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det mange the attend, none." With this



addition, the statistics of chest wounds in the Crimean war are completed.

In referring to “ The Medical and Surgical History of the British Army”, I take the opportunity to remark that, whatever defects may, perhaps unavoidably, have obtained in the Army Medical Department, this History is a practical proof that great individual talent and industry are to be found among my military professional brethren : and I firmly believe that, if the advice of the members of the Army Medical Department had been even in part followed, and not, as it was in many instances, entirely ignored, the extent of the Bulgarian and of the Crimean disasters would have been much diminished.

I look forward with sanguine hope that the time is not far distant, when the army medical man will have a direct authority to carry out the best means for the prevention of disease in the soldier ; seeing by Table II, page 6, the more than decimation of troops caused by disease alone, compared to which the number of deaths actually on the field of battle, and from the after effects of wounds, sinks into utter insignificance. The saving both in life and money to the country, in that very

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