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Hospital with tobacco in any form; or to deliver to, or receive from a patient, any letter, parcel, or package, without the knowledge and approbation of the Physician. Funds for the use of the patients are to be placed in the hands of the Stewards, to be used only under the direction of the Physician.

Statistics of the Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane.

The Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane was opened for the admission of patients on the first of the year 1841, since which time there have been admitted into it

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Of the whole number admitted, there have been dis

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The average number of patients resident in the Hospital during the year was over 385.

The total number of patients treated for Insanity in the Pennsylvania Hospital, from its foundation in 1752, is 10,961.

Letters relative to the admission of patients may be addressed to any of the Managers, or to Dr Kirkbride, Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane, Philadelphia; or, if specially for "the Department for Males," to Dr. S. Preston Jones.

Direct telegraphic communication with the Western Union, at Third St. below Chestnut, Philadelphia.

Letters or small packages, for any of the officers or patients, may also be left at the Hospital gate, Eighth Street, between Spruce and Pine Streets, in the city of Philadelphia.

Entrance to the "Department for Males," on 49th Street, between Market and Haverford Streets.

Entrance to the "Department for Females," on Haverford Street, near 44th Street.

Officers of the Institution.

Physician-in-Chief and Superintendent: Thomas S. Kirkbride,


Department for Males.-First Assistant Physician: S. Preston Jones, M.D. Second Assistant Physician: Wm. H. Bartles, M.D. Steward: George Jones.

Department for Females.-Assistant Physician: Wm. P. Moon, M.D. Steward: Joseph Jones. Matron: Anne Jones.

Solicitor: Geo. W. Biddle, 208 S. 5th St.

State Lunatic Hospital of Pennsylvania,

That insane persons may be placed in a hospital for the insane by their legal guardians, or by their relatives or friends in case they have no guardians, but never without the certificate of two or more reputable physicians after a personal examination made within one week of the date thereof, and this certificate to be duly acknowledged and sworn to or affirmed before some

magistrate or judicial officer who shall certify to the genuineness of the signatures and to the responsibility of the signers. (Law of April, 1860.)

None but recent cases are admitted.

For private patients, or those supported by themselves or friends, the price varies from $3.50 to $5.00 a week. For those supported by townships or counties the price is $3.00 a week.

Preparatory to the admission of a patient (unless when committed by order of a court) the Superintendent shall be furnished with the certificate as above, with a request from a near relative or friend that the patient may be received into the Hospital, and a bond with satisfactory security for the payment of board and other expenses while in the institution. All private patients must make a payment of thirteen weeks' board in advance, and if taken away without or against the advice and consent of the Superintendent within that period no part of said amount shall be refunded.

Whenever a patient is sent to the Hospital by order of a court, etc., the order shall be lodged with the Superintendent.

Those who may bring a patient with such a warrant will be required to pay at the time of the admission of the patient seventy-eight dollars.


Superintendent and Physician.


Assistant Physicians.



State Hospital for the Insane, at Danville.

Rules as above.

Superintendent and Physician.


Western Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane, Dixmont, Alleghany Co.

Superintendent and Physician.

Hospital of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Philadelphia.


Founded July 18, 1851.

This is a general hospital, supported by interest from moneys invested (received by bequests or donations), contributions from churches and individuals for the maintenance of free beds, board paid by patients, together with Thanksgiving offerings, and annual and special contributions.

It is under the control of a Board of twenty-four Managers, besides the Protestant Episcopal Bishop of

* Reached by the Fifth Street line of cars.


the Diocese, who is ex officio their President. contributors, who become such by paying fifty dollars at one time into the treasury of the hospital, choose every year eight gentlemen, to serve as Managers for a three years' term.

The Board of Managers choose annually four Attending Surgeons and four Attending Physicians, to serve each for three months in his turn. Four Resident Physicians, serving sixteen months each, and an Apothecary, constitute the rest of the Medical Staff. The two Junior Resident Physicians have charge of the Dispensary, under the direction of the Dispensary Staff, which consists of four physicians and four surgeons.

One ward, founded by bequest of Miss Grasby, and called the "Hannah Ward," is for the reception of patients with diseases of the chest; the receipts from the fund maintain at present ten patients.

Any individual or any church may, by the annual payment of two hundred and fifty dollars, acquire the right to one bed in the hospital, for a case, curable or incurable, provided that such case requires medical or surgical care, does not call for more than ordinary attendance, and is of such a nature as not to disturb the peace and quietness of the other patients. These beneficiaries are admitted upon orders from the parties maintaining the beds, or their agents.

Persons suffering from acute disease, not contagious or infectious, may be admitted by an order from the physician or surgeon on duty. "Recent accidents' are admitted at once, if brought to the hospital within twenty-four hours after the receipt of injury.

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