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consent of the Visiting Committee. Payment must be made, or security given, for two weeks in advance. Unmarried persons, by regular monthly payments of twenty-five cents, can acquire the right of free admission to the Hospital in case of sickness. The right is lost by three consecutive failures to pay the contributions.

No one is admitted with infectious, pestilential, or incurable disease.

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At least one-tenth of the beds in the Hospital are reserved for the poor.

Visiting days for the friends of patients, Sundays and Thursdays, from 10 A. M. to 2 P. M. Special privileges are granted by the Assistant Physician and Steward.

President of the Board of Managers: John D. Lankenau, 34 S. 3d St.

Secretary: Joseph Kinike, 1006 Race St.

Resident Physician: Dr. C. Unger.

Attending Physicians: Drs. F. H. Gross, A. Trau, James Collins, C. Trautmann, M. Franklin, William Ashbridge, R M. Bertolet. There is one vacancy in the Medical Board on account of the death of Dr. Washington Atlee Hoffmann.

The Jewish Hospital of Philadelphia

Is located on Olney Road near York Pike, 22d ward. It is accessible by the North Penna. R. R. to Tabor Station, is about two squares west of station- -or in driving out take Broad Street to its terminus, and then into York Pike. This Hospital is free for the alleviation of

the sick and wounded of every creed, color, sex, or nationality; in connection with it is the Asylum for aged and infirm Israelites. The number of beds in wards and single rooms for hospital use is forty, but when necessary can easily accommodate fifty. The Home or Asylum will accommodate about the same number.

Cases of accident are admitted at any time without permit; but all cases of sickness (excepting those of a contagious or infectious nature, which are never admitted) require a permit from the Committee of Admission, to be signed by two of their members (seven in number, residing or having offices in central locations); this committee require a certificate from the attending physician as to the nature of the disease, etc., before granting a permit; the resident physician in cases of emergency requiring immediate treatment can admit without it. The Hospital is free to all, but persons who desire to pay are charged a moderate sum. All receive the same treatment, rich and poor alike.

The building is surrounded by fourteen and a half acres of beautiful rolling ground, and is in one of the finest parts of the city. The present site has been occupied about one and a half years, the Hospital having formerly been located at 56th and Haverford Road; the building is complete in all its appointments for hospital purposes. Its cost completed and furnished. was about $100,000, paid for by the Israelites of Philadelphia, excepting a small mortgage. It is supported by yearly subscribers and voluntary donations.

Medical Staff.

Attending Surgeons: Drs. R. J. Levis and T. G. Morton.

Attending Physicians: Drs. Wilson B. Smith, David Davidson, Joshua R. Evans, and Jno. C. Hall.

P. O. Address, Branchtown, 22d Ward; R. R. Station, Tabor, N. P. R. R.

Board of Officers.

President: Abraham S. Wolf.

Vice-President: Abraham Goldsmith.
Treasurer: Wm. B. Hackenburg.

Secretary: Joseph L. Berg.

Corresponding Secretary: Simon Pfaelzer.

Directors: Lucien Moss, Mayer Sulzberger, Jules A. Ephraim, Abraham Wolf, Simon W. Arnold, Solomon Gans, Morris Rosenbach, Judah Isaacs, Alfred T. Jones, Abraham Sulzberger, Marx B. Loeb, Jacob Kaufmann.

Resident Physician and Superintendent: A. Feldstein, M.D.
Assistant Physician: J. Simsohn, M.D.

Steward and Matron: Mr. and Mrs. Moses Cohen.

The Board meets the first Sunday of every month.

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The Charity Hospital of Philadelphia,


Chartered 1858.

Supported by private subscriptions; owns the pro


Daily clinics are held at the Hospital, from 12 M. to I P. M., when advice and medicine are given gratuitously to the worthy poor.

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St. Mary's Hospital,


Conducted by the Sisters of St. Francis,

Was established in 1866. Number of beds seventy, divided between the Surgical and Medical wards. No contagious or mental diseases received. Board of patients is five dollars per week. Accident cases received without charge when brought within twenty-four hours. Patients of all creeds received without question. Application for admission must be made at the Hospital. There being no endowment fund, the support is entirely of voluntary contributions, lectures, concerts, board of patients, etc.

Medical Staff: Drs. Cummiskey and R. A. Cleeman.

Surgical Staff: Drs. W. W. Keen, J. H. Grove, H. S. Schell, and J. E. Mears.

Ophthalmic Surgeon: Dr. A. D. Hall.

Resident Surgeons: Drs. Early, Diehl, Eaton, and Birckes.
Solicitor: Chas. Hart, Esq.

Physician-in-charge: J. Cummiskey, M.D.

In connection with the Hospital there has been organized a Dispensary which gives daily relief to many out-door sick. Medicines are not furnished gratuitously.

Dispensary Staff: Drs. Cummiskey, Schell, and Porter.

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