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HE FIFTH GRADUATED READER consists of extracts from standard authors.

In the preparation of the book a twofold aim has been

constantly kept in view ; in the first place, to admit only choice passages

of our best writers ; and in the second, to take care that these passages should be such as to attract and retain the interest and sympathy of the pupil.

Thus while the selections will serve as an introduction to what is best and most beautiful in our literature, it is believed also that they will be found bright and interesting for children, and in every way adapted to this stage of their progress. Like the other Readers of the series, this book has been carefully graduated from beginning to end.

The lessons have been furnished with introductory and explanatory notes, with copious spelling-lists, and numerous exercises on the formation of words and sentences.

The publishers beg to thank Messrs Longman for permission to use the lessons on the siege of Londonderry from Lord Macaulay's History of England ; Messrs Macmillan, for the lesson on the Crocodile, from Sir S. W. Baker's Ismailia ; Messrs Chapman & Hall, for lesson on Stage-coach; Professor Tyndall and Messrs Kegan Paul, Trench, & Co., for lessons on Origin of Rivers ; Mr Ruskin, for ‘Recollections of my Boyhood ;' and Mr A. R. Wallace, for lessons on the Bamboo.

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