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I know there is nothing you dislike so much as personal observations-

On myself to myself—not at all on others.

BULLER. Yet I cannot help telling you to your face, sir, that you are one of the finest-looking old men

NORTH. Elderly gentlemen, if you please, sir.

BULLER. In Britain, in Europe, in the World. I am perfectly serious, sir. You are.

NORTH. You needed not to say you were perfectly serious ; for I suffer no man to be ironical on Me, Mr Buller. I am.

BULLER. Such a change since we came to Cladich! Seward was equally shocked, with myself, at your looks on board the Steamer. So lean--90 bent-S0 sallow-so haggard-in a word-so aged!

NORTH. Were you shocked, Seward?

SEWARD. Buller has such a blunt way with him that he often makes me blush. I was not shocked, my dear sir, but I was affected.

Turning to me, he said in a whisper, “What a wreck!"

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