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Part I.; from the Text of Schweighäuser, with English Notes. By the Rev. THOMAS KERCHEVER ARNOLD, M.A.. Rector of Lyndon, and late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. RIVING TONS, St. Paul's Church Yard, and

Waterloo Place; Of whom may be had, by the same Editor

(with English Notes), 1. THUCYDIDES, Book I. Ss. 6.

2. ÆSCHINES against CTESIPHON. 43.



In 12mo.. price 38. 6d. CLOGÆ. ARISTOPHANI.

CÆ. Part II. i containing the Birds of Aristophanes. With English Notes. Edited by the Rev. T. K. ARNOLD, M.A., Rector of Lyndon, and late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. In these Editions the objectionable passages

are omitted. Also, by the same Editor (uniformly printed),

PART 1. ,, containing the CLOUDS of ARISTOPHANES, with English Notes, 38. 6d. RIVINGTONS, St. Paul's Church Yard, and

Waterloo Place.


MILY, and COMPLIMENTARY. The Proprietor of Tax LONDON GENERAL MOORNING WAREHOOSE begs respectfully to remind families whose bereavements compel them to adopt Mourning, Attire, that every article of the very best description, requisite for a complete outfit of Mourning, may be had at this Establishment at a moment's notice.

ESTIMATES FOR SERVANTS' MOURNINO, a fford. ing a great saving to families, are furnished whilst the habitual attendance of experienced assistants (including dressmakers and milliners), enables them to suggest or supply every necessary for the occasion, and suited to any grade or condition of the community. Widow' AND FAMILY MOCANINO is always kept made up, and a note, descriptive of the Mourning required, will insure its being sent forth with, either in Town or into the Country, and on the most Reasonable Terms.

W.C. JAY, 247—249. Regent Street,

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ING.-CHARLES FARLOW, Fishingtackle Manufacturer, 191. Strand, opposite St. Clement's Danes, near to Temple Bar (late of 221.), invites Apglers to inspect his vast Stock of Salmon and Trout Rods, and all other Gear, for the sure capture of River Fish, at moderate prices. Best Salmon Rods, Two Guineas ; best Trout ditto, One Guinen. Salmon Flies, from 58, a dozen Grilse Flies, 38.; and Trout ditto, 28. a dozen. Salmon Gut, from 56. a hank; Trout ditto, 28. Catalogues forwarded gratis.


Founded A.D. 1842.


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NASSUM. Now ready, in 8vo. price 128. ncatly half-bound, HE ANTICLEPTIC GRA.

DUS: founded on Quicherat: " Thesaurug Poeticus Linguæ Latinæ." Edited by the Rev. THOMAS KERCHEVER ARNOLD. M.A., Rector of Lyndon, and late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

The object of this work is to give the pupil all the help afforded to him by the old Gradus, supplying it in the form of materials to be worked up by himself, not in the concrete state of ready-made lines ; its anticleptic or antipilfering character consisting in the insertion of expressions and phrases from the best authors, illustrative of the several words without producing the complete lines of quotation. It contains a careful selection of Epithets, and will be found a sufficient Dictionary for the best Latin Poets. RIVINGTONS, St. Paul's Church Yard, and

Waterloo Place ; Of whom may be had, by the same Author,

1. THE FIRST LATIN VERSE BOOK. Fifth Edition. 28. • *** Also, A SECOND PART, containing additional Exercises. 18.

2. PRACTICAL INTRO. DUCTION TO LATIN VERSE COMPOSITION. CONTENTS ; -1. “Ideas" for Herameter and Elegiac Verres. 2. Alcaics. 3. Sapphics. 4. The other Horatian Metres. 5. Appendix of Poetical Phraseology, and Hints on Versification. Third Edition. Ss.


INGS may be had of MR. JAMES FENNELL, I. Warwick Court, Holborn, London, immediately upon the receipt of a Remittance for the prices here stated, viz. : LINCOLNSHIRE, some rare Tracts, Ancient Maps, curious and scarce Views, various Old Newspaper Paragraphs, &c. &c. ; the entire parcel only 11. 58. NORTHAMPTONSAIRE, several rare Tracts, Views, Portraits, Speed's curious Map, and numerous Gleanings from Ancient Newspapers and Magazines. il. 18. NORTHUMBERLAND, Speed's curious Map, with bird's-eye Views of Newcastle and Berwick (1650); various Old Views of Castles, Abbeys, Churches, Mansions, &c., numerous interesting Gleanings from Ancient Newspapers (A.D. 1724 to 1807), and some scarce Tracts relating to the County, 11. 108. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, Speed's curious Map, with bird's-eye View of Nottingham (1650), various Old Views of Castles, Mansions, &c. (some scarce), several Gleanings from Ancient Newspapers and Magazines (1730 to 1820). rare Tracta, &c., 11. 58. RUTLANDSHIRE, Speed's curious Map, with bird's-eye View of Oakham (1650), some good Views, various Newspaper Gleanings (1682 to 1776), &C., 108. 6d. Collections relative to other Counties may be

had also.

Directors. H. Edgeworth Bicknell, Esq. William Cabell, Esq. T. Somers Cocks, Jun. Esq. M.P. G. Henry Drew, Esq. William Evans, Esq William Freeman, Esq. F. Fuller, Esq. J. Henry Goodhart, Esq. T. Grissell, Esg. James Hunt, Esq. J. Arscott



In post 8vo., price 48. 6d. (new scale),

By the Rev. R. W. EVANS, B.D. Vicar of
Hevereham, and late Fellow of Trinity Col.
lege, Cambridge ; Author of " The Rectory of
RIVINGTONS, St. Paul's Church Yard, and

Waterloo Place; Of whom may be had, by the same Author

(upon the new scale of prices), 1. THE MINISTRY OF THE BODY. Second Edition. 68. 6d.

2. THE BISHOPRIC SOULS. Third Edition. 58.

3. PAROCHIAL SKETCHES in VERSE. With Woodcuts. 58.


1648. -A very liberal offer will be made to any person happening to possess a copy of the scarce tract entitled "A Confirmation and Discovery of Witchcraft," by the Rev. JOHN STEARNE, 4to., 1648 or a handsome remu. Deration will be made for a fair Transcript of the same.

Communications (free) to be addressed to CHARLES CLARK, Great Totham Hall, Dear Witham, Essex.




UTHORS desirous of having advantage that economy in the Printing combined with efficiency in the Publishing Department can bestow, are requested to apply to MESSRS. HOPE & CO., Printers and Publishers, Courier and Literary Times Office, 16. Great Marlborough Street, London, who print Books, Pamphlets, and Sermons in the very first style, greatly under the usual charges; while their Publishing Arrangements enable them to promote the interest of all works entrusted to their charge.

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Lethbridge, Esq.
E. Lucas, Esq.
James Lys Seager, Esq.
J. Basley White, Esq.
Joseph Carter Wood, Esq.

W. Whateley, Esq., Q.C.
L.C. Humfrey. Esq., Q.C.

George Drew, Esq.
Consulting Counsel. - Sir Wm.

P. Wood, M.P.
Physician. - William Rich. Basham, M.D.
Bankers. - Messrs. Cocks, Biddulph, and Co.,

Charing Cross. VALUABLE PRIVILEGE. POLICIES effected in this Office do not become void through temporary difficulty in paying a Premium, as permission is given upon application to guspend the payment at interest. according to the conditions detailed in the Prospectus.

Specimens of Rates of Premium for Assuring 1001 with a share in three-fourths of the Profits:Age £ 8. d. Age

£ s. d. 17 .114 4 32.

2 10 8 . 1 18 8 37

2 18 6 27 • 2 4 5


Actuary. Now ready, price 10s. 6d., Second Edition, with material additions, INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT and EMIGRATION; being a TREATISE on BENEFIL BUILDING SOCIETIES, and on the General Principles of Land I estment, exemplified in the Cases of Freehold Land Societies, Building Companies, &c. With a Mathematical Appendix on Compound Interest and Life Assurance. By ARTHUR SCRATCHLEY, M. A., Actuary to the Western Life Assurance Society, 3. Parliament Street, London,

Now ready, Two New Volumes (price 288.

cloth) of JUDGES OF ENGLAND and

the Courts at Westminster. By EDWARD FOSS. F.S.A.

Volume Three, 1272 - 1377.

Volume Four, 1377 - 1485.
Lately published, price 289. cloth,

Volume One, 1066 - 1199.

Volume Two, 1199 - 1272. * A book which is essentially sound and truthful, and must therefore take its stand in the perinanent literature of our country." Geni. Mag.

London : LONGMAX & CO.

GRAPHY.-A gentleman well versed the above, and who has much leisure time, is willing to assist Authors, or others, in the Arrangement or Compiling of that portion of their works on most moderate terms.

Addresy M.A.B.,

37. Museum Street, Bloomsbury,





TALK, in Four Languages, for the use of Englishmen travelling Abroad, or Foreigners visiting England. 18o. 38.

HANDBOOK OF MODERN LONDON : a Complete Guide to all Ohjeet and Places of Interest in the Metropolis. Maps and Plans. 16mo. 68.


HANDBOOK FOR NORTH GERMANY AND THE RHINE.-IIolland, Belgium, and Prussia. Map. Post sro 18s.

HANDBOOK FOR SOUTH GERMANY AND THE TYROL.-Bavarit, Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Austrian and Bavarian Alps, and the Danube. Map. Post $1%. 12s.

HANDBOOK of PAINTING. -The German, Flemish, and Dutch Schools. Post 8vo. 125.

HANDBOOK FOR SWITZERLAND. - The Alps of Savoy and Piedmont. Mar. Post 8vo. 10s.

HANDBOOK FOR FRANCE AND TUE PYRENEES.-Normands, Brit. tany, the French Alps, Dauphine, and Pija vence. Maps. Post 8vo. 12s.

HANDBOOK OF MADEIRA, containing Information for the Traveller or Invalid Visitor. With Woodcuts. Post sv). 8. 60.

HANDBOOK FOR SPAIN.Andalusia, Ronda, Grena la, Catalonis, Gallicia, the Basques, Arragon, &c. Maps. Po 8vo. 168.

HANDBOOK of PAINTING. The Spanish and French Schools. Post sro. 12.

HANDBOOK FOR NORTH ITALY AND FLORENCE - Sardinia. Gnoa, the Riviera, Lombardy, and Tuscany. Maps. Post 8vo. 128.

HANDBOOK for CENTRAL ITALY AND ROME.- The Papal States, and Cities of Etruria. Map. Post Svo. 16),

HANDBOOK of PAINTING. -- The Italian Schools, 100 Woodcuta ? vols. post 8vo. 248.

HANDBOOK for the EAST. Malta, the Ionian Islands, Greece, Turkey, Asia Minor, and Constantinople. Maps. Pos. 8vo. 153.

HANDBOOK for EGYPT.-The Nile, Alexandria, Cairo, Thebes, India, &c. Map. Post svo. 158.



JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street.


MRS. JAMESON'S LEGENDS SHARP'S NEW BRITISH OF THE MONASTIC ORDERS, as repre- GAZETTEER, or TOPOGRAPHICAL DICsented in the Fine Arts. Containing St. Bene- TIONARY of the BRITISH ISLANDS and dict and the early Benedictines in Italy, France, NARROW SEAS: comprising Concise DeSpain, and Flanders; the Benedictines in Eng. scriptions of about Sixty Thousand Places, land and in Germany; the Reformed Bene- Seats, Natural Features, and Objects of Note, dictines; early Royal Saints connected with founded on the best Authorities; full Partithe Benedictine Onder; the Augustines ; Or- culars of the Boundaries, Registered Electors, ders derived from the Augustine Rule; the &c. of the Parliamentary Boroughs; with a Mendicant Orders: the Jesuits; and the Order reference under every Name to the Sheet of the of the Visitation of St. Mary. Forminz the Ordnance Survey, as far as completed ; and an Second Series of Sacred and Legendary Art." Appendix, containing a General View of the With Eleven Etchings by the Author, and Resources of the United Kingdom, a Short Si Woodcuts. Square crown 8vo., price 283. Chronolozy, and an Abstract of certain Results

of the Census of 1851. 2 vols. 8vo., price 21.168. 11. Mrs. JAMESON'S SACRED

IX. AND LEGENDARY ART; or, Legends of JOHNSTON'S NEW DIC. the Saints and Martyrs. First Series. Con- TIONARY OF GEOGRAPHY, Descriptive, taining Legends of the Augels and Archangels;

Physical, Statistical, and Historical : forining the Evangelists and Apostles; the Greek and

A complcte General Gazetteer of the World. Latin Fathers; the Magdalene; the Patron

In I vol. of 1,440 pages ; comprising nearly Saints; the Virgin Patroncsjes; the Martyrs ; 57,900 Namey of Places. 8vo., price 36s.: or the B shops; the Ilerinits: and the Warrior

strongly half-bound in russia, with flexible
Saints of Christendom. Second Edition, with back, price 118,
numerous Won Icuts, and Sirteen Etchin3 by
the Author. Square crown svo., price 23s.



THREE MAPS (size 20 in. by 16 in.), with the
AND HISTORICAL T. BLES from the Divisions and Boundaries carefully coloured :
Creation to the Present Time : with Allitions and an Alphabetical Index of all the Vanes
anil Corrections from the most authentic contained in the Maps, with their Latitude
Writers; including the Computation of St. and Longitude. A New Edition, corrected
Paul, as connecting the Period from the Exle throughout from the best and most recent
to the Temple. Under the revision of Sir Anthorities; with all the Railways laid down,
JIEXRY ELLIS, K.H., Principal Librarian and many of the Maps re-drawn and re-
of the British Museum. New Edition, with engraved. Colombier 4to., price 5l. 58. half-
Corrections. Imperial gro., price 318. 61. hali- bound.
bound in morocco.



OF HISTORY; comprising a General IntroNITIES, containinx Rolls of the Oficial Per

ductory Outline of Universal History, Ancient Bon ages of the British Empire, Civil, Ecclesias

and Modern, and a Series of separate Histories tical, Ju licial, Military, Naval, an I Municipil,

of every principal Nation that exists; their from the Earliest Periols to the Present Tim;

Ricc, Progress, and Present Condition, the compiled chiefly froin the Records of the Public

Moral and Social Character of their respective Ofices. Together with the Sovereigas of Eu

Inhabitants, their Religion, Manners and Cuz. rope, from the foundation of their respective

toms, &c. New Edition. Foolscap 8vo., price states; the Perrace and Nobility of Great

103. Britain, ani nu nerous other Lists. Bein; a New Edition, improve and continued, of

XII. "B:atson's Political Index." 8vo., prica 255. MAUNDER'S SCIENTIFIC

and LITERARY TREASURY : a ner and

popular Encyclopedia of Science and the BellesGWILT'S ENCYCLOPÆDIA

Lettres ; including all Branches of Science, OF ARCHITECTURE, Historical, Theoreti- and every Subject connected with Literature cal, an Practical. Illustrated with more than and Art. The whole written in a familiar One Thousand Engravings on Wool, from style, adapted to the comprehension of all per. Designs by J, S. GWILT. Second Elition, sont lesirous of acquiring information on the with a supplemental View of the Syrintry subjects comprised in the work, and also anl Stability of Gothic Architecture : com- adapted for a Manval of convenient Reference prising upwards of Eighty ad litional Wood- to the more instructed. New Edition. Foolscute. Hvo, price 59. 61. - The SUPPLE

cap 870., price 108. MEXT, separately, price 6s.



OF KNOWLEDGE and LIBRARY OF RECOMPANION TO THE LATIV DICTIO. FERENCE. Comprising an Enlish GranNARY AND GREEK LEXICON; forinin: mnr: Tibles of Enzlish Verbal Distinctions : n Glossary of all the Words representing Visible Proverbs, Terms, and Phrases, in Latin, Ohjects connected with the Arts, Manufac- Spanish, French, and Italian, translated : New tures, and Every-lay Life of the Ancients. and Enlarged Enzlish Dictionary: Directiong With Representations of nearly Two Thousand for Pronunciation ; New Universal Gazetteer ; Vojects from the Antique. Post 8vo., with Tables of Population and Statistics : List of about 2,000 Woodcuts, price One Guinea.

Cities, Boroughy, and Market Towns in the

United Kingdom : Rezulations of the General

Post Office ; List of Foreign Animal, Vegetable,
BRANDE'S DICTIONARY of and Mineral Productions ; Compenilious Clas.

sical Dictionary, Scripture Proper Names SCIENCE, LITERATURE, and ART. Second Edition, corrected with a Supplement, | Women: with Latin Maxims translateil: List

arrented, and Christian Names of Men an: containint many Additions, with the chief

of Abbreviations ; Chronology and History : Scientide Terms, Processes, and Improvements

compendious Law Dictionary: Abstract of Tax that have come into general use since the Pub

Acts; In'erest and other Tables : Form of lication of the First Edition. So, with Wood

Epistolary Aldres Tables of Precedency : cuts, price fow.; or 37. 38. hall-bound in russia,

Synopsis of the British Peerage ; and Tables of with flexible back.

Nurnber. Moncy, Weights, and Measures. *** 'The Supplement may be had separately, New Edition, enlarged. Foolscap 8vo., price price 3s. 6d.



Printed by THOMAS CLARK SHAW, of Xo. A. New Street Square, at No. 5. New Street Square, in the Parish of St. Bride, in the City of London ; and

published by GroRoR Belt, of No. 181. Fleet Street, in the Parish of $1. Dunstan in the West, in the City of London, Publisher, at No. 155 Fleet Street aforesaid. - Saturday, July 17. 1852.




u When found, mako a note of."


Vol. VI.- No. 143.]

SATURDAY, JULY 24. 1852.

Price Fourpence. Stamped Edition, 5d.



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Notes. NOTES :

Page Ordeals

ORDEALS. Poetical Similarities, by C. Mansfield Ingleby

70 Folk Lore:- Northumberland Tradition - Weather

Ordeals, as the test of innocence or guilt, are of Prophecy - St. Mark's Eve - Children's Nails - great antiquity In the Book of Numbers v. 14 Cheshire Cure for Hooping Cough - Sites of Build- 31., the rite of the "waters of jealousy" appears

ings changed, &c. Buchanan and Theodore Zuinger


to give them a Divine sanction. The idea was, Minor Notes ; -The Word Handbook - Bitter Beer however, common to the ignorance and supersti

Slaves in Ireland not a Century ago - Book Margius tion of all countries. Gaseous springs were among -Lord Derby or Darby


some tribes supposed to possess the power of deLunar Occultations

73 tecting truth, either by increasing or mitigating " The Good Old Cause," by Thomas H. Gill

in bodily afflictions upon immersion. In the case of Minor Queries :- Winchfeld, Hants –“Balnea, vina, guilt, their beneficent effects were turned into a

Venus "-" Kicking up Mag's or Meg's Diversion
Shan-dra-dam – Kentish Fire - Incantations at Cross

curse ; as the wine of Mephistopheles becomes a Roads - Odyllic Light - Trochilus and Crocodile - consuming fire to the drunken student. Ordeal Pick igni – Heywood Arms - Mémoires d'une Con. temporaine - Drawbridge – Saul's Seven Days

by fire was known to the Greeks: nine others of Coudras Family -- " Oh, go from the window !" various kinds were sanctioned by the Brahmins. The Furneaux Family - Personators of Edward VI. Fire is also mentioned in early Scandinavian songs. - Barlaam's Commentary on Euclid - Venice Glasses

Styles of Dukes and Marquises - Who was Colonel This custom, mingled with other orientalisms, Bodens? -“ Who sent the Messengers ? "

passed probably into Europe during the migration MINOR QUERIES ANSWERED: St. Margaret and the

of those northern hordes by which it was succesDragon - Montebourg, Abbey of — Virgilian Lots Newspaper Extracts

76 | sively overrun. Some interesting literary anecREPLIES :

dotes relative to the ordeals of the Middle Ages Portrait of Mary Queen of Scots, by James Spedding 78 will be found in the article under that heading in A Passage in “ As You Like It," by Sainuel Hickson 79

the Encyclopædia Metropolitana. The object of Listing Experiment, by Sir David Brewster, &c.

these Notes is merely to refute, by an extract, the Monody on the Death of Sir John Moore, by C. H. Cooper, &c.

80 opinion sometimes entertained, — that the Church War of indicating Time in Music, by Dr. Edward F. invented and encouraged this method of trial. The Rimbault


worst that can be said is, that the Church adopted, The Two Passages in “ King Lear"

that it might control for its own ends, as it did Amber Witch Lines on Succession of the Kings of England

other cases, that blind faith it could not purify: Dodo Queries, by W. Pinkerton

L'esprit de parti a quelquefois accusé l'Église Burials

d'avoir imaginé ces moyens barbares et insensés de Dr. Cumming on Romans viil., by J. C. Robertson


connaître la vérité; - jamais accusation ne fut plus On some disputed Passages in Shakspeare, by S. W. Singer

84 injuste." Replies to Minor Queries : - Milton and Tacitus Ernaciated Monumental Effigies -- La Garde meurt

This is the opinion of M. Ampère, Histoire Lit. Baxter's “ Saints' Rest" - The Bright Lamp that téraire, tome iii. p. 180.: shone in Kildare's holy Fane" - Exterior StoupHenry, Lord Viscount Dover - Government of St. “L'Église, au contraire, dès le go siècle, protestait Christopher in 166? - De Sanctå Cruce - History of Commerce Physiologus -" Veiwe Bowes " - The

par la voix d'Agobard contre des abus dont elle ne fut Death-watch - William, Abbot of St. Albans-Lines jamais le principe; elle toléra quelquefois des instituon Crawford of Kilbirnie - Can Bishops vacate their

tions qu'elle n'avait pas fondées, elle eut le tort de les Secs ? - Lines on Franklin - St. Augustinus “De Musica" - Giving the Sack, &c.

consacrer par ses rites, mais il faut voir dans de telles MISCELLANEOUS :

concessions le triomphe des préjugés du Moyen Age Books and Odd Volumes wanted

sur l'ésprit de l'Église, et non une conséquence de cet Notices to Correspondents

esprit.” Advertisements

As evidence of this he quotes at full the opinion VOL. VI. - No. 143.

of Agobard, bishop of Lyons in 816. Reference



82 82 83 83 84

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89 90 90

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to the Histoire Littéraire de la France, tome x. page 450., shows the continuance of this policy, and that whilst the Church condemned, it still em

I beg to send you a few odus and ends in

illustration of what seems to be an inevitable ployed the ordeal in the twelfth century:

consequence of writing poetry, viz. unconscious “Un fameux voleur nommé Ansel, ayant pris des imitation : croix, des calices d'or, porta son vol chez un marchand

1. Pope's line, in his Essay on Man: de Soissons pour le lui vendre, et lui fit promettre avec serment qu'il ne le déclareroit point. Le mar.

« What thin partitions sense from thought divide !" chand ayant ensuite entendu prononcer l'excommuni- | is merely a verbal echo of Dryden's line in bis cation dans l'église de Soissons contre les complices Absalom and Achitophel : de ce vol, vínt à Laon et découvrit la chose au clergé.

“And thin partitions do their bounds divide.” Ansel nie le fait : le marchand propose de se battre pour en décider.

Ansel l'accepte, et tue le marchand. 2. Milton's expression of orient pearl, at the Il faut, dit sur cela Guibert Abbé de Nogent, ou, que beginning of the second book of Paradise Lost, is le marchand ait mal fait de découvrir un secret qu'il probably

taken from Shakspeare, Richard III., avait promis avec serment de garder, ou, ce qui est

Act IV. Sc. 4.: beaucoup plus vrai, que la loi de se battre pour décider

“ The liquid drops of tears that you have shed de l'innocence et de la vérité est injuste. ( ar il est cer- Shall come again transform'd to orient pearl." tain, ajoute-t-il, qu'il n'y a aucune canon qui autorise une telle loi."

I have never seen this resemblance noted.

3. And while I am on the subject of tears I · Nevertheless, it was employed in the case of will mention a similarity between Tennyson and some Paulician heretics, in the diocese of Soissons.

Milton. In the Miller's Daughter we have : Clementius and Eyrard were examined

“ And dews that would have fallen in tears “Mais l'évêque ne pouvant tirer la confession de leurs

I kisz'd away before they fell." erreurs, et les temoins étunt absens, il les condamna au

Very pretty, no doubt, but to my mind evidently jugement de l'eau exorcisée. Le prélat dit le messe, à suggested by a most exquisite passage in the fifth laquelle il communia les accusés, en disant: Que le book of the Paradise Lost, which is in every one's corps et le sang de notre Seigneur soit ajourd'hui une

mouth: épreuve pour vous !”

“ Two other precious drops that ready stood Clementius was thrown in; but

Each in their crystal sluice, he ere they fell

Kiss'd." # Loin d'aller au fonds de l'eau, il surnagea comme un roseau, et fut tenu pour convaincu !"

4. What a wholesale imitation of Thomson's

Castle of Indolence do we find in Campbell's Ger. I was assured a miracle of this description was trude of Wyoming. Thus, Gertrude of Wyoming, lately witnessed in the person of a very fat lady, Part II. St. XII. : who floated on the surface of the National Bath at

“ But stock-doves plaining through its gloom profound." Holborn, in spite of the repeated efforts of the bath-woman to keep her down. Clementius, un,

Evidently imitated from Castle of Indolence,

Cant. I. St. iv.: fortunately, only fulfilled the proverb “of falling out of the fire-pan into the fire." Whilst the “ Or stock-doves plain amid the forest deep." bishop hesitated as to his orthodoxy, the mob Again, Gertrude of Wyoming, Part II. St. xxv.: determined that question, broke into the prison,

beyond and burnt him and his brother. The ordeal died

Expression's power to paint, all languishingly fond." away as civilisation spread and legal institutions were established. It has been said, indeed, it was

Which is very similar to Castle of Indolence,

Cant I. St. xliv.: abolished in England in the 3rd of Henry III., A. D. 1219, by an ordinance of the King in Council,

“ As loose on flow'ry beds all languishingly lay." as given in Rymer, vol. i. p. 228. This seems, With your permission, I will send you a few however, an “ad interim" order, made because Notes on Milton's Lycidas, which appear to me to that the ordeal of fire and water was condemned be worthy of attention. C. MANSFIELD INGLEBY. by the Church. I may add, that in the Bibl. Mar.

Patrum, tome xiii., two very interesting tracts by
S. Agobard will be found; one, p. 429.,
versus legem Gundlobaldi;" the other at p. 476.,

FOLK LORE. contrà “ Judicium Dei;” upon which J. Grimm, Northumberland Tradition.-- Joaney or Johnny Deutsche Rechts Alterthümer, vol. ii. p. 909., should


Reeil, the parish clerk of a village near Newcastle, be consulted.

S. H.

was returning home one evening, and in passing a Athenæum.

gate by the roadsiile marvelleit much to see vine cats about it. His wonder wils changed to horror

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seen no more.

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when one of the cats addressed him, “ Joaney Reed, on no account whatever is any payment or comJoaney Reed, tell Dan Ratcliffe that Peg Powson pensation to be made directly or indirectly for the is dead.” Joanev hurried home to his wife, and cake. My informant has the firmest belief in this instantly informed ber of the circumstance, won- specific, he himself having witnessed, in the case of dering at the same time who Dan Ratcliffe might his own child, the beneficial result; but he took be; when up sprang ihe cat from the hearth, and care to mention, as probably an advantage, that exclaiming "It'Peg Powson's dead, it's no time for the cake which cured his child was made by a me to be here," rushed out of the house and was woman whose mother had also married her name. P. P. sake.

F. R. A. Weather Prophecy. -- G. E. G. has not yet had Sites of Buildings changed, fc.—There are other the answer to his inquiry about “oaks and ashes." churches in Lancashire besides Winwick whose The proverb is,

sites have been changed by the Devil, and he has “ If the oak's before the ash,

also built some bridges ; that at Kirkby Lonsdale Then you'll only get a splasli.

owes much of its beauty to the string of his apron If the ash precedes the oak,

giving way when he was carrying stones in it. Then you may expect a soak."

The stones may be seen yet in the picturesque The present wet summer gives the lie to the adage, groups of rock below the bridge. Old cross or for the oaks were out first.

P. P. boundary stones, with a hole full of water, are so St. Mark's Eve (Vol. iv., p. 470.). - Your cor

common that nobody honours them with a plague respondent Mr. Peacock bns alluded to a popular story; but we abound in other traditions. Åcsuperstition respecting St. Mark's Eve which bas cording to some a priest, according to others the interested me very much. I cannot help quoting Devil, stamped his foot into the church wall at Collins' lines upon the same subject, and shall Brindle, to prove the truth of Popery; and much thank MR. Peacock, or any of your other

"George Marsh the Martyr" did the same at correspondents learned in Folk Lore, to adduce Smithells Hall to prove the truth of Protestantism : some additional instances :

the foot-marks still remain on the wall and the " Be mine to read the visions old

flag. There is unfortunately such a wearisome Which thy awakening bards have told ;

saineness in these traditions, one story doing for so And, lest thou meet my blasted view,

many different places (except that at Winwick it Hold each strange tale devoutly true;

was as a pig, at Leyland as a cat, somewhere else Ne'er be I found, by thee o'eraw'd,

as a fish, that Satan played his pranks), that any On that thrice-hallow'd eve, abroad,

attempt to gather them together for “N. & Q." When gliosts, as cottage maids believe,

would only tire out the editor and all his readers.
Their pebbled beds pernitted leave;
And goblins haunt, from fire, or fen,
Or inine, or food, the walks of inen !"

Ode to Fear. Bishop Horne, in his Commentary upon Psalm

Rt. cxxii., involves me in rather a dilemma. He says: Warmington.

“ Theodore Zuinger, of whom some account may be Children's Nails. - It is a general belief among found in Thuanus, when he lay on his death-bed, took the common people in this neighbourhood (Boto his leave of the world, in a paraphrase on the foregoing tesford Moors), that if a child's finger nails are cut psalm; giving it the same turn with that given to it before it is a year old, it will be a thief. Before above. It may serve as a buished specimen of the that time they must be bitten off when they re

noble and exalted use which a Christian may, and quire shortening EDWARD Peacock, Jun. ought to, make of the Psalms of David,"

And in the note he says: Cheshire Cure for Hooping Cough. - Whilst

" A learned friend has obliged me with a copy of passing a short time in the neighbourhood of ihese Latin verses of Zuinger, transcribed from the Alderley in Cheshire, I found, among other in- 303rd page of Vice Germanorum Medicorum, by. Melstances of Folk Lore prevailing there, ile propriety cbior Adainus. They are as follow : of communicating to the bees the death of any of

1. the family keeping lives. I learnt also anoiher

“ O Lux candida, lux mibi case, that of a speedy and efficacious cure for the

Læti conscia transitus ! troublesome complaint the hooping cough, which

Pro Christi meritum patet I think ought to be put on record for the comfort

Vitæ porta beatæ. of all mothers and children. The remedy consists in a plain currant cake, to be eaten by the afflicted

“ Me status revocat dies child, the main virtue of which cake is, however,

Augustain Domini ad domum : in its being made by a woman wlose maiden naine

Jam sacra ætherii premam was the same as that of the man she married ; and

Lætus linina templi,


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