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L, M.

What! has the Holy Ghost forgot
To quicken souls that Christ has bought,

And lets them lifeless lie? 4 No, thou almighty Paraclete, Thou shedd'st thy heavenly influence yet,

Thou visit'st sinners still: Thy breath of life, thy quick’ning flame, Thy power, thy Godhead, still the same, We

own, because we feel.

The Blood of Sprinkling.
DEAR dying Friend, we look on thee,
And own our soul offences here;
We built thy cross on Calvary,

And naild and pierced thy body there. 2 Yet, let the blood our hands have spilt,

Be sprinkled on each guilty heart,

the conscience well from guilt, And everlasting life impart. 3 So will we sing thy lovely name,

For grace so rich and freely given;
And tell thy love, and tell our shame,
That one we murder'd gives us heaven.


These are they which came out of great tribulation."
BRETHREN, those who come to bliss

Come through sore temptations.
May we all, remembering this,

Pray for faith and patience,

7. 6.

2 See the suff'ring church of Christ,

Gather'd from all quarters:
All contain'd in that red list

Were not murder'd martyrs.
3 The Holy Ghost will make the soul

Feel its sad condition;
For the sick, and not the whole,

Need the good Physician. 4 Of that mighty multitude,

Who of life were winners,
This we safely may conclude,

All were wretched sinners.
5 All were loathsome in God's sight,

Till the blood of Jesus
Wash'd their robes, and made them white;

Now they sing his praises.

BURIED in baptism with our Lord,
We rise with him to life restored:
Not the bare life in Adam lost,

But richer far, for more it cost.
2 Water can cleanse the flesh, we own;

But Christ well knows, and Christ alone, How dear to him our cleansing stood,

Baptized with fire, and bathed in blood. 3 Not but we taste his bitter cup;

But only he could drink it up.
To burn for us was his desire;
And he baptizes us with fire.

L. M

8. Z

4 This fire will not consume, but melt;

How soft, compared with that he felt!
Thus cleansed from filth, & purged from dross,
Baptized Christian, bear the cross.

Faith and Repentance.
COME, ye Christians, sing the praises

Of your condescending God;
Come, and hymn the holy Jesus,

Who hath wash'd us in his blood. We are poor, and weak, and silly, And to every


prone; Yet our Jesus loves us freely,

And receives us for his own.
2 Though we're mean in man's opinion,

He hath made us priests and kings.
Power, and glory, and dominion,

To the Lamb the sinner sings.
Leprous souls, unsound and filthy,

Come before him as you are:
"Tis the sick man, not the healthy,

Needs the good Physician's care. 3 Oh! beware of fondly thinking

God accepts thee for thy tears.
Are the shipwreck'd saved by sinking?

Can the ruin'd rise by fears?
O beware of trust ill grounded;

'Tis but fancied faith at most;
To be cured, and not be wounded;

To be saved before you're lost. 4 No big words of ready talkers,

No dry doctrine, will suffice:


Broken hearts, and humble walkers,

These are dear in Jesus' eyes. Tinkling sounds of disputation,

Naked knowledge, all are vain: Every soul that gains salvation

Must and shall be born again.

“Worthy is the Lamb to receive blessing," &c.-Rev. v. 12.
ENDLESS blessings on the Lamb!
Broken hearts, repeat the same;
His dear heart was broken too,

When he bore the curse for you. 2 Your dread crimes once pierced his heart;

Sunk his soul in vengeful smart;
But his sin-atoning blood

Now maintains your peace with God. 3 Endless blessings on him rest!

Broken hearts in him are bless'd;
And though they may trembling stand,

He upholds them with his hand. 4 In his heart they have a place,

'Stablish'd there through sovereign grace; And, in his set time and way,

He will change their night to day. 5 Trust in him, ye tempted saints;

Tell him all your sad complaints;
He a present help will be

Give you strength and victory.
6 Blessed Jesus ! fill each heart,
With thy love, and blood, and smart;

L. M.

Then thy wonders we'll proclaim,

And adore thy matchless name. 7 Endless blessings rest on thee!

Thou hast set the captive free;
We would shout aloud and sing,
Glory to our God and King.

Praise for a Complete Saviour.
To him that loved us, ere we lay
Conceal'd within the passive clay;
To him that loved us though we fell,

And saved us from the pains of hell; 2 To him that found us dead in sin,

And planted holy life within;
To him that taught our feet the way.

From endless night to endless day; 3 To him that wrought our righteousness,

And sanctified us by his grace;
To him that brought us back to God,

Through the red sea of his own blood; 4 To him that sits upon the throne,

The great eternal Three in One;
To him let saints and angels raise
An everlasting song of praise.


“At evening time it shall be light."Zech. xiv. 7. What am I, and where am I? Strange my self and paths appear; ; Scarce can lift a thought on high, Or drop one heart-feeling tear.


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