Criminal Law

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Aspen Publishers, 2010 - Law - 592 pages
Employing the successful Examples & Explanations format,Examples & Explanations: Criminal Law, draws on well-known cases thathave not made the appellate courts or in some cases haven't even gone tolitigation. The fifth edition includes cutting edge examples and explanationsbased on prescription drug-induced sleepwalking, death caused by abuse oftime-release pain-killing patches, and void-for-vagueness challenges to lawslimiting where sex offenders can live or travel.Among the attributes that make this study aid an excellent resource:Unique, time-tested Examples & Explanations pedagogy--Combines textual material with well-written and comprehensive examples,explanations, and questions to test students' comprehension of the materialsand provide practice in applying information to fact patterns.The questions, in which there are a variety of issues in one fact situation,are similar to those on a law school or bar examination and thereforeprovide students with practice they need to excel on exams.The author uses well-known cases that have not made the appellate courts orhaven't gone to litigation to make the material current and easilyapplicable.Extensive material on new excuses, such as Prozac, Serotonin,Testosterone.Recent Supreme Court cases on the insanity defense and the diminishedcapacity defense (such as Arizona v. Clar k and Dixon v. UnitedStates ).Explanations include analysis of both prosecution and defense, whichprovides additional valuable exam-writing skills for students.Readable and engaging material that often incorporates popular cultureand humor to spark interest in students.Straightforward presentation with clear, introductory text enablesstudents to understand and apply principles.An abundance of visual aids--Graphs, charts and other illustrations-- areused to demonstrate legal standards and concepts.Updated to reflect recent developments in the news and case law since thelast edition, the Fifth Edition offers:Coverage of the debate on torture, including issues of necessity andwhether those who participated in waterboarding may rely on the advice of theoffice of legal counsel.The Supreme Court and ex post facto.Florida self-defense and right-to-carry laws.2009 Supreme Court decisions on mens rea and the "greater crime" theory.Update on the "dog maul" case, with explicit examination ofthe various definitions of malice aforethought given by the California courtsExamples and explanations that addressdrive-by shootings and attemptedmurder.

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Good stuff

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This is my favorite series of study aids. The hypotheticals are great. Read full review

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