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2 A spring, that issues from a rock,

Where purest waters flow;
And rocky hearts, by Moses struck,

May to these waters go. 3 No spring will quench a thirst like this !

It makes a conscience whole, Inspires the heart with heavenly bliss,

And purifies the soul. 4 Whoe'er can truly say, I thirst,

May come and take his fill, 'Tis free for sinners, vile and lost;

'Tis God who works the will. 5 Its owner is a heavenly King,

And by his winning ways,
He draws the thirsty to his spring,

Who drink, and sing his praise.
6 Lord, draw me by thy secret touch,

Or backward I shall start;
For sure I want entreating much,

So fearful is my heart.

“And the Lord shut him in." WHEN Noah, with his favour'd few,

Was order'd to embark,
Eight human souls, a little crew,

Enter'd on board his ark.
2 Though every part he might secure

With bar, or bolt, or pin,
To make the preservation sure,
Jehovah shut him in.

C. M.

3 The waters then might swell their tides, :

The billows rage and roar,
They could not stave the assaulted sides,

Nor burst the batter'd door.
4 So souls that into Christ believe,

Quicken'd by vital faith, Eternal life at once receive,

And never shall see death. 5 In his own heart the Christian puts

No trust; but builds his hopes On him that opes, and no map shuts; . .

And shuts, and no man opes. 6 In Christ, his ark, he safely rides,

Not wreck'd by death nor sin. ,
How is it he so safe abides?

The Lord has shut him in.

Praying for Humility.
JESUS, cast a look on me,
Give me sweet simplicity,
Make me poor, and keep me low,
Seeking only thee to know. .
Weaned from my lordly self,
Weaned from the miser's pelf,
Weaned from the scorner's ways,

Weaned from the lust of praise. 3 All that feeds my busy pride,

Cast it evermore aside;
Bid my will to thine submit;
Lay me humbly at thy feet.

4 Make me like a little child,

Of my strength and wisdom spoil'd,
Seeing only in thy light,

Walking only in thy might.
5 Leaning on thy loving breast,

Where a weary soul may rest;
Feeling well the peace of God

Flowing from thy precious blood. 6 In this posture let me live,

And hosannas daily give;
In this temper let me die,
And hosannas ever cry.



“ Wait on the Lord."

Ye broken hearts all, who cry out “Unclean,”

And taste of the gall of in-dwelling sin; Lamenting it truly, and loathing it too, And seeking help duly, as sinners must do; 2 The Lord whom ye seek, is nigh to your call,

Attends when you speak, nor lets a word fall; Your sorrow and sighing are feli in his breast; He pities your crying, and will give you rest. 3 If often he hides his face from his friends,

And silent abides for merciful ends, At length he uncovers himself from his cloud, And sweetly discovers his face and his blood. 4 All penitent cries his Spirit imparts, And fetcheth out sighs from sin-feeling hearts;

L. M.

He puts you in mourning, the dress that you

want, A meek suit adorning both sinner and saint. 5 A time he has set to heal up your woes,

A season most fit his love to disclose,
And till he is ready to show his good-will,
Be patient and steady, and wait on him still.

“ Behold the Man."-Johu xix. 5
YE that pass by, behold the Man!
The Man of griefs, condemn'd for you!
The Lamb of God for sinners slain,

Weeping to Calvary pursue. 2 See there his temples crown'd with thorns !

His bleeding hands extended wide!
His streaming feet transfix'd and torn!

The fountain gushing from his side! 3 O, thou dear suffering Son of God,

How doth thy heart to sinners move!
Sprinkle on me thy precious blood;

Help me to taste thy dying love.
4 The rocks could feel thy powerful death,

And tremble, and asunder part:

O, rend with thy expiring breath ! The harder marble of my heart!


“He bore our sips in his own body on the tree." On the wings of faith uprising,

Jesus crucified I see;

8. 7.

While his love, my soul surprising,

Cries, I suffer'd all for thee!
2 Then beneath the cross adoring.

Sin does like itself appear;
When the wounds of Christ exploring,

I can read my pardon there.
3 Here I'd feast my soul for ever;

While this balm of life I prove,
Every wound appears a river

Flowing with eternal love.
4 Who can think without admiring?

Who can hear and nothing feel?
See the Lord of life expiring,

Yet retain a heart of steel?
5 Angels here may gaze and wonder,

What the God of love could mean, When he tore the heart asunder, Never once defiled with sin! 690.

8. 8.6.

“ A remnant shall be saved."

On wings of love the Saviour flies,
And freely left his native skies,

To take a human birth;
The wise and righteous men go near,
Ilis wonders see, his sermons hear,

And think him nothing worth.
2 A remnant small of humble souls
His grace mysteriously controls
By sweet alluring call;

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