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VALUABLE WORK FOR Schools. — Two neatly-executed volumes, from the press of Messrs. COLLINS, KEESE AND COMPANY, entitled A History of New-York, for Schools,' by WILLIAM DUNLAP, Esq., have been sent us by the publishers. After a thorough perusal, we are disposed to place them in the very first class of kindred books for the young.. The facts of our history are given in a style alike simple and interesting; while the accuracy observed, and the moral spirit inculcated, throughout the volumes, are deserving the highest praise. The work is likewise rendered attractive in a pictorial sense, being illustrated by numerous fine engravings on wood. As a book for schools, we predict for this History a success the most ample.

The 'COVENANT People.' - We profess ourselves converts to the arguments set forth in a pamphlet recently issued from the press of Mr. VAN NORDEN, entitled 'A Discourse on the Evidences of the American Indians being the Descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel: Delivered before the Mercantile Library Association, by M. M. Noan, Esq.' We recommend those who have thought but little upon, or have doubts in relation to this subject, to examine the fortified testimony here presented, that our aborigines are the descendants of the dispersed tribes. Their social and martial divisions, religious observances, and all ceremonies of war and peace, are proved to be strikingly similar; and there are no discrepancies, or conflicting facts, to invalidate the great mass of evidence produced by the author.


OWING to unavoidable causes, our May number was issued at a late period of the month : hence the number for June is also thrown back, much 'behind time.' The July number is partly through the press, and the succeeding issues will be prompt. We have great pleasure in the belief, that we shall not a little surprise our warmest admirers and supporters, in the coming volumes, by the rich and various matter already in store for them. In addition to several continuous series - Journals of Travels, Cruises, Letters, Ollapodiana, Odds and Ends of the Penny-a-Liner, Wilson Conworth, etc., - we have on file several highly interesting papers, which will be early presented, among which are,' American Antiquities,' with drawings; * Religious Charlatanry,''Scandinavian Literature and Antiquities,' etc., with various articles of poetry, of a high order of excellence, and many articles of light reading, in prose, not inferior in spirit and humor to the best heretofore found in our pages. In the course of the volume, also, there will be given, from the pen of an eminent German writer, (Prof. O. L. B. Wolff, of the University of Jena,) Sketches of Life in Weimar, at the time of Goethe, Schiller, WIELAND, and PIERDER, written down from the oral communications of their contemporaries; Characteristics of living or lately deceased German Poets, with numerous authentic and piquant Personal Anecdotes, and brief Criticisms of their literary styles; Travelling Sketches of Germany, its Manners and Customs, with brief Reports of German Literary Intelligence, etc.

For farther particulars, the reader is referred to the notice 'To Subscribers,' on the third page of the cover of the present number.

MANY correspondents, whose favors have not yet been published nor alluded to, are requested to grant us a little indulgence. We have a number of communications, both in prose and verse, which, upon a necessarily cursory' perusal, have impressed us favorably. These we shall take an early opportunity to examine more minutely, and if deemed worthy, to publish.

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