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They hear it, and his person view,
They learn to love and follow too,

And take him for their all.
3 One of this remnant I would be,
A soul devoted unto thee,

Allured by thy voice;
No more on gaudy idols gaze,
No longer tinsel grandeur praise,
But fix on thee


4 Thou knowest well my secret smart
And readest all my aching heart,

And hearest every sigh;
Can any creature give me rest,
Or any blessing make me blest,

Unless my Lord is nigh?
5 While walking on the gospel-way,
I would see Jesus every day,

And see in all his grace; See him my prophet, priest, and king; See him by faith, and praises sing, Then see him face to face,

691. Al outward means, till God appears,

Will ineffectual prove; Though much the sinner sees and hears,

He cannot learn to love. 2 But let the stoutest sinner feel

The softning warmth of grace, Though hard as ice, or rocks, or steel,

His heart dissolves apace.

C. M.

The Thaw.

L. M.

3 Feeling the blood which Jesus spilt,

To save his soul from woe, His hatred, unbelief, and guilt, All melt


like snow.
4 Jesus, we in thy name entreat;

Reveal thy gracious arm;
And grant thy Spirit's kindly heat,
Our frozen hearts to warm.

Ask what I shall give thee."
IF Solomon for wisdom pray'd,
The Lord before had made him wise;
Else he another choice had made,

And ask'd for what the worldlings prize. 2 Thus he invites his people still,

But first instructs them how to choose;
Then bids them ask whate'er they will,

Assured that he will not refuse. 3 And dost thou say, “Ask what thou wilt?"

Lord, I would seize the golden hour;
I pray to be released from guilt,

And freed from sin and Satan's power. 4 More of thy presence, Lord, impart,

More of thy image let me bear;
Erect thy throne within my heart,

And reign without a rival there.
5 Give me to read my pardon seal'd,

And from thy joy to draw my strength;
To have thy matchless love reveal'd
In all its height, and breadth, and length.


6 Grant these requests, I ask no more,

But to thy care the rest resign;
Sick, or in health, or rich, or poor,
All will be well if thou art mine.


Prayer for Preservation from Sin and forbidden Care. LORD, let me feel the unction of thy love, To cheer my heart, and set my mind above; Give me a precious glimpse of thy sweet face, And make me gladly all thy will embrace. 2 Draw me from all forbidden toil and care, From lust, and pride, and every hurtful snare; Make Satan and his hellish powers to flee, And let me have true intercourse with thee. 3 Subdue that monstrous host that dwells within, That cursed train of unbelief and sin; Let faith be active in the Lamb once slain, And all my soul adore, and love his name.


The Church praying for themselves and their Minister. LORD, direct thy own-sent servant;

Teach him how and what to speak; Make him humble, wise, and fervent,

Skill'd the bread of life to break: Let each child enjoy a portion,

Feel their souls alive to God; Freed from pride and empty notion,

Eat thy flesh and drink thy blood. 2 Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

Dwell thou sensibly in us;

8. 7.


And may we thy love inherit,

Freed from guilt, law, and the curse: Sweetly view and feel thy glory,

Open all our hearts to thee;
Sing and tell the pleasing story,
Matchless grace has set us free.

Prayer to the blessed Spirit.
BLESSED Comforter, appear
To thy waiting children here;
Bless us with a solemn frame;

Magnify the Saviour's name.
2 Raise our souls from earth and sin;

Let us feel thy power within;
Make the blessings of free grace,

Unctuously suit every case.
3 Make us humble and sincere;

Free us from each carping care;
Jesus' love and blood impart,

Drive each rival from the heart. 4 Shower down blessings from above;

Fill our souls with heavenly love;
May we mutually agree,
With the Father, Son, and Thee.

Public Meeting Place.
Within these walls, dear Lord,
Display thy matchless grace;
Thy constant aid afford,
And show thy smiling face;


And may thy blessed family

Enjoy salvation full and free.
2 Bere may the eternal Three,

His glorious power make known;
Set captive sinners free,

Bring wand'ring sinners home:
Display the wonders of his love,

And fix his children's hearts above. 3 May watchmen, taught of God,

Jehovah's love declare;
Proclaim a Saviour's blood,

To vanquish guilty fear;
And may the heavenly Paraclete,

seal in Zion's heart.

Prayer for Nearness unto the Lord.
O thou lovely, loving Saviour,

Bless us with a solemn frame,
Teach us now, henceforth, and ever,

To adore thy matchless name:
Give us, blessed Jesus, give us,

A sweet glimpse of thy sweet face;
From all carping care relieve us;

Fill us with thy boundless grace. 2 Let the unction of redemption

Supple every conscience well;
Give us now, a sweet exemption

From the rage of sin and hell.
Tell us, Lord, and make us feel it,
We are thine, for ever thine:

8. 7.

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