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OF ENGLAND, with Miscellaneous Notices connected with the Courts at Westminster, from the time of the Conquest to 1660, 6 vols. 8vo. new cloth, £2. 5s. or newly bd. calf gilt, marbled leaves, £3. 8s. (pub. £4. 4s. cloth.) Longmans, 1848-57

2335 FOSBROKE'S Encyclopædia of | 2342 FOSS' (Edward) LIVES OF THE JUDGES Antiquities and Elements of Archæology, Classical and Mediæval, numerous plates, original edition, 2 vols. 4to. bds. 18s. 6d. (pub. £6. 6s.) 1825 2336 FOSBROKE'S ENCYCLOPÆDIA OF ANTIQUITIES, and Elements of Archæology, Classical and Mediæval, last edition, with additions, NUMEROUS PLATES, 2 vols. royal 8vo. newly hf. bd. calf gilt, marbled edges, £1. 1s. 1843

2337 FOSBROKE'S Encyclopædia of Antiquities, plates, 2 vols.-British Monachism, or the Manners and Customs of Monks and Nuns of England, plates, 1 vol. together 3 vols. impl. 8vo. newly hf. bd. calf gilt, £1. 15s.

1843 "A work as original as it is important. No good library should be without it."- Literary Gazette.

2338 FOSBROKE'S (T. D. Author of the Encyclopædia of Antiquities, &c. &c.) Rules relating to the Scenery and Antiquities incident to Travellers, including an Epitome of GILPIN's Principles of the Picturesque, sm. 8vo. bds. 2s. 6d. (pub. 7s.) 1826

"As the Encyclopædia of Antiquities was intended to facilitate a general acquisition of Archæology, so this has for its object the dissemination, in a cheap form, of the Picturesque, and the Antiquities incident to Travellers; the result of which will, it is hoped, enable the Tourist to have a higher enjoyment of his excursive pleasures, and the Topographer to enliven the heaviness of description by tasteful and interesting additions."Preface.

2339 FOSBROKE'S (T. D.) Picturesque and Topographical Account of Cheltenham, and its vicinity, to which are added contributions towards the Medical History of the Waters, by Dr. John Fosbroke, 12mo. sewed, 2s (pub. 5s.) 1826

The object of this work is to give some literary character to the accounts of Cheltenham, by treating the subject according to the rules of great authorities in scenery and Archæology. 2340 FOSTER'S HANDBOOK OF EUROPEAN LITERATURE, thick fcap. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 4s. 6d. (pub. 8s. 6d. unbd.)


"The researches of the author are so laboured, and the information gathered is 30 comprehensive, that this book will be an acquisition to every wellselected library, as a means of reference in all cases where memory fails, or where much time without it would be lost in making researches.

2341 FOSS' (Edward) Lives of the Judges of England, with Miscellaneous Notices connected with the Courts at Westminster, from the time of the Conquest to 1485, 4 vols. 8vo. new cloth, 18s. (pub. £2. 16s.) Longmans, 1848-51



"This work will supply an important deficiency in English literature. The Judges of England is an excellent book, and will, without doubt, be appreciated by the public at large, as well as by the members of the legal profession."Tait's Edinburgh Magazine.

"A work which cannot be too highly estimated, whether for the importance of its object, or the great learning, extraordinary research, judgment, of its composition."-Legal Observer. and impartiality which are bestowed on all parts

"Mr. Foss has written a book which has added

more to our knowledge of legal history than any single book published since Madox's History of the Exchequer."—Gentleman's Magazine.

2343 FOSSILS-HAMILTON'S (Rev. W.) Letters concerning the Natural History of the Basaltes, and its Attendant Fossils, in the Northern Counties of Ireland, map and plates, 8vo. hf. morocco, uncut, 4s. 6d.


2344 FOULKE'S (E. S.) Manual of Ecclesiastical History, from the 1st to the 12th Century inclusive, 8vo. cloth, 5s. 6d.


2345 FOURDRINIER'S (Harriet) Our New Parish, its Privileges and Progress, fcap. 8vo. cloth, 2s. Pickering, 1852 2346 FOXE'S (Maister John) Sermon of Christ Crucified, preached at Paule's Cross, the Friday before Easter commonly called Good Friday, portrait inserted, sm. 4to. Black Letter, calf neat, 10s. 6d.

John Daye, over Aldersgate, 1570 2347 FOX'S (John) Acts and Monuments of Matters most Special and Memorable happening in the Church, with an Universal History of the same, numerous curious cuts, FOURTH EDITION (wants title, and folding plate damaged) bd. in 3 vols. folio, hf. russia gilt, £3. 10s, a tall clean copy.

Imprinted at London by John Day, dwelling over Aldersgate, beneath Sainet Martins.


2348 FOX'S (John) Acts and Monuments of the Church, with Life of the Author, fine portrait by Sturt, and numerous illustrations, 3 large vols. folio, hf. calf, 1684 BEST EDITION, £3. 3s.

the most extraordinary and Popular Church His"The Book of Martyrs was, and yet is, one of tories in the World.”—Dibdin.

2349 FOXE'S (John) Acts and Monuments, | 2362 FRANKLAND'S (Capt. C. C.) Travels

with a Life of the Martyrologist, and Vindication of the Work, by the Rev. George Townsend, portrait, facsimiles, and plates, 8 vols. 8vo. £1. 18s. BEST


1843 2350 FOX'S (Joseph) Natural History of the Human Teeth, with a particular elucidation of the changes which take place during the Second Dentition, numerous fine plates, 2 parts forming 1 vol. 4to. bds. 7s. 6d. SCARCE. 1803

2351 FOX'S (George, the Quaker) Jour

nal or Historical Account of his Life, Travels, Sufferings, &c. 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 4s. 1852

"One of the most extraordinary and instructive narratives in the world."-Sir James Mackintosh.

2352 FOX'S (Right Hon. C. J.) Memorials and Correspondence, edited by Lord JOHN RUSSELL, 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 1s. (pub. £3. 3s.) 1853-57 2353 FOWLER'S (G.) Three Years in Persia, with Travelling Adventures in Koordistan, plates, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 3s. 1841 2354 FRANCE-Letters on the Genius and Dispositions of the French Government, by an American, Svo. calf, 3s.

1810 2356 FRANCIS' (J.) Chronicles and Characters of the Stock Exchange, 8vo. cloth, 5s. 6d. (pub. £1. 1s.) 1849 2357 FRANCIS' (J.) History of the English Railway, its Social Relations and Revelations, 1820-45, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth new, 8s. 6d. (pub. £1. 4s.)


2358 FRANCIS' (G. W.) Analysis of the British Ferns and their Allies, numerous plates and woodcuts, 8vo. cloth, 3s. 1842 2359 FRANCIS 1st-BACON's Life and Times of Francis First, King of France, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 4s. 6d. 1829 2360 FRANCO'S (R. Solomon) Truth Springing out of the Earth, that is, the Truth of Christ proved out of the Promises of the Law, wherein it is made manifest that the Coming of the Messias cannot be for Temporal Things, according to the expectation of the Jews, sm. 4to. hf. bd.


1668 2361 FRANCKLIN'S (Capt.) History of the Reign of Shah-Aulum, Emperor of Hindostaun, containing the transactions of the Courts of Delhi and the Neighbouring States during 36 years, map and several fine portraits, 4to. hf. russia neat,



to and from Constantinople in the Years 1827 and 1828, maps and plates, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 3s. (pub. £1. 4s.) 1829

2363 FRANKLIN'S (W.) Inquiry concerning the Site of Ancient Palibothra, conjectured to lie within the limits of the modern district of Bhaugulpoor, according to Researches made on the spot in 1811-12-13-14-15, maps and plates, 2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. hf. morocco, 7s. 6d. 1815-17

2364 FRANKLIN'S (Capt. J.) Journey to

the Polar Sea, in the Years 1819-20-1-2, and Second Expedition in 1825-6-7, including an Account of a Detachment to the Eastward, by Dr. Richardson, numerous maps and plates, 2 vols. 4to. calf, very neat, £1. 15s.


"The unstudied and seaman-like simplicity of the style is not the least of its merits, and the illustrations and embellishments are of a very superior kind."-Quarterly Review.

2365 FRANKLIN'S (Benj) Works, Life, Correspondence, &c. &c. plates, 6 vols. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, £1. 11s. 6d.


"It must rank as a Standard work, which will not lose its interest for ages to come. It embraces and discusses a multitude of great historical, relilight upon an era of almost unparalleled importance gious, and political questions, and throws much in the history of nations."-Luerary Gazette. 2366 FRANKS' (Richd.) Northern Memoirs, calculated for the Meridian of Scotland, to which is added the contemplative and practical Angler, new edition with notes, 8vo. bds. 4s. 6d.

Edinburgh, 1821 2367 FRANK WILDMAN'S Adventures on Land and Water, by F. Gerstaecker, translated and revised by L. Wraxall, with tinted illustrations by Harrison 1855 Weir, 12mo. cloth, gilt edges, 2s.

2368 FRASER'S History of the Nadir Shah, formerly called Thamas Kuli Khan, Emperor of Persia, with a Catalogue of 200 MSS. in the Persic and other Oriental languages, collected in the East, fine frontispiece, 8vo. calf.

1742 2369 FRASER'S (J. B.) Tour through part of the Snowy Range of the Himala Mountains, and to the Sources of the Rivers Jumna and Ganges, large map, 4to. calf, very neat, 12s.


2370 FRASER'S (L.) Zoologia Typica, or Figures of New and Rare Mammals and Birds, described in the Proceedings or exhibited in the Collections of the Zoological Society of London, 70 large and beautifully coloured plates, with descriptions to each, folio, hf. morocco uncut, £3. 10s. (pub. £8. 8s.)


2423 GALLERY of the PICTURES of the MARQUIS of STAFFORD (now the Sutherland Gallery) with descriptions by W. Young Ottley and P. W. Tomkins, con taining 300 FINE ENGRAVINGS after celebrated pictures by the GREAT MASTERS, CHOICE ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS, 4 vols. in 1 folio, LARGE PAPER, hf. russia gilt, uncut, £4. 4s. (pub. £35. 14s.) 1818 2424 GALLERY of BRITISH and FOREIGN PORTRAITS, with Memoirs by distinguished Biographers, 168 beautifully engraved portraits, ORIGINAL IMPRESSION, 7 vols. impl. 8vo. cloth, £3. 5s. or hf. morocco, uncut, gilt tops, £4. 4s. (pub. £7. 7s. in cloth.) Knight, 1833

2413 GAILHARD'S (J.) Present State of the Republick of Venice as to the Government, Laws, Customs, Revenue, and Territory of that Commonwealth, with an Account of the present War in Candia, 12mo. old calf, 3s. 1669 2414 GALE, Registrum Honoris de Richmond, exhibens Terrarum et Villarum, &c. infra. Richmundshire Descriptionem, folio, LARGE PAPER, hf. vellum, UNCUT, £2. 2s. 1722 2415 GALE'S (Theophilus) Discourse of Christ's Coming: and the Influence, which the Expectation thereof hath on all manner of Holy Conversion and Holiness, sm. 8vo. hf. calf neat, 5s. 1673 This splendid and very interesting series 2416 GALE'S Reflections on Wall's His- is engraved in the highest style of art, on steel, in tory of Infant Baptism with a review of the same manner as Lodge's Portraits, with which work it competes for superiority. The portraits the Authorities for the existence of Jewish being different in the two collections, they form Proselyte-Baptism, 8vo. bds. 3s. 1820 desirable companions. The present work is the 2417 GALLANT Exploits of British Sea-only one of its class which contains highly finished men, and of the principal Events in the Foreign portraits on an extensive scale, and as these are generally of characters almost as familiar Naval Service during the present Reign, to us as those of our own country, they mix well by W. H. G. Kingston, post 8vo. cloth, with the English worthies, and form a diversified 3s. (pub. 10s. 6d.) and interesting field of contemplation. The bio1854 2418 GALLENGA'S (Antonio) HISTORY graphical Sketches, it is well known, are powerfully written. OF PIEDMONT, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 7s. 6d. 2425 GALLERY of SCRIPTURE ENGRAV(pub. £1. 4s.) 1855 INGS, Historical and Landscape, with Descriptions, Historical, Geographical, and Pictorial, by DR. KITTO, nearly 200 highly finished engravings, after Rembrandt, Guercino, Correggio, Raffaele, Poussin, Rubens, L. da Vinci, &c. &c. 3 vols. 4to. hf. calf neat, £2. 2s.

"It is the purpose of the present work to study the causes which led to the formation of the state of Piedmont, and gave it stability; to inquire how far the long continued success and advancement of that country, has been owing to the mere advantages of geographical position, and to what extent it may also be ascribed to the peculiar genius of its Princes, and the rare temper of its People."-Preface.

Peinte à Rome par Annibale Carache,
dans le Palais Farnese, gravée par De
Poilly, 34 plates, oblong folio, vellum,
£1. 10s.
Paris, n. d.
consisting of 142 highly finished etchings
from Paintings by the old Masters (Rem-
brandt, G. Dow, Poussin, Claude, Titian,
Murillo, Salvator Rosa, Raphael, &c.)
folio, morocco, gilt edges, £1. 5s. 1812
ILLUSTRES, par un homme de rein,
numerous portraits, 10 vols. 12mo, calf
gilt, marbled leaves, £1. 11s. 6d.

Paris, 1844 2422 GALLERY of the PICTURES of the MARQUIS OF STAFFORD (now the Sutherland Gallery) with descriptions by W. Young Ottley and P. W. Tomkins, containing 300 FINE ENGRAVINGS after celebrated pictures by the GREAT MASTERS, ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS, 4 vols. 4to. hf. bd. uncut, £3. 3s.



2426 GALLERY of ENGRAVINGS, illustrated with 200 beautiful plates from designs by TURNER, STANFIELD, WILKIE, ROBERTS, MACLISE, HAYTER, &c. &c. the Literary Department by L. E. L. Mary Howitt, Bernard Barton, T. Dale, &c. 3 vols. 4to. new hf. morocco gilt, gilt edges, £2. 10s.


"We rejoice to see such beautiful engravings thus placed within the reach of the labourer and works is not, or, at least, ought not to be, beneath the mechanic. The humanizing influence of such the consideration of the statesinan, the philosopher. or the christian."-The Patriot. 2427 GALLERY of British Art, a series of 55 engravings on steel, from designs by Turner, Harding, Stanfield &c. with descriptive letter-press, royal 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d. Ackerman, 1840 2428 GALLOWAY'S (Thomas) Treatise on Probability, forming the article under that head in the Encyclopædia Brittanica, post 8vo. cloth, 3s.


2429 GALT S (John) Sweepings of My Study, post 8vo. bds. 2s. (pub. 7s. 6d.)


2430 GALT'S (John) WORKS, viz.-The | 2442 GARDINER'S (W.) Music of Nature,

Provost, 1 vol. 1822-Ringhan Gilhaise, or the Covenanters, 3 vols. 1823-The Spae Wife, a Tale of the Scottish Chronicles, 3 vols. 1823-Rothelan, a Romance of the English Histories, 3 vols. 1824-The Sweepings of my Study, 1 vol. 1824-The Batchelor's Wife, 1 vol. 1824 Life of Cardinal Wolsey, 1 vol. 1824Last of the Lairds, 1 vol. 1826-Southennan, 3 vols. 1830-Lawrie Todd, or the Settlers in the Woods, 3 vols. 1830Lives of the Players, 2 vols. 1831-The Omen, 1831-The Radical, an Autobiography, 1 vol. 1832-The Member, an Autobiography, 1832-Stories of the Study, 3 vols. 1834-Literary Life and Miscellanies, 3 vols. 1834, together 31 vols. post 8vo. and 12mo. bds. £3. 3s. (pub. £12. 12s.) 1822-34 2431 GALT'S (John) Lives of the Players, 2 vols. post 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 8s. 6d. 1831 2432 GALT (John) The Autobiography of, containing numerous very interesting Anecdotes of his Contemporaries, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 5s. 6d. (pub. £1. 4s.) 1833


2433 GANDELL'S (J. & W.) Philosophy of History, or a Philosophical Dissertation on the Manners, Origin, Religion, Ceremonies and Superstitions, 8vo. bds. 3s. 1829 2435 GANGANELLI'S (Pope Clement XIV.) Interesting Letters, with Anecdotes of his Life, translated from the French, 4 vols. 12mo. calf neat, 5s. 6d. 2436 Another Edition, 4 vols. 12mo. calf extra, marbled edges, FINE COPY, 8s. 6d. 1807


2437 GARBETT'S (J.) Parochial Sermons, thick 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d. (pub. 12s.) 1843 2438 GARBETT'S (J.) Christ on Earth, in Heaven, and on the Judgment Seat, 2 vols. post. 8vo. cloth, 5s. 6d. 1847 2439 GARBETT'S (J.) Beatitudes of the Mount, in Seventeen Sermons, post 8vo. cloth, 3s. 6d. 1854 2440 GARDENING-BURGESS' Amateur Gardener's Year Book, a Guide for those who cultivate their own Gardens in the Principles and Practice of Horticulture, 12mo. cloth, 2s. 6d. 1854 2441 GARDINER'S (Ralph) England's Grievance Discovered, in relation to the Coal Trade, illustrated with a folding plan of Newcastle as a frontispiece, and portraits of Kings and Queens, and miscellaneous subjects, 8vo. bds. 8s. 6d. SCARCE (Reprint 1796).


or an Attempt to prove that what is passionate and pleasing in the Art of Singing, Speaking, and performing upon Musical Instruments, is derived from the sounds of the Animated World, with Curious and Interesting Illustrations, plates of music, 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d. (pub. 18s.) 1832

2443 GARDINER (Stephen, Bisshoppe of Winchester) Detection of the Devil's Sophistrie, wherewith he robbeth the Un* learned People of the true byleef, in the most blessed Sacrament of the Aulter, Black Letter, 8vo. fine copy in olive morocco extra, gilt edges, BY F. BEDFORD. £2. 12s. 6d. VERY SCARCE.


John Herforde, at the Costes, and Charges of Robert Toye. 2444 GARDINERI (Rich.) Herefordensis Specimen Oratorium Recusum, et Declamationibus quorrundam ibidem Art. Bac. necnon Additamentis Studentium Heterogeniis adornatum, 12mo. calf neat, 7s. 6d. SCARCE Oxon, 1662

*The above volume of Orations, Letters, Poems, &c., Latin and English, is not noticed in Lowndes, it is a curious and very interesting volume, particularly to the Herefordshire Collector.

2445 GARIBALDI'S (General) Campaign

in the Two Sicilies, a Personal Narrative by Charles Stuart Forbes, Commander, R.N. portrait of Garibaldi, and map il lustrative of the Campaign, post 8vo. cloth, 7s. 6d.

1861 2446 GARLAND of Christmas Carols, ancient and modern, including several never before given in any collection, edited with Notes by J. Sylvester, feap. 8vo. cloth new, 4s.


2447 GARNER'S (R.) Natural History of the County of Stafford, comprising its Geology, Zoology, Botany, Meteorology, &c. plates, 8vo. cloth, 10s. 6d. (pub. £1. 1s.) Van Voorst, 1844 2448 GARRICK'S (David) Poetical Works, now first collected, with Explanatory Notes, 2 vols. 12mo.old calf gilt, 4s.6d. 1785 2449 GARRICK'S (David) Memoirs, interspersed with Characters and Anecdotes of his Theatrical Contemporaries, by T. Davies, portrait, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. old calf gilt, 4s. 6d.

1780 2450 GARTHWAITE'S (H.) Monotessaron, the Evangelical Harmonie, reducing the four Evangelists into one continued context, and in it the entire Historie of the Life and Death of Jesus Christ, sm. 4to. hf. calf, very neat, 5s. 6d. Cambriage, 1634

2451 GAY'S FABLES, illustrated with plates by Vandergucht, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. old calf gilt, 8s. 6d. 1733 2452 GAY'S FABLES, illustrated with plates by Vandergucht, 2 vols. in 1, sm. 8vo. calf, 5s. 6d.

1757 2453 GAY'S FABLES, with Life of the Author, 70 plates after Stothard, Blake, &c. 2 vols. royal 8vo. bright old calf gilt, £1. 10s. Stockdale, 1793 2454 GAZE (Theodori) Grammaticæ Institutionis Liber primus, Gr. et Lat. D. Erasmo interprete, frontispiece, woodcut borders and capitals by Hans Holbein, sm. 4to. calf, 12s. 6d. Basile, 1516 2455 GAZETTEER OF THE WORLD, or Dictionary of Geographical Knowledge, illustrated with numerous engravings of views of Cities, Localities, or Natural Objects throughout the World, COLOURED MAPS and woodcuts, 14 vols. impl. 8vo in 7, handsomely bd. calf gilt, marbled edges, £6. 15s. (pub. £10. 10s. unbd.)


1856, &c 2456 GAZETTEER-The Parliamentary Gazetteer of England and Wales, illus trated by a series of maps, forming a complete Country Atlas, with Supplement, 13 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, 18s. 1843 2457 GAZUL'S (Clara, a Spanish Comedian) Plays, with Memoirs of her Life, post 8vo. cloth, 3s. 2458 GEDDES' (Dr.) Miscellaneous Tracts, containing History of the Expulsion of the Moriscoes out of Spain, and of the Wars of the Commons of Castile-View of the Spanish Cortes-Account of the Manuscripts and Reliques found in the Mountains of Granada, 1588-View of the Inquisition of Portugal On the Adoration of Images praying to Saints and Angels-Views of all the Orders of Monks and Friars, with Life of Don Alvarez de Luna, 4 vols. 8vo. calf, 12s. 6d. 1702, &c.


[blocks in formation]

PAPER, hf. morocco uncut, gilt top, £2.5s. (pub. £10. 4s.) 1832 2462 GELL'S (Sir W.) Narrative of a Journey in the Morea, plates, 8vo. bds. 2s. 6d. 1823

2463 GELL'S (Sir W.) Itinerary of Greece, with a Commentary on Strabo and Pausanias, plates, 4to. bds. 10s. (pub, £2. 12s. 6d.) 1810

2464 GELL'S (Dr. Robert) Essay towards. the Amendment of the last English Translation of the Bible, or a proof, by many instances, that the late Translation of the Bible into English may be im-proved, folio, old calf, 12s. 6d. scarce. 1659 2465 GEMS-DAGLEY'S Gems, selected from the Antique, numerous beautifully engraved plates, sm. 4to. calf, very neat, 6s. 6d.

1804 2466 GEMS DE WILDE (J.) Gemma An tiquæ, 1703-Selecta Numismata Antiqua, 1692-Signa Antiqua, 1700, upwards of 100 fine plates, 3 vols. 4to. vellum, 12s. 6d. Amst. v. d.

2467 GEMS for the Drawing Room, in Four Books, comprising exquisitely coloured. Drawings of Fruit, Flowers, and Birds, variously grouped, accompanied by Poetry, original and selected, by F. W. N. Bailey, Esq. PRINTED IN GOLD, 4 vols. impl. 4to.. beautifully bd. in enamelled cloth cream and gold, gilt edges, £3. 8s. (pub. £6. 6s)


A truly elegant set of Table Books, quite a novelty in style, and forms a highly diversified col-lection, calculated to afford delight to all who can appreciate the beautiful in Nature. 2468 GEMS for the Drawing Room, British Birds, numerous beautifully coloured: Drawings with Poetry PRINTED IN GOLD, impl. 4to. fancy enamel binding cream and gold, 17s. (pub £1. 11s. 6d.)


of Exotic Birds, a Series of richly coloured plates with descriptions, beautifully printed in gold on thick satin paper, superbly bd. in Papier Mache, INLAID WITH PEARL, sm. 4to. £1. 8s.

2459 GEDDES' (Dr.) Church History of Ethiopia, and an Account of the Practices and Conviction of Maria of the Annun-2469 GEMS for the Drawing Room-Book ciation, the famous Nun of Lisbon, 8vo. calf, 4s. 6d. 2460 GELL and GANDY'S POMPEIANA -The Topography, Edifices, and Ornaments of Pompeii, ORIGINAL SERIES, containing the result of the Excavations previous to 1819, with upwards of 100 beautiful line engravings by Goodall, Cook, Heath, Pye, &c. best edition, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. cloth, LARGE PAPER, £2. 2s.



2470 GEMS for the Drawing Room, Fruit and Flowers, beautifully coloured Drawings, with letter-press PRINTED IN GOLD, 2 vols. impl. 4to. ornamental binding of cream and gold, £1. 14s. (pub. £3. 3s.)


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