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is a large fleur-de-lis, on the sinister chief a half moon, Mary, and a crooked pin is the offering of every dexter chief (the sun) obliterated; on his left side a visitor to its sacred precincts. It is believed, that sword, his left hand holding the scabbard, and his right if this pin be dropped in with fervent faith, all the in the act of drawing it. Pl. LXVII, fig. 6.

many pins which have ever been thrown into it John Digby died about 1296.” -- See Nichols' History may be seen rising from the bottom to greet the of Leicestershire, vol. iii. pt. i. pp. 471, 472.

new one. Argue the impossibility of the thing, I have seen this effigy, and it is very finely and you are told that it is true it never happens sculptured.

Thos. L. WALKER. now, such earnestness of faith being, “alas !" Leicester.


SELEUCUS, Under a semicircular arched recess in the south Longevity (Vol. vi., pp. 62. 231.).—In the churchwall of the south aisle of the nave of Melton yard of Cheve Prior, Worcestershire, there is a Mowbray Church, in this county, is an effigy of a record of a venerable worthy who died at the knight in complete armour, beautifully executed, patriarchal age of 309! It is probably meant for in the cross-legged attitude. There is no inscrip- 39, but the village chiseller thought fit to put the tion coeval with the sculpture, but on the back 30 first, and 9 afterwards. I copy this from the of the recess is the following memorandum in Worcester Chronicle for September 4. characters of circa 1650:


“ This is the Lord
Hamon Belers

It appears by the register of the parish church,
Brother to the
Lord Mowbray.

Minshead, near Nantwich, that in the year 1648

was buried there one Thomas Daunne, of LeighAnd affixed to the back of the recess is an iron ton, aged 154, or, as the register expresses it, seven bracket holding a pointed helmet which has been score and fourteen.

A. richly gilt.

Thomas L. WALKER. Leicester.

In the grave-yard at the east end of Battle

Church, Sussex, is an upright stone
Exterior Stoups.
There is one of these at the

To the memory of Isaac Ingall, who died April 2, door of the library of Winchester College, for

1798, aged 120 years." merly a chapel. W. H.G.

JOIN MILAND. There is an exterior stoup at Oakham Church

Dodo Queries (Vol. vi., pp. 35. 159.). - The of the fifteenth century; it is of hexagonal form, derivation of this name from the Portuguese and is in good preservation. J. G. KNIGHT.

“Doudo" will not hold water at all, as the word Oakham,

has a directly opposite meaning to the idea we There are exterior stoups at Coggeshall and form of the Dodo as a stupid, foolish bird. Doudo

means rather mad than foolish, and is commonly Thetford Churches. The former is on the south side, and east of the priest's door. The latter has applied to noisy, rattling, crackbrained persons. been discovered during the present restorations ;

To indicate lumpish, idiotic characters, a different ALFRED.

term is used. it is on the north side.

J. S. WARDEN. Sheets," a Kentish Word (Vol. vi., p. 338.).

Was Elizabeth fair or dark? (Vol. v., p. 201.).—

Her hair was of a reddish tinge, which I believe * Shot, or kinde of hogge, sic dict. quod brevi instar

is invariably accompanied by a fair complexion. germinis quod Anglis idem sonat, crescit; propriè enim

She may

have discoloured her skin afterwards by Shots porcos dicimus qui unicum agunt annum ; qui sunt

the use of cosmetics. If Elizabeth's beauty was ut lingua vernacula dicimus, well shot up, vel fiat à G. Cochón, I. H. Cochino, à kot, kot, voce imitatitia

too much flattered in her own time, it has been grumientis."- Minshew.

too much depreciated since: her good looks are Robert J. ALLEN. mentioned by writers who were not very favour

able to her, and at a time when there was no Springs and Wells (Vol. vi., p. 28.). - There is motive for flattery.

J. S. WARDEN. one of the "by-way” wells, about which Mr. RAWLINson inquires, near the little hamlet of Sawr, which is situated about six miles from

Miscellaneous. Llandilo Fawr in Carmarthenshire. It is much

NOTES ON BOOKS, ETC. resorted to for the cure of sore eyes.

An important contribution to the ethnology of these So also is the spring known as “ Holy Well,” or islands is announced for publication by Mr. J. B. Davis Cefyn Bryn (a mountain which runs down the of Shelton, Staffordshire, and Dr. Thurnam of Devizes, peninsula of Gower). This last is still supposed who propose, if a sufficient number of subscribers can to be under the especial patronage of the Virgin be obtained to prevent pecuniary loss, to issue in


series of Decades of Skulls, Crania Britannica ; or De. HAYWARD'S BRITISH MUSE. 3 vols. sm. 8vo. 1738. lineations of the Skulls of the Aboriginal Inhabitants of Cases of Conscience, by Rev. John NORMAN ; with an Account

of him, by Mr. W. COOPER. the British Islands, and of the Ruces immediately suc- Christ's COMMISSION OFFICER : an Ordination Sermon, by Rev. ceeding them; together with Notices of their other Remains. J. NORMAN. The editors believe that they shall be enabled not

CARIST CONFESSED (written in prison), by Rev. J. NORMAN.

SELBY'S BRITISH FOREST TREES. merely to reproduce the most lively and forcible traits IRELAND'S WARWICKSHIRE. Avon. Small size. 1795. of the primaval Celtic hunter or warrior, and his The FOOTMAN'S DIRECTORY, by THOMAS COSNetT. London,

1825. Simpkin and Co. Roman conqueror, succeeded by Saxon or Angle chief.

ARCHÆOLOGIA. Vols. III., IV., V. tains and settlers, and, later still, by the Vikings of CHINESE Customs. Drawings by W. ALEXANDER. London:

W. Miller, Old Bond Street. 1803. Scandinavia ; but also to indicate the peculiarities

DR. RICHARD Cosin's ECCLESIÆ ANGLICANE POLITEIA which marked the different tribes and races who have TABULAS DIGESTA. peopled the diversified regions of the British Islands; THE BOOK OF ENOCH THE PROPHET.

THE BOOK OF JASHER. and thus picturing our varied ancestry, to deduce, at

Sully's Memoirs (12mo. in six volumes). Vol. II. Rivingta, the same time, their position in the scale of civilisation 1778. by the tests of accurate representation and admeasure


and BURN. 1777. ment.

LETTERS OF AN OLD STATESMAN TO A Yorxg PRINCE. Such of our readers as are interested in the lite

LETTER TO David GARRICK, about 1770 to 1773. Tature of Germany will be glad to hear that a new Essay ON PUBLIC Worship, PATRIOTISM, AND PROJECTS 1

REFORM. paper, something on the plan of our own Athenæum, but

A LITURGY ON UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES OF RELIGION to be published monthly, is to appear on the 1st of Morality, January, under the title of Deutsches Athenæum.

All the above by DAVID WILLIAMS. We have received from Messrs. Williams and Nor

CLAVIGERO's HISTORY OF MEXICO. Translated by Cullen. 2 vols.

4to. Lond. 1787. gate the Prospectus of a splendidly illustrated edition

HARLELAN MISCELLANY, Vol. VI., London, 1745; or the volume of Göthe's Faust, The publishers - the house of of any other edition which contains the Vocacyon of Johan Cotta of Stuttgart

Ball to the Bishoprick of Osserie." - announce that they have secured,

BROWN'S ANECDOTES OF Dogs. for the purpose of doing justice to this masterpiece of BROWN'S ANECDOTES OF ANIMALS. the greatest poet of Germany, the talents of an artist,

* Correspondents sending Lists of Books Wanted are requested Engelbert Seiberg, who has devoted his life to the

to send their names. study of it; and the book promises to be one of the Letters, stating particulars and lowest price, carriage free, most splendid ever produced.

to be sent to MR. BELL, Publisher of “NOTES AND

QUERIES," 186. Fleet Street.
Books RECEIVED. The Convocations of the Two
Provinces, their Origin, Constitution, and Forms of Pro-
ceeding, with a Chupter on their Revival, by George

Notices to Correspondents.
Trevor, M. A., Canon of York, and Proctor for the

E.S.T. All stamped copies of " N. & Q." sent from the Clergy of the Archdeaconry of York. It is, we are sure, Publisher are sent in a wrapper which completely covers then. quite sufficient that we should direct the attention of The Publisher, it is obrious, cannot be answerable for the markt

in which they are posted by any other party. our many Readers who take an interest in the great

The necessity of completing N. & Q." for press by Wednesday question of the Revival of Convocations to this learned

night, in consequence of the Public Funeral of the Duke of Tel. endeavour on the part of Mr. Canon Trevor to explain lington on Thursday, has compelled us to omit several articles their existing constitucion and functions. The Moral which would otherırise have appeared, and has prevented on

replying to several Correspondents. and Historical Works of Lord Bacon, including his

CARA. The line is from Prior's Henry and Emma, there ee Essays, Apothegms, Wisdom of the Ancients, New Ata

read : lantis, and Life of Henry the Seventh, with an Introductory

" Fine by degrees, and beautifully less." Dissertation, and Notes Critical, Explanatory, and His- WILDRAKE will find the meaning of A Barmecide's Feast by retorical, by Joseph Devey, M. A., is the dew volume of ferring to the story of the Barber's Sixth Brother in The Arabian

Nights. Bohn's Standard Library. In his Philological Library,

CLIFTONIS IN OXFORD: only just commenced, he has published a secod and

“ Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast," revised Edition of a Book which has been most fa.

is from Congreve's Mourning Bride, Act II. Sc. 1. vourably received, namely, An Analysis and Sum

!.. G. No. mary of Herodotus, with a Synchronistical Table of Principal Events, Tables of Weights, Measures, Money, and

DRAGOS: GRIFFIN informs us that the picture of Wolfe referted

to is the proper" of a gentleman now absent from home. Our Cer. Distances ; an Outline of the History and Geography : respondent should ho ever remember that třest never sate Wolfe. and the Dates completed from Gaisford, Baehr, &c. PASSAGES IN Bingham. E. M.'s Note has been forwarded.

R. C. W. (Kidderminster). Will our Correspondent oblige us

by forwarding some extracts from the MS. to which he rcfers? BOOKS AND ODD VOLUMES

W. T. M. (Hong-Kong). The eminoit scholar referred to tres the late Francis Douce, xrhose extraordinary library not rep-RICI

in the Bodleian at Oxford. WANTED TO PURCHASE,

Errata.-P. 410. col. 1. 1.51. for “Coog Ditch read Coog ELEGIAC EPISTLES ON THE CALAMITIES OF LOVE AND WAR; in

Ditch ;

ibid. col. 2 1. 10. for “Cotterells read - Costerells ; cluding a Genuine Description of the Tragical Engagements p. 411. col. 2. 1. 15. for “ Gewölte" read " Gewölbe." between His Majesty's Ships the Serapis and Countess of Scarand the Enemy's Squadron under the Command of

BACK NUMBERS OP NOTES AND QUERIES. Full Price will 11 Jones, on the 23rd Sept:mber, 1779, 8vo., 1781,

given for clean copies of Nos. 19. 27, 28, 29, 30. 59, 60, and 61. FRANCISCUS S. J., MEDITATIONES DE PASSIONE CHRISTI. “Notes AND QUERIES” is published at noon on Friday, so that

s., or English 10s. Priblished in Latin at Antwerp
Date in English unknown.

the Country Booksellers may receive Copies in that night's parel,
and deliver them to their Subscribers on the Saturday.

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Founded A.D. 1812.

Collodion, prepared by MESSRS. DELATOUCHE & CO.. Photographists and Operative Chemists, 147. Oxford Street, is now in extensive use; and for taking Portraits, or Views on Glass, cannot be surpassed in the beautiful results it produces. MES-RS. DELATOUCHE supply Apparatus with the most recent Improvements, PURE CIEMICALS, PREPARED PAPERS, and every Article connected with Photography on Paper or Glass Paintings, Engravings, and Works of Art copied at Moderate Charges. Instruction given in the Art.


- Many inquiries having been made as to the durability of this tubing, the Gutta Percha Company have pleasure in drawing attention to the following letter, received from Mr. C. Hacker, Surveyor to the Duke of Bedford: "Office of Works, Woburn Park.

Jan 10, 1852. "In answer to your inquiries respecting the Gutta Percha Tubing for Pump Suctions, I find that the water has not affected it in the least, although it will eat lead through in two years ; We have adopted it largely on account of being cheaper than lead, much easier fixed, and a more perfect job. * Yours, &c.

C. HACKER." N.B. The Company's Illustrated Circulars, containing instructions to plumbers for joining tubes, lining tanks, &c., will be forwarded on the receipt of three postage stamps.

THE GUTTA PERCHA COMPANY, Patentees, 18. Wharf Road, City Road, London.

TRAITS and VIEWS by the Collodion and Waxed Paper Process. Apparatus, Materials, and Pure Chemical Preparation for the above processes, Superior Iodized Collodion, known by the name of Collodio-iodide or Xylos iodide of Silver, ed. per oz. Pyro-wallic Acid, 48. perdrachm. Acetic Acid, suited for Collodion Pictures, el. per oz. Crystallizable and perfectly pure, on which the success of the Calotypist so much depends, 18. per oz. Canson Frere's Negative Paper, 38.; Positive do., 18.61.; La Croix, 3s. ; Turner, 3s. Whatman's Negative and Positive, 36, per quire. Iodized Waxed Paper, 10s. 61. per quire. Sensitive Paper ready for the Camera, und warranted to keep from fourteen to twenty days, with directions for use, 11 x9, 9s. per doz. ; Iodized, only 6$. per doz. GEORGE KNIGHT & SONS (sole Agents for Voightlander & Sons' celebrated Lenses), Foster Lane, London.


H. Edgeworth Bicknell, Esq.
William Cabell, Esq.
T. Somers Cocks, Jun. Esq. M.P.
G. Henry Drew, Esq.
William Evans, Esq.
William Freeman, Esq.
F Fuller, Esq.
J. Henry Goodhart, Esq.
T Grissell, Esq.
James Hunt, Esq.
J. Arscott Lethbridge, Esq.
E. Lucas, Esq.
James Lys Seager, Esq.
J. Basley White, Esq.
Joseph Carter Wood, Esq.

W. Whateley, Esq., Q.C.
L. C. IIumfrey. Esq., Q.C.

George Drew, Esq.
Consulting Counsel. - Sir Wm. P. Wood, M.P.

Physician. - William Rich. Basham, M.D.
Bankers. - Messrs. Cocks, Biddulph, and Co.,

Charing Cross.
POLICIES effected in this Office do not be.
come void through temporary difficulty in pay-
ing a Premium, as permission is given upon
application to Fuspend the payment at interest,
according to the conditions detailed in the Pro

Specimens of Rates of Premium for Assuring
1001., with a Share in three-fourths of the
Profits :-
£ s. d. Age

£ s. d.
.114 4 32

-910 8
.lis 8 37 -

- 2 18 6
27 -


- 3 8 2

Now ready, price 108. 6:1., Second Edition,
with material additions, INDUSTRIAL IN-
CIETIES, and on the General Principles of
Land Investment, exemplified in the Cases of
Freehold Land Societies, Building Companies,
&c. With a Mathematical Appendix on Com-
pound Interest and Life Assurance. By AR-
the Western Life Assurance Society, 3. Parlia-
met Street, London.

AU-DE-VIE. - This Pure

PALE BRANDY is of a peculiarly wholesome character, possessing all the virtues of the finest old COGNAC, without its acidity; and equally well enduring the ordeal of cold or hot water. In French bottles with French labels, 308. per dozen, bottles included, or 118. by the imperial gallon. Only the immense consumption consequent upon universal approval could enable us to afford our pure *EAU-DE-VIE" at half the price usually charged for the coarse whisky-flavoured spirit 80 largely imported under that denomination

Old Furnival's Distillery, Holborn.

Foolscap 8vo. price 68.

Rev. FREDERICK MEYRICK, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford.


* Pleasant meadows, happy peasants.all holy monks, all holy priests, holy every body. Such charity and such unity, when every man was a Catholic. I once believed in this Utopia myself, but when tested by stern facts, it all melts away like dream."-Å. Welby Pugin.


8vo., price 128.

ASTICAL HISTORY, from the First to
the Twelfth Century inclusive. By the Rev.
E.S. FOULKES, M.A., Fellow and Tutor of
Jesus College, Oxford.

The main plan of the work has been bortowed from Spanheim, a leamed, though certainly not unbiassed, writer of the seventeenth century : the matter compiled from spoudanus and Spanheim, Mosheim and Fleury. Gieseler and Dollinger, and others, who have been used too often to be specified, unless when reference to them appeared desirable for the benefit of the reader. Yet I believe I have never once trusted to them on a point involving controversy, without examining their authorities. The one object that I have had before me has been to condense facts, without either garbling or ornitting any that should be noticed in a work like the present, and to give a fair and impartial view of the whole state of the case. Proface.

Foolscap 8vo., 108. 6..

" The revelations made by such writers as Mr. Meyrick in Spain and Mr. Gladstone in Italy, have at least vindicated for the Church of England a providential and morally detined position, mission, and purpose in the Catholic Church."- Morning Chronicle.

" Two valuable works ... to the truthful. ness of which we are glad to add our own testimony: one, and the most important, is Mr. Meyrick's Practical Working of the Church of Spain.' This is the experience - and it is the experience of every Spanish traveller-of a thoughtful person, as to the lamentable results of unchecked Romanism. Here is the solid substantial fact. Spain is divided between ultra-infidelity and what is so closely akin to actual idolatry, that it can only be controversially, not practically, distinguished from it: and over all hangs a Jurid clond of systematic immorality, simply frightful to contemplate. We can offer a direct, and even personal, testimony to all that Mr. Meyrick has to say." Christian Remembrancer.

* An epitomist of Church History has a task of no ordinary greatness. ... He must combine the rich faculties of condensation and analysis, of judgment in the selection of materials, and calmness in the expression of opinions, with that most excellent gift of faith, so especially precious to Church historians, which implies s love for the Catholic cause, a reverence for its saintly champions, an abhorrence of the misdeeds which have defiled it, and a confidence that its truth is great, and will preTail,

" And among other qualifications which may justly be attributed to the author of the work before us, this last and highest is particularly

observable. He writes in a spirit of manly faith, and is not afraid of facing the horrors and uncertainties, which, to use his own words, are to be found in Church history." Fruire the Scottish Ecclesiastical Journal, Jay, 3852. JO UN HENRY PARKER, Oxford, and

377. Strand, London.

ANGLICAN CHURCH ; illustrated with Brief Accounts of the Saints who have Churches dedicated in their Names, or whose Images are most frequently met with in England; also the Early Christian and Mediaval Symbols, and an Index of Emblems.

“ It is perhaps hardly necessary to observe,
that this work is of an Archaeological, and not
a Theological character. The Editor has not
considered it his business to examine into the
truth or falsehood of the legends of which he
narrates the substance ; he kives them merely
as legends, and, in general, so much of them
only as is necessary to explain why particular
emblems were used with a particular Saint, or
why Churches in a given locality are named
after this or that Saint." - Preface.

" The latter part of the book, on the early
Christian and mediavalgyinbols, and on eccle-
siastical emblemy, is of great historical and
architectural value. A copious Index of em-
blems is added, as well as a general Iudex to
the voluine with its numerous illustrations,
The work is an important contribution to
English Archäology, especially in the depart-
ment of ecclesiastical iconography." -Literary

377. Strand, London.

"I wish to recommend it strongly."-T. K. Arnold's Theological Critic.

“Many passing travellers have thrown more or less light upon the state of Romanism and Christianity in Spain, according to their objects and opportunities ; but we suspect these

working,' are the fullest, the most natural, and the most trustworthy, of anything that has appeared upon the subject since the time of Blanco White's Confessions." - Spectator.

“This honest exposition of the practical working of Romanism in Spain, of its everyday effrets, not its canons and theories, deserves the careful study of all, who, unable to test the question abroad, are dazzled by the distant mirage with which the Vatican mocks many a yearning soul that thirsts after water-brooks pure and full."- Literary Gazette. JOHN HENRY PARKER, Oxford ; "

377. Strand, London.







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With Plates, Maps, &c. 58.

TESORETTO dello SCOLARE, for turning English into Italian. 38.6d.

NEW CONVERSATIONAL EXERCISES, for all Grammars. 38. 6d.

NEW KEY TO ITALIAN; with Easy Exercises. 38. 6d.

NEW ITALIAN GRAMMAR, with Exercises, framed on CORTICELLI, VERGANI, BIAGIOLI; or, "GRAMMA. TICA ROMANA:"English and Italian, 38.60.


London : SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, & CO., and may be had at 11. Tavistock Street, Covent Garden.

(The Horticultural Part edited by PROF.

LINDLEY) Of Saturday, November 13, contains Articles on Agriculture, Ameri- Orange, Tangerine, by

can, by Mr. Sibbald Mr. Wallace Asphalte

Orchids, sale of Beet root, to dress Pigs, food of Brugmansias

Plants, origin of woody Calendar,

horticul- tissue in tural

disleafing to inCattle, to feed, by Capt. crease their bulk, by Grey

Mr. Ayres Chrysanthemums,

-, tenacity of life pompone, by Mr. in Dickson

Potatoes, to plant Cineraria, the

Preserve, Rhubarb, by Cucumber, large

Mr. Cuthill Farm buildings

Roads old and new, Floods, their causes rev.

and effects, by Mr.Sheep, foot-halt in
Hewitt Davis

Skimmia japonica Fruit trees for dwarf Snails, to kill standards

Societies, proceedingg Garden, kitchen

of the Entomologia Grapes, Malvasia, by cal, and Wexford Mr. Hopkins

Auricultural late

Tenant-right, differGynerium argenteum ent forms of, by Mr. Heating, cheap

Kinners Horticultural Society's Tomatoes, fried meetings

Vegetables, origin of Irrigation, by Mr. Me- woody tissue in chi

Vegetable life, tenaKitchen garden

city of Lambs, food of

Veronica Andersonii, Larch, rot in

by Mr. Dickson Manures, deodorising, Vinc mildew by Mr. Blyth

Weather impossibility straw 1

of predicting the Melampyrum arvense Window gurdening, by Mildew, Vine

Mr. Cliurch (with Myosotis Azorica

engraving) Nectarine. Stanwick, Wine, Malvasia Grape, by Mr. Rivers

by Mr. Hopkins

tior et Emendatior.

8vo. semed, s.6 FOLIORUM SILVULA: 2 Selection of Passages for Translation into Greet and Latin Verse, mainly from the l'niversity and College Examination Papers. Editedly H. A. HOLDEN, M.A., Felloward Assistaat Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge.

Post & FOLIORUM CENTURLE. Selections for Translation into Greek aod lsia Prose, chicfly from the University and College Examination Papers. By the Rer. LA HOLDEN, M.A.

Post 2 “Both Tutors and Students have reset thankful to Mr. Holden for these values lections of Cambridge classical con 470 papers, which supply a want otten expend, the pieces contained, having been chant translution by many different universal College Examiners, are as varied as can be sired : while their fitness for the purpos amply guaranteed by the high authority which they are stamped." -Athenema.

TWO INTRODUCTORI LECTURES upon ARCHEOLOGY. vered in the University of Cambridge. By Rev. JOHN HOWARD MARSDEN, EN Disney Professor of Archæology.

Cambridge: J. DEIGHTON. London : GEORGE BELL, 186. Fleet Street


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RISIAN GRAMMAR ; by far the easiest both to Pupil and Teacher. Twentieth edition.

LE TRESOR DE L'ECOLIER FRANCAIS ; or, the Art of Translating English into French at Sight. Price 38. 60. Thirty-fourth edition.

NEW FRENCH DICTIONARY, for Schools and Travellers. 58.

LA FRANCE telle qu'elle est. 38. 60.


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THE GARDENERS' CHRONICLE and AGRICULTURAL GAZETTE contains, in addition to the above, the Covent Garden, Mark Lane, Smithfield, and Liverpool prices, with returns from the Potato, Hop, Ilay, Coal, Timber, Bark, Wool, and Seed Markets, and a complete Veurspaper, with a condensed account of all the transactions of the week.

ORDER of any Newsvender. OFFICE for Advertisements, 5. Upper Wellington Street, Covent Garden, London.

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In a few days, N ENGLISHMAN'S LET

&vo., price 21s. TOME ACCOUNT of DOMES

With Maps and Plates. 38. 6d.

FRENCH. 28.6d.

ENNES. 38. 61.


London : SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, & CO., and may be had at 11. Tavistock Street, Covent Gurden.



by permission, with additions and corrections.
Small post svo. price 18.
HENRY G. BOHN, 4, 5, & 6. York Street,

Covent Garden.

TIC ARCHITECTURE in ENGLLD. from the Conquest to the end of the thirts Century, with numerous Illustrations of Existing Remuins

from Original Drawings. By T. HUDSON TURNER.

“What Horace Walpole attempted, and what Sir Charles Lock Eastlake has done fot! painting - clucidated its history and truede progress in England by means of the of expenses and mandates of the store vie Sovereigns of the realm - Mr. Hudson TL! has now achieved for Domestic Areitet this country during the twelfth and thirtea centuries." - Architect,

" The writer of the present volume rul among the most intelligent of the craft) a careful perusal of its contents will *** the render of the enormous amount bestowed on its minutest details, as well discriminating judginent presiding operation general arrangement." - Vorning Chrihet

"The hook of which the title is given ** is one of the very few attempts that have in made in this country to treat this interest subject in anything more than & sujet. manner.

“Mr. Turner exhibits much learning and research, and he has cor nequently laid on the reader much interesting infomaution. is a book that was wanted, and that afford 3 some relief from the mass of works on Ecole biustical Architecture with which of late Fea we have been delnyed.

"The work is well illustrated through with wood-engravings of the more interesting remains, and will prove a valnable at vi? the antiquary's Library." - Literary to the

"It is as a text-book on the social contatt and condition of the Squires and Gentry of England during the twelfth and thirteen goede turies, that the leading valne of Mr. Turner's present publication will be found to cutest.

** Turner's handsomely-printed volume in profusely illustrated with careful woodcup all important existing remains, male from drawings by Mr. Blore and Mr. Tureny.". Athenceton. JOHN HENRY PARKER, Oxford ; and

377. Strand, London.

literary habits, a graduate and repeated prize-
man of Cambridge, who has resided many years
in France, receives into his fainily THREE
JUPILS, to whom with his own children he
wholly devotes his time. He wi

have va-
cancies at Christmas; terms 100 guineas per
annum. References of the highest character
can be given.
Addrese H. I. D., Yotos and Queries Office,

186. Fleet Street.


Just published, price 6d., or 8d. per post.

Just published, post 8vo., price 58.

CONVOCATIONS OF THE TWO PROVINCES, their original Constitution, and Forms of Proceeding, with & Chapter on their Revival. By GEORGE TREVOR, M.A., Canon of York, and Proctor for the Clergy of the Archdeaconry of York.

*** In this work all the questions now mooted are carefully considered, and the authorities produced from authentic records. London: J. & C. MOZLEY, 6. Paternoster

Row. Oxford: J. H. PARKER.

CHAIN, for personal use, containing upwards
of 600 coininunications of cures in a great va-
riety of diseases, received within the last nine
months from Physicians, Hospitals, Noblemen,
Clergymen, Magistrates, Naval and Military
Authorities, &c. To be hod from C. MEINIG'S
head Depith, 103. Leadenhall Street, and 71.
Regent Street, London.

ited by Thomas Clark Suaw, of No. 8. New Street Square, at No.5. New Street Square, in the Parish of St. Bride, in the City of London and Bished by Grongy Bell, of No. 186. Fleet Street, in the Parish of St. Dunstan in the West, in the City of London, Publisher, at No. 166.

treet aforesaid.- Saturday, November 20. 1852.




" When found, make a note of."


VOL. VI. — No. 161.]


Price Fourpence.
Stamped Edition, 51.

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Notes. A Chapter on Plants and Flowers

501 William or Wykenam and Sir William Walworth, by


503 Plagiarism, by W. Hastings Kelke

501 Christians in times past loved to think that as The Sister of George Ill., by Philip S. King


all created nature shiired in man's fall, so did she Campbell's Imitations, by Henry H. Breen


sympathise in his Redemption; that she hailed with The original Reaping Machine, by Rev. Alfred Gatty 506

glad welcome the nativity of the Saviour; and Minor Notes: - Greek Inscription on a Brass - Peartree - St. Luke -- Curious Epigram -- Folkstone

that, after the incarnate Deity had risen and asJohn Doe – The Erse a spoken Language in Ainerica cended on bigh, inspired with a mysterious joy, she - Remarkable Warlike hurention by a Scotch Shoemaker-The Duke a Wesley


looked up once more, and QORIES:

“ The lonely world seem'd lifted nearer heaven.” Has a Bishop ever appointed himself ?

- 508 Changed Names of London Localities

508 As Adam of St. Victor sings : Minor Queries: - Bells and Storms - Charity, Seraph of Earth-General-Black Sheep - Lease for Ninety

“ Mundi renovatio nine Years - Rubrical Query The Willow Pattern

Nova parit gaudia
Deodorising Peat - Queries on Language-'Apvior,

Resurgenti Domino
&c. - Ricardo's " Theory of Ren!, was Sir Edward
West the Author ? -" Between the Saddle aud the

Consurgunt omnia.” Ground"_ Executions in Henry VIII.'s Reign, &c. William Brand - Sermons against Inoculation - The Then the flowers “gladlier grew," shed a grateful Gosling Family - Electricity applied to Growth of Tree3 – Burial-place of Spinoza - Elvaston or Ayle

fragrance to their risen King, and with silent aswaston Castle – Patents of Appointment wanted 508 pirations whispered of love, and peace, and hope. MINOR QUERIES ANSWERED : - Inscriptions in Chinches

I ought properly to commence with the beau-" Plurima, pauca, nihil" - Numismatic Works - tiful Legend of the Tree of Life, remembering, in Gabriel Harvey – De Vitá Functorum - Velitations and Pickerings - National Armorials --" The grand the words of Evelyn, that Concern of England”


“ Trees and woods have twice saved the whole William Penn was a Slaveholder, by T. Westcott

512 world; first by the Ark, then by the Cross; making * Cross and Pile"

513 full amends for the evil fruit of the tree in Paradise by Mummy Wheat and Maize

513 That which was borne on the Tree in Golgotha.”Photographic Notes and Queries


Silva, p. 694.: York, 1776, 4to.
Replies to Minor Queries: - Bishop Juxon's Account

os vendibie Books in England - Wellington : why And of Calderon :
chosen as the Duke's Title - Charles Inglis, first
Bishop of Nova Scotia -- Alioquin – Pepys charged

“ Arbol donde el cielo quiso
with Treason - Passage in the “Two Gentlemen of
Verona Royal Arms in Churches – Roman or

Dar el fruto verdadero British Roads-- Revolving Toy - Parsley-bed - Quex.

Contra el bocado primero, park-Highlands and Lowlands - Muffs worn by Genilemen - Venom of Toads — Passage in “ Religio

Flor del nuevo Paraiso.” Monument at Wadstena - Derivation of • Pic-nic "-Dr. P. Browne's MSS., &c.-Newspaper

The ancient botanists have handed down to us Extracts - Descent of the Queen froin John of Gaunt many an allusive name and legend, and even yet

Book of Almanacs - Elizabeth, Equestrian Statue of - Pictures of Queen Elizabeth's Tomb The Use of Tobacco by the Elizabetban Ladies, &c.


“Many a sign

Of the great Sacrifice which won us heaven, MISCELLANEOUS:

The woodman and the mountaineer can trace Notes ou Books, &c.

521 Books and Odd Volumes wanted

On rock, on herb, and flower."

522 Notices to Correspondents


Wood Walk and Hymn, by Mrs. Iemans. Advertisements


Thus we have Holy Rood Flower, Passion Flower, St. Andrew's Cross, St. James's Cross,

Cross of Jerusulem, Cross of Malta, Cross Flower". VOL. VI. - No. 161,

Cross Wort, Cross Mint, Crosscd Heath.

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Medici "

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