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dition of Catholic Doctrines, &c.; with a HOADLY, BENJ., D. D. ; Fel. Cath. Hall, Postscript. Lond. 4to.

1687 Camb. ; successively Bp. Bangor, Hereford, The Necessity of Heresies, on 1 Cor. xi. 19. Sarum, and Winchester. A Prelate, celebrated

De Presbyteratu, Dissertatio Quadripartita, for his controversial talents. Born 1676; died 1761 Presbyteratus Sacri Origines, Naturam, et Ordi

A Letter to Mr. Fleetwood occasioned by bis nes complectens. Lond. 8vo.


late Essay on Miracles. Lond. 4to. 1720 A Vindication of the Primitive Fathers, against The Reasonableness of Confort to the the Imputations of Dr. Gilbert Burnet. 8vo. 1695

Church of England ; in 2 parts. 8vo. 1703, 1712 Municipium Ecclesiasticum ; in Answer to

A Serious Admonition to Mr. Calamy, occaDr. Wake on Ecclesiastical Synods. 8vo. 1697 sioned by the first part of his defence of moderate

The Rights and Liberties of the Christian Nonconformity. Lond. 8vo. 1703, 1705 Church asserted; with a justification of Muni

A Persuasive to Lay-Conformity. 8vo. 1704 cipium Ecclesiasticum. Lond. 8vo. 1701

A Defence of the reasonableness of Conformity A Thorough Examination of the False Prin- to the Church of England. Lond. 8vo. 1705 ciples, and Fallacious Arguments against the

Some Reflections on Dr. Atterbury's Sermon, Christian Priesthood and Religion ; in a late at the Funeral of Mr. Bennet.

1706 pernicious book, ironically intitled, the Rights of

A Brief Defence of Episcopal Ordination. 1707 the Christian Church. Lond. 8vo.


Some Considerations offered to the Bishop of

Exeter, on occasion of his Lordship’s Sermon, HILL, WM., D. D.; Fel. Mert. Col. Oxon. March 8, 1708. Lond. 8vo. 1709. An humble Born 1619; died 1667.

Reply to the Lord Bishop of Exeter's Answer. Dionysii Orbis Descriptio; Annotationibus The Original, and Institution of Civil GovernEustathii, et Hen. Stephani, necnon Gul. Hill

ment discussed. Lond. 8vo.

1710 Commentario Critico et Geographico, ac Tabulis

The Jacobite's Hopes Revived, by our late illustrata. Lond. 8vo. 1658. Reprinted 1659,

Tumults and Addresses : or, some necessary 1663, 1678, 1688. The edition bearing the last

Remarks upon Mr. Lesly's modest Pamphlet of these dates is the most valuable.

intituled, The Good Old Cause. Lond. 8vo. 1710 Women's Looking-Glass. Lond. 12mo. 1660 The Salisbury Quarrel ended : or, the True

Notions of Passive Obedience and Hereditary

1710 HILLIARD, Sam., M. A. ; Preb. Lincoln.

Right more fully explained. Lond.

The Suspension of the Triennial Bill, the Sermons : Before the Lord Mayor, (Luke properest means to unite the Nation. 8vo. 1716 xvi. 29). 8vo. 1709—Consecration, (Ps. cxxii. A Preservative against the Principles and 1). 4to. 1712–On Col. iii. 15. 8vo. 1713– Practices of the Nonjurors. Lond. 8vo. 1716 Thanksgiving for Peace, (Ps. cxliv. 10). 8vo. An Answer to a Calumny cast on him by Dr. 1713—On Amen ; a Sermon before the Company Sherlock. Lond. 8vo.

1718 of Parish Clerks, (Matt. vi. 13). 8vo. 1714- An Answer to Dr. Snape's Letter. 8vo. 1717 The Nature of the Kingdom or Church of Christ, An Answer to the Representation of the Com(Matt. vi. 10). 8vo. 1714—A Seasonable Caution mittee of the Lower House of Convocation, to Seducers, (Col. ii. 4). 8vo. 1717.

against him. Lond. 8vo.

1718 The Common Rights of Subjects defended,

and the Nature of the Sacramental Test considered HILSEY, Jn., Bp. Rochester.

in Answer to Dr. Sherlock's Vindication of the The Manuall of Prayers; or, the Prymer, in Corporation and Test Acts. Lond. 8vo. 1719 Englyshe and Latin, set out at length. 4to. 1539 An Answer to Dr. Fr. Hare's Sermon, intitled,

The Primer in Englishe, moste necessarye for Church Authority Vindicated; with a Postscript, the Educacyon of Chyldren, abstracted out of the

occasioned by the Lord Bishop of Oxford's Manuall of Prayers; or Primer in Englishe Charge to his Clergy. Lond. 8vo. 1720 and Latin. Lond. 16mo.


A Plain Account of the Nature and End of

the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper ; to which HINCHLIFFE, JN., D. D.; Dn. Durham ; are added, Forms of Prayer. Lond. 8vo. 1735. Mast. Trin. Col. Camb.; Bp. Peterborough. A Defence of the same. Lond. 8vo. 1735, 1748 Born 1731 ; died 1794.

A Letter to Clement Chevalier.

1758 Sermons: Before the Lords, (Phil. iv. 4).

Works published by his son ; with an Index 4to. 1773— Propagation of the Gospel, (Acts. X.

to the whole, and an Introductory Account of the Author. Lond. 3 vols. fol.

1773 34, 35). 4to. 1776-Several. Lond. 8vo. 1796

Sermons : Two; concerning the evils of which

Christianity has been the occasion, (Matt. x. 34). HINDE, Thos., M. A.; Fel. Linc. Col.

8vo. 1703; or in Tracts, 8vo. 1715-Accession, The Divinity of Our Saviour proved from the (Ps. xcv. 2). 4to. 1705— The Measures of SubScripture of the Old and New Testament. mission to the Civil Magistrate considered, (Rom. A Sermon on John i. 14. Oxon. 8vo. 1717 xiii. 1). With a Defence of the same. Lond. 8vo.

1706— Assize, (1 Sam. viii. 9). 4to. 1708—St.

Paul's Behaviour towards the Civil Magistrate ; HITCHCOCK, Thos., D. D.; Fel. St.

Assize, (Acts xxi. 25). 4to. 1708—Four. Lond. John's, Oxon.

8vo. 1710-Several Discourses concerning the Mutual Connection between Faith, Virtue, and Terms of Acceptance with God. Lond. 8vo. Knowledge ; a Sermon, on 2 Pet. ii. 5. 8vo. 1761 1711-Concerning an Impartial Inquiry into Re

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ligion ; in four Sermons, (1 Thess. v. 21). In HODGSON, BERNARD, LL. D.; Princ. Her. Tracts. 8vo. 1715—The present Delusion of Col. Oxon. many Protestants considered, (2 Thess. ii. 11). Solomon's Song. Translated from the He8vo. 1715—The Restoration made a Blessing to brew. Oxon. 4to.

1785 us by the Protestant Succession, (Ps. cxxvi. 3). The Proverbs of Solomon. Translated from Lond. 8vo. 1716—The Nature and Duty of a the Hebrew; with Notes. Oxon. 4to. 1788 Public Spirit ; before the Welsh Society, (Phil. Ecclesiastes. A new translation from the ii. 4). 4to. 1716—The Nature of the Kingdom original Hebrew. Oxon. 4to.

1791 or Church of Christ, (John xviii. 36). Lond. 8vo. 1717–Funeral, (Rev. xiv. 13). 8vo. 1719 - Upon the Martyrdom of King Charles I.,

HODSON, Rev. FRODSHAM, Princ. (1 Cor. x. 11). Lond. 8vo. 1720—Charge de

B. N. C. livered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Sarum, at

The Eternal Filiation of the Son of God ashis Primary Visitation. Lond. 1726.

serted, on the Evidence of the Scriptures, the

Consent of the Fathers of the three first cenHOADLY, Jn., Abp. Armagh.

turies, and the Authority of the Nicene Council. Sermons : Fast for the Storm, (Joel ii. 12, 13). Norwich. 4to. 1704—The Nature and Ex

HODSON, Phineas, D.D.; Chanc. York. cellency of Moderation, (Phil. iv. 5). 4to. 1707 Sermon on Ps. xxvii. 4. Lond. 4to. 1628 —The Abasement of Pride ; a Thanksgiving and Assize Sermon, (Dan. iv. 37). 4to. 1708-A

HODSON, WM., A. M.; Vice-Master Trin. Consecration Sermon, (2 Cor. i. 12). 8vo. 1716

Col. Camb. Died 1793. - Before the House of Commons, (1 Cor. x. 11). 8vo. 1717.

The Dedication of the Temple of Solomon; a Poetical Essay. Lond. 4to.


Observations on Greek Tragedy.
HOADLY, Jn., LL. D.; Preb. Winchester.
Born 1711; died 1776.

HODY, Humph., Fel. Wadham Col.; R. Jephtha; an Oratorio.

1737, 1748

Prof. Greek; Archd. Oxon. Born 1669; died 1706. The Force of Truth ; an Oratorio. 1764 He wrote some Poems in Dodsley's Collection;

Dissertation against Aristeas' History of the he likewise published his father's Works.

seventy-two Interpreters. Oxon. 8vo. 1680, 1684. This completely destroyed the credit of that

silly imposture. HOARE, Rev. Jn., Chanc. Vic.-Gen. The Unreasonableness of a Separation from Limerick.

the New Bishops; or, a Treatise out of EcclesiSermons on several subjects and occasions. 1815 astical History, shewing that, although a bishop

was originally deprived, neither he, nor the

Church ever made a separation, if the successor HODGES, NATH., M. D.; Stu. Ch. Ch. was not an heretic. Translated out of an ancient Died 1684.

MS., in the public Library at Oxon. Lond. 4to. Vindiciæ Medicinæ et Medicorum; an Apology

1691. One of the Baroccian MSS. for the Profession and Professors of Physic, &c.

Anglicani Novi Schismatis Redargutio, &c. Aoquo.oyla, sive Pestis nuperæ apud Popu

A Letter to a Friend, concerning a Collection lum Londiniensem grassantis, Narratio Historica. of Canons said to be deceitfully omitted in the Lond. 8vo. 1672. 4to. 1675. In English, under

edition of the Oxford Treatise against Schisms. the title, Loimologia; or, an Historical Account

Unity of Priesthood necessary to the Unity of of the Plague of London in 1665, with precau

Communion in a Church; with Reflections on tionary Directions against the like Contagion;

the Oxford MS, and the Preface annexed; also with Remarks on the Infection now in France,

a Collection of Canons. Lond. 4to. 1692 and the most probable means to prevent its per

The Case of Sees vacant by an unjust or unvading here. By John Quincy, M. D. 8vo. 1720

canonical deprivation stated; in answer to a piece, intituled, A Vindication of the deprived

Bishops, &c. Together with the several PamHODGES, Taos., Dn. Hereford.

phlets published as Answers to the Baroccian Sermons: On the Funeral of Sir Theodore de Treatise. Lond. 4to.

1693 Mayerne, (Exod. xxxiii. 20). Lond. 4to. 1655— The Resurrection of the (same) Body asOn Ps. cxxvi. 3. Lond. 4to. 1660 serted. Lond. 8vo.

1694 Animadversions on Two Pamphlets lately published by Mr. Collier, &c.

1696 HODGES, Walter, D.D.; Prov. Oriel

Reflections on a Pamphlet, intituled Remarks College.

on the occasional Paper, Numb. 8, relating to Elihu; or an Inquiry into the principal Scope the Controversy between Dr. Hody and Mr. and Design of the Book of Job. Lond. 4to. 1750 Dodwell; and on two other Pamphlets. 4to. 1698

The Christian Plan exhibited in the Interpre- Some Thoughts on a Convocation, and the tation of Elihu; with Observations on a few Notion of its Divine Right; with Reflections in other matters and expressions relative to the the Defence of the Vindication of the deprived same subject. Lond. 4to.

Bishops. Anon. Lond. 4to.


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A History of English Councils and Convoca- HOLE, MAT., D. D.; Rect. Ex. Col.; Preb. tions; and of the Clergy's sitting in Parliament; Wells. in which is also comprehended the History of the Parliaments; with an Account of our An. chism. 2 vols. 8vo.

A Practical Exposition of the Church Cate

1715 cient Laws. Lond. 8vo.

1701 De Bibliorum Textibus Originalibus, Ver- Pamphlets. Anon. Oxon. 8vo.

An Antidote against the Poison of some late

1717 sionibus Græcis et Latine Vulgata libri iv. qui. Sermons: On our Saviour's Passion, (Acts ii. bus præfixa est Aristeæ Historia, Gr. et Lat.

23). 4to. 1670—On Luke ü. 14. 4to. 1689— De Græcis Illustribus, Linguæ Græcæ, Lite- On Matt. xii. 27, 28-On Lam. v. 16. 4to. rarumque Humaniorum Instauratoribus, eorum

1710–On Prov. xxiii. 23. 8vo. 1710_On Job Vitis, Scriptis, et Elogiis, libri duo. E Codici.

v. 12, 13. 8vo. 1711- Beautifying a Church, bus potissimum MSS., aliisque authenticis ejus- (Ps. xxix. 2). 8vo. 1713—Thanksgiving for the dem ævi monumentis deprompsit Humfredus Peace, (2 Kings xx. 19). 8vo. 1713—On the Hodius. This is an account of those learned Expiration of the Sentence against Dr. SacheGrecians who retired to Italy on the taking of verell, (Jer. xxvi. 14, 15). 4to. 1713—A Constantinople by the Turks, and restored the

Coronation Sermon, (Ps. cxxxii. 18). 4to. 1714 Greek tongue and learning in these western parts -On Rev. ü. 10. 1714>On Mat. vi. 34. 8vo. of the world. It was published by Dr. S. Jebb, 1715-On 1 Thess. iv. ll. 8vo. 1715—On Ps. from the MSS. of Mr. Hody. Lond. 8vo. 1742 cii. 13, 14. 8vo. 1716— Practical Discourses on

the Communion Service of the Church of Eng

land. Oxon. 8vo. 5 vols. 1717–On Acts xiv. HOLDER, WM., D.D.; Can. Ely and St.

17. 8vo. 1720—On Mat. xi. 6. 8vo. 1721-On Paul's; Subdn. Chap. Royal. Died 1696-7.

Acts v. 38, 39-On 1 Tim. vi. 9, 10, 8vo. 1721. Elements of Speech : or an Essay of Inquiry into the Natural Production of Letters; with an HOLLAND, Phil., Fel. Trin. Col. Camb.; Appendix, concerning persons Deaf and Dumb.

Head Mast. Free School, Coventry. Died 1636. A Supplement to the Philosophical Transactions of July 1670; with some Reflections on

He translated into English,-Livy. fol. 1600 Dr. Wallis' Letter, there inserted. 4to.

Pliny's History of the World; or, what is

1678 A Discourse concerning Time. 8vo. 1694, 1701

commonly called his Natural History, in thirty

seven Books. Lond. fol. 2 vols. 1601, 1634 A Treatise on the Natural Grounds and Prin.

Plutarch's Morals. ciples of Harmony. Lond. 8vo. 1694. See also Phil. Trans. Abr. iii. p. 624.

Suetonius. 1694

Ammianus Marcellinus. Introductio ad Chronologiam. Oxon. 8vo. 1704

Xenophon's Cyropædia. Observations on Deafness. Phil, Trans. Abr.

Camden's Britannia. To this he made several i. p. 242.


useful additions.

Translations into Latin of the Geographical HOLDSWORTH, Edw., Demy and Fel. part of Speed's Theatre of Great Britain. Mag. Col. Oxon. A Polite and Elegant Scho- A French Pharmacopoeia of Brice Bauderon. lar. Born 1688; died 1746. Muscipula; a Latin Poem. There is a good

HOLLAND, Rev. Sam., M. D., Fel. Wor

cester. English translation of this in Dodsley's Miscellanies.

The Imputation upon the Regular Clergy of Pharsalia and Philippi; or, The Two Philippi not Preaching the Gospel, briefly considered. 1814 in Virgil's Georgics attempted to be explained

A Visitation Sermon. 8vo.

1816 and reconciled to History. Lond. 4to. 1741, 1749 Remarks and Dissertations on Virgil; with

HOLLAND, Thos., Fel. Bal. Col.; R. Prof. some other Classical Observations. Published

Div.; Rect. Exeter. “ Profound Scholar.” with several Notes and additional Remarks by Oratio habita cum Henricus Episc. SarisbuMr. Spence. Lond. 4to.

1768 riensis Gradum Doctoris susceperit. 4to. 1599 Sermon on Matt. xii. 42. 4to.


Apologetical Discourse for observing thel7th HOLDSWORTH, Rich., D. D.; Fel. St.

November as an Holyday in Honour of Her John's Col. Camb.; Preb. Linc.; Archd. Hun.

Maiestie. tingdon; Mast. Eman. Col. Camb. A Learned and Loyal Divine. Born 1590; died 1649.

HOLLINGWORTH, REV. J. B., Fel. St. An Answer without a Question; or, The late Peter's Col. Camb.; M. Prof. Div. Camb.; Schismatical Petition for a diabolical Toleration Archd. Hunts. of several Religions, expounded. Lond. 1649

Sermons preached at Lincoln's Inn, in 1806-7. Theologiæ Prælectiones, in Coll. Greshamensi habitæ ; Editore Rich. Pearson, una cum vita auctoris. Lond. fol.


HOLMES, ROB., D. D. ; Fel. New. Col.; Sermons: Preached at St. Mary's, Cambridge,

Can. Sarum and Ch. Ch.; Prof. Poetry, Oxon. ; on his Majesty's Inauguration, (Ps. cxliv. 15). Dn. Winch. Born 1749; died 1805. Camb. 4to. 1642—The Valley of Vision, or a The Resurrection of the Body, deduced from Clear Sight of sundry Sacred Truths; delivered the Resurrection of Christ. A very ingenious in Twenty-one Sermons.

Discourse, from Phil. iii. 21. Lond. 4to. 1777

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Alfred; an Ode: with six Sonnets. In this HOMER, HEN., Fel. Eman. Col. Camb. Ode, Gray's style is attempted with considerable Au excellent Classical Scholar. Born 1752 ; success. Lond. 4to.

1778 died 1791. Eight Sermons at Bampton's Lectures, on the An Essay on the Nature and Method of asProphecies and Testimony of John the Baptist, certaining the specific Shares of Proprietors upon and the parallel Prophecies of Jesus Christ. 1783 the Inclosure of Common Fields. Lond. 8vo. 1766

Four Tracts on the Principles of Religion, as An Inquiry into the Means of preserving and a Test of Divine Authority; on the Principles of improving the Public Roads of this Kingdom. Redemption ; on the Angelical Message to the

He published, The 1st, 25th, and 31st books Virgin Mary; and on the Resurrection of the

of Livy, from Drachenborch's editions, with Body: with a Discourse on Humility. 8vo. 1788

Dissertations, &c. An Ode for the Enconia, at the Installation Tractatus Varii Latine a Crevier, Brotier, &c. of the Duke of Portland, Lond. 4to. 1793

Tacitus de Moribus Germanorum, et de Vita Honorabili et admodum Reverendo Shute Agricolæ.

1788 Barrington, LL, D. Episcopo Dunelmensi, Tacitus de Oratoribus.

1789 Epistola, complexa Genesin, ex codice Purpureo- Ovid's Epistles, ex editione Burman. 1789 Argenteo Cæsareo. Vindobonensi expressam ; et Sallust, ex editione Cortii.

1789 Testamenti Veteris Græci, Versionis Septuaginta- Pliny, ex editione Cortii et Longolii. 1790 Viralis, cum Variis Lectionibus denuo edendi.

Cæsar, ex editione Oudendorp.

1790 Specimen dedit. Epistolæ, Honorabili et admo

Persius, ex editione Henninii. dum Reverendo Shute Barrington, LL. D. Episcopo Dunelmensi,nuper datæ Appendix ; cum Versionis Septuaginta Viralis, denuo edendæ

HOOK, Jas., LL.D.; F. R. S.; T. A. ; Specimine ad formam contractione. fol. 1795

Preb. & Dn. Worcester; Archd. Huntingdon ; Vetus Testamentum Græcum, cum Variis Chap. in Ord. to the Prince Regent, &c. Lectionibus. Lond. fol.

1796 Anguis in Herba : or a true Sketch of the The Books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Church of England and her Clergy. 8vo. 1802 Numbers, and Deuteronomy; being a Collation A Sermon preached at St. George's, Hanover of the MSS. of the Septuagint Version. To Square; with a Correspondence between Earl which is prefixed, a Preface, giving a History of Grey and the Author on the subject of it. 1812 the Septuagint, and its various editions. 1 vol. A Charge delivered to the Clergy of the Arch1794-1804, This is a contraction of a much deaconry of Huntingdon, at the Primary Visitalarger Work proposed, and confers the highest tion, 1815; with an Appendix and Notes. 1816 honour on the Author's abilities, critical talents, and industry. He afterwards published the Pro

HOOK, WALTER FARQUHAR, D. D. ; Stu. phecy of Daniel, according to Theodotion, and

Ch. Ch. ; Preb. Lincoln; Lent Lecturer. the Septuagint; departing from his proposed order, from a presentiment of his end. The

Family Prayers. Work was, however, resumed in a uniform man

Reprinted Dean Comber's advice to the Ro

manist, &c. ner, by the Rev. James Parsons. M. A.

Sermons: Before University ; on the Atha. HOLTE, Jn., Fel. Mag. Col. Oxon. Author of nasian Creed—Visitation—" Hear the Church.” the first Latin Grammar of any note in England. Flourished about the latter part of the 15th

HOOKER, Rich., M. A.; Fel. Corp. Ch.

Col. Oxon.; Pr & Subdn. Sarum. Born century.

1554 ; died 1660. Lac Puerorum ; Mylke for Children. 4to. 1497

The Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity ; written in

Defence of the present Government Established, HOLYDAY, BARTEN, D.D.; Stu. Ch. Ch.

against the New desired Discipline. Originally Oxon. ; Archd. Oxon. An ingenious and learned printed by Windet. Lond. fol. 1593, 1594. In Divine and Poet. Born 1593; died 1661.

4 books. Book 5th. Lond. fol. 1597; 1632. Translation of the Satires of Juvenal and The 6th, 7th, and 8th. 4to. 1648. The same, Persius. 2nd edition.

1616 with his Life. Lond. fol. 1676. The four first Aulus Persius Flaccus his Satyres, translated books, with some Tracts and Sermons. Lond. into English. The third edition, newly revised 1622. In eight books, with Tracts and Sermons, and amended. Lond. 8vo. 1635. 4th edition, and an Account of the Author's Life. by John illustrated with Notes and Sculptures. fol. 1673 Gauden. Lond. fol.

1705 Technogamia ; or, the Marriage of the Arts ; Answer to the Supplication that Mr. Travers a Comedy. Lond. 4to. 1618, 1630 made to the Council. Oxon. 4to.

1612 Philosophiæ Politico-Barbaræ Specimen, in Works; containing his Ecclesiastical Polity, quo de Anima et ejus Habitibus Intellectualibus Life, &c. by Gauden. fol. 1662. 2nd edition, Quæstiones aliquot libris duobus illustrantur. fol. with his Life by Walton. Oxon. 3 vols. 8vo. 1793 Comes Jucundus in Via. Anon.

1658 Abridgement of his Works ; with an Account Survey of the World, a Poem ; in ten books. of his Life, by a Divine of the Church of EngSermons. Three, preached at Oxford. Lond. land. Lond.

1705 1626~On the Nature of Faith, (Heb. xi. 4). Sermons : A learned Discourse of Justification Lond. 4to. 1654–Four: against Disloyalty. by Works, and how the Foundation of Faith is Oxon. 8vo. 1661.

overthrown, (Habak, i. 4). Oxon. 4to. 1612

[blocks in formation]

On the Nature of Pride, (Habak. ii. 4). Oxon. A Narrative of the proceedings of the Lower

4to. 1612—A Remedy against Sorrow and Fear; House of Convocation, relating to Prorogations

Funeral, (John xiv. 27). Oxon. 4to. 1612—Two, and Adjournments, from Feb. 10th, 1700, to June

upon part of Jude's Epistles. Oxon. 4to. 1613; 25th, 1701, vindicated. Anon. Lond. 4to. 1701

8vo. 1705.

De Valentinianorum Hæresi Conjectura, qui-

bus illius origo ex Ægyptiaca Theologia de-

ducitur. Anon. Lond. 4to.


HOOKER, Thos., Fel. Eman, Col. Camb.
Born 1586; died 1647.

De Patriarchæ Jacobi Benedictione, Gen. xlix.

conjecturæ. Published by Dr. Hunt.
The Soul's Vocation, or effectual calling to

An Inquiry into the State of Ancient Mea-

Christ. Lond. 4to.


Four Treatises : viz. The Carnal Hypocrite; Jewish : with an Appendix, concerning our old

sures, the Attic, the Roman, and especially the

Church's Deliverance; Deceitfulness of Sin; English Money, and Measures of contents. 1721

and the Benefit of Afflictions. Lond. 8vo. 1638

The Soul's Possession of Christ ; with a Ser: Testimony. Phil. Trans.

A Calculation of the Credibility of Human


mon on 2 Kings ii. 12. Lond. 8vo.


Works, published by Dr. Hunt. Oxon.fol. 1757

The Pattern of Perfection. Lond. 8vo. 1640

Sermons : Preached before the Lord Mayor,

The Saint's Guide ; in three Treatises. 1645

(Gal. v. 22, 23). 4to. 1681-Before the King,

A Survey of the Sum of Church Discipline; Matt. xxii. 21). 4to. 1681—4to. 1682—Be-

wherein the way of the Churches of New Eng-

fore the Queen, (Luke xvi. 31). 4to. 1691-Be.

land is warranted. Lond. 4to.


fore the King and Queen, (John vii. 17). 4to.

Tracts and Sermons by T. H. Lond. 1638

1694–Before the King, (John iii. 20). 4to. 1695

Sermons: Of Self-Denial and Self-Trial,

-Fast, before the House of Commons, (Phil. iii.

(Matt. xvi. 24 ; 2. Cor. xiii. 5 ; and John i..12, 20). Lond. 4to. 1701–Before the Lords, (2 Cor.

13). Lond. 1640— The Soul's Humiliation,

x. 3, 4). 4to. 1704—Thanksgiving, before the

(Luke xiv. 15, &c.). Lond. 1640—The Soul's

Lord Mayor, (Ps. cxxii. 7). 4to. 1713.

Preparation for Christ, or a Treatise of Contri-

tion, (Acts ii. 37). Lond. 1643—On Deut. xxix.

24, 25. Lond. 4to. 1644–Exposition of the

HOOPER, JN., Fel. Merton; Bp. Glouces.

Lord's Prayer. Lond. 4to. 1645-Several ; The

and Worces. Born 1495: suffered Martyrdom

Covenant of Grace opened. Lond. 4to. 1649—The in the City of Gloucester, 1554.

Saint's Dignity and Duty. Lond. 1651.

A Declaration of Christe and of his Offyce.

Zurich. 8vo.


An Answer vnto my Lord of Wynchester's

HOOLE, CHAS., Preb. Lincoln. A School-

master of very considerable note. Born 1610; booke, intytlyd, A Detection of the Deuyls So-

phistrye, wherewith he robbith the vnlernyd

died 1666.

people of the trew byleef in the moost blessyd

An Easy Entrance to the Latin Tongue. 4to. Sacrament of the Aultar. Zurich. 4to. 1547

Latin and English Grammar. 12mo. 1653 A Lesson of the Incarnation of Christ, that he

Rudiments of the Latin Grammar, delivered in took his humanitye in and of the blessed Vir-

a very plain Method for young beginners. 1657 gine. Lond. 16mo.


A New Discovery of an old Art for Teaching A Declaration of the Ten Holy Commaunde-
Schools. Lond. 8vo.

1660 mentes of Almightye God, collectyd oute of the
Centuria Epistolar. Anglo. et Lat. 8vo. 1677 Scripture Canonicall. Strasburg. 8vo. 1549
The Accidence examined and explained. 1702 A Godly Confession and Protestacion of the
Puerilles Confabulatiunculæ.

Christian Fayth; wherein is declared what a
Corderius' Colloquies.

Christian manne is bound to believe of God, his
King, his neibour, and hymselfe. 4to. 16mo. 1550

Godly and most necessary Annotations in ye
HOOPER, GEO., Stu. Ch. Ch. Oxon. ; Pre-

xiij. chapyter to the Romaynes. 16mo. 1551
cen. Ex.; Dn. Cant. ; Bp. Bath and Wells.

Homilie to bee reade in the time of Pestilence,
“ Best Scholar-finest Gentlemen—would make

and a most present Remedie for the same. 1553
the completest Bishop ever educated at Westm.

Certain Sentences, written in Prison. 8vo. 1559
School,” remarked by Dr. Busby. Born 1640;

An Exposition vpon the twenty-third Psalme

died 1727.

of Dauid, full of fruitfull and comfortable doc-

The Church of England free from the impu- trine, written to the Cytie of London. Where-

tation of Popery.

1682 unto is annexed an Apology against such as re-

A Fair and Methodical Discussion of the first ported that he cursed Queen Marye. 8vo. 1562
and great Controversy between the Church of An Apologye made by the Reuerende Father and
England and the Church of Rome, concerning constante Martyr of Chryste, John Hooper, &c.,
the Infallible Guide ; in three Discourses, two of against the vntrue and sclaunderous reporte, that
which only were printed.

1687 he should be a maintainer and encorager of suche
The Parson's Case, under the present Land- as cursed the Quenes highness that then was,



Queene Marye, &c. Lond. 8vo. 1562. At the

A Discourse concerning Lent, in two parts : end of the Apology are certayn Letters, | The
1. An Historical Account of its Observation; II. copy of the Letter whereby M. Hooper was cer-
An Essay concerning its original. 8vo. 1695 tifyed of the taking of a godly company in Bowe
Marks of a Defenceless Cause. 8vo.

Church-yearde, at Prayer, 3 Jany. 1554; M.

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