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S. M.

The Church's Sins charged upon Christ.—2 Cor. v. 21.
The Lord my Saviour is;

For me he shed his blood;
And shall I scorn his name to own?

Forbid it, mighty God!
With me upon his heart,

He stoop'd to bleed and die;
And when my guilt was to him charged,

The charge did not deny. 3 The debt, though great, he paid,

That I might be set free; No charge against me can be brought,

For Jesus died for me. 4 [’Midst all his vast concerns,

He could not me forget;
Then let my heart, my soul, my tongue,

His dying love repeat.]

The Lord's Supper.-1 Cor. x. 16, 17.
WITH wondering eyes, Lord, we admire

The feast prepared by grace: Come, Lord, and set our souls on fire,

And fill each heart with peace.
2 These emblems of thy precious love,

By faith may we receive;
And with a solemn pleasure prove,

We in thy name believe.
3 [No goodness of our own we bring;
We're sinners vile and base;

C. M.

Christ is our all; of Christ we sing;

And long to see his face.] 4 O may we each, with heart and tongue,

Sing, “Worthy is the Lamb;"
To him alone the praise belongs,
And we'll adore his pame.

C. M.

The same.-John xv. 9.

ONCE more, like children, we are come,

To banquet with our God;
May each one feel himself at home,

And feast upon thy love.
2 While we receive the bread and wine,

As emblems of thy death,
Lord, raise each soul above the sign,

To feast on Christ by faith. 3 [We would not come as strangers, Lord,

Who only see the sign,
But, as the objects of Christ's love,

Would feel we're one in him.]
4 Like free-born sons, we would be free

From every legal chain;
Praise him who brought our liberty,
And ever with him reign.

“Do this in remembrance of me."-Luke xxii, 19.

O THE matchless love of God;
He hath bought our souls with blood:
Jesus, our exalted Head,
For us sigh’d, and groan'd, and bled.

2 He invites us to this feast;

Bids our souls his glories laste;
And with pleasure keep in view,

What he once for us went through. 8 Hear him speak, ye saved few,

For this word is sent to you;
You, the objects of his choice,
Listen to his saving voice:
“ This my body is, and blood;
Take, receive it, as your food;
But, as oft as this you do,

Keep your slaughter'd Lord in view. 5 [“ View him in your wretched place,

Overwhelm'd in deep disgrace:
Plunged in horror's dreadful flood,

The vindictive wrath of God.] 6 - View him, and with wonder tell,

He has vanquish'd death and hell;
Cancell'd all your sins with blood,
And will bring you home to God."

The Lord's Supper.-Luke xxiii. 46.
BELOVED, we are come
With Christ to sympathize;.
For us he has the victory won,

And we shall share the prize. 2 But O remember him;

View justice, arm’d with wrath;
The vengeance due to Zion's sin,
Stung Zion's Lord to death.

S. M.

3 In miseries great he sigh'd;

He groan'd; he cried; he bled; He sunk in wrath's tremendous tide,

And, dying, bow'd his head. 4 Christians, repeat his love;

With solemn pleasure sing,
The bloody conflicts of your God;
The victories of your King.

C. M.


What solemn tidings reach our ears,

How awful and how grand;
A brother landed safe from fears,

On Canaan's happy land. 2 No clouds shall now obstruct his sun,

But all be life and peace;
With him 'tis ever, ever noon,

Nor can his joy decrease.
3 He's gone in endless bliss to dwell,

And I am left below,
To struggle with the powers of hell,

Till Jesus bids me go. 4 Though he's more happy, I'm secure;

God's promise cannot fail; O may I patiently endure

My heavenly Father's will.
5 The counsel of the Lord shall stand,

And all his will be done;
I'll therefore wait in Meshech's land,

Until he fetch me home.


S. M.

On the Death of two Friends.

'Twas grace

GRACE taught our friends to know
What rebels they had been;

redeem'd them from their woe,
And made their coascience clean.
Grace taught them to commune

With Christ the Lamb once slain; To hate the sins that made him mourn,

And put his soul to pain.
3 Grace taught their souls to sing,

Salvation through his blood;
Through grace they loved him as their King,

Their Saviour, and their God. 4 Grace must and will relieve,

From such a waste as this,
All souls that in the Lord believe,

And take them to his bliss.

Last Judgment.—2 Thess. i. 7, 8
With great and awful power,
Jesus, the Judge, shall come,
To bid his foes depart,

And take his children home:
How will the wicked quake and fear,

When they before him must appear. 2 [He comes, the world to judge,

Nor will he take a bribe;
His wrath none can escape,
But his beloved bride:


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