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St. Joseph's Hospital.


Established in 1849.

This Institution is supported by pay from patients and by voluntary contributions, and is under the control of the Sisters of Charity. It is divided into Surgical, Medical, and Obstetrical wards. Its capacity is now one hundred and fifty beds, but when the building is completed there will be two hundred and fifty beds.

In addition to the public wards, there are a number of handsomely furnished private rooms, which can be procured at various prices, by persons desirous of extra accommodations, where they can enjoy all the comforts of a well-regulated home, together with all the benefits to be derived from such an institution. The patients in these private rooms have the privilege of selecting their own medical attendant. Physicians and surgeons who may have patients at hotels, boarding-houses, or private houses, can avail themselves of this opportunity by sending such patients to this Institution, where they are certain to receive that skilful nursing, tender care, and ceaseless attention which are the distinguishing characteristics of the Sisters of Charity-known now all over the world for their kindness, philanthropy, and self-sacrificing devotedness to the interests of religion. and suffering humanity.

Patients of all creeds and climes, except such as are afflicted by contagious diseases, are admitted. Although this Hospital is ranked among the Catholic charities of

this city, the inmates can avail themselves of the services of spiritual advisers of their own selection; and their wants, if destitute, are gratuitously supplied.

The cost of board in the wards for pay patients is $5 per week.

Applications for admission may be made at the Hospital, or to the medical or surgical officer on duty. Recent accidents are admitted at once into the wards.

Surgical advice is given gratis on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, at 11 o'clock A. M. Diseases of the Eye are treated on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11 o'clock A. M.

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In Charge: The Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph's Hospital.


Physicians: Drs. William V. Keating, Alfred Stillé, George R. Morehouse, and J. J. Reese.

Surgeons: Drs. John H. Brinton, W. F. Atlee, E. A. Page, and C. S. Boker.

Obstetricians: Drs. J. D. Bryant and A. C. Bournonville.
Pathologist: Dr. Joseph Leidy.

House Surgeon: Dr. Robert B. Cruice.

The Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia. POWELTON AVENUE AND THIRTY-NINTH ST., WEST PHILADELPHIA. It is under the control of the Committee on Hospitals of the Philadelphia Presbyterian Alliance.

All the members of the Philadelphia Presbyterian Alliance, and all other persons who shall contribute to the Hospital the sum of thirty dollars or more yearly, or the sum of five hundred dollars at one time, are members of this corporation, and are entitled to vote at the annual election for Trustees.

The government of the Institution is vested in a Board of Trustees, consisting of twenty-four persons, not more than nine of whom may be ministers of the gospel, in addition to the President of the Philadelphia Presbyterian Alliance, who is ex officio a trustee and President of the Board. In the event of there being a vacancy in the Presidency of the Alliance, the Board choose one of their own number to be President during such vacancy.

No person is eligible to the office of Trustee who is not a member in full communion with a church connected with the Presbytery of Philadelphia or of Philadelphia Central.

The election for Trustees is held on the third Tuesday of January in every year, or in case of failure to elect on that day, then on some subsequent day as early as practicable. At the first election-which was held on the third Tuesday of January, 1872-twentyfour Trustees were chosen, in three classes of eight

members each, to continue in office for one, two, or three years respectively; and at every subsequent election eight members are to be elected to serve for three years.

The Medical Board consists of two Consulting and four Attending Surgeons, two Consulting and four Attending Physicians, two Physicians for diseases peculiar to women, two Ophthalmic Surgeons, two Pathologists, and one Aurist, who give their attendance regularly at the Hospital at such seasons as may be agreed upon by themselves. In the out-patient department of this Hospital there are two Surgeons and two Physicians.

The Physicians and Surgeons have power to appoint, with the approval of the Trustees, a sufficient number of Students of Medicine, or Graduates, who shall visit the wards with the Attending Physician or Surgeon on duty, and who shall keep an accurate record of all cases designated by them, and from which number the Resident Physicians shall ordinarily be elected.

The following classes of persons are admitted :Those who have been wounded, or otherwise injured, shall be received at all hours, subject to such rules as the Board of Trustees may from time to time enact; provided, always, the patient be brought to the Hospital within twenty-four hours after the accident, in all cases where the application for admission has been practicable within that time;

Those laboring under curable diseases, able and willing to pay their board;

Poor patients, whom the Visiting Committee may deem fit objects of charity.

The Physician or Surgeon on duty shall have the power of admitting poor or charity patients in their respective wards, in such numbers as may hereafter be designated by the Board of Trustees or Visiting Committee.

No person having any infectious or contagious disease shall be admitted to the Hospital.

The Superintendent shall, when practicable, be a regular graduate physician.


President: Rev. George W. Musgrave, D.D., LL.D.

Treasurer: John D. McCord.

Secretary: William L. Mactier.

Agent: Rev. S. W. Crittenden.

George W. Musgrave,
T. J. Shepherd,

William O. Johnstone,
Alfred Nevin,

Zephaniah M. Humphrey,

Richard H. Allen,
William T. Eva,
J. Addison Henry,
Matthew Newkirk,
William J. McElroy,

T. W. Baker,

W. G. Moorhead,

D. A. Cunningham,

W. L. Mactier,

Alexander Whilldin,

Samuel Field,

David Thain,

William Montelius,
Fulton W. Hastings,
John D. McCord,
John B. Gest,

James Hogg,

Henry Disston,

Henry R. Raiguel,

B. D. Stewart.

Medical Board.

Consulting Surgeons: Drs. D. Hayes Agnew and John Neil. Consulting Physicians: Drs. Jacob M. Da Costa and John L. Ludlow.

Attending Surgeons: Drs. Oscar H. Allis, Thomas B. Reed, H. Lenox Hodge, and William G. Porter.

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