The New Instructor Clericalis: Stating the Authority, Jurisdiction, and Modern Practice of the Court of King's Bench

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W. Clarke and Sons, 1818 - Civil procedure - 971 pages

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Page 14 - A THIRD species of implied assumpsits is when one has had and received money belonging to another, without any valuable consideration given on the receiver's part : for the law construes this to be money had and received for the use of the owner only ; and implies that the person so receiving promised and undertook to account for it to the true proprietor.
Page 581 - AB, as for his costs and charges by him about his suit in that behalf expended...
Page 861 - C. prays that the judgment aforesaid, for the errors aforesaid, and other errors in the record and proceedings aforesaid, may be reversed, annulled, and altogether held for nothing, and that he may be restored to all things which he hath lost by occasion of the said judgment, &c.
Page 756 - But the great and efficacious writ, in all manner of illegal confinement, is that of habeas corpus ad subjiciendum ; directed to the person detaining another, and commanding him to produce the body of the prisoner, with the day and causo of his caption and detention, ad faciendum, subjiciendum, et recipiendum, to do, submit to, and receive...
Page 480 - VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, to the...
Page 12 - An annuity is a yearly payment of a certain sum of money, granted to another in fee, for life, or years, charging the person of the grantor only.
Page 102 - Affidavit shall be made by the Plaintiff, or some one on his Behalf, for which no fee shall be taken, before some Judge of the Court out of which such Process or Execution shall issue, or before some Person authorized to take Affidavits in such Courts...
Page 2 - All courts of record are the king's courts, in right of his crown and royal dignity, and therefore no other court hath authority to fine or imprison ; so that the very erection of a new jurisdiction with power of fine or imprisonment, makes it instantly a court of record.
Page 5 - It keeps all inferior jurisdictions within the bounds of their authority, and may either remove their proceedings to be determined here, or prohibit their progress below. It superintends all civil corporations in the kingdom. It commands magistrates and others to do what their duty requires, in every case where there is no other specific remedy. It protects the liberty of the subject, by speedy and summary interposition.
Page 50 - ... made use of upon the account or for the profit of any unqualified person...

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