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I HAVE often wondered whether it was sunnier and brighter than elsewhere at Cornertown—that little

village I know so well—that the fairies made it their constant abode ? It looked so very commonplace to any one who came upon it from the great world, which, indeed, did not often happen; but to those who had lived in it all their lives, it was as the very heart of beauty and peacefulness. It often happens so; by-the-bye, it almost seems a pity that people rattle about so much now-a-days, for it really is astonishing the quantity of beauty and gladness one can get out of a small spot of ground when one is obliged to stay in it. However this may be, certain it is that those old-fashioned folks, the fairies, guarded this little spot of ground like the very apple of their eye-cities and towns, villa residences and railway stations, they utterly abhorred; in fact they had not been seen in the great world for centuries, as you can no doubt all testify, but Cornertown having been somehow overlooked in the general bustle, had remained peaceful and sequestered, simple and old-fashioned to the last degree, so that it had become the pride and delight of the fairies' hearts. I shall not tell you where this little village is, for then you would

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