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They call thee rich, I deem thee poor. . .

They mock my toil, the nymphs and amorous swains
Thief, Ona. .
Think, Delia, with what cruel haste
This cap, that so stately appears . . .
This is the feast of heavenly wine . .
Thornton, In memory of :
Thou hast no lightnings, O Thou Just.
Thou magic lyre, whose fascinating sound .
Though nature weigh our talents, and dispense
Though once a puppy · ·
Thracian, The . .
Thracian parents, at his birth .
Thrive, gentle plant . .
Throckmorton, Mrs. .
Thus Italy was moved-nor did the chief
Thus says the prophet of the Turk.
Thy country, Wilberforce, with just disdain .
Thy nausea is the Christian's heat.
Time, never wandering from his annual round
Time-piece, The . .
Time was when I was free as air.
Tirocinium . .
'Tis folly all, let me not more be told .
'Tis morning and the sun with ruddy orb
'Tis my happiness below .
'Tis not that I design to rob. .
To Babylon's proud waters brought
To be remembered thus is fame.
To grass, or leaf, or fruit or wall.
To Jesus, the Crown of my Hope .
To keep the lamp alive.
To lay the soul that loves him low
To purify their wine some people bleed.
To tell the Saviour all thy wants.
To those who know the Lord I speak.
To watch the storms and hear the sky .
Toll for the brave .
Tomb of Mr. Hamilton, Inscription for . .
Too many, Lord, abuse Thy grace .
Traveller, regret me not
Tres trca, sed longe distantia, sæcula vates .
Trial of Admiral Keppel, On the . . .
Triumph of Heavenly Love desired .
Trust me, the meed of praise, dealt thriftily ·
Truth . . . . . .
'Twas a long journey lay before us :
'Twas in the glad season of spring
Two neighbours furiously disputed
Two nymphs both nearly of an age
Two omens seem propitious . .
Two poets (poets, by report)
Two powdered cockscombs wait at your command





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Venerable Rival, Upon a

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Verses, written, &c. .
Verses (supposed to be written by Alexander Selkirk)
Vicissitudes experienced in the Christian Life
Votum . . . . . .
Warren Hastings, To . . .
Watching unto God . ..
Weak and irresolute is man, .
What is there in the vale of life .
What nature, alas ! has denied .
What portents, from what distant region ride
What thousands never knew the road
What various hindrances we meet .
What virtue or what mental grace. .
When all within is peace .
When Aeilus, the nocturnal thief. .
When darkness long has veiled my mind
When Hagar found the bottle spent .
When, long sequestered from his throne
When the British warrior Queen . .
When wit and genius meet their doom .
Whence is it that amazed I hear .
Where hast thou floated .
Where Humber pours his real Commercial stream .
While thirteen moons saw smoothly run .
Why weeps the Muse for England ? What appears
Wilberforce, To.
Wilds horrid and dark with o'er-shadowing trees.
William was once a bashful youth .
Winter evening, The ..
Winter has a joy for me
Winter morning walk, The.
Winter nosegay, The . .
Winter walk at noon .
With no rich viands overcharged I send . .
With seeds and birdlime . .
With two spurs or one. . .
Would my Delia know if I love, let her take . .
“Write to Sardis,” saith the Lord . . .




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Yardley Oak. . .
Ye Linnets, let us try, beneath this grove ..
Ye nymphs of Hemera (for ye have shed)
Ye sister powers, who o'er the sacred groves.
Ye sons of earth, prepare the plough .
Yearly Bill of Mortality, Stanzas on

A second . . . . . .
Yearly Distress, The . .
You bid me write to amuse the tedious hours.
You give your cheeks a rosy stain.
You told me I remember glory, built.
Young Friend, To a .
Young lady, To a . . .





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- 676-8


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Printed by GILBERT and RIVINGTON Limitod, St. John's House, Clerkenwell, E.C.

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