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King of Campagna, and with a troop of six hundred men, surpassed the exploits and the atrocities of his predecessors.”

But, to conclude my tale with pleasanter matter, the young cavalier Luigi was united to the fair daughter of · the Salernitan baron, and the pretty Nicoletta, instead of being a robber's wife, soon made a more fitting match with one of the pages of her mistress's husband.


Yes! I have sleptand then there came a dream
Sweet to my soul—a retrospective gleam
Of life's fair morn: I seemed again a boy,
Bounding through flowery meadows, wild with joy,
To seek the hedge where nuts and berries grew;
Around me all was bright, and o'er my brow
The passing breeze delicious coolness threw.
Alas! why did I wake? where am I now?
Weak, weary, moaning on the couch of pain,
Feeling I cannot breathe the blessed air
In pleasant fields or garden-bowers again :
Darkness is closing round me ere life's noon,
Shrouding each object from my love or care ;
And yet I may not murmur, “ 'Tis too soon!”



SEVILLE-gay Seville,—with its serenades,

And masks, and convent chimes, and castanets, And flashing eyes of Andalusian maids,

And Gothic towers, and Moorish minarets:

Bright orange groves, and light acacia bowers,

Whose tufted blossoms far their fragrance throw, And stately palm, that like a giant, towers

Above the dwarfish trees that cower below:


Desert sierras, where the ilex spreads

On rocky steeps; where odours, strange, yet sweet, Are wafted from the aromatic beds

Of thousand flowers that spring beneath the feet:

A train of straggling mules,-a muleteer,

Winding their way adown some mountain side;
And sound of tinkling bells, that on the ear

Fall sweetly, at the hour of eventide :


A group of boys, seated beneath a tree

Such as Murillo sketched--urchins at play, With ragged coats, but faces full of glee,

With bread and melon, making holiday:


Goats, milk-white, feeding ʼmid rosemary bushes,

On prickly pear, upon a craggy steep;
And the half-naked goatherd, plaiting rushes, *

Or stretched beneath an olive tree, asleep:


An Andaluz, with gun upon his shoulder,

Wading, † with sturdy stride, at close of day; Or bandit, with an eye, and step yet bolder,

Starting from out a thicket in your way:

* Plaiting the Esparto rush, for sandals or baskets, is a common occupation of the goatherd.

+ Walking through the wilds of Andalusia, is wading knee deep among shrubs.


Grey-bearded friars, with idle step, and slow,

Strolling in pairs about their convent gates; Or tattered beggar, looking up, to throw

A well-aimed stone among the clustering dates : *

A dark-eyed girl, within her doorway sitting,

Singing wild snatches to her cracked guitar;
While peasant, with an air and smile befitting,

Stands listening to the song of love or war.

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Bright land of sunshine,-clime of cloudless skies;

Fairest and loveliest of the lands that be How many pictures to my fancy rise,

When memory turns,-as turn it will, to thee! SKETCHES OF MODERN POETS.

* A ragged peasant seldom passes a clump of date trees without aiming a stone at some of the lowest clusters.


HIGH-Priest of the Nine! Poet, Prophet, and Sage, What deep lessons of wisdom are poured in thy page; Where the old and the young, sad and mirthful, may

find, Each reflected in sunshine, some “ mood of his mind;" Where the simple may learn with kind feelings to glow, And the wise may discover how little they know! Whence the broken in spirit may drink solace and

balm, And the tempest-tossed bosom be taught to grow calm : The rich - there are treasures that gold cannot buy; The poor — that there is but one rank in the sky! The guileless, their whiteness of spirit to keep, And the guilty, that vengeance not always will sleep! There the spell-bound Enthusiast, whose mind has

been sown With pure poesy's pearls, some soft feeling may own;

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