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"Entered according to the act of Congress, in the year 1832, by Isaac L. Kip, (on behalf of the General Synod of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church,) in the Clerk's office of the District Court of the Southern District of New York.”


of the General Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church in North

America, held at Albany, June, 1812.

A REVISION of the Psalms and Hymns now in use in the Dutch Church, having been requested and referred to the General Synod, by the Particular Synod of New York; and it being desirable that our selection of Psalms and Hymns should be improved and enlarged:

Resolded, That the Synod request the Rev. Dr. Livingston to make a selection of Psalms and Hymns agreeably to the views expressed upon this subject; and they appoint the Rev. James V. C. Romeyn, James S. Cannon, Peter Steddiford and John Schureman, a committee to whom Dr. Livingston will submit the selection; but for the greater security in a work of such impor. tance, it is resolved, that after it is adopted by the committee, it shall be reported to the General Synod and obtain their ultimate approbation before it be published.

Acts and Proceedings of the General Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church

held at an extraordinary session, at New York, October, 1813. The committee to whom Professor Livingston was requested to submit his selection of Psalms and Hymns, reported: That he had accomplished the work assigned him; that they have examined the same, and judge it to be a judicious and excellent selection; that they accordingly recommend it to the General Synod for their ultimate approbation, and suggest the propriety of having it immediately published and introduced into all our Churches.

The General Synod' having received the report of the Committee appointed upon the subject of the Psalms and Hymns, and having inspected the selection made by the Rev. Professor Livingston, agrceably to the request of the General Synod 'in their last session, du express their high satisfaction and decided approbation - of the same. It is therefore Resolved, That this selection be forthwith published and introduced into public worship in all our Churches. And the General Synod recommend the same to all families and individuals within their communion, to be adopted instead of the book which has bitherto been in use. It is further Rcsolved, That the Catechism, Articles of Faith, and what has formerly been published with the book of Psalms and Hymns, be also added to the new edition ;-and that the copyright of the book be secured for the express and sole benefit of such students as may attend our theological lectures, and may need pecuniary assistance.

Resolved, That the Rev. Dr. Livingston be requested to superintend the publication of the first edition of the new Psalm Book, and when published that he affix his name thereto.

EXTRACTS From the Acts and Proceedings of the General Synod of the Reformed

Dutch Church in North America.

Session, JUNE, 1830. Resolved, That the Rev. Thomas De Witt, D. D., William M'Murray, D.D., Isaac Ferris, and the elders Peter D, Vroom, Jr., and John D. Keeso,

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