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The Apothecary, or his assistant, must always be in attendance in the shop from 8 o'clock A.M. until 6 o'clock P.M. from October to March ; and from 71 o'clock A.M. until 7 o'clock P.M. from March to October, of each day, except Sundays, when the time of service shall cease at 12 o'clock M.

Admission of Visitors. An order from a Guardian, the Secretary, or Out-Door Agent, shall admit the bearer thereof to any and every part of the institution, excepting the Insane Department, Obstetrical and Venereal Wards (access to the latter named being attained only in conformity with the provisions of the next rule), from which visitors shall be excluded, unless by special order, visiting days to be Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, reserving to the Resident Physician on duty the right to exclude visitors from such patients as he believes might be injured. The Steward and Door-keeper are required not to allow any one to pass on any day except those set apart, unless specially set forth in the bandwriting of the one granting the permit; to be good for the day only for which the same is issued. The Steward is directed to discharge any Runner who may be found conducting visitors to those parts of the house excluded upon the orders of admission.

The Door-keeper is directed to regard no order of admission by whomsoever granted, when found in the hands of persons who have been detected in the attempt to carry spirituous, vinous, or malt liqnors, or other prohibited articles, to any of the inmates, or of those who have, for the preceding three months, been inmates of the Venereal Wards. Nor shall he permit any person to visit the Venereal or Obstetrical Wards, other than near relations of the inmates, ministers of the gospel, and members of the medical profession. The visitors to the above-named wards shall not be allowed to hold conversation with any inmates of the wards, other than those named upon their permits.

Medical Library and Pathological Museum. The Library and Pathological Museum are under the superintendence and direction of the Committee on Hospital.

Religious Worship. No public preaching or exhortation shall be permitted in the wards of the Hospital or Insane Department. At the request of a patient, or by permission of a guardian, any clergyman or piously disposed person may administer the consolations of religion, in such a tone of voice as will not disturb the patients in the ward.

Reports are published every year of the work done in the various departments of the Institution.

Out-door relief is afforded generally to nearly 100,000 persons.

About 6000 patients are treated in the Hospital, over 1000 of whom are in the Insane Department.

This Hospital is provided with ambulances, and is connected by telegraph wires with the various District Station offices. Persons injured can thus receive immediate transportation and relief, as a Medical Officer of the Hospital is daily detailed to accompany the ambulance and to superintend the removal of the injured.

It is proposed to erect shortly several pavilions on the most approved plans, which will greatly increase the capacity of the Philadelphia Hospital.

Officers of the Board.
President, James S. CHAMBERS.
Treasurer, Jacob NAYLOR.

Office, 42 North Seventh Street.


Henry Bain,
James S. Chambers,
Joseph H. Collins,
Wm. A. Durfor,
Geo. W. Fairman,
Robert T. Gill,

W. K. Gilbert,
Peter Lane, Jr.,
Wm. McAleer,
John F. Miller,
Jacob Naylor,
Wm. J. Nead.

Officers. Steward: Ellis P. Phipps.

Resident Physician of the Insane Department: D.D. Richardson, M.D.

Storekeeper and Clerk: J. E. Harkins.
House Agent: J. B. Bunting.
Apothecary: W. F. Bender.
Superintendent of Manufactures: Jno. B. Snyder.
Out-Door Agent: A. D. W. Caldwell.

Attending Physicians, Surgeons, and Accoucheurs of the Hospitai.

Accoucheurs :
Dr. W. H. Pancoast, Dr. J. L. Ludlow, Dr. Edw. L. Duer,
F. F. Maury,

Wm. Pepper,

R. M. Girvin, Jno. H. Brinton,

H. C. Wood, J. S. Parry, Harrison Allen, D. D. Richardson, Jesse R. Burden, Jr.,

Samuel W. Gross. James Tyson. W. H. Warder.
Curator: Dr. James Tyson.
Microscopist: Dr. R. M. Bertolet.
Resident Physicians :-

District Physicians. 1st DISTRICT,

1st, 2d, and 26th Wards. 6th, 9th, and 10 Wards
E. L. Evans,

Thos. Lancaster
S. P. Newsham,

(Western Divison). E. J. Nolan.

W. Penn Buck 2D DISTRICT,

(Eastern Division). 3d and 4th Wards.

5th DISTRICT, C. B. Ranck,

11th and 12th Wards. Thos. Hunter.

A. F. Shelly, 3D DISTRICT,

H. C. Paist.
5th, 7th, and 8th Wards. 6TH DISTRICT,
H. E. Dwight

13th and 14th Wards. (Western Division).

F. B. Hazel. J. M. Keating

(Eastern Division).


10th District,
16tb, 17th, and 18th Wards. 21st and part of 28th Wards.
W. R. Claridge,

Geo. D. Young
W. Lyons.

11th District, 8ru DISTRICT,

24th and 27th Wards.
19th and 25th Wards.

M. B. Musser.
Jacob Bowman

22 Division,
(Eastern Division). Belmont and Blockley.
Herbert Reynolds,

L. M. Service.
Bridesburg. 3d Division,
9th District,

Blockley and Kingsessing. 20th, 29th, and part of 28th P. J. Hoopes. Wards.

12th DISTRICT, John A. Raub,

15th Ward.
E. T. Bruen.

W. L. Atlee, Jr.,
Josiah Peltz.

Visitors of the Poor. First District: Wm. T. Brown, 718 Wharton Street, Visitor. Wm.

A. Durfor, Guardian. Second District: Dan'l McGlinsey, 1123 Christian Street, Visitor.

Wm. McAleer, Guardian. Third District: Henry P. Price, 265 S. Twelfth ab. Spruce Street,

Visitor. Rob't T. Gill, Guardian. Fourth District: Lewis C. Greene, 4 Fayette Street, Visitor.

Henry Bain, Guardian. Fifth District: Jacob Albright, 326 Fairmount Avenue, Visitor.

Geo. W. Fairman, Guardian. Sixth District: Wm. J. Byrne, 309 N. Thirteenth Street, Visitor.

Wm. J. Nead, Guardian. Seventh District : Wm. F. Siner, 1322 Frankford Road, Visitor.

Peter Lane, Jr., Guardian. Eighth District: C. Z. Bookhammer, N. E. cor. Howard and

Dauphin Streets, Visitor. Eastern Division-Frank’n Brown, 42 Bridge Street, Bridesburg, Visitor. Jacob Naylor, GuarNinth District : Sam'l J. Yarger, 1959 Alder Street, Visitor. James

S. Chambers, Guardian. Tenth District: G. Y. Tams, 110 Mechanics Street, Manayunk,

Visitor. Jos. H. Collins, Guardian.
Eleventh District: First Division-Francis C. Pearson, Thirty-

Seventh Street, near Darby Road, Visitor. Second Division,
Belmont and Blockley-L. M. Service, River Road, near Five
Points, Visitor. Third Division, Blockley and Kingsessing-

P. J. Hoopes, Paschalville, Visitor. John F. Miller, Guardian. Twelfth District: B. F. Levy, 1802 Hamilton Street, Visitor. W.

K. Gilbert, M.D., Guardian.

The Municipal Hospital,

Hart LANE NEAR TWENTY-FIRST STREET, Was formally accepted by the Board of Health of the City of Philadelphia, April 27, 1865. The following extract from a report of a speech made on that occasion by the late Dr. Wilson Jewell, will be interesting as an historical sketch of the previous steps taken by the authorities in regard to hospital accommodations for persons laboring under infectious diseases.

“Up to the year 1743 there had not been a single hospital organized in our city. In 1726 the smallpox broke out in the city, and a house located near where Ninth and South Streets intersect, was used as a pest-house. The victims of this epidemic in those days were taken to farm-houses. In the year 1743 the merchants, as a safeguard, took the subject of making provision for the sick into consideration, because the smallpox was increasing as immigrants came upon our shores from Germany. The Colonial Assembly became alarmed, and they built a pest-house on State Island, at a later period called Fisher's Island, near the mouth of

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