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Millions will unto mountains call,

To hide them and upon them fall.] 3 Poor soul, what is thy hope?

On what dost thou depend?
Art thou a stranger still

To Christ, the sinner's Friend?
Soon thou must leave thy all below,

And then, O then, what wilt thou do? 4 Christians, lift up your heads;

Say, What has Jesus done?
His matchless grace to you,

The Saviour has made known:
Yes, you shall all his glory see,
And from the second death be free.



Safety in Christ.--2 Cor. ix. 15. IMMORTAL honours rest on Jesus' head; My God, my Portion, and my Living Bread: In Him í live, upon him cast my care; He saves from death, destruction, and despair. 2 He is my refuge in each deep distress; The Lord my strength, & glorious righteousness; Through floods and flames he leads me safely on, And daily makes his sovereign goodness known. 3 My every need he richly will supply; Nor will his mercy ever let me die; In him there dwells a treasure all divine, And matchless grace has made that treasure

mine. 40 that my soul could love and praise him more, His beauties trace, his majesty adore;


Live near his heart, upon his bosom lean; Obey his voice, and all his will esteem 668.

Panting for Pardon.-Ps. xxix. 11. JEHOVAH God! eternal Lord most high! Permit a worm to bow before thy throne: A worm deserving endless misery: But pleads the blood that did for sin atone. 2 [I feel myself a rebel, base and vile; From head to feet a mass of sin and guilt; Nor have I skill the malady to heal, But plead the blood that once for sin was spilt.] 3 A base, ungrateful monster I have been, And now with shame my guilt and folly own; I cannot, dare not, on my own works lean, But plead the blood that did for sin atone. 4 Nor dare I promise future good to bring, I know my heart deceitful is indeed; Compell’d I am on Christ alone to hang, And plead that blood by which the church is

freed. 5 If thou, dear Lord, so base a wretch wilt save, Then all the glory shall redound to thee; While here, and when I reach beyond the grave, My soul shall sing salvation full and free. Welcome to Jesus.- Isa. xliv. 22.

108. Poor sinners, sunk in sin's tremendous cell, Tormented with the fiery darts of hell, On Jesus call, though wretched be your case; He came the lost to seek and save by grace.



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2 What tho’your sins like mountains on you fall,
And God's just law with terror fills your soul,
Jehovah Jesus is the sinner's Friend,
And he has answer'd all the law's demand.
3 'Tis true, in self you have no ground for joy,
Nor can you hope the law to satisfy;
But Jesus' blood has full atonement made,
And faith therein will make the conscience glad.
4 Here sinners, black as hell, obtain relief;
A filthy Mary, and a dying thief;
And guilty I, though vile as they could be,
Have proved his mercy, sovereign, rich, and


“Without me ye can do nothing."- John xv. 6.
UNITED to Jesus, the vine,
We've life, strength, and righteousness too;
But this he will teach us in time,
Without him we nothing can do:
Our hope of performing what's right,
And strictly obeying our God,
If not wholly built on his might,
Will leave us exposed to his rod.
2 Unless he uphold by his grace,

We sink under Satan and sin,
And plunge into shame and disgrace,
Nor can we deliverance obtain;

We neither can hope nor believe,
Nor pray in a time of distress,
But as we from Jesus receive
The fruits of his own righteousness.




Approaching a Holy God.
How shall I come to thee,
O God, who holy art,
And cannot evil see

But with a loathing heart!
I am defil'd throughout by sin,

And by my very birth unclean. 2 Soon as my heart could beat,

It drank in various woe;
Pride, lust, and self-deceit,

Through all its channels flow;
A captive born, a child of earth,

It knows and craves no higher birth 3 From this polluted spring

All filthy waters rise;
From this diseased thing

I date my maladies:
My heart a most degenerate root,
Produceth only canker'd fruit.

4 Aud what can wash me clean

But Jesus' precious blood?
This only purgeth sin,

And bringeth nigh to God;
Lord, wash my sores, and heal them too,

And all my leprosy subdue.
5 Thy heavenly image draw

Upon my panting heart,
And well engrave thy law

Upon the inward part;
My soul in mercy upward raise,
And teach me how to love and praise.


Spiritual Longing.
JESUS, I long for thee,
And sigh for Canaan's shore,
Thy lovely face to see,

And all my warfare o'er;
Here billows break upon my breast,

And brooding sorrows steal my rest. 2 I mourn to see thy blood

So foully trampled on;
And sinners, daring God,

To swift destruction run;
With heedless heart and simpering face,

They dance the hell-ward road apace. 3 I pant, I groan, I grieve

For my untoward heart;
How full of doubts I live,
Though full of grace thou art:

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