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Association of Medical Superintendents of

American Institutions for the Insane.

The Association includes past and present superintendents of insane asylums in the United States and the British Provinces; and has for its object the discussion of subjects pertaining to this class of patients.

The meetings are held annually in May, at such places as may be agreed on by vote.

The next meeting will be held at Stockton, California, 3d Tuesday of May, 1875.



Dr. CHARLES H. Nichols, Washington, D. C.

CLEMENT A. WALKER, Boston, Mass.
Jonin Curwen, Harrisburg, Pa.

American Pharmaceutical Association.

ORGANIZED SEPTEMBER, 1852. Its objects are to unite the educated and reputable pharmaceutists and druggists of the United States, in order

1. To improve and regulate the drug market, by preventing the importation of inferior, adulterated, or deteriorated drugs, and by detecting and exposing home adulterations.

2. To encourage proper relations between druggists, pharmaceutists, physicians, and the people at large, which shall promote the public welfare, and tend to mutual strength and advantage.

3. To improve the science and art of pharmacy by diffusing scientific knowledge among apothecaries and druggists, fostering pharmaceutical literature, developing talent, stimulating discovery and invention, and encouraging home product and manufacture in the several departments of the drug business.

“4. To regulate the system of apprenticeship and employment, so as to prevent, as far as practicable, the evils flowing from deficient training in the responsible duties of preparing, dispensing, and selling medicines.

5. To suppress empiricism, and to restrict the dispensing and sale of medicines to regularly educated druggists and apothecaries.

“6. To uphold standards of authority in the education, theory, and practice of pharmacy.

7. To create and maintain a standard of professional honesty, equal to the amount of our professional knowledge, with a view to the highest good and greatest protection to the public."

Every pharmaceutist and druggist of good moral and professional standing, whether in business on his own account, retired from business, or employed by another, and those teachers of pharmacy, chemistry, and botany, who may be specially interested in pharmacy and materia medica, are eligible to membership.

Any person eligible to membership may make application in writing, with the indorsement of any two members of the Association in good standing, to any



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member of the Executive Committee, who shall report his application to the said Committee.

If after investigating his claims they shall approve his election, they shall, at the earliest time practicable, report his name to the Association, and he may be elected by two-thirds of the members present, on ballot.

The next meeting will be held in Boston, Mass., on the second Tuesday of September, 1875.

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Officers. President,

C. LEWIS Diehl, Lonisville, Ky.
Vice-Presidents, Joseph ROBERTS, Baltimore, Md.

WILLIAM T. WENZELL, San Francisco, Cal.
AUGUSTUS R. BAYLEY, Cambridgeport,


CHARLES A. Tufts, Dover, N. H. Permanent Secretary, John M. Maisch, Philadelphia, Pa. Reporter on the Progress of Pharmacy.-C. LEWIS Diehl.

American Ophthalmological Society,


For “the advancement of ophthalmic science and art;'' composed of “graduates in medicine, in good professional standing, who have an interest in ophthalmic science and art." No member is allowed to attach to his name in any public announcement the title of Oculist, or any similar title, or to publicly announce in print that he gives special and exclusive attention to special practice.

Next meeting will be held at Newport, R. I., on the third Thursday of July, 1875.



Dr. C. R. AGNEW, New York, NY. Vice-President,

Gustavus Hay, Boston, Mass. Secretary and Treasurer, RICHARD H. DERBY, New York, N. Y. Corresponding Secretary, HERMANN ALTHOF, New York, N. Y.

American Otological Society,


For the advancement of the science of aural medicine and surgery; composed of graduates in medicine, in good professional standing, who have an interest in the ear and its diseases. No member is allowed to attach to his name the title of Aurist, or any similar title, or to announce in print that he gives attention to special practice.

Next meeting will be held at Newport, R. I., on the Tuesday preceding the third Wednesday of July, 1875.



Dr. D. B. St. Joun Roosa, New York, N. Y. Vice-President,

CLARENCE J. BLAKE, Boston, Mass. Secretary and Treasurer, J. ORNE GREEN, Boston, Mass.

American Association for the Cure of Inebriates,

ORGANIZED NOVEMBER, 1870, Meets annually at such places as may be agreed upon.

Its members consist of superintendents, physicians, and delegates from boards of directors, of institutions for the treatment of inebriates.

Its objects are to study the disease of inebriety, to discuss its proper treatment, and endeavor to bring about a co-operative public sentiment and jurisprudence.

The next meeting will be held at Hartford, Conn., on the last Tuesday of September, 1875.


President, Joseph PARRISII, M.D., Baltimore, Md.
Vice-Presidents, T. L. Mason, Brooklyn, N. Y., Geo. N. Comings,

M.D., New Britain, Ct.
Secretary, D. G. DODGE, M.D., New York, N. Y.
Treasurer, S. P. Godwin, Philadelphia, Pa.

The Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania,

Composed of delegates from the County Medical Societies, and of permanent members (former delegates). Its objects are “the advancement of medical knowledge; the elevation of professional character; the protection of the interests of its members; the extension of the bounds of medical science; and the promotion of all measures adapted to the relief of suffering, and to im

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