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My C AS E. T OR many Years red Sand constantly came

T from me, without Pain or Inconvenience: About nine Years ago I began to be uneasy; and before twelve Months had paffed, was so much out of order, that I could no longer ride; the Motion of a Coach grew insupportable ; and that of a Chair or Walking, was generally attendedwith bloody Water.

Ihe Regimen. I'took Mrs. Stepbens's. Medicine in the folid Form, three Ounces a Day for about five Years ; when I changed it for the same Quantity of Ca-' stile Soap; which, about a Year since, I reduced to two Ounces; and lately to one Ounce, with about a Pint of Lime-water mixt with Milk; being willing to regain my Liberty as far as is con.. sistent with Ease and safety. This Regimen I have. incessantly pursued; excepe some few Days that I have purposely omitted it, to observe the Cong. sequences of such Omission.

The EffeEts.

Whilft I pursue this Regimen; I never dircharge red Sand; whenever I omit it for a few. Days, I constantly do. By a steddy Perseverance in it, my particular Complaint has been gradually:


and when I don feel any Uners though I have

diminished; and my Health, in general improved. I believe I could now ride, though I have. not tried. I seldom feel any Uneasiness in a Coach ; and when I do, it is inconsiderable; though sometimes (but very rarely) it is attended with bloody Water. And the Motion of a Chair or Walking do not affect me. In short, I have exchanged, Pain for Ease, and Misery for Comfort ; and had it not been for this Medicine, I should not have been now alive to have told my Storya

My Conclusions are these :

1. Mrs. Stepbens’s Medicine, or Castile Soap, are safe Remedies ; and three Ounces may be taken every Day for Years together (and, probably, during Life) without any ill Consequence .

2. That Health in general, will improve by their Use; for by their cleansing Quality, I imagine, they better prepare the Stomach for Digestion, and the Intestines for Chylification.

3. They are Preventives of the Stone ; either hy hindering the Generation or Formation of those Particles of which it is composed, or by facilitating the Discharge of them before Concretion. And I am, persuaded, that, by taking them, Persons who have not that Distemper, will be fecured from it, and those who have it, from growing worse. And if, on jessening my Quantity, I again find the Appearance of red Sand, I will increase it again to a Quantity sufficient to prevent it...

.. . w. They

4. They are Lithontriptics. Of this I have often had ocular Proof; and the discharged Frags ments are foftened, and their Parts more easily feparated..

5. They are Lenitives, where the Stone is not entirely discharged; fo that when a complete Cure: is not obtained, Ease may, as I have happily exoperienced. But from what Cause this proceeds, "bet Physicians enquire and determine

I believe. Men fcarce differ fo much in the Tem. per of their Badies, as of their Minds; and though many Cases may be very unlike my own, I am. persuaded, that a regular. Use of this Medicine would, for the most Part, be as beneficial to 0thers as to myself. Perfons, with whom it difa-. grees, in other Refpects, are excluded from this Benefit; as the Intemperate are from the Benefit of this or any other Medicine,

I have, for a long Course of Years, abstained? from all strong, Liquors; but, drink every thing that is small. I can eat any thing, but not much ; and like the most common Diet best. I prefer most things to Flesh; and of Flesh the whiteft. I never altered my common Diet on Account of: this Medicine ; or the Times of my Meals, which : have ever been very irregular. I have always taken an Ounce at a time:;: sometimes before, sometimes at, and sometimes after; Meals, and I have often made a : Meat of the Medicine, itself, only with a Glafs of small Liquor:(of any Sort) and a little Bread, which I have always taken: with it. I generally took the three Ounces at

propers proper Intervals; and sometimes at very short ones. This Medicine has always agreed with me; and I never once felt it on my Stomach, or any other Inconvenience from it. And I think it my Duty to omit no Opportunity of publishing its Virtues to the World:


INCE I finished this Essay, I am in doubt

whether I ought not to change the Title. For I have heard of a very ingenious Performance, called The Analyfes of Beauty, which proves inconbestably, that it confits in Curve: Lines : I congratulate my Fraternity ; and hope, for the fuu ture, the Ladies will efteemthom Dás Beaux Gara Conh

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I Wonder, that in the first Edition of this Ef1 say, I forgot to mention some Inconveniences I suffer of a very grievous Nature ; and which have a Right to a Place in Pages 100 and 101 of this Edition.

When I am in a Coach with a Fair Lady, I am hid by Silk and Whale-bone. When I sit next her at Table,'my Arm is so pinioned, I can neither help her nor myself. We are deprived of the Pleasure of seeing each other; and she would scarce know I was there, if she did not sometimes hear me under her Wing. I am in Purgatory on the Confines of Paradise. I therefore beg one Favour, and which she may grant with Honour; that (since I despair of supplanting her [e] Lapdog) she will allow me a Cushion to raise me above such Misfortunes..

[e] N. B. Many Ladies say, that Shock is as ugly a Cur as myself, and unworthy of his Poft. But nothing so disrespectful shall ever escape me ; left it thould offend, or be thought the Envy of a Rival.


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