Review: A Short History of Nearly Everything

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Thank goodness Bill Bryson has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Here I thought he just walked all over the world and then wrote about it fortunately not. I've read about half a dozen of his books: A WALK IN THE WOODS, NOTES FROM A SMALL ISLAND, NOTES FROM A BIG COUNTRY, NEITHER HERE NOR THERE, even a dictionary he wrote. Not one of them failed to elicit embarrassing giggles, often at highly ... Read full review

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Well, as title says - from the beginning of time through modern history, Id say rather technology or civilisation, with a glimpse into future. Description from above says it all. Bryson puts it all.

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I would like to purchase it how can I

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Nice overview of all the realms of science that an amateur can enjoy. It goes into how they each developed and branched over time, and explains how human understanding of the physical world brought us to our current position as a specie. It explains the circumstances in which great minds thrived: often unaided by formal education in any sciences. I particularly enjoyed the explanations behind some of the science, which is laid down in simple terms for anyone to understand.
There were tracts of the book where biography after biography succeeded one another and was a bit tedious to follow, but other than that it was an overall pleasurable read.

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i read this many times..... it is very adventurous...

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The best book I have ever read!
I am a smarter person for reading this magnificent book. You will be too if you read it.

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Best book I've read
Bryson does a fantastic job of simplifying the science whilst respecting the reader's intelligence. I was engaged from start to finish and couldn't wait to turn the page and discover something new and interesting.

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