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C. M. ? : The Lord's Supper. LORD, who can hear of all thy woe,

Thy groans and dying cries, And not feel tears of sorrow flow,

And sighs of pity rise? 2 Much harder than the hardest stone

That man's hard heart must be. Alas, dear Lord, with shame we own,

That just such hearts have we. 3 The symbols of thy flesh and blood

Will (as they have been oft) With unrelenting hearts be view'd,

Unless thou make them soft. 4 Dissolve these rocks; call forth the stream,

Make every eye a sluice;
Let none be slow to weep for him

Who wept so much for us. 5 And while we mourn, and sing, and pray,

And feed on bread and wine,
Lord, let thy quick’ning Spirit convey

The substance with the sign.

735. “Happy is that people that is in such a case."-Ps. cxliv. 15. O THE happiness arising

From the life of grace within,
When the soul is realizing
Conquests over hell and sin;

Happy moments!
Heavenly joys on earth begin.

8. 7.4.


2 On the Saviour's fulness living,

All his saints obtain delight; . With the strength which he is giving, They can wrestle, they can fight.

Happy moments! When King Jesus is in sight. 3 Nearer, nearer to him clinging,

Let my helpless soul be found;
All my sorrows to him bringing,
May his grace in me abound;

Happy moments!
With new covenant blessings crown'd.

“Show me a token for good.”—Psalm lxxxvi. 17.
Show me some token, Lord, for good,
Some token of thy special love;
Show me that I am born of God,

And that my treasure is above. 2 My supplication, Lord, is this,

That all my sins may be subdued;
That all thy precious promises
May be to me and for my good.
3 O seal my pardon to my soul,

And then proclaim my peace with thee;
Thus make my wounded conscience whole,

And that will be for good to me.
4 Let thy good Spirit rule my heart, "

And gorern all my words and ways; .
Let grace abound in every part,
And teach my tongue to sing thy praise.

L. M.

For there I seek my dwelling place,

And there my guilt would hide. 4 In every time of need,

My helpless soul defend, And save me from all evil deed,

And save me to the end.
5 And when the hour is near

That flesh and heart will fail,
Do thou in all thy grace appear,
And bid my faith prevail.

“Blessed be ye poor."-Luke vi. 20.
Lord, when I hear thy children talk
(And I believe 'tis often true)
How with delight thy ways they walk,

And gladly thy commandments do, 2 In my own breast I look and read

Accounts so very different there,
That, had I not thy blood to plead,

Each sight would sink me to despair. 3 Needy, and naked, and unclean,

Empty of good, and full of ill,
A lifeless lump of loathsome sin,

Without the power to act or will; 4 I feel my fainting spirits droop;

My wretched leanness I deplore;
Till gladden'd with a gleam of hope

From this, The Lord has blest the poor. 5 Then while I make my secret moan, Upwards I cast my eyes, and see,

8. 7

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Though I have nothing of my owni,

My treasure is immense in thee.
6 My treasure is thy precious blood:

Fix there my heart, and for the rest,
Under thy forming hands, my God,
Give me that frame which thou think'st best

“Why weepest thou ?"-Luke xx. 15. I No more at Mary wonder

Dropping tears upon the grave; Earnest asking all around her,

“ Where is he that died to save?" 2 Dying love her heart attracted,

Soon she felt its rising power:
He who Mary thus affected,
Bids his mourners weep no more.

HE that trusteth his own heart,
Acts á raw and foolish part;
Base it is, and full of guile,

Brooding mischief in a smile. 2 Does it boast of love within?

So it may, and yet may sin;
Peter loved his Master well,

Yet a loving Peter fell.
3 Does it feel a melting frame?

David also felt the same;
Yet he made a woeful trip,
And perceived his mountain slip.


“He that trusteth his own heart is a fool."

C. M.

4 Does it talk of faith, and boast?

Abram had as much as most;
Yet, beguiled by unbelief,

Twice he durst deny his wife. 5 Every prop will, first or last,

Sink and fail but Jesus Christ;
On this sure foundation stone
Let me build and rest alone.

Waiting for Help.
My business lies at Jesus' gate,

Where many a Lazar comes;
And here I sue, and here I wait

For mercy's falling crumbs. 2 My rags and wounds my wants proclaim

And help from him implore;
The wounds do witness I am lame,

that I am poor.
3 The Lord, I hear, the hungry feeds,

And cheereth souls distress'd.
He loves to bind


broken reeds, And heal a bleeding breast. 4 His name is Jesus, full of grace,

Which draws me to his door; And will not Jesus show his face,

And bring his gospel store?
5 Supplies of every grace I want,

And each day's want supply;
And if no grace the Lord will grant,
I must lie down and die.

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