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A valuable Medical Library, consisting of more than three thousand volumes, has been founded by the gift of the Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine. It will be open to the use of students, under appropriate regulations.

AUXILIARY Faculty.—During the spring and summer students of the Medical Department are entitled to attend the Lectures of the Auxiliary Faculty on subjects which form a scientific basis for medicine, and illustrate several of its branches. Those who have attended two full courses, and passed a satisfactory examination upon them, receive the degree of Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy).

PRIZES.—Two Prizes of One Hundred Dollars each are annually awarded to the members of the Graduating Class for the two best Essays upon Medical subjects, provided such Essays are of sufficient merit to be worthy of publication.

One of these prizes has been instituted by the Society of the Alumni of the Medical Department of the University.

The other has been authorized by a liberal friend of the University.

Anatomical Prizes. --A Gold Medal is awarded by the Demonstrator of Anatomy to that student who ex-' hibits the greatest diligence, care, and skill in the practical study of anatomy.

A Prize of Thirty Dollars is also awarded by the Demonstrator to the student who presents the best record of the anomalies found in the anatomical rooms during the year.

The names of those to whom the prizes are awarded are announced at the Annual Commencement of the Medical Department.


The Governor of Pennsylvania,

Ex officio President of the Board. Rev. Henry J. Morton, D.D., John Ashhurst, John C. Cresson,

William Sellers, Frederick Fraley,

N. B. Browne, George W. Norris, M.D., Rev. Richard Newton, D.D., Adolph E. Borie,

Eli K. Price, David Lewis,

J. Rodman Paul, M.D., Rev. Charles W. Schaeffer, D.D., J. Vaughan Merrick, John Welsh,

Fairman Rogers, Peter McCall,

Rev. Elias R. Beadle, D.D., George B. Wood, M.D., LL.D., George Sharswood, LL.D., Alexander Henry,

Richard Wood,
Rt. Rev. William Bacon Ste- John H. Towne.
vens, D.D., LL.D.,
CADWALADER BIDDLE, Secretary and Treasurer,

208 S. 4th Street, Philadelphia.

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Medical Faculty.

Dr. GEORGE B. Wood, LL.D., Emeritus Professor of Theory and

Practice of Medicine.
HENRY H. Smith, Emeritus Professor of Surgery.
Joseph Carson, Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy.
ROBERT E. ROGERS, Professor of Chemistry.
JOSEPH LEIDY, LL.D., Professor of Anatomy.
FRANCIS G. Smith, Professor of Institutes of Medicine.
RICHARD A. F. PENROSE, Professor of Obstetrics and the Dis.

eases of Women and Children.

ALFRED STILLÉ, Professor of Theory and Practice of Medi

cine, and of Clinical Medicine.
D. HAYES AGNEW, Professor of Surgery.

H. Lenox Hodge, Demonstrator of Anatomy.
CHARLES T. HUNTER, Demonstrator of Surgery.

Dr. HARRISON Allen, Professor of Zoology and Comparative

Horatio C. Woov, JR., Professor of Botany.
Henry HARTSHORNE, Professor of Ilygiene.
John J. REESE, Professor of Medical Jurisprudence, includ-

ing Toxicology.
SAMUEL B. HOWELL, Professor of Mineralogy and Geology.

The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Is an elegant and commodious building capable of accommodating at present about one hundred and fifty patients, but intended when complete to receive twice that number. Its grounds have an extent of six acres; and its endowment fund, which is constantly increasing, amounts to $450,000. Clinical lectures are delivered in it daily, and its Dispensary service is frequented by very large numbers of patients illustrating every variety of disease. The hours of service are so arranged as to interfere but little with the students' attendance upon the didactic lectures of the University.

The great Hospital of the Philadelphia Almshouse (Philadelphia Hospital) is in the immediate vicinity of the University; and the Presbyterian Hospital but a few squares distant.

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PRACTICAL ANATOMY.—The Dissecting Rooms of the new Medical Hall have been so carefully constructed with a reference to their special use, that they are in advance of all others in regard to light, ventilation, cleanliness, and the comfort of the students. As dissection is now legalized in Pennsylvania, the cost of material is small.

PRACTICAL SURGERY.-The Operating Room is open during the Session, under the supervision of the Professor of Surgery and his Assistants. Every student is here thoroughly instructed and practically trained in the application of bandages and surgical apparatus, and in the performance of operations upon the cadaver. Instruments, splints, and bandages are supplied free of cost. PRACTICAL CHEMISTRY. – A Working Laboratory,

under the supervision of the Professor of Chemistry and his Assistant, has been established, in which the student is instructed in Manipulation, Qualitative and Quantitative analysis, with special reference to Toxicology, and the examination of normal and abnormal products of the human body.

The PhysiOLOGICAL LABORATORY is under the charge of the Professor of the Institutes of Medicine, and its students are taught Physiology by experiment, and by personal observation of the functions of the various organs, and the sources, constitution, and destination of the secretions and excretions.

The ANATOMICAL LABORATORY, under the supervision of the Professor of Anatomy, is intended to afford a limited number of students the opportunity of studying practical Comparative Anatomy in its relations with Human Anatomy and Physiology. Each student is expected to make for himself dissections of at least one representative of each class of animals from the lowest to the highest.

The PATHOLOGICAL LABORATORY is located in the Hospital Building on Spruce Street, and is under the direction of Dr. Tyson, the Lecturer on Pathological Anatomy and Histology

The Laboratory is fitted up with tables and microscopes, for the use of students or graduates in medicine desiring to study normal or pathological histology, or to conduct original investigations in pathology; and is open for these purposes throughout the year except July and August. Dr. Tyson and his assistants are in attendance during a portion of each day.


Ex Officio.

Hospital Staff.
Dr. ALFRED STILLÉ, Professor of the Theory and Practice of

Medicine, and of Clinical Medicine.
D. Hayes AGNEW, Professor of Surgery.
R. A. F. PENROSE, Professor of Obstetrics and the Dis-

eases of Women and Children.
WILLIAM PEPPER, Clinical Professor of Medicine.
D. HAYES AGNEW, Clinical Professor of Surgery.
John NEILL, Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery.
WILLIAM GOODELL, Clinical Professor of Diseases of Women

and Children.
WILLIAM F. NORRIS, Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Eye.

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