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Dr. Thomas M. Drysdale,
Richard J. Dunglison,
G. B. Dunmire,

J. M. Eagleton,
Isaac S. Eshleman,
Horace Evans,
Horace Y. Evans,
Emil Fischer,

William J. Fleming,
William S. Frick,
Albert Fricke,
James F. Gayley,
A. S. Gerhard,

William Kent Gilbert,
Robert M. Girvin,
J. B. H. Gittings,
William Goodell,
James Graham,
F. H. Gross,
Samuel D. Gross,
J. H. Grove,
A. D. Hall,

J. Parker Hall,
George Hamilton,
Lewis D. Harlow,
Nathan Hatfield,
Nathan L. Hatfield,
Thomas Hay,

Joseph Hearn,
Edwin Hellyer,
Joseph Heritage,
Addinell Hewson,
N. B. Hickman,
Elmore C. Hine,
A. G. B. Hiukle,

H. Lenox Hodge,

Dr. J. F. Holt,

William H. Hooper,
Caleb W. Hornor,

Jacob Huckel,

J. H. Hutchinson,
Wm. F. Jenks,
Alfred L. Kennedy,
George Kerr,

Thomas S. Kirkbride,
Joseph Klapp,
William O. Kline, Jr.,

S R. Knight,

William L. Knight,

Henry Leaman,

Benjamin Lee,

Richard H. Lee,
Joseph Leidy,
Richard J. Levis,
Wm. Lyons,
R. S. Mansfield,
William Mayburry,
John A. McArthur,
J. G. Maxwell,
A. H. McAdam,
J. M. McGrath,
H. D. McLean,
T. A. McRean,

Audrew S. McMurray,
James Aitken Meigs,
John F. Meigs,

D. Merritt,

J. Cheston Morris,
Sidney R. Morris,
G. H. Napheys,
J. D. Nash,
Andrew Nebinger,

Dr. H. W. Newcomet,

Edwin Nolan, Jr.,

Michael O'Hara,
J. J. O'Neil,
Owen Osler,

Wm. Byrd Page,
Joseph Pancoast,
W. H. Pancoast,
Comegys Paul,
Josiah Peltz,
Wm. Pepper,
E. S. Perkins,
W. C. Phelps,
Benjamin Phister, Jr.,
C. R. Prall,
Burroughs Price,
T. E. Ridgway,
W. M. L. Rickards,

R. E. Rogers,
E. I. Santee,
Winthrop Sargent,
E. B. Shapleigh,

G. F. Shattuck,

A. F. Shelly,
James Simpson,
Samuel R. Skillern,
Alfred M. Slocum,
J. Henry Smaltz,
F. Gurney Smith,
Henry H. Smith,
F. G. Smyth,

Dr. W. S. Stewart,

L. K. Stein,
John G. Stetler,
Alfred Stillé,
G. E. Stubbs,
W. T. Taylor,
D. J. Treacy,
R. M. Townsend,
Samuel N. Troth,
Laurence Turnbull,
James Tyson,
J. K. Uhler,
E. B. Vandyke,
Edward Wallace,
Ellerslie Wallace,
J. T. Walton,
W. H. Webb,
Jacob H. Wehner,
William M. Welch,
J. Ralston Wells,
R. Henry Wevill,
J. E. Whiteside,
John T. Williams,
Benjamin B. Wilson,
Ellwood Wilson,
W. H. Winslow,
Charles F. Wittig,
George B. Wood,
Horatio C. Wood, Jr.,
Thomas J. Yarrow,
George J. Ziegler.

The Northern Medical Association of



The objects of this Association are "to cultivate the science of medicine, and promote harmony among its members." (Constitution, Art. II.)

The initiation fee is three dollars; the annual contribution one dollar.

The stated meetings are held on the second and fourth Friday evenings of each month, except July and August.

[blocks in formation]

Councillors.-Drs. J. H. SMALTZ, LEVI CURTIS, N. L. HATFIELD,

W. M. WELCH, and CHAS. Carter.

Dr. Thos. H. Andrews,

Wm. B. Atkinson,

W. L. Atlee,

D. M. Barr,

J. M. Boisnot,

Thos. Bond,

List of Members.

Dr. J. Solis Cohen,

Aug. C. Bournonville,
Robert Burns,
Charles Carter,

L. S. Clark,

Jas. Collins,

Thos. W. Craige,

Levi Curtis,

John Dawson,

Edw. Dayton,

L. J. Deal,

Theo. A. Demmé,
Jas. M. Eagleton,

I S. Eshleman,

Dr. Emil Fischer,

W. S. Frick,

C. Geddes,

A. S. Gerhard,

Nathan Hatfield,
Nathan L. Hatfield,
L. B. Hall,

I. G. Heilman,
R. S. Kenderdine,
Wm. L. Knight,
S. R. Knight,

R. J. Levis,

H. Leaman,
C. H. Miller,
Chas. K. Mills,
A. K. Minich,
Andrew Nebinger,
H. W. Newcomet,
Owen Osler,
G. M. D. Peltz,

E. S. Perkins,

Dr. B. Price,

John Rhein,

S. D. Risley,
E. I. Santee,

E. B. Shapleigh,

A. M. Slocum,
J. Henry Smaltz,
Edward R. Stone,
W. P. Tilden,
H. R. Tilton,
S. N. Troth,
Chas. P. Turner,
T. J. Turner,
S. Updegrove,
James B. Walker,
Jacob H. Wehner,
Wm. M. Welch,
Chas. F. Wittig,
J. J. Woodward,
Jas. H. Wilson,
T. J. Yarrow.

The Obstetrical Society of Philadelphia.


The following are extracts from the Constitution of this Society :

"The object of the Society shall be to advance the study of obstetrics and the diseases of women and children, by the presentation of specimens, and the free discussion of subjects of interest, properly belonging to these several branches of medical science." (Constitution, Art. II.)

"The regular meetings of the Society shall be held on the first Thursday of each month, at 8.P. M." (Constitution, Art. XVI.)


The initiation fee of the Society shall be five dollars, and each member shall be required to contribute, annually, three dollars, payable the first week in January." (Constitution, Art. XV.)

[blocks in formation]



List of Members.

Dr. Francis G. Smith, Jr,

William R. Dunton,

Ellwood Wilson,
Lewis Rodman,
William Byrd Page,
John H. Packard,
Joshua G. Allen,
William Hunt,
James F. Wilson,
Lewis D. Harlow,
John Forsyth Meigs,
J. H. Hutchinson,
William Goodell,
James Tyson,
W. H. H. Githens,
Charles H. Thomas,
Robert P. Harris,
Edward L. Duer,

Dr. D. Murray Cheston,

Horace Williams,

Albert H. Smith,

Richard A. Cleemann,
Thomas H. Andrews,
De Forrest Willard,
William Pepper,
Roland G. Curtin,

Jacob Roberts,

Oliver P. Rex,
Edwin Farnham,
Wharton Sinkler,
John S. Parry,
Robert M. Girvin,
William F. Jenks,
James V. Ingham,
J. Cheston Morris,
John A. McArthur,

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