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Dr. R. M. Bertolet,

Thos. Betts,
Chas. S. Boker,
Daviel Bray,
John H. Brinton,
E. T. Bruer
Wm. Penn Buck,
D. Murray Cheston,
L. S. Clark,
R. A. Cleeman,
J. Solis Cohen,
Wm. B. Corbit,
Roland G. Curtin,
J. M. Da Costa,
Jas. Darrach,
Wm. Darrach,
Edward L. Duer,
L. A. Duhring,
W. R. Dunton,
Emil Fischer,
Wm. S. Forbes,
Wm. H. Ford,
Chas. Fox,
Jas. E. Garretson,
Geo. S. Gerhard,
F. H. Getchell,
William Goodell,
H. Earnest Goodman,
Jas. Graham,
Matthew J. Grier,
Ferdinand H. Gross,
Samuel D. Gross,
John H. Grove,
Theodore H. E. Gruel,
Geo. J. Hale,
Horace B. Hare,

Dr. Chis. M Harris,

Geo. C. Harlan,
Edward Hartshorne,
N. L. Hatfield,
1. Minis Hays,
Joseph Hearn,
F. P. Henry,
Addinell Hewson,
H. Lenox Hodge,
II. M. Howe,
Chas. T. Hunter,
Jas. H. Hutchinson,
Jas. V. Ingham,
Edw. Jameson,
W. F. Jenks,
John M. Keating,
W. W. Keen,
W. Keller,
Samuel R. Knight,
A. C. Lambdin,
A. L. Leach,
Henry Leaman,
J. M. Leedom,
Francis W. Lewis,
Samuel Lewis,
Jerome Longenecker,
Morris Longstreth,
J. Enue Laughlin,
Jas. Markoe,
Frank F. Maury,
J. G. Maxwell,
J. A. McArthur,
C. A. McCall,
W. W. McClure,
C. C. Mattoon,
J. Ewing Mears,

Dr. A. V. Meigs,

Dr. Chas. Shaffner,
John Forsyth Meigs,

E. B. Shapleigh,
C. K. J. Miller,

Thos. H. Sherwood,
S. Weir Mitchell,

J. H. C. Simes,
Geo. R. Morehouse,

Wharton Sinkler,
Wm. Moss,

A. H. Smith,
F. Muhlenberg,

E. A. Smith,
A. F. Müller,

F. Gurney Smith,
Milton B. Musser,

Geo. W. Sparks,
Chas. B. Nancrede,

E. A. Spooner,
S. P. Newsham,

Louis Starr,
Herbert Norris,

Alfred Stillé,
Isaac Norris,

Geo. Strawbridge,
J. C. Norris,

S. S. Stryker,
Wm. F. Norris,

C. H. Thomas,
Hamilton Osgood,

William Thomson,
John H. Packard,

R. M. Townsend,
Wm. H. Pancoast,

A. P. Turner,
Wm. H. Parish,

James Tyson,
John S. Parry,

A. C. Van Harlingen,
Comegys Paul,

W. H. Warder,
William Pepper,

E. W. Watson,
William G. Porter, Jr.,

Wm. J. White,
H. B. Reed,

De Forrest Willard,
Thos. B. Reed,

Horace Williams,
Geo. A. Rex,

James C. Wilson,
0. P. Rex,

James F. Wilson,
Elliott Richardson,

W. H. Winslow,
Jos. G. Richardson,

H. C. Wood, Jr.,
E. I. Santee,

D. Flavel Woods,
H. S. Scbell,

D. J. Worthington.
Theo. I. Seyfert,

Corresponding Members.
Dr. W. A. Hammond,

Dr. J. C. Dalton,
Austin Flint, Sr.,

James E. Reeves,
Alonzo Clark,

Calvin Ellis,

Dr. T. G. Richardson,

Geo. H. Humphreys,
J. J. Woodward,
W. D. Hoyt,
C. C. Lee,
John K. Kane,

Dr. Wm. S. King,

Jno. L. Black,
C. H. Boardman,
Jno. Watson,
F. J. Bumstead,
George Martin.

Biological and Microscopical Section of the Aca

demy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Resident members pay an initiation fee of two dollars, and a semi-annual contribution of one dollar in advance.

The stated meetings of the Section are held on the first Monday of each month, except July and August, at such hours as are fixed by the Section.*

The stated meeting in December is considered the annual business meeting of the Section, at which are made the reports of its committees and officers, as required by these regulations, and at which, also, the election of officers for the ensuing year takes place.

List of Officers for 1874.


James Tyson, M.D.

Corresponding Secretary, J. H. M’QUILLEN, M.D.

Isaac NORRIS, M.D.

J. Gibbons Hunt, M.D.

* Semi-annual microscopical exhibitions are given in the spring and autumn.

List of Members. Harrison Allen, M.D.,

F. W. Lewis, M.D., T. H. Andrews, M.D.,

Sam. Lewis, M.D., H. M. Bellows, M.D.,

Jno. Lambert, C. S. Boker, M.D.,

J. G. Moore, M.S, T. L. Buckingham, M.D., F. F. Maury, M.D., Chas. Bullock,

Wm. L. M'Fadden, Richard K. Betts,

J. E. Mears, M.D., Joseph Carson, M.D.,

J. A. Meigs, M.D., Isaac Comly, M.D.,

J. C. Morris, M.D., Wm. B. Corbit, M.D.,

Thomas G. Morton, M.D., J. Fisher Corlies,

August F. Müller, M.D., H. C. Chapman, M D.,

Mitchell W. McAllister, D. Murray Cheston, M.D., J. H. M'Quillen, M.D., B. H. Coates, M.D.,

S. W. Mitchell, M.D., James Darrach, M.D.,

Geo. R. Morehouse, M.D., Lemuel J. Deal, M.D.,

C. B. Nancrede, M.D., A. Fricke, M.D.,

Isaac Norris, Jr., M.D., Emil Fischer, M.D.,

Herbert Norris, M.D., James S. Gilliams, M.D., Wm. F. Norris, M.D., S. B. Howell, M D.,

John Neill, M.D., J. G. Hunt, M.D.,

James Paul, M.D., Wm. Hunt, M.D,

Wm. Pepper, M.D., Ed. Hartshorne, M.D.,

John H. Packard, M.D., E. L. Hewitt, D.D.S.,

J. E. Parker, M.D.,
II. B. Hare, M.D.,

C. N. Pierce, D.D.S.,
R. W. Hargadine, M.D., J. W. Queen,
J. F. Holt, M.D.,

B. H. Rand, M.D.,
Isaac Hays, M.D.,

George Roberts, M.D., W. W. Keen, M.D.,

Robert E. Rogers, M.D., C. A. Kingsbury, M.D., Jos. G. Richardson, M.D., Isaac Lea, LL.D,

W.S.W. Ruschenberger, M.D. J. L. Le Conte, M.D.,

Chas. Schaffer, M.D., Rich. J. Levis, M.D.,

T. W. Starr, Jos. Leidy, M.D.,

J. Dickinson Sergeant,

T. C. Stellwagen, M.D.,
Thos. N. Stout,
F. G. Smith, M.D.,
Coleman Sellers,
Jas. Tyson, M.D.,
Jas. Truman, D.D.S.,
Wm. H. Trueman, D.D.S.,
C. H. Thomas, M.D.,
Wm. Thomson, M.D.,

W. S. Vaus,
Wm. H. Walmsley,
Jno. Warner,
W. Lehman Wells, M.D.,
C. S. Wurtz, M.D.,
Horace Williams, M.D,
H. C. Wood, M.D.,
Jos. Zentmayer.

Non-Resident Members.
W. A. Hammond, M.D., J. Thomas Darby, M.D.,
H. D. Schmidt, M.D.,

Edward Tilghman,
J. J. Woodward, M.D., D. B. Philips, M.D.,
T. G. Ricbardson, M.D., James M. Corse, M.D.,
Rev. H. S. Spackman,

Saml. Powel.
Jos. Jones, M.D.,

Jeffries Wyman, M.D.,

H. F. Campbell, M.D.,
J. W. Draper, M.D.,

Jno. R. Tomes, F.R.S.,
J. C. Dalton, M.D.,

Oliver W. Holmes, M.D.

Odontographic Society of Pennsylvania.

ORGANIZED MAY 19, 1863. This Society was instituted with the view of promoting professional and social intercourse among dental practitioners, and to encourage a disposition for investigation on their part in every direction which relates to the principles and practice of the profession or collateral sciences. The Society consists of active, corresponding;

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