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Doctor Lee's Private Hospital for the Treatment

of Spinal and Nervous Affections and Deformities in the City of Philadelphia.


This house was opened September 1, 1871, for the accommodation of patients from a distance, suffering under affections demanding mechanico-surgical treatment, or remedial exercises-such as spinal curvatures, diseases of the hip, or other joints, infantile paralysis, and deformities, on the one hand; and spinal irritation, neuralgia, and functional derangements of nutrition and innervation in general, on the other.

Attached to the house is a medical and orthopædical gymnasium, provided with apparatus devised with especial reference to the several recognized groups of deformities, and attended by persons of both sexes, trained in the practice of massage (or rubbing and kneading), and the acto-passive (Swedish) movements. The charges for professional services are based upon the Fee-bill of the College of Physicians of this city, while the rates for board correspond with those of the higher grade of boarding houses. Tuesday morning of each week is devoted to out-patients of limited means.

Surgeon in Charge: Dr. BENJAMIN LEE.
Surgical Consultant: Dr. Washington L. Atlee.
Medical Consultant: Dr. Alfred Stillé.
Consultant in Nervous Affections: Dr. S. Weir Mitchell.
Gynecological Consultant: Dr. J. Cheston Morris.
Electrical Consultant: Dr. Matthew J. Grier.
Masseuses : Mrs. Simpson, Miss Adams.
Orthopædical Mechanician: Edward Spellerberg.


Founded in 1836. This Institution, which is supported by an income from estates left by the late Dr. Jonas Preston, is a lying-in charity for married women of good character, but in indigent circumstances, who are near the time of their confinement, where they may be received and provided with proper obstetric aid for their delivery, and with suitable attendance and comforts during the period of their convalescence. It has accommodations for about twenty patients.

The use of the building was for many years allowed to the Managers of the “Foster Home Association." It was first opened as a lying-in hospital in 1866, and during that year received 40 patients. About 120 inmates yearly enjoy the benefits of the institution.

Patients are admitted about two weeks before the expected time of their confinement, and are allowed four weeks in which to convalesce. Since each applicant is required to give references as to character, and furnish other proofs of her respectability, and, after becoming an inmate, is under observation for at least six weeks, this institution is enabled to supply the community with healthy and reliable wet-nurses.

Women desiring to enter this Institution as patients are requested to make personal application at the Retreat at least one month before the expected time of their confinement. Applications for admission can be made upon any day of the week from 8 to 11 A. M.

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John M. Ogden,

Samuel R. Shipley,
Preston Thomas,

Robert C. Cornelius,
Eli K Price,

Edward H. Ogilen,
Joseph B. Townsend,

Frederick Fraley,
Henry C. Townsend,

John Wiegaud,
Isaac F. Baker,

Charles F. Bonsall,
Wm. C. Biddle,

John C. Cresson,
Jacob P. Jones,

Joseph H. Trotter,
Geo. Thomas, M.D.,

Adam C. Eckfeldt,
Joseph C. Turnpenny,

John C. Uhle,
Wm. P. Sharpless,

Charles Bullock,
Henry Haines,

Asa 1. Fish.
Visiting Physicians : Drs. Lewis Rodman, R. A. F. Penrose,
Ellerslie Wallace, Ellwood Wilson, Albert H. Smith, Edward L.

Physician-in-Charge: Dr. William Goodell.

State Hospital for Women and Infants.

1718 FILBERT St.

This Hospital—the first and only one of its kind in the State-was opened in February, 1873, and was incorporated by an act of the Court of Common Pleas, June 2, 1873


The object of the Hospital, as set forth in its charter,

“the care, nurture, and maintenance of destitute women, married or single, during childbirth, or whilst suffering from diseases peculiar to their sex; of children born of their bodies, either whilst in the care of the corporation or surrendered to it after birth; the providing for the temporal and spiritual welfare of such women and children either within or outside of the institution, as well as the care and boarding of women and children for compensation."

Between February, 1873, and October ist, 1874, 71 women were safely delivered in the Hospital.

The charity is supported chiefly by voluntary contributions, but in part by the payment of board proportional in amount to the means of the patient.

Board of Governors.


J. W. White, M.D.

J. W. White, M.D.,
J. F. Weighitman, M.D.,
John P. Verree,
Wm. H. Staake,
R. E. Peterson, Jr.,
J. V. Watson,

S Gross Fry,
W. H. Ingham,
I. V. Williamson,
A. S. Naudain,
F. P. Steel,
E. Coppée Mitchell.

Appointed by the Governor of the State.
Morton McMichael,

T Morris Perot,
J Gillingham Fell,

Charles Bullock.


Ladies' Committee.
Mrs. John Mason, Jr.,

Mrs. Wm. H. Furness,
S. Gross Fry,

Henry Towne,
W. A. Ingham,

W. W. Frazier,
Edward H. Hance,

W. B. Stevens.
S. M. Lyttle,


Medical Board.

Dr. W. F. Jenks,

John A. McArthur.

Dr. James V. Ingham,

Horace Williams.

Surgeons :-
Dr. Edward L. Duer,

John S. Parry,
Dr. C. H. Merklein,

R. G. Curtin,
Consulting Surgeons :-

Dr. H. Earnest Goodman, Consulting Obstetricians :

Dr. Ellerslie Wallace, Consulting Physicians :

Dr. Alfred Stillé,

Dr. Frank F. Maury.

Dr. R. A. F. Penrose.

Dr. S. Weir Mitchell.

Friends' Asylum for the Insane,


Is an unincorporated Institution, supported by members of the Society of Friends.

Its legal title is “ The Contributors to the Asylum for the Relief of Persons deprived of the Use of their Reason.”

It was founded about the year 1814, and the first patients were admitted in May, 1817.

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