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in 1850 and 1851, in search of the missing Creus. In objects of taste of high value from their historical asso-
Biography, the ten volumes of Memoir, Journal, and ciations, as well as their intrinsic excellence,
Correspondence of Thomas Moore, edited by Lord John
Russell, will be expected with more than usual interest,

BOOKS AND ODD VOLUMES - and in this department we may mention also the

WANTED TO PURCHASE. forthcoming Memoirs of the Baroness d Oberkirch, written by herself and edited by her grandson, the Smitu's (HENRY) SERMONS AND OTHER LEARNED TREATISES, 4to. Count de Montbison. There is also good news for 1675, with Life by Fuller.

MITFORD'S GREECE. Cadell, 1818. 8vo. Vol. I. the novel reader, The author of Zanoni, it is true, VIRGIL's Works in Latin and English, translated by Rev. C. has retired into Parliameut, so that for a while the Pitt. With Notes by Rev. Joseph Wharton. Dodsley, 1753.

8vo. Vol. I. muse of romance may be voiceless at Knebworth ; but

SIR HENRY SPELMAN'S HISTORY OF SACRILEGE others of the craft are in the field. The long-talked-of Milton's PARADISE Lost. First Ed tion. novel by the author of Vanity Fair, is, we believe, in GLOSSARY OF ARCHITECTURE, Vols. I. and II. of original editica.

MANNING AND BRAY'S SURREY, Vol. 1. course of being printed. The author of the Falcon

VESTIGES OF ANCIENT MANNERS IN MODERN ITALY AND SICILY, Family has a new story ready for the season, with the by Rev. J. J. Blunt.

BALATUS OVIUM. title of Reuben Medlicot. Mr. Douglas Jerrold and the

GEVDES' TRACTS AGAINST POPERY, &c., 4 Vols. Sro. calf, neat, authoress of Mary Barton are severally contemplating

can be had on application to the Publisher. new adventures among the social wastes and prairies of

Letters, stating particulars and lowest price, carriage free, English daily life. Intelligence from Parnassus is to be sent to Mr. Bell, Publisher of " NOTES AND somewhat scanty, but good of its kind. We hear that QUERIES," 186. Fleet Street. Mr. Sydney Yendys, the author of The Roman, has a new poem in the press; and Mr, Tennyson has com

Hatices to Carrespondents. posed some battalions of stanzas, but whether they will

Replies ReceivED. - Legend of St. Margaret Emaciated be put under review this season is not yet certain."

Monumental Efigies - General Lambert - More recent CorrupWe beg for two reasons to call attention to the fol. tions - Lunar Occultations - Erterior Stoup Aghindle lowing paragraph in Mr. Halliwell's prospectus of his Gregorian Tomes --- Boscovich - Surnames assumed - "Rhymes on

Places –" Sic transit Gloria Mundi"-Couper or Cooper - Royal projected twenty folio volume edition of Shakspeare, Arms in Churches - Fishing by Electricity - Punch and Judy the subscription list to which, we understand, is filling Wedgwood Family - Henry Lord Dover - Sacrun pingue dabo

-Sinking Fund - Smothering Hydrophobic Patients - As Salt as most rapidly. We do so, first, because it is omitted

Fire Dress of the Clergy - Etymology of Alcohol - Kererence from the advertisement which appeared in our columns; to the Altar Spanish l'essels wrecked on Coast of Ireland and secondly and chietly, because it alludes to that Virgilian Lots - Names of Places Dissertation on a Salt Boz

Fell Family - Bishops deprived Venice Glasses – Cromwell point to which we believe the readers of “ N. & Q." Family Knightsbridge Shropshire Ballads Murmies of Ecattach most interest, namely, the Literary Illustration clesiastics Sir Thousand Years, ģc. of the Great Poet.

A. A. D. is thanked. The paper enclosed shall be carefully re. * It is difficult to enter at length into a prospective turned if not printed.

E. M. R. account of the literary department of the work, without

The communication was duly received, but its pub

lication postponed. some risk of misleading the reader. This much, how

EMMA. The name Panopticon, which is taken from two Greck ever, I may safely be allowed to promise, that the

trords, signifying to see all, was originally applied by Jerony value of this edition will mainly depeod on its anti- Bentham to a prison so constructed (like the Villbank Peniten

tiary) that the keepers could overlook all the prisoners. quarian notes and collections of facts. Whatever is to be found in contemporary and early technical works,

We have just received the following: bearing on technical allusions, — whatever real illus

“COWLEY AND GRAY. trations can be collected from the numerous Eliza

“ You will much oblige me by inserting as soon as possible

this brief note of apology for a false quotation from Nonnus. bethan tracts which exhibit popular life and manners "I mistook the meaning of the passage I have referred to as they are delineated by Shakespeare, — wherever a (Vol. vi., p. 119.), and can only plead haste or a very uncomfortlong course of reading will assist in developing the

Rr. generally hidden meaning of the colloquial phraseology

* Warmington, Aug. 10, 1852." used by the poet, — there will the chief labour be be

W., of Liverpool, scho complains that he cannot get anstamped stowed. In short, from every source of archæological Thursday in the following week, is assured that the fault must be

copies from his bookselle in Lirerpool until the Wednesday or matter-of-fact commentary, it will be my endeavour to

either in the Liverpool bookselier, or that bookseller's London collect that which shall be really useful to those who

agent, as "N. & Q. is always ready at Noon on Friday. If W.

will put himseif in communication with our Publisher, Mr. Bell, desire to have the best information ou the many ob. he may receive the stirmped edition on Saturday morning; or la solete subjects alluded to by the poet. All adverse may get the unstamped edition earlier by applying to some other

bookseller or news agent. criticism on the labours of others will be carefully

CUTABERT BEDF, avoided, and, where the true interpretation is still a saying how we may address a book which has been forwarded to

Will this Correspondent again favour us by matter of dispute, the best opinions will be honestly our care for him? reproduced and com:nented upon, in the hope of the A. F. The Querist respecting the Forbert Family, and C. W. discovery of Truth, not in the spirit of controversy."

of Bradford, are again informed that we hare letters for them

which we shall be glad to forward v they will inform us how ke We have received from Mr. Walesby a copy of his may address them. Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection of Paintings, Ob- Our Fifth Volume, strongly bound in cloth, and with a very jects of Art, Rarities, fc., now for sale by contract, and copavus Inder, is now ready, price 10s. 6d. Copies of some of our on view at bis new gallery, 5. Waterloo Place. His

earlier Volumes may still be had. dorie! Portraits form a very important feature in

" NOTES AND QUERIES " is published at noon on Friday, so that Walesby's Collection, but it contains many other and deliver iken to their Subscribers on the Saturday.

the Country Booksellers may receive Copies in that night's parcels,

able text in excuse.


MILY, and COMPLIMENTARY. The Proprietor of Tax LONDON GENERAL MOCRNINO WAREROCSE begs respectfully to remind families whose bereavements compel them to adopt Mourning Attire, that every article of the very best description, requisite for a complete outfit of Mourning, may be had at this Establishment at a moment's notice.

ESTIMATES FOR SERYANTS' MOURNINO, a tfording a great saving to families, are furnished : whilst the habitual attendance of experienced assistants (including dressmakers and millipers), enables them to suggest or supply every necessary for the occasion, and suited to any grade or condition of the community. WIDOWS' AND FAMILY MOURNING is always kept made up, and a note, descriptive of the Mourning required, will insure its being sent forth with, either in Town or into the Country, and on the most Reason» ble Terme.

W.C. JAY, 217–219. Regent Street.


Founded A.D. 1842.

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bound in morvoco.



GAZETTEER, or TOPOGRAPHICAL DICsented in the Fine Arts, Containing St. Bene- TIONARY of the BRITISH ISLANDS and dict and the early Benedictine in Italy, France, ' NARROW SEAS: comprising Concise DeSpain, and Flanders; the Benedictines in Eng. scriptions of about Sixty Thousand Places, Lanii and in Germans; the Peformed Bene- Seuts, Natural Features, and Objects of Note, dietines; early Royal Saints connected with founded on the best Authorities ; full Partithe Benedictine Orier; the Augustines ; Or- culary of the Boundaries, Registered Electors, clers derived from the Angustine Rule; the &c. of the Parliamentary Boroughs; with a Mendiesnt Onlers; the Jesuits; and the Order reference under every Name to the Sheet of the of the Visitation of St. Mary. Forming the Ordnance Survey, 29 far es completed ; and an Senad Series of Sacred and Legendary Art." Appendix, containing a General View of the With Eleven Etchings by the Author, and Resources of the United Kingdom, & Short * Woodcuts. Square crown sro., price 288. Chronology, and an Abstraet ut certain Resulta

of the Census of 1851. 2 vols. 8vo., price 21. 168.

AND LEGENDARY ART: or, Legends of

the Saints and Martyrs. First Series. Con- TIONARY OF GEOGRAPHY, Descriptive,
taining legends of the Angels and Archangels;
the Evangelists and Apostles; the Greek ond

Physical, Statistical, and Historical : torming Latin Fathers, the Magdalene : the Patron

a complete General Gazetteer of the World. Saints: the Virgin Patronesses: the Martyrs ;

In | Fol. of 1,440 pages ; comprising nearly

9.000 Names of Places. 8v0., price 36s. ; or the B shops: the Hermits : and the Warrior- strongly half-bound in russia, with flexible Saints of Christendom. Second Edition, with numerous Wordeuts, and Sixteen Etchings by

back, price 11s. the Author. Square crown svo., price 288.



Divisions and Boundaries carefully coloured : Creation to the Present Time : with Auditions und an Alphabetical Iudex of all the Names and Corrections from the most authentic

contained in the Maps, with their Latitude Writers; including the Computation of St.

and longitude. A New Edition, corrected l'anl, as connecting the Period from the Exode

throue hout from the best and most recent to the Temple. Under the revision of Sir

Anthorities; with all the Railways laid down, HENRY ELLIS, K.H., Principal Librarian

and many of the Maps re-rawn and reof the British Museum. New Edition, with

engraved. Colombier 4to., price 5l. s. halfConctions. Imperial 8vo., price 318. 61. half



HAYDN'S BOOK OF DIG- OF HISTORY ; comprising a General Intro-
NITIES, containing Rolls of the Official Per-

ductory Outline f Universal History, Ancient sonages of the British Empire, Civil. Ecclesias

and Modern, and a series of separate Histories tical, Judicial. Military, Naval, and Municipal,

of every principal Nation that exists; their from the Earliest Period, to the Present Tine:

Rise. Progress, and Present Condition, the empiletchiefly from the Records of the Public

Moral and Social Character of their respecivo Offios. Together with the Sovereigns of Eu

Inhabitants, their Religion. Manners and CusTope, from the foundation of their respective

toms, &c. New Edition. Foolscup 870., price states; the Peeruge and Nobility of Great

10s. Britain, and rerous other Lists. Being a

Rez Edition, improved and continued, of
"Beatson's Political Index." 870., price 258. MAUNDER'S SCIENTIFIC

and LITERARY TREASURY: a new and

popular Encyclopædia of Science and the BellesGWILT'S ENCYCLOPEDIA Lettres ; including all Branches of Science, OF ARCHITECTURE, Ilistorical, Theoreti

and every Subject connected with Literature

and Art. The whole written in a familiar cal, and Practical. Illustrated with inore than One Thousand Engravings on Wood, from

style, adapted to the comprehension of all perDesigns by J. S. GWILT. Second Edition,

son desiruus of acquiring information on the with a Supplemental View of the Symmetry

subjects comprised in the work, and alo End Stability of Gothic Arehitecture : com

adapted for a Manual of convenient Reference

to the more instructed. Now Edition. Foolsprising upwards of Eighty additional Woodcuts: No., price 528. 61. - The SUPPLE

Cap 8vo., price 10s.
HENT, separately, price Čs.



FERENCE. Comprising an English GramNAMY AND GREEK LEXICON : forming

mar : Tables of English Verbal Distinctions ; & Glossary of all the Words representing Visible

Proverbe Terms, and Phrases, in Latin, Ohjects connected with the Arts, Manute

Spanish, French, and Itnlian, translated ; New tures, and Every-day Life of the Ancients.

and Enlarged English Dictionary : Directions With Representations of nearly Two Thousand

for Pronunciation ; New Universal Gaz: tteer: Objects from the Antique. Pst svo., with

Tables of Popu ation and Statistics : List of about 2,000 Woodcuts, price One Guinea.

Cities, Birouyhs, and Market Towns in the
United Kingdom ; Regulations of the General

Post Office ; List of Foreign Animal, Vecetable,

and Mineral Productions ; Cornpendicus ClasBRANDE'S DICTIONARY of sical Dictionary, Scripture Proper Names SCIENCE, LITERATURE, and ART. Se

accented, and Christian Names of Men and eoud Edition, corrected : with a Suppiement,

Women : with Latin Maxims translatca; List containing any Additions, with the chief

of Abbreviations ; Chronology and History : Scientife Terms, Processes, and Improvemer ts

compendious Law Dictionary; Abstract of Tax that have cone into general use since the Pub

Acts; In'erest and other Tubles; Forms of leation of the First Edition. gyo. with Woorl- Epistolsry Addr: 84: Tables of Precedency : euts, stice (es.: or 31. 5s. half-bound in russia,

Synopsis of the British Peerage ; and Tables of with dexible back.

Number, Money, Weights and Measures. *** The Supplement may be had separately,

New Edition, enlarged. Foolscap 8vo., price

11. Elseworth Bicknell, Esq.
William Cabell, Esq.
T. Somers Cicks, lun. Esq. M.P.
G. Henry Drew, Esq.
William Evans, Esq;
William Freeman, Esq.
F. Fuller, Esq.
J. Henry Goodhart, Esq.
T Grissell, Esq.
James llunt, Esq.
J. Arscott Lethbridge, Esq.
E. Lucas, Esq.
James Lys Seager, Esq.
J. Basley White, Esq.
Joseph Carter Wood, Esq.

W. Whateley, Esq., Q.C.
L. C. Iumfrey, Esq., Q.C.

George Drew, Esq.
Consulting Counsel. - Sir Wm.

P. Wood, M.P.
Physician. - William Rich. Basham, M.D.
Bunkers. - Messrs. Cocks. Biddulph, and Co.,

Charing Cross. VALUABLE PRIVILEGE. POLICIES effected in this Offee do not become void through temporary difficulty in paying a Premium, as perinission is given upon application to suspend the payment at interest, according to the conditions detailed in the Prospectus.

Specimens of Rates of Primium for Assuring 1001. with & Share in three-fourths of the Profits: Are £ 6. d. Age

£ 8. d. 17 -1 14 4 32

- 2 10 8 - 1198 37

- 2 18 6 27 - 2 4 5


Actuary Now ready, price 108.611., Second Edition, with material additions, INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT and EMIGRATION; being a TREATISE on BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETIES, and on the General Principles of Land Investment, exemplified in the Cascs of Freehold Land Societies, Building Companies, &c. With a Mathematical Appendix on Compornd Interest and Life Assurance. By ARTHUR SCRATCHLEY, M. A., Actuary to the Western Life Assurance Society, 3. Parliament Street, London.

IMMEL'S TOILET VINEKGAR certified by the celebrated chemist Dr. Ure to consist of the purest and most enlubrious substances) is far superior to uny Eau de Cologne as a tonic and refreshing lotion for the Toilet or Bath, & reviving scent, a pleasant dentrifice, and . powerful disinfectant for partments or sick rooms. Its useful and sanatory properties render it an indispensable requisite in all families. Price 23. ed. and 58.

Sold by EUGENE RIMMEL, Perfumer, 39. Gerrard Street, Soho ; and by all Chemists, Perfurners, &c.

pricx l. 61.


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"all of the olden time," (from the beginning of CHARLES the SECOND'S REIGN to that of GEORGE the THIRD) may he had of MR. JAMES FENXELL, 1. Warwick Court, Holborn, London, by 'forwarding a Remittance for the prices here stated, viz. :

Lorl. The City and Country Neus, Dec. 19, 1679 (giving very interesting information respecting Nell Gwyn, John Dryden, the Duke of Monmouth, and other celebrated characters); the London Gazette, March, 1683 ; Nomus Ridens (& singular poetical newspaper), 1690 ; three numbers of the Athenian Vers cury (on the plan of the present "Notes & Queries )1692 ; and an original of This highly curious , 58.

Lot 2. Mercurius Domesticus, 1679; London Gazette, March, 1683 ; Nomus Ridens (a poetical newspaper), 1690 ; three numbers of the Athenian Mercury, 1692 : Joseph Addison's Speetator, 1711, in the exceedingly rare original folio form, very curious, only 58.

Lot 3. London Gazette, April, 1683 : three numbers of the Athcnian Mercury, 1692 ; an original number of Addison's Spectator, 1711, folio size, very rare; three numhers of The TVorld, 1753 ; Owen's Weekly Chronicle, March, 1759; three numbers of the Lowlon Chronicle, 1762 the Public Lelger, 1764 ; and the Erening Post, June, 1779, 58.

Lot 4. Lon.lon Gazette, 1694 ; three numbers of Athenian Mercury, 1692 ; un original number of Steele's Taller, 1709, very rare : three numbers of the London Chronicle, 1762 ; Public Lager, 1761 ; Evening Post, 1779, 48.

Lot 5. Protestant Courant, May, 1682 ; London Gazette, 1684 ; Nomus Ridens, 1690 ; three numbers of Athenian Mercury, 1692 ; an original folio number of Addison's Spectator, 1711 ; Pasquin, 1723 ; and the Public Ledger, 1761, 48.

N. B. Many other interesting ANCIENT NEWSPAPERS may be had of Mr. JAMES FENNELL, whose valuable Collection (the result of considerable research and expense) is the most curious and extensive in the kingdom, comprising numerous journals of the greatest historical importance not to be found elsewhere. The entire Collection commences with the Reign of Charles I., and extends to the close of the Reign of George IV.

Just published, foolscap Svo., price 5s. in cloth. YMPATHIES of the CONTI.

NENT, or PROPOSALS for a NEW REFORMATION. By JOHN BAPTIT VON HORSCHER, D.D., Dean of the Metropolitan Church of Freiburg, Breisgau. and Prefessor of Theology in the Roman Catholic University of that City. Translated and clical with Notes and Introduction by the Roy ARTHUR CLEVELAND COXE, M.A. Rector of St. John's Church, Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.

“The following work will be found a noble apology, for the position assumed by the Church of England in the sixteenth , for theology worship. If is right, then the changes he so eloquently urges upon the present attention of his brethren ouzht to have been made three hundred years ago: and the obstinate refusal of the Council of Trent to make such reforins in conformity with Scripture and Antiquity, throws the whole burthen of the sin of schism upon Rome. and not upon our Refurmers. The value of such admissions must, of course, depend in s great measure upon the learning, the character. the position, and the influence of the author from whom they proceed. The writer believes, that questions as to these particulars can le most satisfact wils answered." - Introduction by Arthur Clcreland Core. JOHN HENRY PARKER, Oxford, and

377. Strand, London.

the ing articles : -1. Louis-Philippe at Home. 2. Dr. Chalmers and the Free Church Disruption. 3. Pevensey Castle, by T. Wright, Esq.. F.S.A. (with Engraving..) 4. History of the Royal Mines Company in 1720. 5. Godfrey Wm. Leibnitz, Part II. 6. Conquerors and Bondsmen. 7. James Lozan of Pennsylvania (with a Portrait). 8. Revived Manufacture of Coloured Glass, by C. Winston. Esq. 9. Discovery of the veritable Robin Hood. 10. The Etymology of Bachelor. 11. Concealors, or Informers of Lands concealed from the Crown. 12. Original Letter of Sir Isaac Newton. With Notes of the Month. Reports of Antiquarian Societics, Historical Chronicle, and OBITUARY, including Memoirs of the late Mr. Clay, William Scrope, Esq., Dr. Thackeray, Dr. T. Thomson, F.R.S., John P. Vincent, Esq., Jumes Savage, Esq., &c. &c. Price 2s. 60.

NICHOLS & SON, 25. Parliament Street.

Foolscap 8vo. price fe. THE PRACTICAL WORKING


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AMATEURS may obtain the most delicate and perfect representations of Botanical Specimens, Mosses, Ferns, Sea-weed, &c. in a few minutes, with scarcely any trouble, by the use of the newly-invented 'HELIOGRAPHIC PAPER. By its meanga botanical or other specimen, which would take a skilful artist days of labour to copy, may be beautifully traced in as many minutes, while from that hundreds of other copies may be obtainer! without injuring the original. An oak-leaf, or the branchlets of a rea-weed, are copied with the same case. Packets of paper, with full instructions, sent to all parts of the kingdom on the receipt of a Post-office Order for bs., nddressed to MARK CALOT, Post-office, Kennington Cross, near London, and made payable at the same place.






Foolscap 8vo., 10s. 6d. THE CALENDAR OF TIIE

of THE CHURCH OF SPAIN. By the Rev. FREDERICK MEYRICK, M.A., Tel. low of Trinity College, Oxford.

“Pleasant meadows, happy peasants.all hols monks, all holy priests, holy every body. Such charity and such upity, when every man sig a Catholic. I once believed in this Utopia my. self, but when tested by stern facts, it all meis away like dream." -.. Welby Pugin.

TIES OF DENMARK. By J. J. A WORSAAE, Member of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Copenhagen. Translated and applied to the illustration of sinilar Remains in England, by WILLIAM J. TIIOMS, F.S.A. Secretary of the Camden Society. With numerous Woodcuts. 8vo. 108. 60.

" The best antiquarian handbook we have ever met with-so clear is its arrangement, and 80 well and so plainly is each subject illustrated by well-executed engravings. . . . It is the joint production of two men who have already distinguished themselves as authors and antiquarics." - Morning Ilcrald. * A book of remarkable interest and ability.

Mr. Worsaae's book is in all ways a valuable addition to our literature.. Mr. Thoms has executed the translation in flowing and idiomatic English, and has appended many curious and interesting notes and observations of his own."- Guardian.

“The work, which we desire to commend to the attention of our readers, is signally interesting to the British antiquary: Highly interesting and importaut work."-- Archeological Journal

See also the Gentleman's Magazine for February 1850. Oxford : JOHN HENRY PARKER, and

337. Strand, London.

ANGLICAN CHURCH: illustrated with Brief Accounts of the Saints who have Churches dedicated in their Names, or whose Images are most frequently met with in England; also the Early Christian and Medieval Symbols, and an Index of Emblems.

"It is perhaps hardly necessary to observe,
that this work is of an Archaeological, and not
# Theological character. The Editor has not
considered it his business to examine into the
truth or falsehood of the legends of which he
nerrates the substance ; he gives them merely
as legends, and, in general, so much of them
only as is necessary to explain why particular
emblems were used with a particular Saint, or
why Churches in a given locality are named
after this or that Saint." - Preface.

“The latter part of the book, on the early
Christian and mediæval symbols, and on eccle-
siastical emblems, is of great historical and
architectural value. A copious Index of em-
blerns is added, as well as a general Index to
the volume with its numerous illustrntions,
The work is an important contribution to
English Archology, especially in the depart-
ment of ecclesiastical iconography."-Literary

377. Strand, London.

" The revelations made by such writers as Mr. Meyrick in Spain and Mr. Gla Istone in Italy, have at least vindicated for the Church of England a providential and morally defineri position, mission, and purpose in the Catholic Church."- Morning Chronicle.

“ Two valuable works ... to the truthfulness of which we are glad to ndd our own testimony: one, and the most important, is Mr. Meyrick's Practical Working of the Church of Spain.' This is the experience - and it is the experience fevery Spanish traveller-nf a thoughtful person, as to the lamentable resu'ts of unchecked Romanism. Here is the soin substantial fact. Spain is divided between ultra-infidelity and what is so closely akin to Rctual idolatry, that it can only be controversially, not practically, distinguished from it: and over all hangs a lurid clond of systematic immorality, simply frightful to contenplate. We can offer a direct, and even personal, testimony to all that Mr. Meyrick has to say." Christian Remembrancer.

"I wish to recommend it strongly."-1.K. Arnold's Theological Critic.

“Many passing travellers have thrown more or less light upon the state of Romanism and Christianity in Spain, according to their objects and opportunities : but we suspect the workings' are the fullest, the most natural, and the most trustworthy, of anything that has appeared upon the subject since the time of Blanco White's Confessions."Spectator.

"This honest exposition of the practical working of Romanism in Spain, of its (FT). day effi cts, not its canons and theories, deserves the careful study of all, who, unable to test the question abroad, are dazzled by the distant mirage with which the Vatican mocks many a yearning soul that thirsts after water bruoks pure and full."- Literary Gazette JOHN HENRY PARKER, Orford, and

377. Strand, London.

Printed by Thomas CLARK Swaw, of No. R. New Street Square, nt No. 5. New Street Square, in the Parish of St. Bride, in the City of London: 4-4

published by Grorce Bell or No. 186. Fleet Street, in the Parish of St. Dunstan in the West, in the City of London, Publisher, at No. 1 Fleet Sirvet afuresid,- Saturday, August 14. 1852.




when found, mako a note of."


VOL. VI.— No. 147.]


Price Fourpence.
Stamped Edition, 5 d.

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Page Music of the Spheres


MUSIC OF THE SPHERES. Origin of various Books


“How sweet the moon-light sleeps upon this bank! Monumental Brasses abroad, by W. Sparrow Simpson . 167 Notes on Old London

Here will we sit, and let the sounds of music

169 Proverbs from Fuller


Creep in our ears; soft stillness, and the night, Misprint in Prayer-books, by W. Sparrow Simpson

Become the touches of sweet harmony.

170 Minor Notes : - Remarkable Epitaph - Deferred Exe

Sit, Jessica: Look how the floor of heaven cution in Spain - More Gold Meaning of “ Nugget

Is thick inlaid with patines of bright gold ; - Acrostic on the Napoleon Family-Literati-Names of Places


There's not the smallest orb, which thou behold'st,

But in his motion like an angel sings,
Heraldic Queries, by Reginald de Melmerby


Still quiring to the young-eyed cherubins : Passages in Bingham, by Richard Bingham, Jr.


Such harmony is in immortal souls; Two Full Moons in July


But whilst this muddy vesture of decay Another Dodo Query, by W. Pinkerton

172 Doth grossly close it in, we cannot hear it.” Minor Queries:- Etymolosy of “ Quarrel "- Relics of

Merchant of Venice, Act V. Sc. 1. Charles I. - Lady Gerrard's second Marriage "To be in the wrong Box" - Sir Kenelm Digby Was

For anything I know to the contrary, PythaSir Kenelm Digby a Painter ?--St. Mary of the Lowes, goras was the first who advanced this doctrine of or De Lacubus - Peleg in Germany - Public Whip. ping of Women in England Henry Mortimer

the music of the splieres ; and Fenton, in his obPassage in Jeremy Taylor - Locke on Romanisin servations appended to Tonson's edition of Waller's Lancashire Sayings - Passage in the Somnium Sci

Poems (page xcii. Lond. 1730), supposes him to pionis-Walter Parsons, Porter to James 1.- Furye Family

173 have grounded his belief on the words of Job Misor QUERIES ANSWERED:- Barefooted Friar – Lord literally understood: “When the morning stars Delamer - British Critic or Theological Review Psalm-singing at Paul's Cross - George Thomason

sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for Thomas Goffe - Beef eaters

175 joy," chap. xxxviii. 7. I shall have to refer to REPLIES :

Milton more than once; but his “ Christmas A Paser ge in the" Merchant of Venice," Act III. Sc. 2., Hymn" is here quite to my purpose : by S. W. Singer

176 Lunar Occultations


XII. Serpent Eating


“ Such music (as 'tis said) Cowper or Cooper


Before was never made,
Mogal Arms in Churches, by Wm. Sydney Gibson, &c. 178 But when of old the sons of morning sung,
The Gregorian Tones, by Matthew Cooke and William

While the Creator great
Sparrow Simpson, B.A..


His constellations set, The True Maiden-hair Fern


And the well-balanc'd world on hinges hung, * The Good Old Cause"

180 Mémoires d'une Contemporaine


And cast the dark foundations deep, Fishing by Electricity, by W. Fraser

131 And bid the welt'ring waves their oozy channel koop. Maturin Laurent, by James Cornish


XIII. Replies to Minor Queries :- The Man in the Moon

“ Ring out ye crystal spheres, Collar of SS. - Reverence to the Altar - Spanish

Once bless our human ears,
Vessels wrecked on Irish Coast - Dress of the Clergy
Virgilian Lots - General Lambert-"Sic transit

(If ye have pow'r to touch our senses so ;) gloria muodi"-Lines on the Succession of the Kings

And let your silver chime of England - Aghindle or Aghendole - Sinking Fund

Move in melodious time, - Punch and Judy - Rhymes on Places - Sleep like a Top - More recent Corruptions - Knightsbridge

And let the base of Heaven's deep organ blow; Wedgwood Famils-“ Vox populi, vox Dci "_" Dieu

And with your ninefold harmony et mon Droit" - Coral Charins, &c.


Make up full consort to th' angelic symphony." Books and Odd Volumes wanted

186 Milton speaks also of the “mystical dance" of Notices to Correspondents

186 the spheres, and further adds : Advertisements


“ And in their motions harmony divine

So smooths her charming tones, that God's own ear Vol. VI. - No. 147.

Listens delighted.”Par. Lost, lib. v. 620.

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294. I remember also a passage in Buchanan :

“ With that the musick of the spheres burst out, “Quid solem loquar aut lunam ? quid cætera cæli

Pouring a deluge of soul-ravishing layes : Sidera, quæ peragunt non æquo tramite cursum,

With which a while tho' David's fingers fought, Inque chori ludunt speciem, et nunc lumine juncto

His mortal strings so high he could not raise ; Mutua conspirant, spatiis nunc dissita longis,

• My harp must yield,' he cry'd, .but yet my heart Quæque suum servant diversa lege tenorem?"

Shall in your loftiest accents bear her part.'
De Sphæra, lib. i. p. 420.
Amstelædami, 1687, 12mo.


“ Indeed those airs are so refin'd, that none Cowley also sings :

But purest hearts' spiritual strings can be Quales (crediderim) divum edidit auribus oliin Stretch'd to their chords' full compass; this alone Concentus mundi sacer, et dulcissimus ordo,

That consort is, to which the melody Cum lites elementorum Natura diremit,

You with the name of musick honour here
Disposuitque modis divinitus omnia justis."

Is only learned gratings of the ear."
Planturum, lib. v, page 306. Lond. 1688, 8vo.

Page 241. Cambridge, 1702, folio. And though in the notes to his Pindaric “Odle I have one quotation more to make, but it must on the Resurrection " he seems to think such be a long one, as it seems to contain almost all that Pythagorean ideas as more befitting poetry than

can be said upon the subject. It is from Bishop sound philosophy, I must adduce a very quaint Martin Fotherby, and includes the opinions of the passage from his Davideis likewise :

more ancient writers, as well as of Bede, St. An

selm, Boethius, and Du Bartas. It is strange to “ Th' ungovern'd parts no correspondence knew,

find such an argument pressed into the controversy An artless war from thwarting motions grew ; with atheists : but the whole chapter is worth Till they to number and fixt rules were brought

reading. He says: By the Eternal Mind's poetique thought : Water and Air be for the Tenor chose,

“ And therefore, divers of them, as they ascribe a Earth made the Base, the Treble Flame arose, rythmical motion unto the starres; so doe they an To th' active Moon a quick brisk stroke he gave,

harmonicall unto the heavens; ymagining that their To Saturn's string a touch more soft and grave. inoving produceth the melodie of an excellent sweete The motions strait, and round, and swift, and slow, tune. So that they make the starres to be dancers, And short and long, were mixt and woven so,

and the heavens to be musitians. An opinion which Did in such artful Figures smoothly fall,

of old bath hung in the heads, and troubled the braines As made this decent measur'd Dance of all.

of many learned men : yea, and that not onely among And this is Musick.”—Lib. i. p. 13. 1668, folio.

the heathen philosophers, but also even among our

Christian divines. The first author and inventor of In the notes to Grey's edition of Hudibras there which conceited imagination was the philosopher is some learning collected in a short compass, and Pythagoras. Who broclied his opinion with such some references are given on the subject. The felicitie and happinesse, that he wonne unto his part reason assigned by Butler for our not hearing the divers of the most ancient and best learned philosophers, music of the spheres is this :

as Plutarch reporteth. Plato, whose learning Tullie “ Her voice, the music of the spheres,

so much admireth, that hee calleth hin The God of all So loud, it deafens mortals' ears ;

Philosophers, Deum Philosophorum, he affirmeth of the As wise philosophers have thought,

heavens, that evěry one of them hath sitting upon it a And that's the cause we hear it not."

sweet-singing syren, caro ing out a most pleasant and Part II. canto i. 1. 617. vol. i. PP. 316-7.

melodious song, agreeing with the motion of her ow: Dublin, 1744.

peculiar heaven, Which syren, though it sing of itselfe

but one single part, yet all of thein toge her, being Shaks

sspeare, as alreadly quoted, has assigned a eight in number (for so many heavens were onely held different reason; and Milton closely follows him by the ancients) doe make an excellent song, consisting in the " Arcades."

of eight parts: wherein they still modulate their songs,

agreeable unto the motions of the eight celestial “ After the heavenly tune, which none can hear

spheres. Arist., I. ii. De Colo, c. ix. to. i. p. 588.; Of human mould, with gross unpurged ear.'

Cic., I. iii. De Nat. Deor., p. 2.9.; Plut., l. De Musica, Indeed Milton had written an academic exercise to. ii. p. 707. ; Cic., I. ii. De Nat. Deor., p. 205.; at Cambridge, “ De Concentu Sphærorum,” in

Plato, I. x. De Rep., p. 670. Which opinion of

Platoes is not only allowed by Macrobius (lib. ii. which he explains the theory of Plato. Thomas

De Som. Scip., e. iii. p. 90.), but he also affirmeth of Warton gives much additional information in his notes upon the “ Arcades," and illustrates Milton praise of God. "Yea, and he proveth bis assertion out

this syren's song, that it is a psalme composed in the by himself: he gave some further description of

of the very name of a syren: which signitieth (as he this music, Par. Lost, lib. vii. 558.

And as

saith) as much as Deo cúnens, A singer unto God. But Beaumont's Psyche is less known, I may as well Maximus Tyrius (Serm. xxi. p. 256.) he affirmeth of extract a passage from it:

the heavens, that (without any such helpe of these

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