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A L E T T E R "

A N O B L E L O R D,

ON occASION of some LIBELS written AND PROPAGATED AT CourT, IN THE YEAR 1732-3.

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* This Letter (which was first printed in the Year 1733) bears the same place in our Author’s prose that the Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot does in his poetry. They are both Apologetical, repelling the libellous slanders on his Reputation : with this difference, that the Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot, his friend, was chiefly directed against Grub-street Writers, and this letter to the Noble Lord, his enemy, against Court Scriblers. For the rest, they are both Master-pieces in their kinds; That in verse, more grave, moral, and sublime; This in prose, more lively, critical, and pointed; but equally conducive to what he had most at heart, the vindication of his moral Charaćter: the only thing he thought worth his care in literary altercations; and the first thing he would expect from the good offices of a surviving Friend. W.

* Intitled, An Epistle to a Doãor of Divinity from a Nobleman at Hampton Court, Aug. 28, 1733, and printed the November following for J. Roberts Fol. W.

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