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Saigey, M. Traité de Métrologie, An

cienne et Moderne, suivi d'un précis de Chronologie et des Signes Numériques, &c. See Works on ARITHMETIC

(Foreign). Spain. Comision_Internacional del Metro. See Transactions

MADRID : Instituto Geográfico. Taylor, H. Decimal System as applied

to the Coinage and Weights and Measures of Great Britain. 12mo. cloth.

Groombridge & Sons, 1851. For other Works on the Metric System

and Decimal Coinage, see in following
Section :
Browne, W. A. Arithmetical Ex-

Bryce, J. The Arithmetic of

Colenso, Bishop. Arithmetic for


Kavanagh, J. W. Arithmetic. (In the Science Galleries of this Museum

will be found a Collection of Weights, Measures, Coins, with Diagrams, illustrating the different Systems adopted in various parts of the World, gc.)

ARITHMETIC. ENGLISH TREATISES. Alingham, W. New Treatise of Arith

metick. 12mo. calf. London, 1705. Ars bene Numerandi, or a Small

Tract of Arithmetick, &c., By T. R. (T. Richards ?) 18mo, calf.

London, 1702. Ayres, J. Arithmetick Made Easie, with

a Treatise on Book-keeping by C. Snell. Revised by E. Hatton. 17th edition.

18mo. bound. T. Norris, London, 1726. Babbage's Calculating Engines. Being

a Collection of Papers relating to them ; their History and Construction. 4to. cloth.

E. & F. N. Spon, 1889. [Babbage's Difference and Analytical

Engines are in the Science Collections

of this Museum.] Baker, Humph. The Well-Spring of the

Sciences; teaching the perfect Work and Practice of Arithmetic. 18mo.

bound. S. Brewster, London, 1657. Bayley, W. H. Hand-Book of the Slide

Rule, showing its Applicability to I.Arithmetic (including Interest and Annuities). II.-Mensuration (Superficial and Solid, including Land Surveying). New edition. 12mo. cloth.

G. Bell & Sons, 1876. Bridges, Noah. Lux Mercatoria; Arithmetic, Natural and Decimal. royal 18mo. calf. T. Johnson, London, 1661.

Browne, W. A., LL.D. Arithmetical

Examples for Military and Civil Service; a Complete Treatise on Arithmetic, consisting of Questions given at Military and Civil Service Examinations, &c.; with an Account of Money, Weights, and Measures, and a Sketch of the Metric System. 12mo. cloth. 1864.

Arithmetical Questions on the 8th Civil Service Report, with Answers and Solutions. 12mo. stitched. 1864.

Civil Service Tests in Arithmetic. fcp. 8vo. cloth.

Army Tests in Arithmetic; with Answers. 12mo. cloth, limp.

E. Stanford, 1871. Bryce, J. The Arithmetic of Decimals,

adapted to a Decimal Coinage. 2nd edition. post 8vo. cloth.

A. & C. Black, Edinbnrgh, 1860. Byrne, Oliver. Dual Arithmetic. A

new Art. New issue, with a complete Analysis. 8vo. cloth.

1864. Part 2. The Descending Branch of the “Artand the “ Science" of Dual Arithmetic. 8vo. cloth. 1867.

The Young Dual Arithmetician, or Dual Arithmetic. A new Art, designed for Elementary Instruction, &c.

12mo. cloth. Bell & Daldy, 1866. Christie, J. A. The Constructive Arith

metic ; developing a new method of teaching the Science and Art of Computation. With 8,000 Examples for practice. 12mo, cloth.

Virtue Brothers & Co., 1865. Cocker's Arithmetick; being a plain and

familiar Method, suitable to the meanest Capacity, for the full Understanding of that incomparable Art. Perused and published by John Hawkins. 45th edition, carefully corrected and amended by George Fisher.

12mo. in roan case. (Imperfect.)

London, n.d. Perused and published by John Hawkins. 12mo, calf.

Printed by R. Holt, 1688.

By John Hawkins, and George Fisher. 49th edition. 12mo. bound.

London, 1738. Decimal Arithmetic. By J. Hawkins. 4th edition. 12mo. bound.

R. Wellington, London, 1713. Colenso, Bishop. Arithmetic for Schools,

with a Chapter on Decimal Coinage. New edition. 12mo. boards. 1853.

Key to, by S. Maynard. 3rd edition. 12mo. boards. 1854.

New edition, revised, with Notes and Examination Papers. 12mo. half calf. Longmans & Co., 1864. Colenso, Bishop. Arithmetic for Schools,

with Chapter on Decimal Coinage. Key, adapted to the revised edit. of 1864. By the Rev. J. Hunter, M.A. 12mo.

half calf. Longmans & Co., 1864. Cornwelland Fitch's Science of Arithmetic. 4th edition. 12mo. cloth. 1858.

15th edition. 12mo. cloth.

Simpkin & Co., 1874. De Morgan, A. Arithmetical Books

and Authors, from the Invention of Printing to the Present Time. post 8vo. cloth, Walton & Maberly, 1847.

- Elements of Arithmetic. post 8vo. cloth. Walton & Maberly, 1857.

6th edition. 8vo. cloth.

E. Stanford, 1876. Dilworth, T. The Schoolmaster's As

sistant; being a Compendium of Arithmetic, both Practical and Theoretical. 14th edition. 12mo. bound.

London, 1767. 17th edition. 8vo. bound.

1772. 22nd edition. 12mo. bound.

1784. 23rd editiou. 12mo. sheep. (Brooke Collection.) London, 1787. Donald, J. Commercial Arithmetic ;

comprising Proportion and its application to Interest, Exchange, Stocks, Profit and Loss, &c., according to a New Method, &c. crown 8vo. cloth.

Simpkin & Co. Evers, H. Arithmetic in Theory and Practice. With Answers.

post 8vo. cloth. W. Collins, Sons, Co., 1876. Galbraith, Rev. J. A., and Haugh

ton, Rev. S. Manual of Arithmetic. fcp. 8vo. cloth. Longmans & Co., 1855.

New edition. fcp. 8vo. cloth. Cassell, Petter, & Galpin, 1868. Girdlestone, Rev. W. H. Arithmetic, Theoretical and Practical.

crown 8vo. cloth.

Rivingtons, 1867.

2nd edition, revised and enlarged. crown 8vo. half morocco.

School edition. fcp. 8vo. cloth.

Rivingtons, 1870. Goyen, P. Higher Arithmetic and Elementary Mensuration. post 8vo. cloth.

Macmillan & Co., 1888.
Gray, J. G., and Lawson, G. The

Elements of Graphical Arithmetic and
Graphical Statics. See Works

Hatton, E. The Merchant's Magazine ;

or, Tradesman's Treasury. 5th edition.
post 4to. old calf. London, 1707.

Hatton, Ed. - An Intire System of Arithe

metic; or Arithmetic in all its parts. small 4to. calf.

London, 1721. Hill, J. Arithmetick, both in Theory

and Practice. With Preface by H. Ditton. post 8vo. sheep. (No title.) (Brooke Collection.)

1712. Arithmetick, both in the Theory and Practice, Made Plain and Easie. 2nd edition ; with the addition of Algebraical Questions. post 8vo. old calf.

London, 1716. 15th edition. 12mo.bound.

Edinburgh, 1780.
Hind, Rev. John. The Principles and

Practice of Arithmetic, comprising the
Nature and Use of Logarithms, with the
Computations employed by Artificers,
Gaugers, and Land Surveyors, with a
New Appendix of Miscellaneous Ques-
tions. 12mo. boards.

Key to; with an Appendix, consisting of Questions for Examination in all the Rules of Arithmetic. 12mo. boards.

Deighton, Bell, & Co., Cambridge, 1856. Hipsley, W. Equational Arithmetic

applied to Questions of Interest, Life Assurance, &c. 2nd edition. 12mo. cloth, stiff.

J. Weale, 1854. Part 2. 12mo. cloth stiff.

J. S. Virtue, 1858. Hoare, C. The Slide Rule and How to Use it. With a Slide Rule in tuck of

4th edition. 12mo. cloth, stiff. (Weale’s Series.)

C. Lockwood & Co., 1881. Hodder, J. Decimal Arithmetick. 18mo. old calf.

London, 1668. Arithmetick; or, that necessary Art Made Most Easie. 20th edition, revised by H. Mose. 18mo. bound.

London, 1697. Hunter, Rev. J. The Art of Solving Problems in Higher Arithmetic. post 8vo. cloth.

1884. Key to. post 8vo. cloth.

Longmans & Co., 1884.
Hatton, c. The Schoolmaster's Guide,

or a Complete System of Practical
Arithmetic and Book-keeping. 3rd
edition. 12mo. bound.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1771.
A Complete Treatise on Practical
Arithmetic and Book-keeping. 6th
edition. 12mo, bound. London, 1781.

Arithmetic and Book-keeping. Edited by Ingram and Trotter. New edition. 12mo. bound.

Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh, 1857.




Johnston, R. Civil Service Arithmetic,

containing 1,300 Questions proposed by the Civil Service Commissioners, with Solutions of some of the most difficult. 12mo. cloth. Longmans & Co., 1863. 14th edition. 12mo. cloth.

1879. A Key to. 12mo. cloth.

1879. 15th edition ; with Exami. nation Papers given in 1879, their

Answers, &c. Longmans & Co., 1880. Kavanagh, J. W. Arithmetic, its

Principles and Practice. 5th edition, with an Appendix on Coins and Coinage, Decimal Money, &c. 12mo. cloth.

C. Dolman, 1857. Lardner, Dr. A Treatise on Arithmetic. post 8vo. cloth.

Longmans & Co. Leybourn, w. Arithmetical Recrea

tions; or Enchiridion of Arithmetical Questions, &c. 24mo calf.

Londun, 1667. Arithmetick: Vulgar, Decimal, Instrumental, Algebraical. 5th edition. 12mo. bound.

London, 1684. Lapton, W. M. Arithmetic. 2nd edition. 12mo. sewed.

Longmans & Co., 1867.

Key to. By C. R. Lupton. 12mo. cloth. Longmans & Co., 1877. Merrifield, C. W. Technical Arithmetic and Mensuration.

post 8vo. cloth. (Text- Books of Science.)

Longmans & Co., 1872.

2nd edition. post 8vo. cloth.

1873. New edition. post 8vo. cloth.

1882. Key to, by Rev. J. Hunter. post 8vo. cloth. Longmans & Co., 1873. Morland, Sir S. The Description and

Use of Two Arithmetick Instruments. Together with a Short Treatise, Explaining and Demonstrating the Ordinary Operations of Arithmetick. As likewise, a Perpetual Almanack, and several Useful Tables. fcp. 8vo. calf.

London, 1673. (The Calculating Machine adapted to

Trigonometrical Computations, and Constructed by Sir Samuel Morland in 1664, is in the Science Collections of

this Museum.] Munn, D. The Theory of Arithmetic. post 8vo. cloth.

W. Blackwood & Sons, 1871.


Nesbit, A. A Practical Treatise on

Arithmetic. Part I. 4th edition. 12mo. bound.

1850. Key to. 12mo, bound. Part II. 12mo. bound. Key to. 12mo. bound.

Longmans & Co., 1846. O'Gorman, D. Intuitive Calculations.

25th edition, corrected and enlarged by J. R. Young 12mo. cloth, stiff. (Weale's Series.)

C. Lockwood & Co., 1879. Pedley, S. Examples in Arithmetic.

post 8vo. cloth. Macmillan & Co., 1879. Piper, T. W. Advanced Arithmetic for Schools and Colleges. crown 8vo. cloth.

G. Philip & Son, 1874. Potts, R. Elementary Arithmetic, with

brief Notices of its History. Sections 1 to 12. In one vol. 8vo. half calf,

National Society's Depository, 1876. Record, R., M.D. Arithmetick;

the Ground of Arts, &c. Afterwards augmented by John Dee, and since enlarged, with a third part of Rules of Practice, &c. by John Mellis, corrected by Ro. Hartwell. 12mo. bound.

London, 1673. Rickard, W. The Miner's Manual of

Arithmetic and Surveying. See Works

on GEOLOGY. " Routledge” Engineers' Improved

Slide Rule, Instructions for Using the.

fcp. 8vo. sewed. Birmingham, 1867. Sang, E. Elementary Arithmetic. post 8vo. cloth.

1856. Answers to the Exercises in. post 8vo. sewed.

1856. Higher Arithmetic.

post 8vo. cloth. W. Blackwood & Sons, 1857. Scott, w. Elements of Arithmetic and

Algebra, for the use of the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. 8vo. bound.

Longmans & Co., 1851. Sellers, John. A Pocket Book, con

taining several choice Collections in. Arithmetic, Geometry, &c., &c. 18mo. bound.

London, 1685. Slide Rale, Works on the. See Bay

ley, W. H.-Hoare, C.-—“Routledge.” Smith, Rev. Barnard, M.A. Arithmetic

for Schools. New edition. post 8vo. cloth.

1859. Key to. 2nd edition. crown 8vo. cloth.

1860. New edition. post 8vo. half roan.

1877. Key to. New edition. crown 8vo, balf roan.

Macmillan & Co., 1876.

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Wingate, E. Arithmetick. Inlarged,

also carefully revised, &c. by John Kersey, 14th edition, with New Supplement, &c. (1719), by George Shelley. post 8vo. old calf.

London, 1720.

19th edition, with Addi. tions and Einendations by J. Kersey, G. Shelley, and J. Dodson. 8vo. calf.

(Brooke Collection.) London, 1760. Wingate, W. H. The Parallel Arith

metic; a Collection of Examples composed and arranged on a new Plan,

12mo. cloth. Longmans & Co., 1865. Wrigley, A., M.A. Arithmetic for the

Use of Schools and Colleges. fcp. 8vo. cloth. Deighton & Co., Cambridge, 1862.


Smith, Rev. Barnard, M.A. Arithmetic

and Algebra in their Principles and

6th edition. post 8vo.

1859, 14th edition. post 8vo. cloth.

1876. Exercises in Arithmetic. crown 8vo. cloth, limp.

1860. School Class Book of Arithmetic. Parts 1, 2, & 3. fcp. 8vo. cloth, limp.

1664. Key to. fcp. 8vo. cloth.

Macmillan & Co., 1865.
Smith, J. Brook. Arithmetic in Theory

and Practice for Advanced Pupils.
Part I. post 8vo. cloth.

Macmillan & Co., 1860.
Smith, J. H. Treatise on Arithmetic.
fcp. 8vo. cloth.
University Press, Cambridge, 1872.

2nd edition. fcp. 8vo. cloth.

Rivingtons, 1873. Sonnenschein, A., & Nesbitt, H. A.

The Science and Art of Arithmetic. 3 parts, in one vol. crown 8vo. cloth.

Whittaker & Co., 1870.

3 parts, in one vol. 4th edition. post 8vo. cloth.

Whittaker & Co., 1879. Vyse, C. The Tutor's Guide, being a

Complete System of Arithmetic. 7th edit. 12mo. bound. London, 1790.

The Ladies' Accomptant, and the Scholar's best Accomplisher. 2nd edi

tion. 12mo. bound. London, 1789. Walkingame, F. The Tutor's Assist

ant, being a Compendium of Arithmetic, and a Complete Question Book, 21st edition. 12mo. bound. London, 1785.

Improved by Crosby and Maynard. New edition. 12mo. bound.

1856. Key to, by S. Maynard. 12mo. bound. Longmans & Co., 1854.

Tutor's Assistant, improved by Rev. T. Smith. 12mo. bound.

Allman & Son, 1856.

Revised by W. Birkin. 12mo. bound.

Key to, by W. Birkin. 12mo. bound. J. & C. Mozley, Derby.

To which is added a Course of Mental Arithmetic. By E. Mackenzie. 18mo. complete, cloth, and sewed,

also in 2 parts, sewed. R. Hardwicke. Wingate, E. The Use of the Rule of

Proportion in Arithmetic and Geometry. 2nd edition. 18mo. bound.

London, 1658.

FOREIGN TREATISES. Bertrand, J. Traité d'Arithmétique, avec des Exercices. 8vo.

1851, Solutions Raisonnées. Par MM. Gros and Prouhet. 8vo. With the above (as Key) in 1 vol. half calf.

Hachette & Co., 1850. Condillac, La Langue des Calculs. 8vo. half calf. Basle (Paris, An. vii.).

New edition. 12mo. half roan. Sandoz & Fishbacher, Paris, 1877. Degranges, E. Arithmétique Com

merciale et Pratique, contenant: tous les Développements utile dans la Pratique, les Procédés nouveaux, les Méthodes en usage dans la Commerce, le Système Métrique developpé, &c. 6th edition,

8vo. half calf. Hachette & Co., 1857. Leupold, J. Theatrum Arithmetico.

Geometricum. See Works on ME

CHANICS (Foreign).
Saigey, M. Traité de Métrologie,

Ancienne et Moderne, suivi d'un précis
de Chronologie, et des Signes Numér.
iques. 12mo. sewed.

1834. Poids et Mesures du Système Métrique. 12mo. sewed.

1852. La Pratique des Poids et Mesures du Système Métrique. 16mo. sewed.

1841. Problèmes d’Arithmétique et Exercices de Calcul. 8th edition. 18mo. half calf.

1854. Solutions Raisonnées. Par M. Sonnet. 18mo, half calf, 1852.

Arithmétique Théorique. 18mo. sewed.

Hachette & Co. 1853.


Saigey, M. Problèmes d'Arithmétique

et Exercices de Calcul du Second Degré, avec les Solutions raisonnées. 18mn. sewed.

Hachette & Co., 1859. Sardou, A. L. Leçons et Exercices sur

les Poids et Mesures Métriques. 18mo. sewed.

New edition. 18mo. sewed.

Dezobry & Co., Paris. Sardou, M. L. Arithmétique--Géométrie-Physique. 12mo. sewed.

Paris, 1862. Sonnet, H. Problèmes et Exercices

d'Arithmétique et d’Algèbre sur les principales questions usuelles relatives au Commerce, à la Banque, aux Fonds Publics, aux Sciences Appliquées, &c. 2 vols.

8vo. half calf. Hachette & Co., 1858. Tarnier, E. A. Éléments d'Arithmétique Théorique et Pratique. 4th edition.

12mo. boards. Hachette & Co., 1858. Tombeck, H. E. Traité d'Arithmétique à l'Usage des Classes de Sciences, des Lycées, et des Candidats au Baccalauréat és Sciences, et aux Écoles du Gouvernement. 8vo. half calf.

Hachette & Co., 1861.

Cracroft, B. The Investor's Record of

Purchases and Sales, with Calculation Tables adapted to every Investment. oblong folio. half roan.

Effingham Wilson, Degranges, E. La Tenue des Livres,

ou Nouveau Traité de Comptabilité Générale, 25th edition. 8vo. sewed. 1857.

Tables Calculs tout faits d'Intérêts. 4to, sewed.

Eléments de la Tenue des Livres en Partie Simple et en Partie Double. 12mo. boards.

Hachette & Co. Tenue des Livres de Maitres de Forges et des Usines à Fer, Fenderies, Tôleries, Tréfileries, etc., ou Comptabilité en Partie Simple et Double, applicable aux Usines en général. 2nd edi. tion. 8vo. sewed. Langlois & Leclercq.

Traité de Comptabilité Agricole. 2nd edition. 8vo. sewed.

1857. Traité des Comptes en Participation, précédé de la Tenue des Livres généralisée. 4th edition. 8vo. sewed.

Langlois & Leclercq, Paris. Farm Account Books. See Works on

AGRICULTURE. Foster, B. F. Book-keeping by Double Entry Elucidated.

6th edition. post 4to. cloth.

Bell & Daldy, 1855, The Counting-house Assistant ; comprising a Series of Tables, &c., respecting Bills of Exchange; a Synopsis of Book-keeping, and an Explanation of Commercial Terms. post 8vo. cloth.

Aylott & Co., 1857. Fulton, L. S., and Eastman, G. W.

A Practical System of Book-keeping. crown 8vo, half bound.

A set of three books adapted to. fcp. 4to. sewed.

Barnes & Co., New York, 1854. Gibbs, H. Book-keeping by Double

Entry, containing a Miniature Set of
Books, showing the Transactions of
Tbos. & J. Williams. oblong fcp. 4to.

Simpkin & Co. Gilbart, J. W. History and Principles of Ancient Commerce. 12mo.

Longmans & Co., 1853. (With Works on COMMERCE.) Goujon et Sardou. Cours Complet

de Tenue des Livres et d'Opérations Commerciales. 3rd edition. 8vo. sewed.

1860. Solutions des Exercices. 8vo. sewed.

Hachette & Co. Hamilton, R. G. C., and Ball, J. Book-keeping. fcp. 8vo. cloth, limp.

Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1868.

BOOK-KEEPING. Bryant, H. B., Stratton, H. D., and

Packard, s. S. National Book-keeping ; an Analytical and Progressive Treatise on the Science. royal 8vo. cloth. Ivison, Phimney, & Co., New York, 1860. Bryce, J. Treatise on Book-keeping by

Double and Single Entry. New edition, enlarged. 12mo. cloth.

A. & C. Black, Edinburgh, 1860. Civil Service Book-keeping; its

Principles Popularly Explained, and the Theory of Double Entry Analysed. fcp. 8vo. cloth.

1869. 3rd edition. fcp. 8vo. cloth. C. Lockwood & Co., 1877. Cory, I. P.

Practical Treatise on Accounts, Mercantile, Partnership, Solicitors, &c. 2nd edition. 8vo. boards.

W. Pickering, 1839. Practical Treatise on Accounts, Mercantile, Private and Official ; exhibiting the manner in which Double Entry may be applied to the Accounts of Government, with proposals for the introduction of a uniform and centralized System of Accounts in all the Public Offices. 8vo. boards.

W. Pickering, 1840.

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