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* He shall convince of sin."
No awful sense we find of sin,
The sinful life and sinful heart;
No loathing of the plague within,
Until the Lord that feel impart;
But when the Spirit of truth is come,

A sinner trembles at his doom. 2 Convinced and pierced through and through,

He thinks himself the sinner chief;
And conscious of his mighty woe,
Perceives at length his unbelief;
Good creeds may stock his head around,

But in his heart no faith is found. 3 No power his nature can afford

To change his heart, or purge his guilt;
No help is found but in the Lord,
No balm but in the blood he spilt;
A ruin'd soul condemn'd he stands,

And unto Jesus lifts his hands. 4 So lift I up my hands and eyes,

And all my help in Jesus seek;
Lord, bring thy purging sacrifice
To wash me white and make me meek,
And give me more enlarged faith,
To view the wonders of thy death.

WHEN Jesus would his grace proclaim
He calls the simple, blind, and lame,

To come and be bis guest;

8. 8. 6.


Such simple folk the world despise,
Yet simple folk have sharpest eyes,

And learn to walk the best.
2 They view the want of Jesus' light,
Of Jesus' blood, and Jesus might,

Which others cannot view; They walk in Christ, the living way, And fight, and win the well-fought day,

Which others cannot do.
3 They all declare, I nothing am,
My life is bound up in the Lamb,

My wit and might are his;
My worth is all in Jesus found,
He is my rock, my anchor's ground,

And all my hope of bliss.
4 Such simple soul I fain would be,
The scorn of man, the joy of thee,

Thy parlour guest and friend;
Do make me, Lord, a little child,
Right simple-hearted, meek, and mild,
And loving to the end.

Faith and Repentance.
JESUS is our God and Saviour,

Guide, and counsellor, and friend,
Bearing all our misbehaviour,

Kind and loving to the end.
Trust him, he will not deceive us,

Though we hardly of him deem;
He will never, never leave us;
Nor will let us quite leave him.

8. 7.

2 Nothing but thy blood, O Jesus,

Can relieve us from our smart; Nothing else from guilt release us;

Nothing else can melt the heart. Law and terrors do but harden,

All the while they work alone; But a sense of blood-bought pardon

Soon dissolves a heart of stone. 3 Teach us, by thy patient Spirit,

How to mourn and not despair; Let us, leaning on thy merit, Wrestle hard with God in

prayer. Whatsoe'er afflictions seize us,

They shall profit, if not please; But defend, defend us, Jesus,

From security and ease. 4 Softly to thy garden lead us,

To behold thy bloody sweat;
Though thou from the curse hast freed us,

Let us not the cost forget.
Be thy groans and cries rehearsed

By the Spirit in our ears,
Till we, viewing whom we've pierced,
Melt in sympathetic tears.

God's various Dealings with his Children.
How hard and rugged is the way

To some poor pilgrims' feet; In all they do, or think, or say, They opposition meet.

C. M.

2 Others again more smoothly go,

Secured from hurts and harms; Their Saviour leads them gently through,

Or bears them in his arms.
3 Faith and repentance all must find;

But yet we daily see
They differ in their time and kind,

Duration and degree.
4 Some long repent and late believe,

But when their sin's forgiven, A clearer passport they receive,

And walk with joy to heaven. 5 Their pardon some receive at first,

And then, compell’d to fight, They feel their latter stages worst,

And travel much by night.
6 But be our conflicts short or long,

This commonly is true,
That wheresoever faith is strong,
Repentance is so too.

Light in God's Light.
In darkness born I went astray,
And wander'd from the gospel way;
And since the Saviour gave me sight,

I cannot see without his light.
2 So poor, and blind, and lame I am,

My all is bound up in the Lamb;
And blessed am I when I see
My spirit's inmost porerty.

L. M.

3 I cannot walk without his might;

I cannot see without his light;
I can have no access to God

But through the merits of his blood. 4 It makes me feel


ruin'd state,
It lays my soul at mercy's gate;
And Jesus smiles at such a guest,
And cheers him with a heavenly feast.


749. “When I cry and shout, he shutteth out my prayer."-Lam. iii. O.

I HEAR a righteous man,
A prophet good and great,
In deep distress complain,

And thus his grief relate;
I call on God, and cry and shout,

But all my prayer he shutteth out. 2 He cries, and cries again,

And yet no answers come;
He shouts aloud through pain,

And still the Lord is dumb;
Like some abandon'd wretch he moans,

And Jesus seems to mock his groans. 3 Let every drooping saint

Keep waiting evermore;
And though exceeding faint

Knock on at mercy's door;
Still cry and shout till night is past,

And day-light will spring up at last. 4 If Christ do not appear,

When his disciples cry,

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