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The Warfare. THERE's not a man that's born of God,..

But readily will say, “If ever my poor soul be saved,

'Tis Christ must be the way."
2 There's not a man that's born of God,

But feels the plague of sin;
And though his outside be kept clean,

He feels the filth within.
3 The old man struggles hard to gain

The conquest over grace;
And oft he seems to gain the field,

When Jesus hides his face.
4 God knows we can do nothing well;

He knows we are but dust;
He came to seek poor sinners out,

And you, and I, the worst.

Č. M.

COME, thou almighty Comforter,

And bring upon thy wing
Sweet consolation to each soul,

That we may praise and sing.
2 We want to feel, we want to see,

We want to know thee more;
We want sweet foretastes of thy love,

As we have had before.
3 And shall we come in vain to God?

Dear Lord, that cannot be;

Thy promise stands engaged to come

And bless e'en two or three. 4 Come, Lord, and grant each soul to feel

Its interest in thy grace; And give us faith, and hope, and love,

And strength to run the race. 5 If thou should'st leave us, we must fall,

Without thee, cannot rise,
For when our Jesus hides his face,

Our hope, our comfort dies. 6 Lord, give more faith, more solid faith,

More confidence in thee;
Break off our legal chains, O God,
And let our souls go free.

BEFORE all worlds the glorious plan,

The bless'd eternal deed,
Was settled by the eternal Three,

That Christ for man should bleed. 2 Astonish'd angels stand amazed,

That Christ should die for man; This proves the eternal love of God,

Who gloried in his plan. 3 But what can poor lost sinners say,

When once they get a view; And hear the blessed Spirit say, “All this was done for you!

1?” 4 Why me, why me, O blessed God, Why such a wretch as me?

C. M.

All Settled.

Who must for ever lay in hell,

Was not salvation free.
5 All those that God had fore-ordain'd,

These shall and must believe;
Not all the craft of earth and hell,

Shall one of these deceive.


L. M.
“Son, be of good cheer, thy sins be forgiven thee.
BLESSED are they whose guilt is gone,
Whose sins are wash'd away with blood,
Whose hope is fix'd on Christ alone,

Whom Christ hath reconciled to God. 2 Though, trav'lling thro' this vale of tears,

He many a sore temptation meet,
The Holy Ghost this witness bears,

He stands in Jesus still complete. 3 This pearl of price no works can claim;

He that finds this is rich indeed:
This pure white stone contains a name

Which none, but who receives, can read. 4 This precious gift, this bond of love,

The Lord oft gives his people here;
But what we all shall be above

Doth not, my brethren, yet appear. 5 Yet this we safely may believe,

'Tis what no words will e'er express; What saints themselves cannot conceive, And brightest angels can but guess.


S. M.


“ Thy will be done."
WHILE Jesus whispers peace,

And unctuously displays
The matchless beauties of his grace,

Our hearts approve his ways. 2 But when the Lord withdraws

The unction of his love,
His will we wickedly oppose,

His judgments disapprove. 3 So fickle, false, and blind,

Are these unstable hearts,
We only are to God resign'd,

As he the grace imparts.
4 Father, thy will be done,

In words we oft express ;
When in our hearts we want our own,

And wish our sufferings less. 5 Dear God, our guilt forgive,

Thy pardoning love display;
And may we to thy glory live,

Thy righteous will obey. 6 Thy presence let us view,

And give our conscience rest;
The visits of thy love renew,
Then do what thou thinks best.

“ Thy kingdom come."
GREAT God! thy kingdom come,
With reverence would we pray,


S. M.

May the eternal Three in One

His sov'reign sceptre sway.
2 May grace triumphant reign,

And Christ exalted be;
Sinners, deserving endless pain,

Thy great salvation see.
3 May mercy, truth, and peace,

Fill each believer's soul, And the sweet kingdom of thy grace,

Their raging lusts control. 4 May love and harmony

Among thy saints abide,
Thy presence set each bosom free

From enmity and pride.
5 Go on, thou mighty God,

Thy wonders to make known,
Till every sinner, bought with blood,

Shall trust in thee alone.
6 Thus let thy kingdom come,

And free salvation reign,
Till all thy saints arrive at home,

And never part again.

0. M


Living Waters.
Of cistern waters art thou sick,

And loathe the mire they bring? Then hither stretch thy thirsty neck, And taste a living spring.

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