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Free Grace.-Rom. iii. 24.

Took my place and vengeance bore,

Me to save for evermore.
4 Death, nor hell, nor world, nor sin,

Foes without, nor foes within,
Ever can my soul destroy:
I am saved eternally.

Is Jesus my Saviour, my Husband, and Friend,
And my Elder Brother, who loves to the end?
Then of him, with pleasure, for ever I'll sing;
He is my rich treasure, my God, and my King

2 His love he fix'd on me before time began, Nor will he take from me the love he had then; Determined to save me, he bore all my guilt; And rather than lose me his own blood he spilt. 578.

The same.- Rom. v. 6, 8, 9.
FREE grace is the theme of my song;
A subject divinely sublime:
Though weak in myself, yet I'm strong,
For Jehovah-Jesus is mine.
He's mine, and with pleasure I see,
We both are united in one;
And such is my Jesus to me,
I never can from him be torn.

The Love of God to his people.—Jer. xxxi. 3.
SALVATION! O my soul, rejoice;
Salvation is of God:


C. M.

He speaks, and that almighty voice,

Proclaims his grace abroad. 2 How wonderful, how grand the plan!

All Deity's engaged
To rescue rebel, ruin'd man,

From Satan's power and rage. 3 The Father loved us ere we fell,

And will for ever love;
Nor shall the powers of earth or hell

His love from Zion move. 4 'Twas love that moved him to ordain

A Surety just and good;
And on his heart inscribe the name

Of all for whom he stood.
5 Nor is the Surety short of love:

He loves beyond degree;
No less than love divine could move

The Lord to die for me.
6 And O what love the Spirit shows;

When Jesus he reveals To men oppress'd with sin and woes,

He all their sorrows heals. 7 The Three-in-One and One-in-Three,

In love for ever rest;
And Zion shall in glory be,

And with his love be bless'd.

8. 8.6.

Sinners married to Christ. Jer. iii. 14.

My soul with holy wonder views
The love the Lord the Saviour shows
To wretched, dying man;

So strange, so boundless is his grace,
He takes the vilest of our race,

With him to live and reign.
2 He'll charm them with a holy kiss,
And make them know what union is;

He'll draw them to his breast:
A smiling eye upon them cast,
Which brings them to his feet in haste,
Each singing,

“ I am blest!
3 “ I'm blest, I'm blest, for ever blest;
My rags are gone, and I am dress'd

In garments white as snow;
I'm married to the Lord the Lamb,
Whose beauties I can ne'er explain,
Nor half his glory show."

Christ makes known his love to his Spouse.—John xiv. 21.
l'll speak forth the love of my Lord,
His praises my tongue shall employ;
He bought me with his precious blood,

Nor Gabriel is loved more than I: Though pure, he for me was made sin; Though rich, he for me became poor; Though free, yet a debtor brought in;

For me he has paid the long score. 2 [These truths to my heart he proclaim'd,

When helpless I stood and distress'd,
When I at the bar was arraign'd,
With law, sin, and terrors oppress'd;
No hand to my help did appear;
The witness against me was true;


Which filld me with horror and fear Till Jesus, my Lord, came in view.] 3 He saw me distress'd, and he said,

“ Fear not, I procured thy discharge;
I'm Jesus who live, and was dead,
And now will I set thee at large."
Not one in the court did object,
But all gave a smile when he spoke;
He then took the yoke off my neck,
And ravish'd my soul with his look.
4 What joy fill'd my soul, who can tell?

But surely I ne'er shall forget;
My Jesus has all things done well,
And therefore his love I'll repeat:
To him all the glory belongs;
My soul shall speak well of his name;
He now is the theme of

my songs,
And shall be for ever the same.


8. 7. 4. The Love of Christ immeasurable.Jno. jii. 16. High beyond imagination

Is the love of God to man;
Far too deep for human reason;
Fathom that it never can:

Love eternal,
Richly dwells in Christ the Lamb.
2 Love like Jesus' none can measure,

Nor can its dimensions know; 'Tis a boundless, endless river, And its waters freely flow:

O ye thirsty, Come and taste its streams below. 3 Jesus loved, and loves for ever,

Zion on his heart does dwell;
He will never, never, never
Leave his church a prey to hell:

All is settled,
And my soul approves it well.


8. 7. 4.


" I lay down my life for the sheep."-John x. 15, O my soul, admire and wonder;

Jesus lived and died for thee;
He has broke the bands asunder,
And from bondage set thee free:

Sweet deliverance,
Jesus Christ has wrought for me.
2 [I a slave to sin and Satan

Once did live, and liked it well, But the God of my salvation, Died to save my soul from hell:

Precious Saviour, Let me ever with thee dwell.] 3 All the debts I had contracted,

He, in mercy, call’d his own;
And, lest I should be neglected,
Drew me near his gracious throne;

Paid all charges,
Then, and for the time to come.
4 Soon I hope to see his glory,
And, with all the saints above,

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