The Student's Handbook to the University and Colleges of Oxford

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Clarendon Press, 1885 - 258 pages

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Page 9 - A Manual of Comparative Philology» as applied to the Illustration of Greek and Latin Inflections. By TL Papillon, MA, Fellow of New College.
Page 1 - A New English Dictionary, on Historical Principles: founded mainly on the materials collected by the Philological Society. Edited by James AH Murray, LL.D., President of the Philological Society ; with the assistance of many Scholars and men of Science.
Page 136 - Logic and in the first five chapters of Fowler's Elements of Inductive Logic (omitting the sections on Classification, Nomenclature, and Terminology, and the notes appended at the end of each chapter). The subject as thus defined may be studied in the abovenamed works of Fowler, or in Jevons's Elementary Lessons in Logic, or in Mellone's Introductory Text-book of Logic, or in any other works which cover the same ground.
Page 155 - Aphorisms 1-20. Under the head of Political Philosophy, Candidates are recommended to study the following subjects :— The origin and growth of Society; Political institutions and forms of government, with especial reference to the history of Greece and Rome; The sphere and duties of Government; The leading principles of Political Economy.
Page 157 - Pure Mathematics. 1. Algebra. 2. Trigonometry, plane and spherical. 3. Geometry of two and three dimensions. 4. Differential Calculus. 5. Integral Calculus. 6. Calculus of Variations. 7. Calculus of Finite Differences. 8. Theory of Chances. Mixed Mathematics. 1. Mechanics of Solid and Fluid Bodies. 2. Optics, Geometrical and Physical. 3. Newton's Principia, Sections I, II, III, and parts of IX and XI. 4. Astronomy, including the more elementary parts of the Lunar and Planetary Theories.
Page 210 - First Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the best means of preventing the pollution of Rivers (River Thames).
Page 2 - It is open without respect of birth, age, or creed to all persons who satisfy the appointed officers that they are likely to derive educational advantage from its membership : and, subject only to necessary limitations of academical standing, any person who has been admitted as a member is eligible to compete for all its prizes and distinctions, save only that Degrees in Divinity are confined to members of the Church of England.
Page 13 - Crown 8vo. cloth, js. 6d. A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism. By J. Clerk Maxwell, MA, FRS A New Edition, edited by WD Niven, MA a vols.
Page 13 - Candidates to whom rooms have been promised receive them in the order in which their names are entered upon condition of coming up to the College standard in the Matriculation Examination ; but, in exceptional cases, persons who have applied too late to receive a promise of rooms are allowed to offer themselves on the chance of being selected by the Warden to fill such extra vacancies as may fall in.

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