and pray;
Strengthen’d by thy Spirit's might,

May we in thy ways delight. 2 For us Jesus was baptized

In tremendous agonies:
Mighty vengeance, like a flood,

Overwhelm'd the Lamb of God. 3 Come, ye saints, with wonder view

What the Lord has done for you;
View the mighty waters roll,

And break in upon his soul. 4 View the swelling floods of wrath, Sink

your Saviour low as death; Grief him cover'd like a grave,

When he died your souls to save. 5 Sons of God, lift up your eyes;

See your slaughter'd Saviour rise;
He has conquer'd death and hell;
With him you shall ever dwell.

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