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Containing Original Essays and Correspondence on all Branches of the Fine Arts, Copious Notices of the Public
Exhibitions, Biography of distinguished Painters, Poets, Musicians, Actors, &c. &c. Reviews of New

Publications, Drama, Opera, &c. Literary and Scientific Intelligence, &c. &c.




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ACADEMY, Royal, Somerset House, 258

Cromwell, Oliver, and Sir Roger L'Estrange, 104
Distribution of the prizes at, 147 Cowper, W. Private Correspondence of, 297
Actors who have played Female parts, 75

Customs and Habits of Early Timnes, 152, 175, 190, 207
- of the Old School, 318

Cuvier's Animal Kingdom, 324
Adelphi, Account of, 102
Alasco, a Tragedy. By Mr. Shee, 403

Davy, Mr. the Composer, 350
Albigenses, the, a Romance, 278

Deare, Mr. the Sculptor, 397
Anacreon, T'ranslation of the Odes of, by W. Richardson, | Decastro, J. Memoirs of, 295
Eq. 36

Deformed Transformed, by Lord Byron, 306
Anatomical Society, Artists, 396

Drawings, Directions for dlounting, 62
ANECDOTES.--Michael Angelo, 117, 155–Hogarth, 84, 122, || Dulwich, Beauties of the Picture Gallery at, 231
351-Simon, Lord Lorat, 123-Henry Fielding, 123–

Durastanti, Signora, the Singer, 383
Charles Il. and Riley, 148-Queen Elizabeth and 'Daniel | Dura, Albert, 154
Mytens, ib.-Queen Mary, ib-Lord Thurlowe and Mr.

Eccles, the Fiddler, 239
Phillips, ib.-Oliver Cromwell and Sir Roger L'Estrange,

Edward IV. Musical Establishment of, 170
ib.-Garrick, 149, 191, 285, 297-Albert Durer, 155—Leo-
nardo da Vinci, ib.- Earl of Peterborough, 158-Dr.

Elizabeth, Queen, and Daniel Mytens, 149

England, Godwin's History of the Commonwealth of, 354,
Johnson, 185, 302-Alderman Boydell, 223-Corelli, 223,
26—John Kemble; 245 - Astley, 296—Sir Joshua Rey. || English, Character of the, by P. de Comines, 191

nolds, 351–Gainsborough, ib.-Mr. Shee, 364 Robert
Ker Porter, 365–Wilson, the Landscape Painter, 396, || Fiddler, Humorous Account of, 105

414-Dennis the Critic, 399
Angelo, Michael, 117, 155

Fielding, Henry, 123
and Rossini, 337

FINE ARTS.-Pope's Love for Painting, 9, 26-On Painting
Angerstein, John Julius, Esq. 246

in Water Colours, 12, 30, 40, 87-Ceiling Painters, 15–
Annual Revister for 1822, 268

Founding of the Royal Academy, 36–School of Painting
Architecture of Regent-street, Letters on, 379, 395

at the British Institution, 53–Directions for Mounting

Drawings, 62—Rise and Progress of Water Colour Paint-
Armour, Meyrick on Ancient, 211, 228
Artists of Olden Times, 135

ing, 65, 81, 97, 114, 129, 145, 161, 177, 193—Painters

who have been Musicians, 84 Nicholson on Colouring,
Reminiscences of, 364, 409
Scrap Book, 357, 383, 396

88--History of Scene Painting, 90, 100-Superior Advan-

tages of the Painters of Scotland over the Painters of
Athens, Haunted House at, 94
Aureus; or, the Life and Opinions of a Sovereign, 377

England, 99-Account of the Adelphi, 102-Cox on
Australasia, with other Poems, 375

Landscape Painting and Effect, 101, 141–Letters on the

Architecture of Somerset House, 114, 146–Artists of
Barhelor's Wife, hy J. Galt, E41.361

Olden Times, 135—-Britton's Illustrations of Public
Baillic, Captain, Memoirs of, 300

Buildings, 141, 155, 169--Distribution of the Prizes to
Bardwell on Painting, 2017

the Students of the Royal Academy, 147-Burnet's Hints
Bartolozzi, Pasquin's Account of, 183

on Composition in Painting, 163–Modern Connoisseur-
Beyrar's Opera, 59, 415

ship, 179–Bardwell on Painting, 181, 207–Moses's Out-
Bellamy, Mrs. G. A. and Mrs. Hamilton, 254

lines from Canova's Works, 195, 244–Portrait of his
Biography and Obituary, the Annual for 1823, 230, 244 Majesty, 235- Royal Gallery of Pictures, British Mu-
Biovraphy-Frank Hayman, 77–Wilson, 92-Cipriani, 108

seum, 241–Critiques on the Exhibition at the British
-Stubhs, 109–J. P. de Loutherbourg, 172–Bartolozzi, Gallery, 243, 273, 289, 292, 329, 383, 394_Examples of
183-John Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham, the Friend of

Ornamental Sculpture, 244–Pictures in the Gallery of
Pope. Written by Himself
, 186—Captain Baillie, 300-

the late J. J. Angerstein, Esq. 246–Royal Academy,
Henry Jenkins, 302–- Antonio Canova, 316—Mr. Richard

257-Powel's Etchings from the Old Masters, 261-List
Earlom, 317-Davy the Composer, 3770

of Pictures sold at the British Institution, 292-Letters
Bowdich, Mrs. Address respecting, 399, 414

on Mr. Eastlake's Pictures, 301, 313-Price on the Pic-
Britton, the Musical Small-coal Man, 338

turesque, 315, 318— Pictures by the Old Masters, 321–
Buckingham, Account of John Duke of, 186, 202

Lite and Times of Salvator Rosa, 327, 343– Portraits of
Buildings, Illustrations of Public, by J. Britton, 141, 155,

Michael Angelo and Rossini, 337-Claude's New Liber

Veritatis, 345---Progress of the Arts at Rome, 346-Pain-
Canova, Antonio, 316—The Works of, by Moses, 195, 244

ters Engravers, and Engravers Painters, 352–Cruick-

shanks' Points of Humour, No. 2, 365-His Majesty and
Caricatures, Rules for Executing, 383

Sir J. F. Leicester, 363--Letters on the Architecture of
Cato to Lord Byron, 216

the New Street, 379, 395--Oratorios versus Spiritual
Caxton, the First English Printer, 92

Concerts, 381-Coade's Gallery of Artificial Stone Orna-
Ceiling Painters, 15

ments, 381--Artist's Anatomical Society, 396—Sir John
Chalker of Walls, Letter from, 317

Leicester, Additions to his Gallery, 401–Account of
Charles II. Song written by, 135
and Riley, 148

Gillray the Caricaturist, 409

Foote, his Tea, 136–His Trip to Edinburgh, 237
Chesterfield, Lord, Anecdote of, 188

Forvet Me Not, a Christmas Present, 157
Children in tbe Tower, Murder of, 62

Friendship's Offeriny; or, the Annual Remembrancer, 253
Cibber Family, 57
Cibber. Mrs. the celebrated Actress, 415

Frodsham, the York Garrick, 150, 166
Cipriani, Account of, 108

Gainsborough, 351
Classiques Françaises, 214

Gallery, British, Critiques on the Pictures Exhibited in
Claude, New Liber Veritatis by, 345

the, 273, 289, 292, 323, 353, 394
Clive, Mrs. the Actress, 257

Garrick, Anecdotes of, 149, 191, 285, 297
| Columbris, Memorials of, 275

George IV. Sams's Portrait of, 235
Comic Painting, Essay on, 70

Gillray, the Caricaturist, Memoirs of, 409
Connoisseurship Modern, 179

Girtin and Turner, 65, 81
Corelli, Anecdotes of, 223, 286

Glover, John, 132

Green, Mr. Extract from his Diary, 126

Play, New, First Night of a, 412
Grimaldi, Old, and No Popery, 297

Players Vagabond, 44
Hamilton, James, Duke of, 301

Poems. By J. G. Percival, M.D. 323, 342
Handel, Anecdote of, 199

Pope the Poet, his love for painting, 9
Hayman, Frank, 77

Porter, Mrs. the Actress, 335
Henry VIII. 107

Porter, Robert Ker, Anecdote of, 364
Hofwyl, Agricultural School at, 325

Portraits, the Gallery of, 28
Hogarth's Enraged Musician, 84

Portraits, Opinions on, 106, 122, 148, 188

Portrait Painters, Apology for, 196
Humour, Points of, by Cruikshanks, 365
Hurly-burly, Musical, 133

Powell's Etchings from the old Masters, 261

Poulowsk, Gallery of Pictures at the Palace, 259
India, Memoirs of, by R. G. Wallace, Esq. 387

Pride shall have a Fall, 370
Institution, British, 243, 306

Purcell, 223
Ireland, Researches in the South of, by J. C. Croker, 249,

Radcliffe, Mrs. Ann, 244
Irving, Rev. E. Letter on the Qualifications and Ortho- Raleigh's, Sir Walter, Instructions to his Sonne and
doxy of his Doctrines, 362

Posterity, 78

Read, Mr. the Sculptor, 396
James's, St. Palace, 160

Reviews, Cambridge Quarterly, and Whittaker's U
Jenkins, Henry, 302

versal, 408
Juan, Don, Lord Byron's, Cantos XV. XVI. 407

Reynolds, Sir J. Anecdote of, 351
Kemble, John, Esq. 245

Richmond, Duke of, his Gallery of Pictures, 39

Roman Literature, History of, 309
Landscape Painting, and Effect in Water Colours, by Cox, || Rome, Proceedings in, 346
a Treatise on, 103, 141

Ronan's, St. Well, by the author of Waverley, &c. 203
Leaves from a Journal, by A. Bigelow, 406

Rosa, Life and Times of Salvator, 327, 343
Leicester, Sir J. F. and His Majesty, 359

Rossini, Michael Angelo, &c. 337, 262
- Additions to his Gallery, 401

Memoirs of, 246
Leonardo da Vinci, 155

Rambles, Mountain, and other Poems, 376
Library, the Englishman's, 390
Lilly, the Astrologer, 174

Salmagundi, by the author the Sketch Book, 212, 236
London, Old, before the Fire, 220, 286

Satire di Salvator Rosa, 282
Lully, Musician to Lewis XIV.

Sayings and Doings, 322, 339
Lunenburg, Duke Christian of, by Miss Porter, 357

Scene Painting, Brief History of, 90, 100
Luther, Martin, his Opinion of Music, 119

Schlemihl, Peter, a Tale from the German of Lamo

Fouque, 252
Majesty, His, and Sir J. F. Leicester, 369

School of Painting-British Institution, 53
Malta, Siege of, a Tragedy, 359

Scriptures, Translators of the Holy, 24
Martin's, St. in the fields, 49, 55

Shee, M. A. Esq. R. A. Anecdote of, 364
Monastic, Rules and Orders for the Government of our Sheridan, Memoirs of Mrs. Francis, 392
Ancient ones, 124, 139

Singing, Psalm, in Charles I.'s time, 85
Months, Saxon, 2

Social Day: Poem by Peter Coxe, 6, 35
Ancient, Lines on the Twelve, 3

Somerset House, Letters respecting the Architecture
Morgan, Lady, Letters of an Italian to, 359

114, 146
Mossop and Mrs. Burden, 185

Spiller, Jem, 137, 319
Miscellanea, 94, 109, 158, 191, 303

Stage Scrap Book, 44, 57, 75, 90, 100, 136, 149, 166, 185,
Museum, Indian, 314

221, 237, 254, 285, 318, 334, 367, 397
British, 241

Stone Ornaments, Coade's Gallery of Artificial, 281
Musical Scrap Book, 67, 84, 104, 119, 133, 170, 199, 223, || Stradella Alessandro, Curious Account of, 201
239, 255, 270, 286, 333

Stubbs, Mr. the Horse Painter, 109
Music, Old Royal Academy of, 385

Sueur Le, the French Composer, 171
English, 69

Swift, Dean, Character of, 222

Sylva Britannica. By J. G. Strutt, 165
Nicholson's, Mr. Process for Panting in Water Colours, 31, || Thornbill, Sir James, 15
40, 60, 72, 88

Thurlow, Lord Chancellor, and Mr. Phillips, 149
Francis, on the Practice of Drawing and Paint- || Turner, and Girtin, 65, 81, and Claude de Lorraine, 97
ing from Nature, and Review of, 46

Varley, Mr. John, his Precepts on Landscape Draw
October Fire Side, I, 17, 33, 49

12, 87
the Month' of One Hundred Years Ago, 33 Vendee La, Madame Sapinaud's Memoirs of the Wars
Old Masters, Pictures by, 321

Organist, How to procure one, 121

Violin, Account of the, in Charles II.'s time, 255

Voltaire's Portrait, 383
Painting, Practical Hints on Composition in. By John
Burnet, 163

Walker, Thomas, the Comedian, 335
Painting made easy. By Thomas Bardwell, 181

Water Colours, Origin of the Society of Painters in,
Painters Engravers, and Engravers Painters, 353

145, 193
Painters who have been Musicians, 67

Water Colour Painting, Rise and Progress of, in Engl:
Painters of Scotland over the Painters of England, superior 65, 81, 97, 114, 129, 145, 161, 177, 193
advantages of, 99

Wilson, the English Claude, Memoir of, 98
Painting in Water Colours, on, 12, 30, 40

Anecdoteoi, 396, 414
Pictures, Royal Gallery of, at the British Museum, 241 Wine and Walnuts, 203, 226, 265, 280
Picturesque, on the, 315, 348

Woodward, the Comedian, 270
Pick-a-back, Life and Opinions of Old, 3, 21
Pilot, the, 283, 293

Zachary, My Great Uncle, his Scrap Book, 7, 19, 41,5


By Ephraim Hardcastle.

Well! gentle reader, if my great uncle Zachary,

with his excellent friends Jonathan Richardson and No. ).

others so long departed, and so dearly prized, so I KNOW of no recreation more interesting, or rationally enjoyed this Tenth Month, now that it is more tranquillizing to the mind and body, than that returned once more, and with such a manifestation of going to my books again, when the social month of God's mercy to this island, so long the birthof October returns, said my great uncle Zachary; || place of the wise and good, why not enjoy it in for as my old friend Jonathan Richardson used to our day? observe, of all the months in the year, commend Yes, the mercy of God to us is great: the times me to October, for then you have summer days and seem to have returned to that happy state, that the winter evenings.

rising generation have heard their grandfathers laud Moreover, he used to add, in June, July, August, so much-the days of Peace and PLENTY, when and September, your friends, particularly the artists, bread is cheap, meat is cheap, and coals are cheap; are rambling about, from the time the town begins —when the industrious can find employ, and the to thin of your fashionables; some, your limners, to virtuous poor can sit at their humble board and see the watering places, as at the Bath, and other great their children thrive! and populous towns, to paint the faces of their I cannot endure the month of March, says one; patrons; and the landscape painters, to the Lakes | the month of November is horrible, says another. to Wales, and other romantic spots on the isle of Now my great uncle Zachary used to say, I do not late, much to their improvement; whilst the others know that I have any great preference for any parof our friends, who have nothing else to do, are ticular month, for every one has some attribute that running to the sea-side for the recruit of their brings with it a blessing. health-to face the coming winter enemy in the Monsieur Roquet,* the honest Swiss, was always play-houses, the punch-houses, and what not. in good humour with the world, and consequently, This is a sort of sketch from my great uncle's || being moreover a virtuous and ingenious man, and common-place book, and it is much the same now; || in health, in good humour with himself

. Such a for, on the return of this tenth month, as the sober man is apt to be the cause of it in others. Poor quakers term it, our friends begin to flock home- || Friar Pinet used to be hipped at the approach of ward; and I know not but us metropolitans might November, and constantly complaining at the damps well designate it, The FRIENDLY MONTH. and fogs. To be sure, the gloomy atmosphere of

Now my great uncle, though of the old school, the eleventh month is the « antipathy of a face and a bachelor to boot, was as free as any man, || painter,” as Sir Godfrey Kneller was wont to obeven the married man, civilized and improved by serve. So, Pine was complaining of the climate to the copartnership of a good wife; yea, he was as Roquet, at the club at Old Slaughters', which was entirely free from those crooked prejudices which | only a step from his painting-room, when the Swiss stood in the way of the comfortable fire-side. For, shrugging his shoulders observed, with his original said he, to his jocose friend Bonnel Thornton, as naïveté, “ mine Gote, mine friend Mistare Pines, they took their mutton together with Garrick, at my || for vot shall you complain alway at the climate of uncle's chambers in the Temple, on St. Crispin, England. Våt! if you have short summare! is it 25th October, being the first after the accession of not made amend—have you not the long wintare:?” our late venerable King. How can folks talk of al-Friar Pine laughed ready to crack his fat sides ; comfortable fire-side, where there is a polished grate and I verily believe the oddity of the circumstance, and no coals !

which had nothing else to recommend it, cost the Indeed, I can remember more than once dining || club another bowl of punch—and another hour of with the worthy man, and eating Michaelmas goose, || watching, to the good ladies at home; to wit, with a cheerful fire in the room; but it should be Mistress Hogarth, Mistress Hayman, Mistress Friar observed, he always celebrated that feast, old style, Pine, Mistress Garrick, and other worthy dames, which again brings us to the tenth of the said com- || the wives of these renowned clubbists. fortable month of October.

What a picturesque series would the Twe're

No. I.



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