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Blomefield, Collectanea Cantab.) was placed upon as the composition of Dr. Donne. He appears to the foundation stone of the chapel of my own col. have forgotten that he had inserted it in his first lege — the College of SS. Margaret and Bernard, series as the production of Francis Davison. commonly called Queens' College, Cambridge: I do not see that Dr. Donne's claim to this

" Erit Dominæ nostræ Margarettæ Dominus in Re- Psalm ought to be disturbed. I have several well ugium et Lapis iste in Signum."

edited selections of sacred poetry before me, in all This stone was laid by Sir John Wenlock, of which it is given to that author. Furthermore, April 15, 1448. The Margaret of the inscription in a small volume entitled Poems by John

it is contained among the “ Divine Poems" (p. 345.) is, of course, Margaret of Anjou, consort of Henry VI. And here let me note, that we claim P[onne], with Elegies on the Author's Death, the title of Queens' College, not Queen's College : London, printed by M. F. for John Marriot, &c.,


EDWARD F. RIMBAULT. ville, consort of Edward IV., in 1465, being our Cromwell Family (Vol. v., p. 489.).—No answer foundresses. W. SPARROW SIMPSON, B.A. has as yet been given to J. G. C.; permit me to

inform him, that persons of that name were rather The Word “ Handbook" (Vol. vi., p. 72.).—This numerous in Hammersmith and Kensington in the word must be much older than “ nineteen years," last century, but I cannot say whether the person and perhaps than Sir Harris Nicolas's whole life.

mentioned resided there or not. A note to Mr. In “ 1825" Murray published a Handbook, or, Faulkner, in whose local histories many notices of concise Dictionary of Terms used in the Arts and the name occur, would doubtless elicit the necesSciences, and a most useful book it is. The author,

sary information.

This venerable topographer Mr. Hamilton, in the preface uses the word as if still lives (I am happy to say) in Smith Street, then of well-known meaning. H. T. ELLACOMBE. Chelsea.

H. G. D. Dissertation on a Salt-box (Vol. vi., p. 54.). - The Royal "We" (Vol. v., p. 489.).—Bishop Nicoljeu d'esprit to which your correspondent J. Ws. son, in bis English Historical Library, informs us alludes may be found in a small volume entitled thatFacetic Cantabrigienses. It is there ascribed to the late Professor Porson, and is said to bave been number was King John ; his predecessors writing in

“ The first of our kings that wrote in the plural written as a satire on the mode of examination the singular. They used Ego in their grants ; and this pursued at Oxford.

Join BOOKER. king, with those that followed him, Nos.” Prestwich.

It is believed that King John was the first AU-fours (Vol. v., p.441.).-In Tristram Shandy, European sovereign that adopted this usage; but rol. i. c. 12., is the following passage:

his example was soon followed by the other princes.

HENRY H. BREEN. "The mortgager and mortgagee differ the one from

St. Lucia, the other, not more in length of purse, than the jester and jeste do in that of memory. But in this the com

Mother Damnable (Vol. v., p. 151.). parison between them runs, as the scholiasts call it, upon all-fours ; which, by the by, is upon one or two

“ I have had the curiosity to see Mother Damnable, legs more than some of the best of Homer's can pre

whose rhetoric was honey to the passion with which lend to."

the Quaker books are stuffed." - See“ Defence of the

Snake in the Grass” quoted by Southey, Common-Place It would seem then that this use of the expres- Book, p. 47., about " Quaker Railing.' sion 4 on all-fours" is to be found in some of the

JAMES CORNISH. scholia to the Iliad or Odyssey. Its origin, I con. ceive, is not difficult of explanation. As we find

Incantations at Cross Roads (Vol. vi., p. 74.).— among the old commentators on Greek poets, an

The sign of the cross has ever been considered in irregular line described as “metro claudicante," so early times as the best preservative against “inalso an imperfect simile might easily be said to cantation," witchcraft, and all Satanic influence. limp upon three legs, and a perfect one to run upon The passage from Plato alludes probably to the four. "But this is merely conjecture.

ERICA. form of incantation used by the Greeks, and thence Warwick.

derived to the students of the black art even so

late as the seventeenth century, as may be seen in Francis Davison and Dr. Donne (Vol. vi., p. 49.). Scott, Glanville, and others; where mention is - The editor of Select Poetry, chieAy Devotional, made of "waxen images stuck with pins," or of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, printed a sup- placed before a slow fire; and as the pins were plementary volume, entitled Select Poetry, chiefly moved in any part of the image, pain was felt in Sacred, of the Reign of King James I. (Cambridge, that part by the person represented, or, as the Deighton, 1847). Here, on p. 15., he prints the wax melted, the person pined away. As to their fine nervous version of the 137th Psalm, correctly, ) being placed “where three roads meet," it must


The pos

THE LITERARY MISCELLANÝ. Vols. VI. VII. VIII. IX. XI. have been as a counter-charm, being the form of a

XIV. and XV. Stourport, 1812. cross (although how three roads could form a cross

SHAKSPEARE'S JULIUS CÆSAR, by D'Avenant and Dryden, 1719. is not easily discovered). Those on tombs might


Manon's ENGLAND, 4 Vols. be supposed to have a similar effect, since the

The original 4to. editions in boards.

FLANAGAN ON THE ROUND TOWERS OF IRELAND. 4to. 1843 church or churchyard were consecrated ground.

MAGNA CHARTA ; a Sermon at the Funeral of Lady Farewell, by The quotation from the “First Gospel of the

George Newton. London, 1661. Infant Jesus” has the same meaning.

BLACK'S (Dr.) LECTURES ON CHEMISTRY, by Robison, 2 vols. sessing spirit urged his victim to deeds of mischief The following Treatises by the Rey: Tuomas Watson, of sh

and violence when in the neighbourhood of the
cross, represented by the cross-roads. E. G. B.

RELIGION OUR TRUE Interest, or Notes on Mal. iii. 16, 17, 18.
THE MISCHIEF OF Six; it brings a Person Low.

A PLEA FOR TAB GODLY, wherein is shown the Excellency of a

Righteous Person.
The DUTY OF Self-Denial briefly opened and urged.



SERMON ON Rev. 11. 10. Soon after the publication of the first two volumes of BIOGRAPAIA AMERICANA, by a Gentleman of Philadelphia. Mr. Kemble's invaluable collection of Anglo-Saxon Geddes' TRACTS AGAINST POPERY, &c., 4 Vols. 8vo. calf, next, Charters, Professor Leo, of Halle, who had paid great can be had on application to the Publisher. attention to tracing private life (whether social or Letters, stating particulars and lowest price, carriage free, family) in Germanic communities as far back as pos- to be sent to Mr. Bell, Publisher of " NOTES AND

QUERIES," 186. Fleet Street, sible, and consequently to the mode of life and stamp of thought of the Anglo-Saxons, as shown in their laws; finding in these charters much elucidation of what was before obscure to him, republished the Rectitudines

Notices to Correspondents. Singularum Personarum from Mr. Thorpe's admirable REPLIES RECEIVED.- Government of St. Christopher's Por. edition of Anglo-Saron Laws and Institutes, and pre

traits of Cromwell - Muffs worn by Gentlemen - l'enice Glasses

-Styles of Dukes and Marquises The Word Handbook fixed to it some most valuable preliminary dissertations.

Burials - Cowdray Family Lunar Occultations - Hereditary Of these the one dedicated to the names of places among Standard Bearer-old Satchells,gc.-" There were three Ladies,

80.- Lines on the Succession of English Kings - Rhymes upon the Anglo-Saxons is of peculiar interest to the English

Places - Monody on Death of Sir John Moore - Bells on Horses reader, who must therefore be under great obligations Necks - Trochilus and Crocodile -" The Good Old Cause"to Mr. Benjamin Williams for undertaking, with the Serpent-eating -The Man in the Almanack - Incantations et

Cross Roads - Cromwell Family - Andreurs the Astronomerconcurrence of Professor Leo, to prepare an English Coral Charms - Vellum-bound Books - Francis Davison and translation of it. This has just been issued under the Dr. Donne - "Oh! go from the window." title of a Treatise on the Local Nomenclature of the An- W.S. M. We do not sce any immediate prospect of reprinting glo-Saxons, as exhibited in the Coder Diplomaticus Æri

nur 19th No. or the Index to the First Volume. It must of curse

depend upon the demand for them. Saronici, translated from the German of Professor H. Leo, of Halle, with additional Examples and Explunatory If the latter, the allusion is obvious; if the former, he should fur.

H. Does our Correspondent mean Schabod" or " Ichabody" Notes ; and all who are interested in the local history nish the passage in which the word occurs. of their respective neighbourhoods will find much to H. N. will find the Acts regulaling the King's Duty on Christen. amuse and instruct them in this unpretending little ings, Marriages, Burials, &c. specified in our 2nd Vol., p. 60. volume.

W. E. M.'s Query as to the meaning of Ploydes or Ploids, tik

the Lancashire rhyme, Messrs. Rivington have completed their valuable,

“ Prescot for mugs, Heyton for ploydes," handsome, and complete edition of The Works and Cor

was put by S. JOHNs, in our 113th No., but has not been answered. respondence of the Right Honorable Edmund Burke, by the publication of the seventh and eighth volumes,

W. C. T. is thanked for his erplanation of the Man in the

Almanack: he will find, howcuer, that his Reply has been antiwhich contain the articles of charge against Warren cipated by MR. SINGER, " N. & Q.," Vol. V., p. 378. Hastings, and Burke's speeches on his impeachment. YANEM Our Correspondent will find, on reference to our 1st The last volume has in addition, what is too much ne. Vol., p. 446., that mention has been already made of Father

Prout's clever translalion of “Not a drum was heard," skich he glected in the present day, a very complete index to

passed off in Bentley's Magazine as written on the Death of Lally the collection. The work, as we have before observed, Tollendal, and the original of Wolfe's beautiful Monody. is peculiarly well timed, and we should be glad to see A. F., who inquired in No. 142., p. 55. respecting the FOUDERT proof in the coming parliament that the writings of FAMILY is informed that ine have a letter for him, which shall be this great man have been read and re-read by many forwarded to him on his telling us where to direct it to him. Honorable Members.

Our Fifth Volume, strongly bound in cloth, and with a rery copious Inder, is now ready, price 10s. 6d. Copies of some of our earlier Volumes may still be had.

“ NOTES AND Queries" is publisher al noon on Friday. so that BOOKS AND ODD VOLUMES

The Country Booksellers may receive Copies in that night's parceis

and deliver them to their Subscribers on the Saturday. WANTED TO PURCHASE,

Errata. – Vol. vi., p. 30. col. 2 1. 56., for Lun-na-canamh read GLOSSARY OP ARCHITECTURE, Vols. I. and II. of original edition. L45-na-ccnamh; p. 36. col. 2. 1. 2, for Orurood read Carwd. MANNING AND BRAY'S SURREY, Vol. I.

p. 64. col. 3. 1. 35., for Huggens read Huygens; p. 58. col. 1. 1. 46, VESTIGES OF ANCIENT MANNERS IN MODERN ITALY AND SICILY, for two read len; 1.55., for pilars read pillar; col. 2. 1. 3., for by Rev. J. J. Blunt.

inwardread “rounded; " and 1. 5., for "Don" read BALATUS OVIUM.

" Lane."

Library and Literary Curiosities of T. PUR

LAND, Esq. (leaving England),




Auctioneers of Literary Property, will SELL by AUCTION, at their Great Room, 191. Piccadilly, on MONDAY, August 16, and following day, an extensive Collection of curious Books, Collections for the Histories of Public Exhibitions, of celebrated Individuals, Monstrosities, and Productions of Art, Fairs, Public Gardens and places of resort, the London Theatres, Museums, and Public Buildings, Balloons, Shop Bills, curious Broadsides, and other Papers, Prints, Portraits, &c., for general illustration, many having reference to now prevalent enquiries in Archæology. Catalogues will be sent on application.

GENERAL INFORMATION. A very few perfect sets of this valuable work remain on hand, and may be had in twelve vols. of two years each, from 1828 to 1851 inclusive, price 31. in cloth boards, lettered.

The COMPANION of 1852, price 28. 6d., with 1853, to be published in November, will form the 13th vol.

The work contains general informatioh on subjects of mathematics, natural philosophy and history, chronology, geography,

statistics, home legislation, public improvements with wood engravings, chronicle of 1857-52, &c.

London : C. KNIGHT, 90. Fleet Street.





ZINE for AUGUST contains the following articles :- 1. Louis-Philippe at Home. 2. Dr. Chalmers and the Free Church Disrup tion. 3. Pevepsey Castle, by T. Wright, Esq.. F.S.A. (with Engravings.) 4. History of the Royal Mines Company in 1720. 5. Godfrey Wm. Leibnitz, Part II. 6. Conquerors and Bondsmen. 7. James Logan of Pennsylvania (with a Portrait). 8. Revived Manufacture of Coloured Glass, by O. Winston. Esq. 9. Discovery of the veritable Robin Hood. 10. The Etymology of Bachelor. 11. Concenlors, or Informers of Lands concealed from the Crown. 12. Original Letter of Sir Isaac Newton. With Notes of the Month, Reports of Antiquarian Societies, Historical Chronicle, and OBITUARY, including Memoirs of the late Mr. Clay, William Scrope, Esq., Dr. Thackeray, Dr. T. Thomson, F.R.S., John P._Vincent, Esq., James Savage, Esq., &c. &c. Price 2s.6d.

NICHOLS & SON, 25. Parliament Street.

reduced Prices affixed, sent Gratis and Post Free to Book Buyers on receipt of Address.

*** A Copy of the Liber Munerum Hibernia ab An. 1152 usque ad An. 1827 ; or the Establishment of Ireland, 19th King Stephen, to 7th Geo. IV., 2 vols, fol., half-bound, only 44s. (has frequently sold for 201.)

W.B. KELLY, 8. Grafton Street, Dublin.

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Being a Series of Examples of enriched Details and Accessories of the Architecture of Great Britain. Drawn from existing Authorities by JAMES K. COLLING, Architect. 2 vols. Ato., 71. 108., cloth. London : GÉORGE BELL, 186. Fleet Street,

DETALTECTURE, measured and drawn OF


from existing Examples, by JAMES K. COLLING, Architect.

No. XXI. contains :- Canopy of Sedilia, Winchelsea, Sussex. Corbels and Spandrils from ditto. Tower Arch, Ringstead Church, Northants. Nave and Chancel Arches from ditto. Nave Arches, Depford Church, ditto. Ironwork : Screen from Queen Eleanor's Monument, Westminster Abbey.

GEORGE BELL, 186. Fleet Street.

8vo., price 218. HOME ACCOUNT of DOMES


HER OWN PAINTER.TOURISTS, BOTANISTs, and AMATEURS may obtain the most delicate and perfect representations of Botanical Specimens. Mosses, Ferns, Sea-weed, &c. in a few minutes, with scarcely any trouble, by the use

the newly-invented HELIOGRAPHIC PAPER. By its means a botanical or other specimen, which would take a skilful artist days of labour to copy, may be beautifully traced in as many minutes, while from that hundreds of other copies may be obtained without injuring the original. An oak-leaf, or the branchlets of a ea-weed, are copied with the same ea-e. Packets of paper, with full instructions, sent to all parts of the kingdom on the receipt of a Post-office Order for bs., addressed to MARK CALOT, Post-office, Kennington Cross, near London, and made payable at the same place.



ING.-CHARLES FARLOW, Fishingtackle Manufacturer. 191. Strand, opposite St. Clement's Danes, near to Temple Bar (late of 221.), invites Anglers to inspect his vast Stock of Salmon and Trout Rods, and all other Gear, for the sure capture of River Fish, at moderate prices, Best Salmon Rods, Two Guineas ; best Trout ditto, One Guinea. Salm n Flies, from 58. a dozen ; Grilse Flies, 38.; and Trout ditto, 28. dozen. Salmon Gut, from . a hank; Trout ditto, 28. Catalogues forwarded gratis.

MILY, and COMPLIMENTARY.The Proprietor of Tas LONDON GENERAL MOCRNING WAREHOUSE begs respectfully to remind families whose bereavements compel them to adopt Mourning Attire, that every article of the very best description, requisite for a complete outfit of Mourning, may be had at this Establishment at a moment's notice.

ESTIMATES POR SERVANTS' MOCANINO, affording a great saving to families, are furnished whilst the habitual attendance of experienced assistants (including dressmakers and milliners), enables them to suggest or supply every Decretary for the occasion, and suited to any grade or condition of the community, WIDOWS AND FAMILY MOCRNING is always kept made up, and note, descriptive of the Mourning required, will insure its being sent forthwith, either in Town or into the Country, and on the most Reasonable Terms.

W.C. JAY, 217—249. Regent Street.


Founded A.D. 1842.

H. Edgeworth Bicknell, Esq.
William Cabell, Esq.
T. Sorners Cocks, Jun. Esq. M.P.
G. Henry Drew, Esq.
William Evans, Esq.
William Freeman, Esq.
F. Fuller, Esq.
J. Henry Goodhart, Esq.
T Grissell, Esq.
James Hunt, Esq.
J. Arscott Lethbridge, Esq.
E. Lucas, Esq.
James Lys Seager. Esq.
J. Basley White, Esq.
Joseph Carter Wood, Esq.

W. Whateley, Est., Q.C.
L.C. Humfrey, Esq., Q.C.

George Drew, Esq.
Consulting Counsel

- Sir Wm. P. Wood, M.P. Physician. - William Rich. Busham, M.D. Banbers. Messrs. Cocks. Biddulph, and Co.,

Charing Cross.
POLICIES effected in this Office do not be-
come void through temporary difficulty in pay-
Ing. Premiam, aa permission is given upon
application to suspend the payment at interest,
according to the conditions detailed in the Pro-

Specimens of Rates of Premium for Assuring
1901, with a share in three-fourths of the
£ 4. d. Age

€ s. d.
17 -
-1 144 32

- 2 10 8 .119 8 37

• 218 6


Actuary. Now ready, price 10s. 6d., Second Edition, with material additions, INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT and EMIGRATION, being a TREATISE on BENEFIT BOILDING SOCIETIES, and on the Gencral Principles of Land Investment, exemplified in the Cases of Freehold Land Nocieties, Building Companies, &c. With a Mathematical Appendix on Com. pound Interest and Life Assurance. By ARTHUR SCRATCHLEY, M. A., Actuary to the Western Life Assurance Society, 3. Parliament Street, London.

TIC from the Conquest to the end of the Thirteenth Century with numerous Illustrations of Existing Remains from Original Drawings. By T. HUDSON TURNER.

“ What Horace Walpole attempted, and what Sir Charles Lock Eastlake has done for oil. painting - elucidated its history and traced its progress in England by means of the records of expenses and mandates of the successive Sovereigns of the realm - Mr. Hudson Turner has now achieved for Domestic Architecture in this country during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries." - Architect.

“The writer of the present volume ranks among the most intelligent of the craft, and a careful perusal of its contents will convince the reader of the enormous amount of labour bestowed on its minutest details, as well as the discriminating judgment presiding over the general arrangement." - Morning Chronicle.

" The book of which the title is given above is one of the very few attempts that have been made in this country to treat this interesting subject in anything more than & superficial manner.

"Mr. Turner exhibits much learning and research, and he has consequently laid before the reader much interesting information. It is a book that was wanted, and that affords us some relief from the mass of works on Ecclesiastical Architecture with which of late years we have been deluged.

* The work is well illustrated throughout with wood-engravings of the more interesting remains, and will prove a valuable addition to the antiquary's library." - Literary Gazette.

“It is as a text-book on the social comforts and condition of the Squires and Gentry of England during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, that the leading value of Mr. Turner's present publication will be found to consist.

" Tur er's handsomely-printed v lume is profusely illustrated with careful woodcuts of all important existing remains, made from drawings by Mr. Blore and Mr. Twopeny.' Athenaeum. JOHN HENRY PARKER, Oxford, and

377. strand, London.




Dr. Ure to consist of the purest and most salubrions substances) is far superior to any Eau de Cologne se s tonic and refreshing lotion for the Toilet or Bath, a reviving scent, a pleasant dentrifice. and powerful disinfectant for apartments or sick rooms. Its useful and sanatory properties render

it an indispensable requisite in all families. Price 28. 6d. and 58.

Sold by EUGENE RIMMEL, Perfumer, 39. Gerrard Street, Soho ; and by all Chernists, Perfumers, &c.


HOCKIN & CO., OPERATIVE CHEMISTS, 289. STRAND, maduracture all the PURE chemicals used in this art; also Apparatus for the Glass, Paper, and Daguerreotype Processes. Achromatic Lens and Camera from 358. Instruction in the art.

Agents for “Archer's Iodized Collodion and Improved Camera," which obviates the nevessity for a dark room.

Electrotyping in all its branches. Chemical Cabinets for experimental and analytical purposes. Apparatus for gold 89saying, and instruction therein.



HOLBEIN'S DANCE OF DEATH, with an Historical and Literary Introduction by an Antiquary. Square post Avo. with 54 Engravings, being the most accurate copies ever executed of these gems of Art, and a Frontispiece of an Ancient Bedstead at Aixla-Chapelle, with a Dance of Death carved on it, engraved by Fairholt, cloth, 9s.

“The designs are executed with a spirit and fidelity quite extraordiDary. They are indeed most truthful." -Athenceum.

LOWER'S (M. A.) ESSAYS ON ENGLISH SURNAMES. 2 vols. post 8vo. Third Edition, greatly enlarged. Cloth, 128.

BIOGRAPHIA BRITANNICA LITERARIA ; or Biography of Literary. Characters of Great Britain and Ireland, arranged in Chronological Order. By THOMAS WRIGHT, M.A., F.S.A., Member of the Institute of France. 2 thick vols. 8vo. Cloth. Vol. I. Anglo-Saxon Period. Vol. II. Anglo-Norman Period. 6s. cach, published at 125 each. Published under the superintendence of the Royal Society of Literature.

COINS. An Introduction to the Study of Ancient and Modern Coins. By J. Y. AKERMAN. Fep. 8vo. with numerous wood engravings, from the original coins, 6s. 6il.

COINS OF THE ROMANS RELATING TO BRITAIN, described and illustrated. By J. Y. AKERMAN, F.S.A. Second edition, 8vo. greatly enlarged with plates and woodcuts, 108. 6d. cloth.

GUIDE TO ARCHÆOLOGY. An Archæological Index lo Remains of Antiquity of the Celtic, Romano-British, and Anglo-Saxon periods. By JOIN YONGE AKERMAN, fellow and secretary to the Society of Antiquaries. I vol. 8vo. illustrated with numerous engravings, comprising upwards of 500 objects, cloth, 158.

“One of the first wants of an incipient antiquary is the facility of comparison, and here it is furnished him at one glance. The plates, indeed, for the most valuable part of the book, both by their number and the judicions selection of types and examples which they contain. It is a book which we can, on this account, safely and warmly, recommend to all who are interested in the antiquities of their native land."Literary Gazette.

" A book of such utility-90 concise, so clear, so well condensed from such varied and voluininous sources --cannot fail to be generally acceptable."-Art Union.


WRIGHT'S (THOS.) ST. PATRICK'S PURGATORY: an Essay on the Legends of Purgatory, Hell, and Paradise, current during the Middle Ages. Post svo. cloth, 68.

THE NURSERY RHYMES OF ENGLAND, collected chiefly from oral tradition. Edited by J. O, HALLIWELL. Fourth edition, 12mo. with 38 Designs by W. B. Scott. 4s. 61. cloth.

POPULAR RHYMES AND NURSERY TALES, with Historical Elucidations : a Sequel to "The Nursery Rhymes of England." Edited by J. O. HALLIWELL. Royal 18mno. 48. 61.

LOWER'S CURIOSITIES OF HERALDRY, with Illustrations from Old English Writers. 8vo. Numerous Engrayings. Cloth, 148.

HERALDS' VISITATIONS. An Index to all the Pedigrees ani Arms in the Heraldic Visitations and other Genenlogical MSS, in the British Museum. By G. SIMS, of the Manuscript Department. 8vo. closely printed in double columns, cloth, 15s.

***. An indispensable book to those engaged in genealogical or topo. graphical pursuits, atfording a ready clue to the pedigrees and arms of above 30.000 of the gentry of England, their residences, &c. (dis.inguishing the different families of the same name. in every county), as recorded by the IIeralds in their Visitations, with Indexes to other gencalozical MSS. in the British Museum. It has been the of immense labour. No public library ought to be without it.

CONSUETUDINES KANCIÆ. A History of GAVELKIND, and other remarkable Customs in the County of KENT, by CHARLES SANDYS, E$9., F.S.A. (Cantianus), illustrated with fac-similes, a very handsome volume, 8vo. cloth, 158.

BRUCE'S (REV. J. C.) HISTORICAL AND TOPOGRAPHICAL ACCOUNT OF THE ROMAN WALL FROM THE TYNE TO THE SOLWAY. Thick 8vo. 35 plates and 194 wood. cuts, half morocco, 17. 18.

BOSWORTH'S (REV. DR.) COMPENDIOUS ANGLO-SAXON AND ENGLISH DICTIONARY. 8vo. closely printed in treble columns, cloth, 128.

" This is not a mere abridgment of the large Dictionary, but almost an entirely new work. In this compendious one will be found. at a very moderate price, all that is most practical and valuable in the former expensive edition, with a great accession of new words and matter." Author's Preface.

ANALECTA ANGLO-SAXONICA. Selections in Prose and Verse from Anglo-Saxon Literature, with an Introductory Ethnological Essay, and Notes, critical and explanatory. By LOUIS F. KLIPSTEIN, of the University of Giessen, 2 thick vols. post 8vo. cloth, 128. (original price 18s.)

A DELECTUS IN ANGLO-SAXON,' intended as a First Class-book in the Language. By the Rev. W. BARNES, of St. John's College, Cambridge, author of the Poems and Glossary in the Dorset Dialect. 12mo. cloth, 28. 6d.

" To those who wish to possess a critical knowledge of their owa native English, some acquaintance with Anglo-Saxon is indispensable; and we have never seen an introduction better calculated than the present to supply the wants of a beginner in a short space of time. The declensions and conjugations are well stated, and illustrated by refer ences to the Greek, Latin, French, and other languages. A philosophical spirit pervades every part. The Delectus consists of short pieces on various subjects, with extracts from Anglo-Saxon History and the Sa vor Chronicle. There is a good Glossary at the end." - Athenaeus, Oct. 20, 1819.

FACTS AND SPECULATIONS ON THE ORIGIN AND HISTORY OF PLAYING CARDS. By W. A. CIIATTO, Author of " Jackson's History of Wood Engraving," in one handsome vol. 8vo. illustrated with many Engravings, both plain and coloured, cloth, 1l. 18.

“ It is exceedingly amusing." - Atlas.
“Curious, entertaining, and really learned book." – Rambler.

"Indeed the entire production deserves our warmest approbation." Literary Gazette.

" A perfect fund of Antiquarian research, and most interesting even to persons who never play at cards." -- Tait's Mag. BIBLIOTHECA MADRIGALIANA: a Biblio

: a graphical account of the Music and Poetical Works published in England in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, under the Titles of Madrigals, Ballets, Ayres, Canzonets, &c. By DR. RIMBAULT. sro, cloth, 58.

A DICTIONARY OF ARCHAIC AND PROVINCIAL WORDS, Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs, and Ancient Custom, from the reign of Edward I. By JAMES ORCHARD HALLIWELL, F.R.S., F.S.A., &c. ? vols. 8vo. containing upwards of 1,000 pages closely printed in double columns, cloth 17. le.

It contains about 50,000 Words (einbodying all the known scattered Glossaries of the English language), forming a complete key to the reading of the works of our old Poets, Dramatists, Theologians, and other authors, whose works abound with allusions, of which explanations are not to be found in ordinary Dictionaries and books of reference. Most of the principal Archaisins are illustrated by examples selected from early inedited MSS. and rare books, and by far the greater portion will be found to be original authorities.

A LITTLE BOOK OF SONGS AND BAL. LADS, gathered from Ancient Musick Books, MS. epd Printed. By E. F. RIMBAULT, LL.D., &c. Post 8vo. pp. 210, half-bound in my rocco, 6s.

-Antique Ballads, sung to crowds of old,

Now cheaply bought for thrice their weight in gold. GUIDE TO THE ANGLO-SAXON TONGUE, with Lessons in Verse and Prose, for the Use of Learners. By E. J. VERNON, B. A., Oxon. 12o. cloth, 58.64.

*** This will be found useful as a Second Class-book, or to those well versed in other languages.

Printed by Taouas Clark Shaw, of No. 8. New Street Squire, at No. 5. New Street Square, in the Parish of St. Bride in the City of London ; and published by Georgy Ball, of No. 186. Fleet Street, in the Parish of St. Dunst in in the West, in the City of Loudon, Publisher, at No. 186. Fleet Street aforesaid.- Saturday, August 7. 1862.




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Nates. Differences between Copies of the Folio 1632 of Shak.



142 Cant or Slang Language, by Thomas Lawrence

1632 OF SHAKSPEARE'S PLAYS. Inedited Letters of Nelson, by Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie, &c.


I have examined as many copies of the folio Passage in Lycidas

143 edition of Shakspeare which came out in 1632 as I Folk Lore : - The Spirit at Bolingbroke Castle - Folk Lore in the Fifteenth Century - Weather Prophecy

could conveniently lay my hands upon, and I find Folk Lore from an old Newspaper (1759) - Super- that my manuscript-corrected copy, in the printed stition in the Nineteenth Century - Cure for Wens . Notes on Madeira, by James Yate Johnson

145 portion of it, differs from them in two not unin. Liveries in the Time of James I., by J. Lewelyn Curtis 146 portant passages; it may differ in other places, but Minor Notes :- Inscription over Plato's Door - Cock

I have not yet discovered them; and what I wishi and Bull Story - Etymology of the Word " Apron Use of Coal as Fuel - Saints who destroyed Serpents 146

to learn is, whether any of your readers possess, or QUERIES :

are acquainted with, copies similarly circumstanced Dr. Mesmer in England, by D. J. Latzky

147 to that now lying before me? Repeating Clocks, and Barlow their loventor, by George

The first variation occurs in the Duke's well-re. Barlow

147 "The British Apollo

148 membered speech in Measure for Measure, Act III. . Sir Thorpas Parr's or Sir William Pelham's Tomb at

Sc. 1., beginning “Be absolute for death,” &c., Kendal, by William S. Hesleden


where he says: Minor Queries : - Portraits of Wolsey - Was Bossuet married ? - Nottingham Goose Fair-" I bide my

“ Friend hast thou none, Time" - Biting the Thumb-Camden's Definition of Cockney - Judge Jeffries – Robert Stanser, Second

For thine own bowels, which do call thee fire, Bishop of Nova Scotia, 1816 to 1824-Colonial News

The mere effusion of thy proper loins, papers - Church Brasses subsequent to 1688–The Old Roson Queries on Popular Phrases - Etymology of

Do curse the gout," &c. Llewellyn - Voydinge Knife - Sir John Mason

The above is as the passage is given in every other Yolante de Dreux, Widow of Alexander III., King of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots' Daughter by Earl of copy of the folio 1632 I have inspected, but that Bothwell - - Lightning Was Penn ever a Slave

149 holder ?

in my hands with carly manuscript corrections ;

there the second of the above lines stands as folMINOR QUERIES ANSWERED: - Authorship of " Voiage

du Monde de Descartes" - Etymology of Sycophant lows : -Taboo - Shaston, where ? - Etymology of Devon,

&c.--Charles loglis, First Bishop of Nova Scotia, 1787 150 “ For thine own bowels, which do call thee sire," REPLIES :

most clearly and unmistakeably printed. Is any The Flemish Clothiers in Wales


152 Springs and Wells, Monkish Burials, &c.

other copy known with the same peculiarity ? "Oh, go from the window !” by Dr. E. F. Rimbault 153 There can be no doubt that “sire" and not fire is Mitigation of Capital Punishment to a Forger, by Rev. A. Gatty


the true reading; and all editors subsequent to " Bosom multiplied"

1635, the date of the last of the four folios, have On the Patronymics Ray or Wray

154 The Demonstrative "that" in the Opening of “ Measure

adopted it. for Measure"

The other instance of variation is, in some Rhymes upon Places, by William Bates : Portrait of George Fox, by J. Lewelyn Curtia

respects, under similar circumstances, as will be St. Margaret, by Thomas L. Walker, &c.

seen presently. It is met with in Richard II., Replies to Minor Qneries :-Donne versus Francis Davi. Act I. Sc. 3., where, as far as my knowledge ex

son - Henry Lord Dover -“Experto crede Roberto" -Vellurn-bound Books-Monody on the Death of Sir tends, according to all copies of the folio 1632, John Moore - The Hereditary Standard Bearer - excepting mine, the King, banishing Norfolk, tells Baxter's Saint's Rest" - The Name of Dodo “Sacrum pingue dabo," &c.-Age of Treez - Scot of

him, Satchells- Exterior Stoups "Royd" - Pickigni, &c.


“ The sly slow hours shall not determinate MISCELLANEOUS :

The dateless limit of thy dear exile." Notes on Books, &c.

161 Books and Odd'Volumes wanted

It has been customary, I believe, to print "sly Notices to Correspondents

162 Advertisements

163 slow," fly-slow, on the example and recommend

ation of Pope ; but Steevens questions the proVol. VI. - No. 146.

priety of doing so, and I, hastily perhaps, adopted

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