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been able to effect would have been impossible. My friend Dr David PATRICK, Editor of Chambers's Encyclopeedia, has read the proofs of the New Edition from the beginning. To his great and various learning, and to his knowledge of Ayrshire, I am indebted for most valuable suggestions, more particularly in tracing to their often unfamiliar sources the numerous quotations which, better than anything else, show the range of Burns's reading. While the first and second volumes of this edition were passing through the press, I received much help from the late Mr Robert Mowat, Managing Director of Messi's W. & R. Chambers ; his enthusiasm for Burns, and acquaintance with Scottish life, language, and literature were greatly above the common.

Although several Letters and Songs which have been recovered during the past forty years have not been given a place in the present work, on account of their triviality or for other reasons, it may be interesting to note that it contains nearly fifty poems and fragments of poems and sixty letters which did not appear in the original edition. The growth of the book generally may be judged by the fact that, while the four volumes of the original edition contained respectively 362, 322, 320, and 356 pages, the corresponding figures in the present work are 492, 416, 467, and 623.





DUMFRIES (1794–95).

Letters to Earl of Buchan, Captain Miller, Graham (suggest.
ing reform in Excise), Findlater, Mrs Riddel, Samuel Clark (about
threatened duel)---The quarrel with the Riddels-Letters to and
lampoons on Mrs Riddel-Monody on a lady famed for her caprice'
_Epistle from Esopus to Maria'-The Bushbys of Tinwald Downs
-Letters to Cunningham (one on religion) and Jolinson-Letter

from Johnson-Songs in fifth volume of Museum– The lovely lass

of Inverness '-'A rell, red rose'_'The Minstrel at Lincluden'-

*Out over the Forth'-Louis, what reck I by thee?' Somebody'

- Wilt thou be my dearie?'_'Lovely Polly Stewart'--'Wae is my

heart'_'Here's to thy healtlı, my bonie lass '-Sonys in sixth volume
of Museum-Anna, thy charms'_'My lady's gown, there 's gairs
upon 't'-'Jockey's ta'en the parting kiss'-'O lay thy loof in mine,
lass '-'O Mally 's meek, Mally's sweet ’– Sonnet on the death of


Glenriddel'-Letter to Mrs Ridelel's sister about the Glenriddel MS.
--Letter to M.Leod of — about Carse—You 're welcome, Willie
Stewart'-Letter to Stewart-Letter to Hill-Letter from Thomson
-Letter to Patrick Miller on proposals to contribute to the Morning
Chronicle-Burns's income and style of living-Letter to Thomson-
"The Banks of Cree'-David M'Culloch's anecılote ('Werena my
heart liglit, I would die')-Letters to M'Culloch and Mrs Dunlop
-Ode for Washington's birthday'_'A Vision '-Letter to Mrs
M.Lehose– Epigram on Mrs Riddel --- Letter to Thomson- A
Tippling Ballaul, on the Duke of Brunswick's loreaking up his camp'
-Here, where the Scotish Muse'- Political versicles The Tree
of Liberty '--Thomsou Correspondence (continuel)-- On the seas anıl
far away'-'Ca'the yowes to the knowes'--'She says slie lo'es me
best of a''_ To Dr Maxwell'-Letters to Robert Ridael and Final.
later-Saw ye my Phely?'--' How lang and dreary is the niglit'--
* Let uot woman e'er complain '-The lover's morning-salute to liis
mistress '-• The Auld Man'–Story of Chloris (Jean Lorimer')— To
Chloris '--Letter to Hill--Epigrams on Mrs Kemble and Walter
Riddel— My Chloris, mark how green the groves '--' It was the
charming month of May'_Lassie wi' the lint-white locks'-Fare-
well, thou stream that winding flows'— Philly and Willy'--'Con-
tented wi' little'_'Caust thon leave me thus, my Katy?'............71-177

Letter to Mrs Dunlop-Burns as vicarious wooer again-Letter to ✓
the editor of the Morning Chronicle-Sketch of Buns's life in Dum-
fries-Thomson correspondence (continued)-Damon and Sylvia'-
“Aman 's a man for a'that'-Letters to Captain Hamilton, William
Stewart, Mrs Ridiel-Burns at Ecclefechan-lassie, are ye sleep-
ing yet? '_' Ballads (3) on Mr Heron's Election '--Letter to Mr Heron
---Attack on Burns loy Rev. James Murlead--- The Dumfries Volun-
teers '_“Toast for the 12th of April’-Burus and political patronage
---Letters to Oswald of Auchincruive, Patrick Miller, jun., and Synie
-Oh, wat ye wha's in yon town?'--Letters to Jolinson and Edgar
-Syme's Reminiscences-Thomson correspondence (continued)-
' Address to the woodlark'-'On Chloris being ill'_'Caledonia'-
• 'Twas na her bonie blue e'e was my ruin'- How cruel are the
parents !'-'Mark yonder pomp of costly fashion'-Prospects of pro-
motion-Letter to Creecli- 'Address to the toothache'- Forlorn,
my love, no comfort near '--'Last May a bora w wooer’_Wiv, why
tell thy lover?'_* This is no my ain lassie'--To Mr Alexander Cun-
ningham--O bonie was yon rosy brier '_“Inscription for an altar to
independence at Kerronghtree'-Letters to Lorimer and Clegliorn-
Satire on the Duke of Queensberry- Verses on the destruction of

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