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of having had five years' practice in dentistry, inclusive of pupilage, will be regarded as equivalent to one course of lectures. He must present to the Dean a thesis on some subject relating to dental theory or practice; demonstrate to the Professor of Operative and Mechanical Dentistry his ability to perform dental requirements in these departments ; deposit a specimen of mechanical dentistry, made by him in the institution, in the museum of the College ; and submit to an examination by the faculty, upon which, if found competent, he shall receive the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery.

After the Session 1876-7 (closing February 28, 1877), five years' practice will not be regarded as an equivalent for one course of lectures, and attendance upon two full winter courses of lectures will be required of all candidates for graduation.

Matriculation (paid but once).

$5 00
Tickets for the Course, including the Demon-

100 00

30 00

List of Officers.


Rev. Richard Newton, D.D., R. Shelton Mackenzie, D.C.L., President.

Peter F. Rothermel,

S. Fisher Corlies,
William Dulty,

Ex-Gov. James Pollock,
John K. Valentine,

Wm. H. McDowell,
George J. Ziegler, M.D.,

James L. Claghorn,
J. L. Suesserott, M.D., D.D.S, Frederick Graff,
Rev. Bishop M. Simpson,

Colson Hieskell.
Chas. P. Turner, M.D.,

FACULTY. HENRY MORTON, A.M., Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Chemistry. C. A. KINGSBURY, M.D., D.D.S., Emeritus Professor of Dental

Histology and Operative Dentistry. J. H. McQUILLEN, M.D., D.D.S., Professor of Physiology. HARRISON ALLEN, M. D., Professor of Anatomy and Surgery. D. D. Smith, D.D.S., Professor of Mechanical Dentistry and

Metallurgy. S. B. Howell, M.D., Professor of Chemistry and Materia Medica. Tuos. C. STELLWAGEN, M.D., D D.S., Professor of Operative

Dentistry and Dental Pathology. EDWARD L. Hewitt, D.D.S., Demonstrator of Operative Dentistry. Alonzo Boice, D.D.S., Demonstrator of Mechanical Dentistry. J. H. REDMAN, Assistant Demonstrator.

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J. Foster Flagg, D.D.S., Philadelphia.
J. E. Garretson, M.D., D.D.S.
C. A. Kingsbury, M.D., D.D.S.,
Geo. W. Ellis, M.D., D.D.S.,
Louis Jack, D.D.S.,
Franklin M. Dixon, D.D.S.,
S. H. Guilford, D.D.S.,
William C. Head, D.D.S.,
James McManus, D.D.S., Hartford.
C. E. Francis, D.D.S., New York City.
M. H. Webb, D.D.S, Lancaster.
J. H. M'Quillen, Dean of the Faculty,

S. W. corner 21st and Arch Streets, Phila.


Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery.

SOUTHEAST CORNER OF TENTH AND ARCH STREETS. This Institution was chartered in 1852, and assumed its present organization in 1856. Preliminary Lectures and Instructions. - The In

firinary and Laboratory will be opened on the second Monday in March, and remain open during the entire session, when ample opportunities will be afforded the student for the prosecution of the practical part of his studies under the guidance and supervision of demonstrators of known integrity and capability. During the Fall Course and the Regular or Winter Session, a Clinical Lecture will be given and operations performed by one of the professors every Saturday.

The SPRING COURSE OF LECTURES will commence on the first Monday in April, and continue until the last of June.

THE FALL COURSE will commence on the second Monday in September, and continue until the last of October, and will be free of charge to those who enter for the Winter or Regular Session.

During the Spring and Fall Sessions there will be one lecture a day, and the Infirmary and Laboratory will be open daily for six hours. THE REGULAR SESSION

on the first Monday in November, and continues until the first of March ensuing. The course is so arranged that about eighteen lectures are delivered each week on the various branches taught in the College.


Clinical Instruction.-In addition to which, with the exception of Saturday, four hours are daily spent by the student in actual practice under the supervision of the Demonstrators.

The Operative Department.-To afford every facility to the student in acquiring a thorough practical knowledge of this branch, the operating rooms are furnished with thirty-eight chairs, so arranged as to command the best light, and are provided with all the appliances for comfort and use. To these chairs the students are assigned in classes, and certain hours are fixed for each member of the class to operate.

The Mechanical Department.--In the Laboratory are all the conveniences for the preparation of the metals, manufacture of teeth, single and block, mounting, etc. Every process known in the profession, which has any value to the mechanical dentist, is fully taught, and receipts of valuable compounds are freely imparted. The student is required to go through all the necessary manipulations connected with the insertion of artificial teeth—from taking the impression of the mouth to the entire construction of the denture, and its proper adjustment in the mouth of the patient.

Fees. Matriculation (paid but once)

$5 00 For each Course (Demonstrator's ticket included) 100 00 Diploma .

30 00 For Spring Course .

50 00 Qualifications for Graduation.—The candidate must be twenty-one years of age. He must have studied under a private preceptor at least two years, including his course of instruction at the College. Attendance on two full courses of lectures, at the Regular or Winter Session, in this institution will be required, but satisfactory evidence of having attended one full course in any respectable dental or medical school will be considered equivalent to the first course of lectures in this College. Also, satisfactory evidence of having been in practice five years, inclusive of term of pupilage, will be considered equivalent to the first course of lectures.

The candidate for graduation must prepare a thesis upon some subject connected with the theory or practice of dentistry. He must treat thoroughly some patient requiring all the usual dental operations, and bring such patient before the Professor of Operative Dentistry. He must also take up at least one artificial case, and after it is completed, bring his patient before the Professor of Mechanical Dentistry. He must also prepare a specimen case to be deposited in the college collection. The operations must be performed, and the work in the artificial case done, at the college building. He must also undergo an examination by the faculty, when, if found qualified, he shall be recommended to the Board of Trustees, and, if approved by them, shall receive the Degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery.

Henry C. Carey, President, Thomas Wood,
W. L. Atlee, M.D.,

Hon. W. S. Pierce,
Ellerslie Wallace, M.D., J. D. White, D.D.S.,
George Truman, M.D.,

S. Weir Mitchell, M.D.,
S. Dillingham, D.D.S.,

A. B. Robbins, D.D.S.,
G. R. Morehouse, M.D.,

W. W. Fouché, D.D.S., Secretary.

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