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Berlin, A. Asher-Hamburg, Perthes & Besser—Leipsie, Black & Armstrong, (of London.)—St. Petersburgh, A. Ashers'

United States of America, Adlard &

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• , New York.-Upper Canada, Rowsell, Toronto,

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Coromation Anecdotes, I., 231-II.,244

Coronations, Chapters on, I., 220-II.,

The Regalia,335

Creation, knowledge of, 53

Crickets, natural history of, 135

Criticism, differeuce between shallow

and false, 216

Crocus, vernal and autumnal, 96

Crusade against the Albigenses, 89,153

Dangers of moral sentiment, 214

Davy, Sir H., extracts from, 238

Deity, proofs of 184

Dispersion of seeds, on the, 182

Doctrine of Materialism, 238

Dunloh Castle, 83

Dutch Fisheries, I, 102—II., 152

Whale-fishery, 218

Early history of Moses, 84

#. how clothed with plants, 141

Education of Queen Elizabeth, 57

Eel, the, 23

Essects of Arsenic on the human body,


Christianity at the hour of

e death, 173 f. 108, 132

t, plagues of, 108,

#. . of, 107

Elephant, head of the, 214
Elizabeth, Queen, her progresses and
Fo processions, I., 2–II., 17–
II., 57–IV., 97—V., 145–VI., 225

England, salubrity of, 6

Enjoyments of an active life, 107

Esculent Swallow, 248

Evelyn, epitaph of, by himself, 184

Excellence the reward of labour, 27

Exchange, Royal, account of, 50

Exodus of the Jews from Egypt, 148

Exposure of the eye to .# fumes,

effects of 198

Eye-sight, employments which injure,
., 92–11., 117–III., 159–IV.,

174—W., 198-VI., 222–VII., 230

Fastolf, Sir John, biographical notice

of 209

Feather of a Peacock, 95

Females, head-dresses of, 186

Fisheries, the Dutch, 102, 152, 218

Floog phosphoric light emitted by,

Foot of a horse, 115
Forest-trees, notes on, 112, 144
Formation of the human hand, 199
Frost-fair on the River Thames, 54
Functions of the eye, 117
Funeral Rites of the Greco-Russian
Church, 150, 157

Geometry, 48, 92

Gipsies, their resemblance to the Jews,

Glass-making, 60

also on the customary use of, 222,


Glow-worm, the, 240

God, Nature the image of, 176

– existence of, proved by his works,

Good judgment, advantage of a, 8
Great-flowered magnolia, 112
Greco-Russian Church, ceremonies of

150, 157

Guilt not compatible with real happi-


Gun-flints, manufacture of 96

Halford, Sir H., selection from, 173

Hatfield, residence of the Princess

Elizabeth at, 225

Hawke, statue of Admiral. at Cloyne,

Head of the elephant, 214

Head-dresses of females, 186

Heart, the human, 6

Heavenly bodies, theories explanatory
of the motions of, 123
wisdom, evidences of 48

Heavens, appearance of the, 122

Heidelberg, castle of, I., 9–II., 24

Herring-fishery, account of, 102

Herschel, Sir J., extracts from, 62, 112

Hogarth, extract from, 1

Honour, who worthy of 117

Horse, foot of a, 115

Horsley, Bishop, selection from, 176

House I live in, W., 100–VI., 245

Human hand, formation of, 199

Human frame, number of bones and

joints in, 245

Illustrations of the Bible from the Mo-

numents of Antiquity, WI, 11–

VII., 28–VIII., 60–IX., S4–X.,

108–XI., 132–XII., 140–XIII.,

180–XIV., 228

Imagination, on reading works of, 53

laught Blind, visit to the school for,

Inharmonious sounds, coincidences

respecting the harmony of 115

Instances of longevity, 6 -

Invention of the microscope and tele.

scope, 183

Irresolution, 24

Israelites, establishment of, in the
land of Goshen, 11

bondage of in Egypt, 28

Jews, modern, 22, 46

Johannesberg, account of 193

Johnson, selections from, 144, 219

Joiner, the, 223

Joy, selections from, 107

Judgment, advantage of good, 8

Keswick, black-lead mine at, 110

Killarney, Lakes of. VI., 81—VII., 137


—- town of 82

kini, ancient office of Purveyor to

the, I

Knowledge of Creation, 53

pleasure of acquiring, 95

on the uses of, 134

Lahore, some account of 239, 247

Lakes of Killarney, VI., 81—VII., 137

—WIll., 177

Lamprey, the, 172

Lava of Mount Vesuvius, 198
Lessons on Christian Evidences, XIII.,
22–XIV., 46

Letters of Queen Elizabeth, 58,99, 146

Life-boat, the, 20

Life, how best enjoyed, 107

Lloyhoods, emitted by flowers,


Limited power of man, 186

Lines to a waterfowl, 143

Locke, selection from, 94

London, warning voice in, 192

Longevity, instances of, 6

Loss of a beloved object, lines on, 232

Macao, occupation of, by the British,

182. 25.

Macculloch, selections from, 83, 95,

115, 117, 119, 141

Macgillicuddy's Reeks, Killarney, 137

Mes; Lantern and Phantasmagoria,


Magnolia, great flowered, 112 ,

Man, frailty of, 6

limited power of 186

Mangnall, lines by, 152

Mangrove, the, 144

Mankind, proof of the common origin

of, 224

roper study of 238

Mant, Bishop, selections from, 52, 118

Manufacture of Bells, 7

Gun-flints, 96

Mariners, means of savingshipwrecked,

Masaniello, story of, 41, 65

Parr, selections from, 6

Pascal, selections from, 176

rol. temper and carriage, , on,

Peacock, feather of 95

Pearls; mode of forming artificial, 155

Pens, history of Quill, i4

- §.3

Perseverance, results of 219

*son, and Magic Lantern,

Pharos, watch-tower of 208

Polis light emitted by flowers,

Pictures, Scripture, 130

Placentia, the ancient palace of, 19

Plagues of Egypt, 108,132

Plaos System, lines descriptive of,

Planets, form of the orbits of, 127

Plants, perpetuation of 119

Pleasure of acquiring knowledge, 95

Pope, lines by, 160

Popular Astronomy, I., Introduction,

121-General appearance of the

heavens, 122-Theories to explain

the motions of the heavenly bodies,

l23–Form of the orbits of the

planets, 127

Pottery and glass making, 60

Poverty, what properly to be called,

Powo of man, the limited, 186
Preservation of o: 219
Processes by which the earth is clothed
with plants, 141
Productions, vegetable, of various cli-
mates, 52
Progresses and Processions of Queen
Elizabeth, I., 2–1 I., 17-III, 57
–IV., 97—V., 145
Promptitude, advantages of, 52
ruro, to the king, ancient office of,

Quarles, lines by, 100

Queen Elizabeth, education of, 57

progresses and pro-

cessions of, I., 2–II., 17-III, 57

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Reading, true use of 32
taste for, 6
works of imagination, on, 53
Recreations in Natural Philosophy,
Regalia of England, account of 235
#:... isplayed to mankind,94
the source of all good, 173
true spirit of, 196
Religious habit, necessity of a, 63
Revolution of Naples, 41,65
Revolutions of the seasons, 94
Reynolds, Sir J., selections from, 27,

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AMMow, figure of 108
Ampulla, the, 236
Anatomical Illustrations, 100, 101
Ancient German King, elevation of,

picture of an Egyptian ship,

— rowing boat, 33
— ship, showing the sign: or
image at the prow,
Egyptian casket, 61
—— Roman coins, representations
of war-galleys on, 204
Anglo-Saxon pen and inkstand, 15
Animal worship and sacrifices of the
Egyptians, 133
Antique seal of Minerva, 45
Apteryx Australis, 139 ,
Ashridge Abbey, in the time of Queen
Elizabeth, 97
Athenian ship, ears and eyes of, 38

Balance, ancient Egyptian, 149
Bell, moulding a large,
Bible, illustrations of, from the monu-
ments of ancient Egypt, 12, 13,
28, 29, 60, 61,85, 108, 133, 148,
149, 181, 182 -
Bird's-eye view of an Egyptian table,

Broad-nosed Eel, 24

Caister Castle, ruins of, 209
Camera Obscura, illustrations of the, 72
Lucida, illustrations of the, išo
Camphor-tree, leaf and fruit of the,

Canton, triumphal arch at, 256

fort on the river near, 249

Carpentry, ofon. illustrative of,
188, 189, 22

Chair, King Edward's, 236

Chariot, charioteer, and warrior, Egyp-
tian, 180

Chester Cathedral, 169

Children of the Neapolitan lazzaroni,

Choir of female musicians, 22.2
Cicada, the, 200
Cloyne, round tower at, 24]

common wasp, section of the nest of,

Costume of Queen Elizabeth when
. . young,

Romance of ancient naval history,
causes of the, 201

Rome, some account of, VII., 73–
Baths of Titus, 73–Seven Halls
of Vespasian, 74—Aqueducts, 75
—Forum of Trajan, 76–Pillar, or
Column, of Trajan, 77—Mole of
Hadrian, or Castle of St. Angelo,
78–VIII., 161—History of St.
Peter's, 161—Approach, Colon-

made, and Front, 162–Descrip-

tion of interior, 162—The Dome,
166— Illuminations of, 167–
Churches of Modern Rome, 167–
Relics of Paganism in, 168
Royal Exchange, account of, 50
Ruins of Caister Castle, 209
Runjeet ##". account of 239, 247
Russia, VIII., 150–1X., 157

St. Angelo, castle of 78
St. Peter's, Rome, history of, 161
Salubrity of England, 6
School for Indigent Blind, visit to, 30
Science, amusements in, V., Arith-
metic, 31-W I., Geometry, 48-
VII., Astronomy, 88–VIII., Geo-
metry, 92
Scott, Sir W., selections from, 144, 215
Scripture pictures, 130
Seasons, the, I., Winter, 71
revolutions of the, 94
Seeds, on the dispersion of, 182
Self-love, lines on, 160
Seven days, ancient division of time
into, 224
Shipwrecked mariuers, means of sa-

ving, 20
Short, or Cloth Wool, manufacture of,

Shuttleworth, selections from, 62
Sight, description of organs of 92
Simon de Montfort, his crusade against
the Albigenses, 89, 153
Siphon, description of the, 212
Smith, Adam, selection from, 144
Charlotte, lines by, 240
Somerville, Mrs., selections from, 224
“Song of the Bell,” by Schiller, ex-
tracts from, 8
Sonnet, by Queen Elizabeth, 147
Soul and body, connexion between, 147
Specks in the eye, fixed or floating, 158
Steel pens, history of, 63
Steele, selection from, 8
Stomach, the, 6
Story of Masaniello, I., 41–II., 65
Stove, description of Dr. Arnott's, 116
Swallow, the esculent, 248
System, the planetary, 152

Taste for reading, 62
—natural history, advantages

of, 62
Telescope, invention of the, 183
Temper, on a peaceable, 62
Thames, frost-fair on the, 54
Thermometer-stove, 115
Thomson, lines by, 213
Tillotson, selections from, 23, 27
Titus, baths of, 73
Tobacco employed in counteracting

the effects of arsenic, 87
Tower, confinement of the Princess

Elizabeth in, 146
Trajan, pillar or column of 77
True use of reading, 3
Trusler, selections from, 183
Twilight, 140

Cot, life-preserving, 20
Court-yard of Heidelberg Castle, 9
Crowns, various specimens of, 237
Crussol, castle of, 153
Cymbals, sacred dances with, 298

Diagrams illustrative of Geometry, 92
Dunloh Castle, Killarney, 81

East view of Heidelberg Castle, 25
Eels, various species of 24
Egyptian ladies, head-dresses of 185
— altar-table, with fowls, bread,
fruit, &c., 12
pottery-float, 33
cusket, 61
fisherman in a boat of the
papyrus, 65
— consectioners
sweetmeats, 148
Ehrenfels, castle of, 105
Elevation of an ancient German king,


Elizabeth, Queen, in one of her pro-

gresses, borne by six gentlemen,

and attended by her court, 1
Esculent Swallow, 348
Exterior of St. Peter's, at Rome, 161

Female musicians, choir of, 229
Floating-tower, ancient, 40
Fort on the river, near Canton, 249
Frost-fair on the River Thames, 56

Falchion, ancient Egyptian, 181

Galley, from a painting at Hercula-

Geometry, diagrams illustrative of, 48

German King, elevation of an ancient,

Grecian ladies, head-dresses of 185
Greenwich, palace of Placentia at, 17
Grig eel, 24
Gun*. tools employed in making,

Heidelberg Castle, comrt-yard of, 9
- east view of, 25

Interior of St. Peter's, Rome, 165

Johannesberg-Castle, 193
Jungfrau and Wengen Alps, 217

Killarney, view on the Upper Lake, 177
King Edward's chair, .."

Lamprey, the sea, 172
Lazzaroni of Naples, 41
Life-boat, the, 2

Macgillicuddy's Reeks, from Aghadoe,
Magic lantern, diagrams illustrative of
the, 104
Magnolia, great-flowered, 112
Mangrove, the, 144
Masonry, diagram to illustrate the
mode of joining stones in, 141
Mio over and Castle of Ehrenfels,

Minerva, antique seal of 45
Minerve, castle of Languedoc, 89
Moulding a large Bell, 8

Naples, Lazzaroni of 41
Negun Lazzaroni, children of the,

Old Somerset-House, 225

Olive-tree, 44

Olive-press, 69

Oval, diagrams elucidating the pro-
perties of the, 176

Pen and inkstand, Anglo-Saxon, 15
Pharos, watch-tower of 208
Pillar, or Column, of Trajan, 77
Placentia, palace of, at Greenwich, 17
Pole-axe, ancient Egyptian, 181
Pottery-float, Egyptian, 33
Ptolemaic system, 124

Queen Elizabeth, borne by six gentle-

costume ol, when
young, 57

Queen's crown and circlet, 937

Quivers, ancient Egyptian, 180

Remains of the Seven Halls of Vespa-
Rhayadyr Bridge, Monmouthshire, 233
ltoman war-galley, ancient, 40
ladies, head-dresses of, 184
Rope, shot, and shells, to be used in
cases of shipwreck, 21
Rostra and heads of ancient ships, 205

Use of bells, 7 -

Useful Arts, XXXIV., Masonry, 141
-XXXV., The Carpenter, 172–
XXXVI., 187— XXXVII., Car.
penter and Joiner, 223

Uses of Knowledge, 134

Vegetable productions of various cli.
mates, 52

Vernal and autumnal crocus, 96

Vesuvius, Lava of Mount, 198

Village church, limes on, 16

visio the School for Indigent Blind,

Voyage, an ancient, 39

War and merchant ships, 37
Warning voice in London, 192
Wasps, nests of, 215
Waterfowl, lines to a, 143
Waterton, extracts from, 219
Watson, selections from, 112
Whewell, extracts from, 183, 186, 230
Whale-fishery, Dutch, 918
White (of Selborne), extract from, 135
Wigs_and Head-dresses, 1., 114-11.
159–111., 186
Wines of the Rhine, 193
Wither, lines by, 232
Wood, extracts from, 62
woo, description of various fancy,

Woollen Manufacture, III., 196
Works of Imagination, on reading, 53
wo Materials, history of, 14, 63,

Wye and Monmonthshire, I., 233
Youtn, the time of enterprise, 144

Round tower at Cloyne, 941
Royal Exchange, London, 49
Ruins of Caister Castle, 209

Sacred dances with cymbals, 228
Saxon pen and inkstand, 15
Seal of Minerva, 45

so Halls of Vespasian, remains of,

Sharp-nosed Eel, 24

Ship, Athenian, 38

Ships at sea, 122

-- rostra and heads of ancient, 205

Siphon, diagrams illustrative of the
uses of, 212, 213

Snig Eel, 24

Solar system, 121

Somerset House, old, 225

St. Peter's, view of the exterior of, 161

-- interior of, 165

Storing the corn in the royal grana.
ries, Egypt, 13

sungal. diagrams for constructing,

Swallow, the esculent, 248

Thames, Frost-fair on the, 56
Thermometer-stove, figure of, 116
Tiber, view on the, 73 -
Toomposed in making gun-flints,

Trajan, pillar or column of 77
Triumphal arch at Canton, 256
F. diagram to illustrate the pro-
duction of, 140
Tychonic system, 125

Vassal king of Persia, investiture of,

Vespasian, remains of the seven halls
of, 80

War-galleys on ancient Roman coins,
representations of 204

Wasps, mests of various species of,

Watch-tower of Pharos, 208
Wigs and head-dresses, various spe-
cimens, of, ll3, 160, 184
Wool-carding engine, 197
Woodstock Castle, 145
World, general features of, according
to the geographers just before the
Christian era, 20

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