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18. Modern Hiftory. N° 107. 19. Sir Richard Baker's Chronicle. 5, 6, 7. Price 6d. each.

20. Lift of the Lent Preachers. for S. Buckley, price 3d.

Price Is. N° 4, Printed

21. Memoirs of Affairs of State from the Year 1697, to the latter End of 1708. By Chriftian Cole, Efq; The Subscribers may have their Books of H. Woodfall, Printer, without Temple-Bar.

22. A View of the prefent State of Scotland, in Regard to the Tenures and flavifh Dependencies of the Subjects of that Part of North Britain. In a Memorial drawn by William Logan, Efq; a Scatif Gentleman. Recommended to all Well-wishers to the Liberty and Freedom of the Subjects of Great Britain. Printed for J. Wilford, price 4d.

23. Memoirs of John Gerden of Glencat, in the County of Aberdeen: Who was thirteen Years in the Seats College at Paris, among the fecular Clergy; and afterwards returned from the Errors of Popery. Printed for 7. Ofwald, price 25.

24. A compleat Lift of the Stewards, Prefidents, Vice-Prefidents and Treasurers of the Sons of the Clergy. From their first Inftitution to this prefent Time. W. Mears, price 13.

Printed for

25. The Female Gloffary. Printed by W. Shaw, price 6d.

26. The Humble Remonftrance of the Five-Foot-Highiáns against the Antichriftian Practice of using a Standard in enlifting of Soldiers. Reprinted, from the Dublin Edition, for J. Roberts, price 6d.

27. Mifcellaneous Obfervations on Authors, antient and modern. In 2 Vols. 8vo. Printed for T. Watton, price 125.

28. An Account of the Bank of Loan at Rotterdam, commonly call'd the Lombard." By Philopolis. Printed for J. Roberts, pr. 4.d.

29. Answers to Burnt Children dread the Fire. Printed for J. Roberts. price 6d. LAW.

30. Declarations and Pleadings, in English, in the moft ufual Actions brought in the feveral Courts of King's-Bench and CommonPleas at Westminster. Alfo (incidently) fhewing the Forms of Proceedings, as well in the Petty Bag Office in Chancery, as in Corporation Courts, &c. By W. B.bun, of the Middle-Temple, Eq; Printed for D. Brotune and John Shuckburgb, 8vo, price 65.

31. The Attornies Pocket Companion: Or, a Guide to the Practifers of the Law; being a Translation of Law Proceedings in the Courts of King's-Bench and Common-Pleas; sontaining a Collection of the common Forms, beginning with the Original, and ending with

the judicial Procefs: Together with an hiftoTM rical as well as practical Treatife on Eject ments. By a Student of the Inner-Templei Printed for R. Gefiing, 8vo, price 5o

32. The practiling Scrivener and modern Conveyancer: Containing a Collection of all Sorts of choice Precedents used in the modern Practice of a Scrivener and Conveyancer: Taken from the original Draughts of an eminent Practitioner lately deceased, and contains more Variety than in all other Books of this Kind hitherto published. By G. Bird, Scrivener. No. of Vol. 2. Sold by J. Roberts, price Is.

33. The Clerks English Tutor. The fecond Volume. Shewing the Practice of the Courts of King s-Bench and Commen-Pleas, as they are now fettled, purfuant to the feveral late Acts of Parliament, and the refpective Rules of both the Courts made confonant thereto: With great Variety of curious English Precedents, (never before printed in any Language) drawn by the most eminent Council of the prefent Age, and done into English conformable to the Statute, 4 Geo. 2. C. 26. that all the Proceedings in the Courts of Juftice fhall be in the English Language; together with fuch Writs or Piccefs, as well mefne as judicial, as are generally used in cvery Day's Practice. By an Attorney at Law. Printed for W. Meadows, 8vo, pr. 5s 6d

34. The Argument of the Lord Keeper' Semmers, on his giving Judgment in the Bankers Cafe, delivered in the Exchequer Chamber, June 23, 1696. Printed for S. Billing fley, price 2s. 6d.


35. The Hiftory of the Teft-Act: In which the Mistakes in fome late Writings against it are rectified, and the Importance of it to the Church explained, price 6d.

36. Confiderations on the Confequences of repealing the Teft-Act: Or the prefent Difpute between the Diffenters and Church of England fairly stated. In which the Grounds and Reafons of Diffenting are explained, the Lawfulness of Conforming examined, and a fuccinct Account of the Arguments advanced on both Sides. With proper and hiflorical Remarks. By an Impartial Lover of Truth, price is.

37. The Church in Perils among falfe Brethren; Or, The Danger of the Church from her pretended Friends, but fecret Enemies, reviewed. In which, Objections against the Repeal of Sacramental-Tefts, and the Arguments for it, are confiderea in their religious and political Afpects, price 6d.

38. Reflexions on the 12th Query contain'd in a Paper, intitled, Reafons offered against pufhing for the Repeal of the Corporation and Teft Acts. And on the Animadvertions on the Answer to it. In a Letter to a Friend. In which a particular Antwer is given to the

farther Calumnies contained in the Animad-

verfions against a certain Lord, relating to his

Converfation and Conduct in London and Briftel,

about the Repeal of the Corporation and Telt

Acts, at the Time when the Occafional and

Schifm Bills were repealed, and at the Time

of the Union, price 6d. These 4 printed

for J. Roberts.

39. Obfervations on the prefent Difpute

concerning the Repeal af the Corporation and
Teft Acts. In which the Conduct of those
Gentlemen, who are called the beft Friends of
the Diffenters, is fairly confidered, with fome
Remarks on the laft Refolution of the Com-
mittee. Printed for T. Warner, price 6d.

40. A brief and diftinct Account of the

mineral Waters of Pyrmont. Containing the

natural Hiftory of the adjacent Country, of

the feveral medicinal Springs therein, a new

analytical Examination of the Waters, and

Defcription of the true mineral Contents of

the fame, with their various Effects, and the

moft approved Methed of ufing them both in

Drinking and Bathing. Extracted from a

Treatife on this Subject, publish'd fome Time

ago in the German Language, by the learned

Dr. J. P. Seioppius, firft Phyfician and Coun-

fellor to the Prince of Waldeck, and ordinary

Phyfician at the Wells. As alfo, a like Ac-

count of the Waters of Spa, from the best

Authors. By George Turner, M. D. Printed

for A. Millar at Buchanan's Head over-againft

St. Clement's Church in the Strand; and fold

by J. Roberts in Warwick-Lane, price 25.

41. A Treatife on Mercury: Shewing the

Danger of taking it crude for all Manner of

Disorders, after the prefent Fashion; from its

Nature, its Manner of operating in the hu-

man Body and Facts. With fome Remarks

on the antient Phyfician's Legacy, price Is.

42. A fhort Account of Mortifications,

and of the furprizing Effect of the Bark in
putting a Stop to their Progrefs, &c. with
Obfervations on, and a Diary of a very re-
markable Cafe, where is fhewn the particular
Quantity and Time of giving it, By John
Douglafs, Surgeon, F. R. S. Printed for J.
Nourfe, price Is.


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*63. A Letter from Rome; fhewing the exact Conformity between Popery and Paganifm; or, The Religion of the prefent Romans deriv'd from that of their Heathen Anceftors. By Conyers Middleton, D. D. Principal Librarian to the University of Cambridge. The third Edition, with Additions. Printed for W. Inny's and R. Manby, price is. 6d.

64. The Theory of Vifion, or visual Language, fhewing the immediate Prefence and Providence of a Deity, vindicated and explain'd. By the Author of Alcipbron: Or, The Minute Philofopher. Printed for 7: Tonson, price is.

65. A Paraphrafe and Notes on St. Paul's First Epistle to Timothy, in Imitation of Mr. Locke's Manner, with an Appendix concerning Infpiration; occafioned by St. Paul's Advice to Timothy, 1 Tim. v. 25. By the Author of the Paraphrafe, and Notes on St. Paul's Epiftles to Philemon, and 1ft and 2d to the Theffalonians. Printed for R. Ford, price 35.

66. The Argument from Prophecy, in Proof that Jefus is the Meffiab, vindicated; or, Some Confiderations on the Prophecies of the Old Testament as the Grounds and Reasons of the Chriftian Religion. Printed for J. Gray, price 1s. 6d.

67. A Prefervative against the Wiles of Popery; or modern Deifm real Jefuitism: Wherein Deifm is try'd, unmask'd, and con demned. In a Letter to a Gentleman at Oxford. Occafioned by the late Jefu-t-l Treatife, entitled, Chriftianity as old as the Creation. Printed for J. Wilford, price 15.

68. An Effay upon the Usefulness of Revelation; notwithstanding the greateft Excellence of human Reafon. In eight Difcourfes. By Chriftopher Robinfen, M. A. Printed for J. Pemberton, price 25.


Propofals for printing, by Subscription, a complete and accurate Tranflation of the hiftorical and critical Dictionary of the late celebrated Mr. Peter Bayle. Conditions. I. The Whole will be printed in the fame Manner with the Specimen annexed. II. The Price to Subscribers will be Three Half Pence per Sheet; One Guinea be paid at the Time of fubfcribing, and the Price of each Volume to Be adjusted upon the Delivery thereof. However, III. For the Conveniency of fuch as fhall defire the fame, eight Sheets of this Work will be deliver'd every Fortnight at One Shilling; in which Cafe no Money will be expected to be advanc'd. IV. The firft Number was published on Saturday the Twentieth of January, and N° 2. will be publifhed on Saturday the 3d of February. Propoials are delivered, and Subfcriptions taken in, by the Booksellers in Town and Country.

Proposals for printing, by Subscription, a new Edition of Sir Walter Raleigh's History of the World. To which will be added, The Life of the Author, newly compil'd, from Materials more ample and authentick than have been yet publish'd; alfo his Trial, with confiderable Additions. Together with a new and more copious Index to the whole Work. Conditions. I. The Whole will be comprized in One Volume (on the fame Paper and Letter with the Specimen annexed to the Propofals) containing about 250 Sheets, befides feveral Copper Plates. II. It is proposed (whilft the Book is printing) to publish every Week Four Sheets for Six-pence; the first Number to be delivered on Saturday the 3d of February. N. B. The Author's Head, curiously engrav'd from an original Painting, and a Set of Maps and Cuts, will be given gratis to the Subfcribers. Propofals are delivered, and Subfcriptions taken in by the following Bookfellers; Meff. Knapton, "in Ludgate-ftreet; D. Midwinter and A.Ward; B. Sprint, in Little-Britain; R. Knaplock, R, Robinfon, J. Wilford in St. Paul's Church yard; J. Tonfon in the Strand; A. Bettefworth and C. Hitch, F. Ofborn and T. Longman, in Paternofter-Row; B. Mette, T. Wetton, H. Lintot, in Fleetftreet; J. Waltboe in Cornbill; J. Clarke in Duck-Lane.


Propofals for printing, by Subfcription, a fecond Edition of, The Young Builder's Rudiments. Teaching the meaneft Capacity the moft ufeful Parts of Geometry, Architecture, Mechanicks, Menfuration feveral Ways, and Perfpective, &c. By B. Langley. which will now be added, The Five Orders, &c. fevera! beautiful Doors, Windows and Chimneys, according to Inigo Jones and others: The Whole calculated for the Ufe of Gentlemen, Architects, Sculptors, Painters, Mafons, and all others concerned in the Noble Art of Sound Building. Conditions. I. The whole Book confifts of about twenty large Sheets in Quarto, and thirty-two Copper-Plates curiously engraved by the late ingenious 7. Vandergucht, and B. Cole. II. The first Number will contain five printed Sheets, and four Copper-Plates, ftitch'd in blue Paper, for 1s. and will begin to be delivered on Monday the 8th of January 1732-3, and the others on the fame Day of every other Week until the Whole is finished. N. B. Some Numbers will bave more Copper-Plates and lefs printed Sheets, but all to the fame Value as near as poffible. III. Subfcribers are defired to fend their Names and Places of Abode, that their Numbers may be delivered according to their Appointment. Subfcriptions are taken in by J. Millan, at the Corner of Buckingham-Court, near the Admiralty-Office; and by the Bookfellers in London and Westminster.




A Lift of the prefent PARLIAMENT, diftinguished thus:

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Charles Powlet Duke of Bolton. k. g. Thomas Ofborne Duke of Leeds. u. a. John Ruffel Duke of Bedford. William Cavendish Duke of Devonshire. Edmund Sheffield D. of Buckinghamshire. u.a. John Manners Duke of Rutland. k. g. John Montagu Duke of Montagu. k. g. k. b. James Graham Duke of Montrofe. f. p. Charles Douglafs Duke of Dover. * Henry de Grey Duke of Kent. k. g. James Hamilton Duke of Brandon. k.t.* Peregrine Bertie Duke of Ancafter. Evelyn Pierpoint Duke of Kingston. u.a. Thomas Pelham Duke of Newcastle. k. g. William Bentinck Duke of Portland. John Campbel Duke of Greenwich. k. g. William Montagu Duke of Manchester. k. b. James Brydges Duke of Chandos. k. g. Lionel Cranfield Sackville D. of Dorfet. k.g. Scroop Egerton Duke of Bridgwater.


MARQUISSES William Herbert Marquis of Powis. * John Hay Marquis of Tweedale. fp. William Ker Marquis of Lothian, 6, p.

u. a. Under Age. Don't fit in the Houfe.

f. p. Scotch Peers.

EARLS 85. George Talbot Earl of Shrewsbury. James Stanley Earl of Derby. Theophilus Haftings Earl of Huntington, Henry Herbert Earl of Pembroke. Henry Clinton Earl of Lincoln. u. a. Charles Howard Earl of, Suffolk. James Cecil Earl of Salisbury. u. a. Brownlow Cecil Earl of Exeter. John Sidney Earl of Leicester. k. b. James Compton Earl of Northampton. Edward Rich Earl of Warwick and Holland. William Fielding Earl of Denbigh. Thomas Fane Earl of Westmoreland. Henry Bowes Howard Earl of Berkshire. John Savage Earl Rivers. *

Charles Mordaunt Earl of Peterborough. k. g.
Harry Grey Earl of Stamford.

Daniel Finch E. of Winchelfea & Nottingham.
Philip Dormer Stanhope E. of Chesterfield.k.g.
Sacville Tufton Earl of Thanet.
Charles Spencer Earl of Sunderland.
Nicholas Leake Earl of Scaridale.
John Mountague Earl of Sandwich. u. a.
Henry Hyde Earl of Clarendon and Rochester.
William Capel Earl of Elfex. k. t.
George Brudenel Earl of Cardigan.
Arthur Annelley Earl of Anglefey.
Charles Howard Earl of Carlisle.
Thomas Bruce Earle of Aylesbury.
Richard Boyle Earl of Burlington. k. g.
Anthony Athley Cooper Earl of Shaftsbury.
George Henry Lee Earl of Litchfield.
John Roberts Earl of Radnor.
James Berkeley Earl of Berkeley. k. g.
Montagu Venables Bertie Earl of Abingdon

Baptift Noel Earl of Gainsborough.
Robert Darcy Earl of Holderness. u. a.

Other Lewis Wind for HickmanE. of Plym. u.a.



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The following 12 created fince the Revolution. William Stafford Howard Earl of Stafford. * Richard Lumley Earl of Scarborough. k. g. George Booth Earl of Warrington. Henry Newport Earl of Bradford. Frederick Zuleftein Earl of Rochford. William Anne Van Kepel E. of Albemarle.k.b. William Coventry Earl of Coventry. William Villiers Earl of Jersey.

Henry D'Auverquerque E. of Grantham. k.g.
John Poulet Earl Poulet.

Francis Godolphin Earl of Godolphin.
George Cholmondeley Earl of Cholmondeley.
John Lindiay Earl of Crawfurd. f. p.
John Sutherland E. of Sutherland. k. t. f. p.
John Lefly Earl of Rothes. f. p.
George Douglafs Earl of Morton. f. p.
David Arcfkine Earl of Buchan. f. p.
Tho. Hamilton E. of Haddingtown. k.t.f.p.
Charles Hamilton Earl of Selkirk. f. p.
John Murray Earl of Dunmore. k. t. i. p.
George Hamilton Earl of Orkney. k. t. f. p.
Alexander Hume E. of Marchmont. k.t. f.p.
John Dalrymple Earl of Stair. k.t. s.p.
Charles Hope Earl of Hopton. f. p.
Archibald Campbel Earl of Ilay. f. p.

The following created fince the Union.

Edward Harley Earl of Oxford.

u. a.

Thomas Wentworth Earl of Strafford. k. g.
Henry Shirley Earl of Ferrers.
William Legg Earl of Dartmouth.
Henry Paget Earl of Uxbridge.
Lewis Wation Earl of Rockingham.
Charles Bennet Earl of Tankerville. k. t.
Hencage Finch Earl of Aylesford.
John Harvey Earl of Bristol.
George Montagu Earl of Hallifax. k.b.
'Talbot Yelverton Earl of Suffex. u. a.
William Cowper Earl Cowper.
Philip Stanhope Earl Stanhope. u. a.
Philip Sherrard Earl of Harborough.

George Parker Earl of Macclesfield.

Thomas Farmer Earl of Pomfret. k. b.

Robert Ker Earl Ker. (Marq. Beaumont)
Benjamin Mildmay Earl Fitzwalter.
John Afhburnham Earl of Afhburnham.
Spencer Compton Earl of Wilmington. k. b.
James Waldgrave Earl Waldgrave.
Francis Howard Earl of Effingham.


VISCOUNTS 15. Price Devereux Viscount Hereford. Anthony Brown Viscount Montacute. Laurence Fienes Vifcunt Say and Sele. Thomas Bellafys Viscount Falconbergb.* Charles Townshend Vijesunt Townfhend, k.g. Thomas Thynne Viscount Weymouth. William Hatton Viscount Hatton. The following 8 were created Viscounts fince the Revolution.

Henry Lowther Viferunt Lonsdale. Henry Obrian Viscount Tadcaster. Henry St. John Viscount St. John. Richard Temple Viscount Cobham. Hugh Bofcawen Vijesunt Falmouth, John Wallop Viscount Lymingtons

Simon Harcourt Viscount Harcourt. Pattee Byng Viscount Torrington. u. 29 BARONS


William Nevil Lord Abergavenny.
James Touchet Lord Audley.*
Algernoon Seymour Lord Percy.
John Weft Lord De la War. k. b.
Hugh Fortefcue Lord Clinton. k. b.
William Ward Lord Dudley and Ward.
Thomas Stourton Lord Stourton. *
Richard Verney Lord Willoughby de Brook.
Hugh Willoughby L. Will. of Parham. u. a.
William North Lord North and Grey.
William Ferdinand Carey Lord Hunfdon.
John St. John Lord St. John of Bletího.
Robert Petre Lord Petre. u. a. *
Henry Arundel Lord Arundel of Wardour
Charles Dormer Lord Dormer. *
Henry Roper Lord Teynham. u. 2,
Francis Greville Lord Brook. u. a.
Nevil Lovelace Lord Lovelace.
Henry Maynard Lord Maynard.
Charles Bruce Lord Bruce.
Edward Leigh Lord Leigh.
William Byron Lord Byron.

Marmaduke Langdale Lord Langdale.*

William Berkeley Lord Berkeley of Stratton,

Charles Cornwallis Lord Cornwallis.

Charles Townshend Lord Lynn.

John Arundel Lord Arundel of Trerice.
William Craven Lord Craven.

John Carteret Lord Carteret.

William Stawel Lord Stawel.
Francis North Lord Guilford.
Edward Griffin Lord Griffin.

The following were created Lords fince the

Charles Butler Lord Butler of Weston.
Henry Herbert Lord Herbert of Cherbury
Maurice Thompson Lord Haverfham.
Gilbert Vane Lord Barnard.
John Levefon Gower Lord Gower.
Francis Seymour Conway Lord Conway.
John Boyle Lord Boyle (E. Orrery).
George Hay Lord Hay (E. Kinnoul).
Thomas Windfor Lord Montjoy.
Thomas Manfel Lord Manfel. u. a.
Francis Willoughby Lord Middleton,
Thomas Trevor Lord Trevor.
George Granville Lord Lansdown.
Samuel Mafham Lord Masham.
Thomas Foley Lord Foley.
Allen Bathurst Lord Bathurft.
Thomas Onflow Lerd Onflow.
Robert Marsham Lord Romney. u. a.
Charles Cadogan Lord Cadogan.
Mathew Ducie Morton Lord Ducie.
Robert Walpole Jun. Lord Walpole. k. b
Peter King Lord King L. H. Chan.
John Hobart Lord Hobart. k. b.
John Monfon Lord Monfon. k. b.

Thomas Wentworth Lord Maiton. k. b.
Thomas Coke Lord Lovel. k.b.
William Stanhope Lord Harrington.
Robert Raymond Lerd Raymond.


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