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Bakibab Borkar (B..B.Borkar)..His poems are full of lyricism.English translation of poems originally written in any other language may not bring out the nuances peculiar to a tongue ( especially theeffect of sound, rhyme etc).However the translations given in this book bring home the images that
the poet wants to convey through his words.The feelings and experiences expressed by the poet
have been expertly presented to the reader.All in all ,it is a great enjoyment to read these poems.
Manohar Talhar (b.1932) : On p.279 I find a mention of regional novels : I had read Manohar Talhar`s
"Manoos" a long time was about the life of Riksha-pullers ,and it was set in the locale of Amravati in the Vidarbh region of Maharashtra (India). For a person who spent his early years in Belgaum -Karnataka (India) and later part in Bombay (now Mumbai) it was a new experience .It opened a new world .

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