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The Obstetric Physicians hold a daily clinic for diseases of women, at their rooms, No. 15 North 13th Street, and attend cases of confinement at their own homes. They keep a correct record of all Clinical and Lying-in cases, with name, age, residence, color, nativity, disease, treatment, and result; and at the end of each year return a full Report to the Secretary.

They appoint an Assistant Physician quarterly, subject to the approval of the Secretary, whose duty is to assist at the clinics, and in cases of slightly difficult labor; never performing the operations of turning, delivery by the forceps, or craniotomy, save in the presence of a Principal. The prescriptions of the Assistant, marked O. D. P. D., shall be put up at the Dispensary.

In extreme cases, or in those of unusual interest, on application of the attending accoucheur, the Secretary of the Managers may grant nursing aid for a limited period.

The Physicians of the Eye and Ear Department hold a daily Clinic at their rooms, northeast corner of 13th and Chestnut Streets, and treat cases at their own homes in accordance with their judgment and convenience. They keep correct records of all cases under their care, with name, age, residence, color, nativity, disease, treatment, and result; and at the end of each year transmit to the Secretary of the Dispensary a complete copy of such records. They appoint one or more Assistant Physicians quarterly, subject to the approval of the Secretary, whose duty is to assist at the clinics,

but not themselves to prescribe or operate save in the presence of a Principal.

The benefits of the Dispensary are bestowed upon all applicants where circumstances do not admit of their employing a physician without being burdensome, residing between the Delaware and the Schuylkill, and between the north side of South Street and the south side of Vine Street; the only exceptions being those suffering from delirium tremens or from venereal disease, and mere paupers. Recent accidents occurring in the neighborhood are always treated on application.

The portion of the city above mentioned is divided into six districts, each of which is assigned to one of the Attending or "District" Physicians.

The benefits of the Obstetrical and of the Eye and Ear Departments are extended to applicants from all parts of the city without limitation.

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received by, David Scull, Jr., Treasurer, No. 125 Market Street, Dr. Edward Maris, at the Dispensary, or any of the Managers.

Officers Elected January 20th, 1874.

Treasurer: David Scull, Jr., No. 125 Market Street.

Attending Physicians and Surgeons :

Dr. Charles M. Harris,

Albert G. Heyl,

T. Sozinski Smith,

Obstetric Physicians:

Dr. Horace Williams,

Dr. Charles E. Cadwallader,
Hamilton Osgood.

Dr. Elliott Richardson.

Surgeon of the Eye and Ear Department:

Dr. George Strawbridge.

Consulting Physicians and Surgeons :

Dr. George W. Norris,

S. Littell,

Dr. Caspar Wister,

D. Hayes Agnew.

Resident Physician: Dr. Edward Maris.

Assistant Physician: Dr. Mordecai Price.
Apothecary: Charles Beddoe.

Obstetric Department of the Philadelphia


In connection with the above Institution, Clinics are conducted daily, from 11 to 12 o'clock noon.

For terms apply at the Institution, or to either of the Obstetric Physicians, Drs. Horace Williams and Elliott Richardson.

Eye and Ear Institute of the Philadelphia


Furgeon-in Charge: Dr. Geo. Strawbridge.

Assistant Surgeons: Drs. Fred. P. Henry and Albert G. Heyl.

Opportunities for practical instruction in diagnosis and treatment of diseases pertaining to the eye and ear are afforded in connection with the clinics of this Department held at 12 M. and 6 P. M. daily.

For terms, etc., apply to the Surgeon-in-charge.

The Philadelphia Lying-in Charity and Nurse Society.


This Institution is supported wholly by private subscriptions. Its objects are the training of nurses, and the assistance of poor and deserving women in childbed. Medical aid is also afforded to women suffering from diseases peculiar to their sex.

Women in good health between the ages of twentytwo and forty-four years, capable of reading and writing readily, desirous of devoting themselves permanently to nursing, may, if they wish to begin this service under the training and patronage of the Lying-in Charity and Nurse Society, apply with testimonials of intelligence and moral character, to the Matron of the Nurses' Home, 126 North Eleventh Street.

Persons needing the benefits of the Lying-in Charity and Nurse Society, may apply to the Lady Visitors in whose district they live, or directly at the Institution, 126 North Eleventh Street, as above, at eight o'clock, Thursday morning, a reasonable time before expected. confinement.

Applicants for treatment at the Clinic for Diseases of Women should apply on Wednesday or Saturday mornings at eight o'clock.

Citizens desirous of employing those nurses who have completed their term of service in the Institution, are informed that the Matron will always assist them as far as possible in procuring one, provided sufficiently early application be made to her, at the Home, No. 126 North Eleventh Street.

Two courses of practical lectures to students are given in this Institution every year. The The summer course, by Dr. J. G. Allen, begins about the 1st of April; the winter course, by Dr. Albert H. Smith, about the middle of October.

Cases are attended at their own homes by the students, under the supervision of the lecturers.

Twenty-one nurses are resident at the Home, and ten others are registered there.

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